OSRS High-Level Farming Guide

15.03.2023 - 17:12:02
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OSRS High-Level Farming Guide

Recommended Quests and Stats

Before you start, there are a few quests you should consider completing in order to make your tree runs more efficient.


Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree are both great for access to spirit trees, which can be used for fast transportation. Bone Voyage gives you access to three hardwood patches on Fossil Island. Plague City is useful for accessing Brimhaven faster via Captain Barnaby if you don’t have access to redirect scrolls or don’t have a player-owned house in Brimhaven. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio is helpful for using Tai bwo wannai teleport scrolls to the calquat patch. Alternatively, you can start Fairytale II - Cure a Queen for access to fairy rings. Mourning’s End Part I gives you access to the fruit tree patch in Lletya and teleport crystals. Song of the Elves provides access to the crystal tree patch. Construction 40 will let you move your player-owned house to Brimhaven if you don’t already have one there. Magic 40 is helpful for casting teleportation spells, although you can use teleport tablets instead.

General Information and Tips

Once you have the necessary stats and quests, you’re ready to start your tree runs. Paying the farmer to chop down the trees for replanting is much faster than chopping the tree yourself, and only costs a small amount of money. The celastrus tree has valuable harvest, so it may be worth spending extra time to gather the celastrus barks.

Paying the farmer to look after the tree is the best option so it can’t die and you’re guaranteed to get Farming experience from checking the health of the tree. However, certain payments can be expensive. To save money, you can treat the patch with ultracompost instead to minimise the chance of disease. This can be slower overall, as sometimes the tree will die and you’ll have spent time for no experience gained. The Resurrect Crops Arceuus spell also helps reduce the number of trees lost this way. The tree patch in Falador Park will never get diseased after completing the elite tasks in the Falador Diary.

Buying saplings from the Grand Exchange is the fastest option, but it can be cheaper to grow the saplings yourself. To grow saplings, use a tree seed on a filled plant pot with a gardening trowel in your inventory, water them with a watering can, and wait for them to grow into saplings. Saplings grow while stored in bank, so you don’t have to have them in your inventory. Players with level 68 Magic and Dream Mentor can use Humidify spell to water the seedlings faster.

Farming regular trees is more expensive compared to other options. To save money, only farm fruit trees, hardwood trees, and special trees. Depending on the prices, it may be cheaper to farm palm trees instead of dragonfruit trees at higher levels.

You can’t un-note saplings at a tool leprechaun, so if you don’t have the space to hold all of the trees for your run, you should incorporate a bank stop to resupply.


Before you start your tree runs, make sure you have the following items:

* 6 tree saplings (one patch in the Farming Guild requires Farming 65 Farming to access)

* 6 fruit tree saplings (starting at Farming 27 Farming. One patch in the Farming Guild requires Farming 85 Farming to access)

* 3 hardwood saplings (starting at Farming 35 Farming. Requires completion of Bone Voyage to access)

* 1 calquat sapling (starting at Farming 72 Farming)

* 1 crystal sapling (starting at Farming 74 Farming)

* 1 celastrus sapling (starting at Farming 85 Farming)

* 1 redwood sapling (starting at Farming 90 Farming)

* Spade

* Payments in bank notes (recommended)

* Coins

* Teleport tabs or runes for Taverley house or Falador teleport, Brimhaven house or Ardougne teleport, Catherby or Camelot teleport, Lumbridge teleport and Varrock teleport.

* Skills necklace (for the tree and fruit tree patches in the Farming Guild)

* Ring of wealth (for access to the spirit tree at the Grand Exchange and slightly faster access to the Falador tree patch)

* Teleport crystal or its eternal version (for access to Prifddinas and Lletya)

* Digsite pendant (for the hardwood tree patch in Fossil Island)

* Slayer ring (optional for Gnome Stronghold tree patch)

* Tai bwo wannai teleport scroll (costs 8,290)

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