OSRS Hosidius Favor Guide

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OSRS Hosidius Favor Guide

Earning favor in the major cities in Kourend will reward you with many benefits that can further help in your character’s growth. If you've been to Kourend, then you've probably seen the lush city of Hosidius. In this guide, we'll show you how you can start earning favor from the city.

OSRS Hosidius Favor Guide



Accruing favor with Hosidius involves contributing to the production of cultivated crops and preparing food for the military. Upon successfully earning Hosidius favor, you unlock entry to both city kitchens, reducing the likelihood of burning food by 5% when using their ranges. Additionally, you gain access to a new Spirit tree patch, entry to the Woodcutting Guild and Farming Guild, and the opportunity to engage in the Tithe Farm minigame, dedicated to acquiring Farming experience.

To advance in the Architectural Alliance miniquest, players must attain 100% favor with Hosidius and then converse with Hosa near the statue in the Kourend Castle courtyard.

Keep track of your earned favor by navigating to the quest tab and selecting the purple icon within this tab. Here are the ways you can start earning favor.

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Ploughing Fields

Starting with 0% favor, you can only cultivate the fields located to the south of the town square. To till the soil, manually push the plough back and forth, with favor granted randomly during this activity.

Continue pushing the plough until you reach the field's edge, where further pushing will alter its direction. If the plough breaks, repair it with a hammer (available on the ground just south of the field) to earn 10 Crafting experience. Ploughing fields will also periodically yield 10 Farming experience.

No need to switch fields or move the plough beyond its back-and-forth motion; the same favor amount is granted regardless of location.

Ploughs are situated in the south-east of Hosidius, northwest of the Tithe farm, southwest of the Vinery. A convenient route is to use the Skills necklace teleport to the Woodcutting Guild, head east across the saltpetre area, and then proceed north-east upon reaching the Altar.


Making Fertilizer

At 5% favor, you can craft sulphurous fertilizer, with each bucket made granting you 2 Farming experience.

To make the fertilizer, combine saltpetre and regular compost manually, which is faster than the AFK method. Saltpetre can be obtained through trade with other players or found east of the Woodcutting Guild, spawning in one of five possible locations within the area and moving once depleted. Konoo, a saltpetre digger, will be wherever the latest deposit is located, and a spade is required to gather saltpetre. If you don't have one, Konoo can provide a spare spade. For quicker collection, use the bank deposit box in the center of the area.

Alternatively, you can collect saltpetre by subduing Wintertodt, although this approach may take longer. If you plan to do Wintertodt anyway, consider collecting saltpetre this way.

After combining saltpetre with compost, give the fertilizer to the Clerk at a building in the middle of the Saltpetre area. In return, you'll receive 0.1% favor for every bucket of sulphurous fertilizer given to the Clerk. The Clerk will take all sulphurous fertilizers in your possession, including those in the bank, eliminating the need for multiple trips. From 5% favor, it takes 150 buckets to reach 20%, 400 to reach 45%, 700 to reach 75%, 850 to reach 90% (allowing for completion of The Depths of Despair to reach 100% favor), or 950 to reach 100%. At current prices, acquiring 950 of each costs approximately 31,350 coins. Note that the buy limit for compost is 2000 - you may consider buying compost packs at a lower rate of 2,000gp from any farming shop. If you choose to buy all 950 compost needed from a farming shop and purchase saltpetre from the Grand Exchange, reaching 100% favor would cost approximately 24,750 coins.

Doing Depths Of Despair

Upon reaching 20% favor, you can initiate the "The Depths of Despair" quest. To embark on this quest, you must have already completed "Client of Kourend", "X Marks the Spot" and possess a minimum Agility level of 18. Successfully completing the quest will reward you with a Hosidius favor certificate, equivalent to 10% favor.

To start this quest, you'll need to speak to Lord Kandur Hosidius who's located northwest of the Vinery.

He informs you that his eldest son, Artur Hosidius, is missing, and they desperately need help finding him. Opt for chat options 2 and 1 to express your willingness to assist. Lord Kandur then tasks you with speaking to his family and servants to gather information.

Begin by conversing with Chef Olivia in the kitchen. Olivia discloses her romantic involvement with Artur, reveals his quest for the original Accord of Twill, and mentions his extensive research at the Arceuus Library. She directs you to librarian Galana for further assistance.



To continue the quest, head to the Arceuus Library. A nearby fairy ring (code: CIS) is available for those who paid Trossa 80,000 coins for restoration. Locate Galana in the north-eastern part of the ground floor. She advises you to find the book "Varlamore Envoy" with its location varying for each player. Search the bookcases in that area to locate it. Read the book, learning that the original Accord was lost at sea, sinking into the Crabclaw Caves south of the Woodcutting Guild.

Access the Crabclaw Caves by traveling south from the Woodcutting Guild. Navigate through the caves, eventually reaching Artur Hosidius. He believes the original Accord is in a chest but guarded by a Sand Snake. Dispatch the Sand Snake, search the chest, and retrieve the original Royal Accord of Twill.

Conclude the quest by returning to the Hosidius family's house and reporting to Lord Kandur. He will take the Accord and reward you for your efforts.

Mess Hall Cooking

Once you've achieved 45% favor, you gain access to the Mess, where you're tasked with cooking meals for Shayzien soldiers. The soldier's meal preferences are displayed on your screen, and your job is to prepare stew, meat pie, or pineapple pizza using the given ingredients. To participate in this activity, ensure you have the required Cooking levels: 20 for meat pie, 25 for stew, and 65 for pineapple pizza. Serving the food on the buffet will earn you moderate Cooking experience and favor, determined by the soldier's demand for the specific meals you prepare.

Grape Planting

Once you reach 65% favour, the Vinery becomes accessible, allowing you to cultivate grapes. Plant grape seeds on a vine patch using saltpetre (requires 36 Farming, boostable). You'll receive 0.8% favour for each grape seed planted.

Gaining Favor For Ultimate Ironmen

As mentioned earlier, at 5% favour, a recommended approach is crafting sulphurous fertilizer. An easy way to achieve this is by visiting Vannah's Farming Stall in Hosidius. Acquire compost packs from the stall and conveniently store them with the Exchange feature provided by Tool Leprechauns throughout Gielinor. Starting from 5% favor, you'll need 950 compost for a full 100% favour. Once stored, dig saltpetre and apply it to the compost. Pick up the prepared compost from the Tool Leprechaun near the spirit tree patch (for optimal efficiency, consider hopping worlds to find a saltpetre spawn close to the Leprechaun). Finally, deliver the sulphurous fertilizer to the Clerk situated near the bank deposit box next to the saltpetre.

Hosidius Favor Benefits

As with other favors, the main reason for doing Hosidius Favors are the benefits you get from each tier you unlock. You'll get the following as you progress:

  1. At 15% favour, you can indulge in fruit theft from the stall situated in front of Logava Gricoller's Cooking Supplies.
  2. Upon reaching 35% favour, you can plant a spirit sapling in the spirit tree patch located southeast of the Forthos Ruin, requiring 83 Farming.
  3. When your favour reaches 50%, rejoice as the allotment, flower, and herb patches just south of the Hosidius township become permanently immune to diseases.
  4. Achieving 60% favour unlocks access to the Farming Guild for players with at least 45 Farming.
  5. At 65% favour, you can plant grape seeds in the Vinery to cultivate grapes.
  6. Upon reaching 75% favour, players with a minimum of 60 Woodcutting can enter the prestigious Woodcutting Guild.
  7. Upon achieving the pinnacle of 100% favour, players with at least 34 Farming can partake in the engaging Tithe Farm minigame, located in the mid-eastern part of Hosidius.
  8. Furthermore, at 100% favour, enjoy the convenience of using the city kitchens directly southeast of the Mess. The small building houses a bank chest and a range that enhances the chance of successfully cooking food by 5%, making it an optimal spot for cooking.
    Keep in mind that if you're cooking food with a level sufficient to avoid burning, this method may yield slightly lower experience per hour compared to the Rogue's Den fire due to the time spent running to and from the bank chest.

Time To Rack Up Hosidius Favor

Gaining Hosidius Favor is definitely worth it whether you're a completionist or you just want new rewards to unlock. It's a lot simpler compared to gaining favor in other cities so you should consider spending a bit of time doing these tasks for your account.

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