OSRS: How To Get Expert Mining Gloves

20.05.2024 - 11:42:20
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OSRS: How To Get Expert Mining Gloves



Mining is considered one of the slowest skills to train in Old School RuneScape. The journey to 99 Mining is long and arduous, but the payoff is a decent profit in ores that you can sell or use for your Smithing training.

Thankfully, a few Mining-based items in the game, such as the different tiers of mining gloves, can help speed up the process.

Table of Contents

  • Mining Gloves Explained
  • How To Get Unidentified Minerals
  • Creating Expert Mining Gloves
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Mining Gloves Explained

Mining Gloves are a Mining-based item that allows you to gather more ores per rock. Wearing a set of Mining Gloves will prevent the depletion of the rock you are Mining a specific number of times.



The number of times a rock will not be depleted depends on the rock you are mining and which tier of Mining Gloves you wear.

  • Mining Gloves

    • Iron Ore - 1
    • Silver Ore - 1
    • Coal - 1
    • Gold Ore - 1
  • Superior Mining Gloves

    • Iron Ore - 2
    • Silver Ore - 2
    • Coal - 2
    • Gold Ore - 2
    • Mithril Ore - 1
    • Adamantite Ore - 1
  • Expert Mining Gloves

    • Iron Ore - 3
    • Silver Ore - 3
    • Coal - 3
    • Gold Ore - 3
    • Mithril Ore - 2
    • Adamantite Ore - 2
    • Runite Ore - 1
    • Amethyst - 1

The Mining Gloves and Superior Mining Gloves can be purchased by Belona at the Mining Guild in Falador. However, the only currency she accepts is Unidentified Minerals.

How To Get Unidentified Minerals

Unidentified Minerals are an untradable resource by mining the various rocks in the Mining Guild. The Mining Guild requires 60 Mining to be able to access, and all of the rocks in the Member's area will drop Unidentified Minerals.



The quickest way to get Unidentified Minerals is by power-mining Iron Ore. There are two 3-rock clusters of Iron Rocks where you can quickly mine and drop the ores for both fast experience rates and higher drop rates for Unidentified Minerals.

While they are primarily used to purchase the different tiers of Mining Gloves, Unidentified Minerals can also be used to buy Bag Full of Gems and Soft Clay Packs from Belona, a handy way to make an extra profit after you have unlocked the gloves.

Creating Expert Mining Gloves



To get the Expert Mining Gloves, you need to get the regular Mining Gloves and the Superior Mining Gloves, which can be purchased from Belona for 40 Unidentified Minerals and 100 Unidentified Minerals, respectively.



Once you get both gloves, you can take them to Belona, along with 40 Unidentified Minerals, to create the Expert Mining Gloves. You will need a total of 180 Unidentified Minerals to get the Expert Mining Gloves from scratch. It is worth noting that these gloves also require 70 Mining to wear.

That is how you can get the Expert Mining Gloves in Old School RuneScape!

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