OSRS Hydra And Alchemical Hydra Strategy Guide

24.11.2023 - 15:17:21
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OSRS Hydra And Alchemical Hydra Strategy Guide

Gielinor is never short on monsters and fiends to test yourself against. If you've seen it in Mythology, you're likely to find it in OSRS as well. One such creature is the mighty Hyra. This many-headed monster is just one of many challenges that are awaiting you in the game right now.

You might as well start to prepare for it as soon as possible. While regular Hydras found on the Karuum slayer dungeon are easy, it's the Alchemical Hydra that poses a serious threat to players. If you aren't prepared, it's going to be a tough battle ahead. Let's talk about the Hydra first.

What Are Hydras in OSRS?

Hydras are formidable draconic creatures residing in the depths of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon on Mount Karuulm. To take on this task, you'll need a Slayer level of 95 or higher.


Navigating the dungeon requires caution and preparation. There are two distinct areas within the dungeon that house hydras, but one is reserved for those on a hydra Slayer assignment. As you venture forth, ensure you don boots of stone, boots of brimstone, or granite boots if you haven't completed the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary. Neglecting this precaution will subject you to rapid damage due to the dungeon floor's intense heat.

This Slayer challenge also plays a crucial role in completing the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary. While the Alchemical Hydra boss is exclusive to those on a task, standard Hydras on the lower level of Mount Karuulm are not. This flexibility allows you to boost your Slayer level from as low as 90 using a Wild pie or other temporary skill-boosting methods.

The Alchemical Hydra

To face the Alchemical Hydra, you need to delve into the depths of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon within Mount Karuulm. This formidable boss, an upgraded version of the hydra, awaits those with a Slayer level of 95 or higher. Crafted by a Dragonkin named Karuulm, the Alchemical Hydra was deemed a failure by its creator due to an inability to replicate its unique traits. Abandoned alongside other creations like the Wyrms, Drakes, and Hydras, it remains a challenging adversary.


Unlike standard hydras, you can only vanquish the Alchemical Hydra while undertaking a hydra Slayer task assigned by Konar. Moreover, within the volcano's confines, if you haven't completed the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary, you must don boots of stone, boots of brimstone, or granite boots to shield yourself from the dungeon floor's intense heat.

Exercise caution when retrieving items post-death, as the scorching floor can disrupt recovery attempts, rendering it impossible. Succumbing to a second death will result in the loss of stored items.

Aside from the conventional hydra drops, the Alchemical Hydra boasts unique loot such as hydra leather. This valuable material is utilized on the machinery south-west of the pool in the Lithkren Vault to fashion ferocious gloves. Additionally, the hydra claw, another coveted drop, can be combined with a Zamorakian hasta to forge the formidable dragon hunter lance.

Where To Find The Alchemical Hydra?

The Alchemical Hydra is located in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. To reach the boss, you must run north past the Tasakaal, then head east past the hydras. You will then arrive at the entrance to the lair by Orrvor quo Maten. Alternatively, if you have a level 88 Agility, you can safely reach it by using the mysterious pipe located just behind Kaal-Ket-Jor. However, it's worth noting that this method takes roughly the same amount of time as reaching the boss by running past the hydras.


For the next section of the guide, we'll talk about how you can deal with the regular Hydras first as they're going to be the one you'll face first.

How To Kill Hydras in OSRS

At the commencement of the battle, hydras initiate with a random combat style, switching after three attacks, regardless of whether the attacks land. The magic attack manifests as a trio of three dark green trails of spit, shot from the left head and arcing toward the player (distinct from the light green poison splats). Simultaneously, the ranged attack takes the form of a throwing knife launched at the player from the right head, moving in a straight path. Throughout the encounter, the hydra's middle head sporadically releases poison onto three random tiles—one at the player's location and two elsewhere. This poison inflicts 4 damage every two ticks (or 1 to 2 damage if the player has poison immunity) when standing on an affected tile. The initial splat has a 3x3 Area of Effect (AoE).


Hydras have the potential to drop eyes, fangs, and hearts, essential components for crafting the brimstone ring. Similar to the progression of dark totem pieces, these body parts are dropped sequentially, and additional parts can be acquired once players possess one of each.

Furthermore, hydras can yield their tail as a drop, which, when combined with a dragonbone necklace and a bonecrusher, results in the creation of the bonecrusher necklace.

Hydra Money Making Guide

You can make a profit of at least 942,327 per hour while killing Hydras. For this method, it's recommended to have level 90 Attack, Strength, and Defence, level 70 Prayer, and level 95 Slayer. This profit rate assumes that you're able to kill 80 Hydras per hour.

Next up, let's talk about what you need to do when facing the Alchemical Hydra.

How To Prepare For Alchemical Hydra

The fight with the Alchemical Hydra is a lot more difficult than the regular counterpart. As such, you'll need to prepare well for it. Having the right gear and items will do you well in the fight ahead. Here's what you need to have.

Recommended Equipment


It's highly recommended to fight Alchemical Hydra with a ranged setup. It will help you deal damage from safespots, while keeping you safe from the boss' attacks.

Embarking on a ranged combat journey requires the right gear to ensure your success. Here's a comprehensive guide to equip yourself effectively, from the most potent to the least effective items in each slot.

  1. Slayer helmet (i)
  1. Necklace of anguish
  2. Dragonbone necklace
  3. Amulet of fury
  1. Ava's assembler
  2. Max cape
  3. Ranging cape(t)
  4. Ava's accumulator
  5. Ranging cape
  1. Masori body (f)
  2. Crystal body
  3. Armadyl chestplate
  4. Ancient d'hide body
  5. Black d'hide body
  1. Masori chaps (f)
  2. Crystal legs
  3. Armadyl chainskirt
  4. Ancient chaps
  5. Black d'hide chaps
  1. Twisted bow
  2. Dragon hunter crossbow
  3. Toxic blowpipe (with rune/amethyst or dragon darts)
  4. Bow of faerdhinen
  5. Any crossbow besides Dragon hunter
  1. Twisted buckler
  2. Dragonfire ward
  3. Odium ward
  4. Book of law
  1. Dragon arrows (Twisted bow)
  2. Ruby dragon bolts (e) (crossbow)
  3. Rada's blessing 4 (blowpipe or bow of Faerdhinen)
  4. Any god blessing / Rada's blessing 3 (blowpipe or bow of Faerdhinen)
  1. Zaryte vambraces
  2. Ancient bracers
  3. Barrows gloves
  4. Black d'hide vambraces
  1. Pegasian boots (after Kebos elite diary)
  2. Devout boots (after Kebos elite diary)
  3. Ancient d'hide boots (after Kebos elite diary)
  4. Boots of brimstone
  5. Boots of stone
  1. Lightbearer (with a Zaryte crossbow switch)
  2. Ring of the gods (i)
  3. Ring of suffering (i)
  4. Archers ring (i)
  5. Brimstone ring
Special Attack:
  1. Zaryte crossbow (Ruby dragon bolts (e))
  2. Toxic blowpipe

When gearing up for this boss encounter, it's essential to prioritize prayer bonus over ranged accuracy. This strategic choice stems from the boss's comparatively low defensive stats and the minimal damage incurred when handling mechanics correctly. However, for players adept at prayer flicking, an alternative approach is to opt for gear that maximizes ranged accuracy. This approach significantly diminishes the reliance on prayer potions. With ample experience, players can aim for nearly damage-free kills, with the only unavoidable damage being the initial hit at the start of the encounter and potential self-inflicted damage from Divine potions or the special attack of Ruby bolts (e).

To prepare for the encounter, bring along 4-20 prayer potions or super restores. With a toxic blowpipe, each kill is expected to take approximately 2:00-2:30. To maximize the effectiveness of potions, consider incorporating prayer flicking, enabling longer stays in the fight.

Ensure you have some food on hand, typically 4-10 sharks or manta rays. As your proficiency in battling the boss increases, the damage taken per kill should decrease, allowing you to replace excess food with additional prayer potions.

Include Antidote++, and choose between Divine ranging potion, ranging potion, or bastion potion. While the latter is often redundant, as adept players can mitigate all damage through prayer and strategic positioning, it's a personal preference based on your experience.

Carry house tablets or rings of dueling for stat restoration and banking purposes. If you're using a twisted bow, equip Rada's blessing 4 for a swift teleport back. This can also be equipped if you're using a bow of Faerdhinen or toxic blowpipe.

Alternative Equipment

If you're going the melee route, it's stil viable but there's going to be a lot of resistance from the Alchemical Hydra. Check out this melee build.

  • Head: Slayer helmet (i)
  • Neck: Amulet of torture
  • Back: Infernal cape
  • Body: Torva platebody
  • Legs: Torva platelegs
  • Weapon: Dragon hunter lance
  • Shield: Avernic defender
  • Ammo/Spell: Rada's blessing 4
  • Hands: Ferocious gloves
  • Boots: Primordial boots (after Kebos elite diary)
  • Ring: Ultor ring
  • Special attack: Dragon claws / Voidwaker (faster kills)

Alternative options:

  • Amulet: Amulet of blood fury (HP sustain)
  • Legs: Bandos tassets / Inquisitor's plateskirt
  • Weapon: Osmumten's fang
  • Shield: Dragon defender
  • Ammo/Spell: Holy blessing (Any god blessing) / Rada's blessing 3
  • Hands: Barrows gloves
  • Boots: Dragon boots (after Kebos elite diary) / Granite boots / Devout boots (after Kebos elite diary) / Boots of brimstone
  • Ring: Berserker ring (i) / Lightbearer / Brimstone ring / Berserker ring
  • Special attack: Saradomin godsword (HP and Prayer sustain) / Bandos godsword / Dragon warhammer (to lower defence)

Alchemical Hydra Strategy Guide

The battle against the Hydra takes place in an instanced environment. In the unfortunate event of player death during the confrontation, item retrieval can be accomplished from Orrvor quo Maten outside, albeit at the cost of 100,000 coins per attempt. It is crucial to note that items left with Orrvor quo Maten will be permanently lost if the player perishes elsewhere.

A key aspect to bear in mind is that once the Hydra engages, players are unable to exit through the doors, as they become jammed. However, teleports remain a viable means of escape. The Hydra boasts a respawn time of 20 seconds.

The Hydra's encounter unfolds in four distinct phases, each triggered upon reaching or surpassing 25% health thresholds (~275 health).

osrs_hydra_and_alchemical_hydra_strategy_guide_6 osrs_hydra_and_alchemical_hydra_strategy_guide_7 osrs_hydra_and_alchemical_hydra_strategy_guide_8 osrs_hydra_and_alchemical_hydra_strategy_guide_9

The commencement of a new phase is marked by the Hydra roaring, accompanied by the loss of one head and a transformation in appearance.

Engaging with both Magic and Ranged attacks, the Hydra's left heads utilize magic, while the right heads employ ranged attacks. In the initial two phases, these attacks consist of two swift hits with reduced individual damage. However, during the final two phases, a single hit inflicts higher individual damage. The Hydra commences the battle with either combat style. After every three basic auto-attacks in the first three phases, the Hydra signals a change in combat style by swaying its heads backward. It's important to note that phase-specific special attacks do not factor into these three attacks. Despite the potential override of the attack swapping animation by the phase transition animation, counting attacks remains a beneficial strategy.

Poison Phase:

In this phase, the Hydra initiates with a green carapace and should be guided to the red chemical pool. After the initial kill, position yourself next to the red chemical vat to the west, ensuring the Hydra is automatically lured to the red chemical pool upon spawning.


Following the first three attacks, the Hydra releases 4 or 5 poison blobs around your location—1 on you and 4 randomly around you. These blobs create a 3x3 splatter effect, dealing up to 7 damage, while standing on the poison pools inflicts up to 12 poison damage per tick. Both trigger a poison effect dealing 4 or 6 damage; clear this effect immediately if poisoned. To avoid this attack, stand west of the red chemical vat, all the way south, then move north two tiles when the Hydra is positioned over the chemical pool. When it spits poison, move west two tiles to evade the player-targeted blob, and the remaining four will splatter east.

Upon reaching 75% health, the bottom-right head falls off, and the carapace changes to blue. Proceed north to the green vent.

Lightning Phase:

With a blue carapace, lure the Hydra to the green chemical pool.

Throughout this phase, the Hydra launches an electric ball at the room's center, spawning four lightning currents in random corners, converging on your location. If hit, these currents bind you and deal up to 20 damage. To avoid damage, start near the middle and loop around one of the last lightning spawns, escaping the box they form. Alternatively, hug the northern wall and move west while damaging the Hydra, especially effective with ranged weapons having a distance of 10. Another strategy involves trapping the lightning in the north-west corner, moving diagonally south-east when the lightning is two tiles away, and instantly moving one tile north.


Once the Hydra hits 50% health, the bottom-left head falls off, and the carapace changes to red. Head west to the blue vent if not already there.

Note: If the Hydra transitions phases while lightning is present, they will dissipate immediately.

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Flame Phase:

Now sporting a red carapace, lure the Hydra to the blue chemical pool.

Throughout this phase, the Hydra occasionally walks to the chamber's center, inflicting a stun on you. While stunned, the Hydra breathes a 5x5 layer of fire to your sides based on your location before launching tracking fire down the middle. This tracking fire follows your movement, dealing up to 20 damage if hit and causing a subsequent bleed of 5 damage for five hits. Reset the bleed by moving onto another fire. Fires can be tile skipped, but it's advisable to do so only after the tracking fire stops. The Hydra doesn't attack until four seconds after the tracking fire is sent out.


Similar to the lightning trap in the prior phase, trap flames by standing next to the Hydra facing a corner. Corner run immediately when the fire is launched, trapping it on the first flame tile.

Upon reaching 25% health, the middle head falls off, and the carapace changes to grey.

Note: If the Hydra transitions phases during the attack, it ends abruptly. Fires started before the transition persist as usual.

Enraged Phase:

Now adorned with a grey carapace, the Hydra no longer needs luring to chemical pools, as its damage reduction ability persists. In this phase, the Hydra's attack speed accelerates to every four ticks, and its enrage stack maxes out, allowing it to deal up to 55 damage per hit.

This phase begins with the combat style opposite of the previous phase. The Hydra alternates between both combat styles after each auto-attack, starting without a warning animation. Switch prayers with each basic attack for the rest of the fight. You can safely switch prayers as soon as the Hydra starts its attack animation for the current attack.


After the initial three auto-attacks, the Hydra uses the poison attack from phase 1 after every nine subsequent auto-attacks. Note that the poison special attack doesn't count as a basic auto-attack; the next attack style remains opposite to the auto-attack preceding the poison special. If the Hydra is killed just as it sends an auto-attack, it deals no damage, but poison blobs will still inflict damage.

Consider bringing a bracelet of slaughter to extend Slayer tasks, switching it during this final phase for optimal efficiency. It's convenient to switch to the bracelet while dodging the poison special, as prayer doesn't need adjustment during this attack. However, offensive gloves should be worn for as long as possible.

Throughout the initial three phases, the Hydra's carapace is fortified, resulting in a substantial 75% reduction in incoming damage. To nullify this effect, players must lead the Hydra to the appropriate chemical vent. A message, "Roaaaaaaaaaaar!" displayed above the Hydra's heads signals that it has been sprayed by the correct vent. If chemicals from an incorrect vent make contact, the Hydra's enrage stack increases, amplifying the damage of its attacks. Each phase kicks off with three auto-attacks before the Hydra executes a special attack.

Hydra Drops And Rewards


Let's first talk about the drops and rewards you can get from the Hydras.


Hydra bones1Always6,492


Hydra's eye11/1,801; 1/361Not sold
Hydra's heart11/1,801; 1/361Not sold
Hydra's fang11/1,801; 1/361Not sold
Hydra tail11/5,001; 1/1,001111,194
Dragon thrownaxe200-4001/10,000; 1/2,00075,800-151,600
Dragon knife200-4001/10,001; 1/2,001958,800-1,917,600

Weapons and armour

Fire battlestaff11/25.69,018
Water battlestaff11/25.69,034
Black d'hide chaps11/42.675,692
Rune kiteshield11/42.6731,902
Battlestaff2-3 (noted)1/6416,084-24,126
Rune platebody11/12838,193
Mystic robe bottom11/12847,794
Dragon longsword11/12858,703


Blood rune15-451/14.222,955-8,865
Chaos rune20-501/14.221,700-4,250
Death rune30-601/14.223,960-7,920
Fire rune70-901/14.22280-360
Law rune30-601/14.223,540-7,080
Water rune70-901/14.22280-360


There is a 4/128 chance of rolling the herb drop table. There is a 2/128 chance to hit the noted herb drop table.

Grimy guam leaf1-31/128119-357
Grimy marrentill1-31/170.769-207
Grimy avantoe3 (noted)1/19212,135
Grimy tarromin1-31/227.6153-459
Grimy ranarr weed3 (noted)1/24017,493
Grimy harralander1-31/292.6577-1,731
Grimy snapdragon3 (noted)1/32020,124
Grimy torstol3 (noted)1/3209,564
Grimy ranarr weed1-31/372.45,831-17,493
Grimy irit leaf1-31/5121,381-4,143
Grimy avantoe1-31/682.74,045-12,135
Grimy kwuarm1-31/819.23,526-10,578
Grimy cadantine1-31/1,0243,868-11,604
Grimy lantadyme1-31/1,3651,964-5,892
Grimy dwarf weed1-31/1,3652,480-7,440


There is a 4/128 chance of rolling the rare seed drop table.

Toadflax seed11/160.7543
Irit seed11/23651
Belladonna seed11/243.647
Poison ivy seed11/343.39
Avantoe seed11/343.35,321
Cactus seed11/359.645
Potato cactus seed11/503.53
Kwuarm seed11/503.51,646
Snapdragon seed11/755.229,231
Cadantine seed11/1,0794,640
Lantadyme seed11/1,510231
Snape grass seed31/1,8887,287
Dwarf weed seed11/2,517590
Torstol seed11/3,7764,705

Bolt tips

There is a 2/128 chance of rolling the bolt tips drop table.

Diamond bolt tips201/2563,360
Ruby bolt tips201/284.41,860
Emerald bolt tips201/284.41,080
Dragonstone bolt tips201/365.711,740
Onyx bolt tips201/853.3169,220
Sapphire bolt tips201/1,280620


Super restore(1)1-21/21.332,270-4,540
Super combat potion(1)11/323,648
Dragon bones3-5 (noted)1/42.677,800-13,000

Gem drop table

NothingN/A1/256.5; NeverN/A
Uncut sapphire11/512; 1/260254
Uncut emerald11/1,024; 1/520496
Uncut ruby11/2,048; 1/1,0401,023
Nature talisman11/5,461; 1/2,773167
Uncut diamond11/8,192; 1/4,160]2,253
Loop half of key11/16,384; 1/8,3209,736
Tooth half of key11/16,384; 1/8,3209,804
Rune javelin51/16,384; 1/8,320860
Rune spear11/262,144; 1/15,60011,773
Shield left half11/524,288; 1/31,20065,248
Dragon spear11/699,051; 1/41,600]37,459


Brimstone key11/65Not sold
Clue scroll (hard)11/128Not sold
Clue scroll (elite)11/512Not sold

Alchemical Hydra Drops

As for the Alchemical Hydra, here's what you get.


Hydra bones2Always12,984


Due to a unique mechanic, items are slightly rarer than officially announced. The effective rates are displayed here.

Hydra's eye11/181Not sold
Hydra's fang11/181Not sold
Hydra's heart11/181Not sold
Hydra tail11/513111,194
Hydra leather11/51410,001,424
Hydra's claw11/1,00131,866,243
Dragon thrownaxe500-1,0001/2,000[4]189,500-379,000
Dragon knife500-1,0001/2,001[4]2,397,000-4,794,000

Weapons and armour

Mystic fire staff12 * 1/12.63]25,179
Mystic water staff12 * 1/12.63]25,172
Battlestaff8-12 (noted)2 * 1/20.264,336-96,504
Black d'hide body12 * 1/20.27,321
Dragon longsword12 * 1/33.6758,703
Dragon med helm12 * 1/33.6758,695
Rune platebody12 * 1/33.6738,193
Dragon battleaxe12 * 1/50.5119,250
Rune platelegs12 * 1/67.3337,539
Rune plateskirt12 * 1/67.3337,563
Mystic robe top (light)12 * 1/10171,247
Mystic robe bottom (light)12 * 1/10148,059

Runes and ammunition

Chaos rune150-3002 * 1/16.8312,750-25,500
Death rune150-3002 * 1/16.8319,800-39,600
Blood rune150-3002 * 1/16.8329,550-59,100
Astral rune150-3002 * 1/16.8310,050-20,100
Dragonstone bolts (e)100-1202 * 1/50.546,400-55,680
Onyx bolts (e)35-502 * 1/101304,500-435,000


There is a 10/101 chance to get noted herbs.

Grimy avantoe10-15 (noted)2 * 1/64.640,450-60,675
Grimy kwuarm25-30 (noted)2 * 1/64.688,150-105,780
Grimy ranarr weed10-15 (noted)2 * 1/80.858,310-87,465
Grimy snapdragon10-15 (noted)2 * 1/80.867,080-100,620
Grimy cadantine25-30 (noted)2 * 1/80.896,700-116,040
Grimy dwarf weed25-30 (noted)2 * 1/80.862,000-74,400
Grimy lantadyme25-30 (noted)2 * 1/107.749,100-58,920
Grimy torstol10-15 (noted)2 * 1/107.731,880-47,820


There is a 2/101 chance of rolling the tree-herb seed drop table.

Ranarr seed2-32 * 1/420.837,802-56,703
Snapdragon seed2-32 * 1/450.958,462-87,693
Torstol seed2-32 * 1/573.99,410-14,115
Watermelon seed30-452 * 1/631.290-135
Willow seed2-32 * 1/631.256-84
Mahogany seed2-32 * 1/701.42,412-3,618
Maple seed2-32 * 1/701.412,918-19,377
Teak seed2-32 * 1/701.4106-159
Yew seed2-32 * 1/701.444,340-66,510
Papaya tree seed2-32 * 1/901.81,062-1,593
Magic seed2-32 * 1/1,052131,780-197,670
Palm tree seed2-32 * 1/1,26341,938-62,907
Spirit seed2-32 * 1/1,578Not sold
Dragonfruit tree seed2-32 * 1/2,104334,924-502,386
Celastrus seed2-32 * 1/3,156145,480-218,220
Redwood tree seed2-32 * 1/3,15652,372-78,558


Coins40,000-60,0002 * 1/10.6340,000-60,000
Shark2-42 * 1/14.43918-1,836
Ranging potion(3)12 * 1/14.432,414
Super restore(3)22 * 1/14.4313,656
Dragon bones30 (noted)2 * 1/16.8378,000
Crystal key12 * 1/10120,509
Coins5,550-25,5502 * 1/2025,550-25,550

Rare drop table

There is a 1/101 chance of rolling the rare drop table. This will give the player two rolls on the rare drop table

NothingN/A2 * 1/556.7; NeverN/A
Coins3,0002 * 1/615.63,000
Loop half of key12 * 1/641.4; 1/6379,736
Tooth half of key12 * 1/641.4; 1/6379,804
Uncut sapphire12 * 1/2,586; 1/1,313254
Runite bar12 * 1/2,58612,480
Nature rune672 * 1/4,3097,236
Rune 2h sword12 * 1/4,30937,939
Rune battleaxe12 * 1/4,30924,565
Uncut emerald12 * 1/5,171; 1/2,626[d 2]496
Law rune452 * 1/6,4645,310
Death rune452 * 1/6,4645,940
Steel arrow1502 * 1/6,4643,900
Rune arrow422 * 1/6,4644,578
Adamant javelin202 * 1/6,4641,240
Rune sq shield12 * 1/6,46422,597
Dragonstone12 * 1/6,46411,754
Silver ore100 (noted)2 * 1/6,4645,300
Uncut ruby12 * 1/10,342; 1/5,2521,023
Rune kiteshield12 * 1/12,92831,902
Dragon med helm12 * 1/12,92858,695
Rune spear12 * 1/13,648; 1/1,58411,773
Shield left half12 * 1/27,295; 1/3,16765,248
Nature talisman12 * 1/27,580; 1/14,005167
Dragon spear12 * 1/36,394; 1/4,22337,459
Uncut diamond12 * 1/41,370; 1/21,0082,253
Rune javelin52 * 1/82,739; 1/42,016860


Brimstone key11/40Not sold
Clue scroll (hard)11/100Not sold
Alchemical hydra heads11/256Not sold
Clue scroll (elite)11/256Not sold
Jar of chemicals11/2,00046,294
Ikkle hydra11/3,000Not sold

Combat Achievements

Lastly, let's check out the Combat Achievements. There are 12 Combat Achievement tasks (totalling 61 points) available for Alchemical Hydra.

NameDescriptionTypeTrailblazer regionTier
Alchemical VeteranKill the Alchemical Hydra 75 times.Kill CountKourendElite (4 pts)
Alchemical MasterKill the Alchemical Hydra 150 times.Kill CountKourendMaster (5 pts)
Lightning LureKill the Alchemical Hydra without being hit by the lightning attack.MechanicalKourendMaster (5 pts)
Mixing CorrectlyKill the Alchemical Hydra without empowering it.MechanicalKourendMaster (5 pts)
The Flame SkipperKill the Alchemical Hydra without letting it spawn a flame wall attack.MechanicalKourendMaster (5 pts)
Unrequired AntipoisonsKill the Alchemical Hydra without being hit by the acid pool attack.MechanicalKourendMaster (5 pts)
Don't Flame MeKill the Alchemical Hydra without being hit by the flame wall attack.MechanicalKourendMaster (5 pts)
Working OvertimeKill the Alchemical Hydra 15 times without leaving the room.StaminaKourendMaster (5 pts)
Alcleanical HydraKill the Alchemical Hydra without taking any damage.PerfectionKourendMaster (5 pts)
Alchemical Speed-ChaserKill the Alchemical Hydra in less than 1 minute 45 seconds.SpeedKourendMaster (5 pts)
No PressureKill the Alchemical Hydra using only Dharok's Greataxe as a weapon whilst having no more than 10 Hitpoints throughout the entire fight.RestrictionKourend & MorytaniaGrandmaster (6 pts)
Alchemical Speed-RunnerKill the Alchemical Hydra in less than 1 minute 20 seconds.SpeedKourendGrandmaster (6 pts)

Chop The Hydra Heads, One By One

Fighting the Hydra is an epic and rewarding experience in OSRS. If not for the thrill of the fight itself, just being able to get your hands at the reward waiting at the end is sure to be good enough reason to fight this boss.

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