OSRS Inquisitor Pure Account Guide

21.05.2024 - 19:42:13
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OSRS Inquisitor Pure Account Guide

Mastering the game's combat in OSRS is just the beginning of being an excellent PvP player. If you really want to get the most out of your account, you should consider finding the right builds for your character. The key to creating a good build is finding one with achievable requirements but high-damage potential. We’ve found one that could interest you.

OSRS Inquisitor Pure PKing Account

This build will heavily rely on the Inquisitor set. It's low requirement and for it, you'll need and have the following Skill levels:

  • 50 Attack
  • 30 Defense
  • 99 Strength
  • 99 Range

For the build itself, you'll need to have the following pieces of gear.

  • Head slot: Inquisitor's Great Helm
  • Cape slot: Fire Cape
  • Neck slot: Amulet of Strength
  • Weapon slot: Granite Hammer
  • Body slot: Inquisitor's Hauberk
  • Shield slot: Adamant Defender
  • Legs slot: Inquisitor's Plateskirt
  • Hands slot: Rune Gloves
  • Feet slot: Spiked Manacles
  • Ring slot: Berserker Ring

The build capitalizes on the Crush bonuses of the Inquisitor's set to make the Granite Hammer more effective and efficient in dealing with enemies. The Inquisitors set's purpose is to make sure that you're landing more hits to make up for the low accuracy of the Granite Hammer. The rest of the items in the build are added to ensure that you have as high a hit as possible.

Gameplay-wise, the build is pretty upfront. You can activate Prayers but make sure to focus on defensive prayers like Protect from Melee only. You'll do most of the damage using your weapons so the purpose of Prayers is to make sure you stay alive for as long as possible.

The build is excellent against Pures, especially those that focus on damage and not defense. Burst damage from the Granite Hammer can make quick work of damage pures in no time. Due to the range of the hammer, you might struggle a bit against ranged pures but once you get near them, the fight gets relatively easier.

Inquisitor's Set

This is the most important piece of the build. The Inquisitor's Armor set will require 70 Strength and 30 Defence to use and has great defensive value. This provides most of the defenses you'll need for this build. It also has 5 Prayer Bonus which can benefit your Prayers even by a small margin.

One of the best things about the set is that it can boost your damage and accuracy by 0.5% whenever you're using a Crush weapon, which for this build, is the Granite Hammer. Having all pieces of the set equipped will result in a total of 2.5% accuracy and damage bonus.

Another good thing about the Inquisitor's Set is that you can get it from the Grand Exchange. Meaning that, unlike other set gear, you don't need to grind through a dungeon or a boss to get it as a reward.


Attack Bonuses

Defense Bonuses


Stab AttackSlash AttackCrush AttackMagic AttackRanged AttackStab DefenseSlash DefenseCrush DefenseMagic DefenseRange DefenseMelee StrengthMagic DamageRanged StrengthPrayer BonusWeightP2P?
Inquisitor's great helm
Inquisitor's great helm-2-28-5-519102101240%012.721Yes
Inquisitor's hauberk
Inquisitor's hauberk-3-312-11-1067557103540%029.979Yes
Inquisitor's plateskirt
Inquisitor's plateskirt-3-312-9-542304902220%029.071Yes


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Granite Hammer

Next up is the granite hammer. You can get this from the Grotesque Guardians at the top of the Slayer Tower. Again, this is relatively easy to get as the monsters themselves are easy to deal with. The only challenging aspect of this fight is that you'll have to finish the fight with either a hammer or a rockthrown hammer.

The reason we're choosing this weapon is that it has a higher attack speed compared to other crush weapons. It matches the speed of the scimitars and abyssal whip. This results in helping you do more damage overtime. It does have poor accuracy but that's going to be a thing of the past with the bonuses from the Inquisitor's Set.


Amulet Of Strength

The purpose of the Amulet of Strength is to simply give you extra Strength bonuses. It has the highest out of all the amulets in the game, making it the best for this build. To create this, you'll first have to craft a ruby amulet. You can then enchant the amulet with Level 3 Enchant to create the Amulet of Strength.

Fire Cape

This by far is the hardest piece to get for the build above as it requires completing the TzHaar Fight Caves. Unfortunately, the defensive and offensive bonuses of this set makes it a non-negotiable item for this set as there's really no replacing it. If you can, you can choose to get the Infernal Cape but that's much harder to get, but it does provide significantly better bonuses.


Rune Gloves

You can get the Rune Gloves from the Culinaromancer's Chest after you beat the lengthy Recipe for Disaster quest. We're choosing these gloves for the build as they provide a hefty attack and defense bonus for all damage types, making them ideal for PvP. Another reason why they're a great option is that you can get them back for only 3,900 coins if you lose them upon death.


Berserker Ring

This is one of the best rings to get if you're looking to maximize your Strength in OSRS. You can get this as a drop from Dagannoth Rex inside Waterbirth Island Dungeon. The fight itself is going to be a bit challenging so you may want to get a few allies with you when challenging the boss.

While the base version of the Berserker Ring is good on its own, try to get the Berserker Ring (i) as well. You can do this by using 650,000 Nightmare Zone points, 260 Soul Wars Tokens, or by using a Scroll of Imbuing. The imbued version of the ring provides double bonuses, thus making the build more powerful.

If you don't have access to the Berserker Ring, a good alternative is the Tyrannical Ring which provides a lesser Strength bonus but has increased crush accuracy.

Adamant Defender

You're mostly going to use the Granite Hammer for damage with this build but it pays to be prepared so make sure to get the Adamant Defender at least.

You can get this item by killing Cyclopes at the top of the Warrior's Guild. However, you should first show a mithril defender to Kamfreena before getting this item.

Spiked Manacles

This can take some time to get depending on your luck the Spiked Manacles are a reward from Medium Treasure Trails. It's the best-in-slot Strength item for the feet. The Dragon Boots have the same strength bonus and the Primordial Boots have a higher strength bonus than this but those are harder to get.

A Killer Build For PvP

This build can make quick work of low-defense enemies in OSRS. Majority of the items are easy to get set aside from the Fire Cape but other than that, you can pretty much create this setup relatively easily. In time, you can dominate PvP and even Bounty Hunter.

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