OSRS Ironman Construction Guide

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OSRS Ironman Construction Guide

Have you finally decided to take the plunge and start your Ironman run in OSRS? If you said yes, then you've got a lot to prepare for. Every aspect of the game will be different in an Ironman run. And yes, that includes training of non-combat skills like Construction.

As with other things in the game, training Construction while in Ironman is difficult because of the restrictions placed on your character. The good news is that Ironman Construction training isn't that far-off for when you're training on a regular account.

How To Train OSRS Construction In Ironman

The training methods for Construction in Ironman accounts remain generally the same. However, since Ironman mode forces you to become more self-sufficient, you'll have to create your own materials for construction. If you've been doing this on a regular account already, then the transition shouldn't be too difficult.


What Are OSRS Ironman Restrictions?


Before we talk about how you can train Construction on an Ironman account, let's first talk about what the restrictions are. Although these don't entirely affect Construction gameplay, they're still important if you want to ensure smooth sailing for your playthrough.

Standard Ironman

  1. You cannot trade with other players. There are exceptions for certain quest items from quests like Shield of Arrav and Heroes' Quest. You are also allowed to receive bonds.
  2. You cannot use the Grand Exchange for any kind of transaction except for bonds. For bonds, you can only purchase these but you cannot sell them.
  3. You cannot pick up any loot from the PVE and PVP kills of other players. If you want to loot from other players or monsters, you have to kill the monster yourself. If the player or monster was damaged by another player during the process of being killed, you won't get killed.
  4. You cannot gain any XP from PVP encounters. However, the base Magic XP from casting spells during PVP is retained.
  5. You cannot use the Accept Aid feature.
  6. You cannot enter another player's owned house.
  7. You cannot buy items from other players by way of overstocked shops. Simply put, you cannot take advantage of higher sell prices from any understocked shops.
  8. You cannot receive items from balloons in the Party Room in Falador.
  9. You cannot join group activities in the Nightmare Zone. You also cannot get any resource rewards from the reward chest, with the exemption of the scroll of redirection.

As you can see, there are huge limitations in even the standard version of Ironman. Just the fact that you cannot trade with other players and use the Grand Exchange will already provide you with a ton of challenges. Now, let's move on to the Hardcore Ironman restrictions.

Hardcore Ironman


Now, in Hardcore Ironman ALL of the restrictions from the standard Ironman will carry over. However, what's different this time is that you only have one life. If you die during your Hardcore Ironman run, you'll be brought back to a Standard Ironman account. Additionally, all of your XP and levels on the Hi Scores table will be locked in.

There are a few activities from which deaths are considered safe. Dying from these minigames and activities below won't revert you back to Standard Ironman.

  • Barbarian Assault
  • Camelot training room
  • Castle Wars
  • Chambers of Xeric
  • Clan Wars
  • Dream World but only during Lunar Diplomacy
  • Emir's Arena
  • Fishing Trawler
  • The Fremennik Trials but only 4th phase of the duel with Koschei the Deathless
  • Inferno
  • Last Man Standing
  • Magic Training Arena
  • Nightmare Zone
  • Pest Control
  • Death within a player-owned house
  • PvM Arena
  • Soul Wars
  • TzHaar Fight Cave
  • TzHaar Fight Pit
  • Random Event
  • Rogues' Den (maze)
  • Zulrah - Resurrection reward from Elite Western Provinces Diary only

Hardcore Group Ironman

You don't need to tackle Ironman alone. In fact, players do it in a group as it's more fun to try and survive the perils of OSRS Ironman with a few friends. There are a few restrictions that are exclusive to Hardcore Group Ironman but the main limitations from the Standard Ironman and Hardcore Ironman apply here.

  1. Each player in a Hardcore Group Ironman is given only one safe PVM death per player. All players will share a pooled number of lives which everyone will need to be mindful of. If there are three players in a Hardcore Group, then they all have three lives to use. Lives can be used by any player and a single player can use up multiple lives from the group. Once this is depleted, players will lose their Hardcore status.
  2. In Hardcore Group Ironman, the safe deaths listed above are no longer considered as safe. That means dying from the minigames above will result in a lost life. The only exception here is the Fremennik Trials fight with Koschei the Deathless. With that in mind, Hardcore Group Ironman players need to be very mindful of their moves in minigames.
  3. PVP minigames such as Castle Wars, Last Man Standing, and Clan Wars are considered as safe deaths for those in a Hardcore Group Ironman.
  4. Lastly, Hardcore Group Ironmen cannot challenge members of the Nex outside their group. This is regardless of what Group Prestige you are in.

Ultimate Ironman


This is, of course, the penultimate challenge of OSRS. For starters, keep in mind that all of the restrictions you have in Hardcore and Standard Ironman modes apply here. Additionally, there are a lot of other restrictions to consider.

  1. You cannot deposit, withdraw, or note items inside a bank. Banks are also not allowed to unnote any items.
  2. You cannot create any item sets using the Grand Exchange.
  3. You cannot receive any resources from Managing Miscellania or Bert who gives buckets of sand daily.
  4. You cannot send items to banks using the following methods of transport: Coal Trucks, Dwarven Boatman, and Daeyalt essence.
  5. You cannot send your Servant to any banks or the Sawmill.
  6. You cannot put anything inside your seed vault.
  7. You cannot store any duplicate items inside your POH Costume Room.
  8. You cannot withdraw items before first depositing an entire set from which the item belongs to.
  9. You cannot use the looting bag's mechanics on a PVP server that's outside of the Wilderness.
  10. You cannot protect or safekeep your three most valuable items upon dying.
  11. You cannot take advantage of the Protect Item ability in the Prayer skill line.
  12. You cannot use graves. Items will drop directly to the ground instead.
  13. Inside the God Wars Dungeon and Instances, items are still going to be inside graves and supplies are going to be on the floor.
  14. All item retrieval services are the same except for the one at Zulrah.
  15. Those in this difficulty can always get their items from Zul-Gwenwynig for free. They also don't have to use an interface to get their items from. This is as opposed to being given the item directly on a standard account.
  16. Items that cannot be traded will be dropped upon the death of the player. In the Wilderness, most of the items you have will be turned into coins and given to the player who was able to kill you.
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Ironman Construction Training

Now let's head on to the actual training. There are a few methods listed here and they're all the most optimized training methods in the game. First off, let's do a few quests so that you can get a headstart in your experience while getting a few more rewards along the way.


There are two quests that you should focus on doing at the start of your Construction training.

  1. Daddy's Home - This quest will reward you not just with 544 Construction XP, it will also reward you with your player-owned house which will also serve as the center for your training. You'll also get a crate that has 25 planks which can greatly help. Beating this gets you to level 8 Construction immediately. You'll need five bolts of cloth for this quest through. Start this quest by talking to Marlow in the Estate Agent's House in northeast Varrock.
  2. Tower of Life - After finishing Daddy's Home, you should train a bit till you reach level 10. Head to Ardougne Monastery and talk to Effigy and start the Tower of Life quest. Beating this nets you 1,000 Construction XP.

Most Efficient Ironman Construction Level 1-99 Training

Levels 16-50: Oak Planks


Start your Construction training by making Crafting table 1s from levels 16 to 33. These are material-efficient and provide solid experience gains. Once you reach level 33, transition to crafting oak larders until level 50. Nails, an essential component, can be conveniently purchased from the sawmill operator at the Lumber Yard.

Levels 50-99: Mounted Mythical Capes

Upon reaching level 47 Construction and completing Dragon Slayer II, you unlock the construction of mounted mythical capes. This marks a significant shift in your training method, reducing the number of teak planks needed for efficient leveling. Constructing mounted mythical capes boosts the experience gained per plank to 123, up from the standard 90, thanks to a bonus 100 experience for using the mythical cape.


While in building mode, keep in mind that items cannot be dropped. It's also worth noting that you can receive a full inventory of planks from the butler before removing the mounted mythical cape. However, be aware that the cape cannot be removed without sufficient inventory space. To address this, consider using a plank sack or equipable item to create temporary space in your inventory. This method ensures a smoother and more streamlined training experience as you work towards level 99 Construction. Good luck!

Alternative Training Methods

If you're getting bored of the methods above, there are a few other alternative Ironman Construction methods that you can try.

Passive Training: Wintertodt

For early Construction levels, consider bypassing traditional methods by defeating Wintertodt while training Firemaking. Owning a player-owned house is essential to receive Construction experience from repairing braziers (4× player's Construction level). To maximize experience gains, train Construction to level 20 before engaging with Wintertodt. For additional planks, visit the Barbarian Outpost, where three plank spawns are conveniently located near a bank.


Soloing Wintertodt yields significantly more Construction experience and loot rolls per hour, albeit at the cost of some Firemaking experience per hour.

Levels 1-99: Mahogany Homes


Embark on the Mahogany Homes contracts as an alternative and interactive training method. This approach offers more experience per plank but is slower compared to traditional methods. If you aim for higher experience rates and can generate around 600,000 coins per hour, mounted mythical capes with teak planks become a more efficient choice, compensating for the increased log and coin requirements.

Tiered Construction Levels and Materials:

  • Beginner (1): Planks, Steel bars
  • Novice (20): Oak planks, Steel bars
  • Adept (50): Teak planks, Steel bars
  • Expert (70): Mahogany planks, Steel bars

This method involves teleporting around Gielinor and reconstructing furniture in various cities. There are 12 houses in Varrock, Falador, East Ardougne, and Hosidius. On average, a house requires 13 planks to complete, with some furniture requiring a steel bar. If you have a diary cape, use it to teleport to Sarah (Toby) and Ross (Two-pints) for slightly faster travel. Placing your player-owned house in Hosidius is recommended, as Barbara's house is close to the house portal. Charged rings of wealth or Falador Teleport can expedite travel. Fill your rune pouch with teleports to Varrock, Home, and Ardougne, and equip a charged Xeric's Talisman for Hosidius contracts. Utilize the Falador east bank for contracts in Falador and the bank in Hosidius for contracts in the north houses.

For Lunar spellbook users, the NPC Contact spell streamlines the process. Fill your rune pouch with astral, cosmic, and air runes, equip a charged Xeric's talisman and a ring of wealth, and have teleport tablets for Varrock and Ardougne (and Falador, if not using a ring of wealth).

For players without a diary cape, using a charged chronicle to teleport to the Champion's Guild when assigned a contract in Sarah's house along Varrock's southern wall is marginally faster.

Levels 50-99: Teak Dining Benches


For Construction levels 50-99, consider building teak dining benches if Dragon Slayer II is not completed. Otherwise, mounted mythical capes offer superior experience per plank.

How To Get Planks In Ironman


In the early stages of Construction, acquiring regular planks can be done near the Barbarian Outpost or in Port Khazard, both conveniently located near banks. Alternatively, you can obtain regular and oak planks by participating in Tempoross encounters early on while training Fishing or gathering food. However, these planks are not acquired in large quantities.

Teak or mahogany logs can be passively obtained through Managing Miscellania. If collecting maple logs for Fletching, assign 5 workers to teak or mahogany Woodcutting. Mahogany is faster but more expensive, while teak is a cost-effective choice.

Wintertodt supply crates offer a decent supply of various logs, contingent on your Woodcutting level.

High-level players can source Construction supplies from combat activities such as the Chambers of Xeric, Zulrah, and Callisto.

For a consistent and efficient method, especially for various plank types, cut the logs and have a player-owned house butler convert them into planks, banking them for you. To achieve the fastest gathering and experience rates, use 1.5-tick woodcutting when harvesting player-grown teak or mahogany logs on Fossil Island.

Extra Tip: Converting Planks With Your Butler via POH


To enhance the efficiency of your player-owned house for Construction, take measures to prevent your butler from getting stuck on the house portal. This can be resolved by siting the portal in the standard garden tile, planting reeds in this space, and rotating the garden to position the reeds west of the portal. Additionally, optimize your house for faster loading times; aim for a 4x4 layout, as larger sizes increase loading times. Arrange rooms strategically, placing frequently used ones near the center, and eliminate unnecessary upstairs or downstairs rooms to further expedite loading. Check for excess green space around your house; there should be no more than a room's size of green area. If needed, use the house viewer to shift every room one tile southwest.

To address banking efficiency with your butler, ensure the house instance closes promptly. Opt for a higher population world, as quicker instance closures reduce the chances of the butler waiting without depositing planks in your bank. If the butler is holding planks, manually use a log on him to facilitate the transfer of planks to your bank while he takes logs to the sawmill. Maintain a house layout that loads in 2 ticks for optimal performance.

OSRS Construction Materials

If you're planning on doing more than just leveling up your Construction Skill to 99 in your Ironman run, here are the materials you need to start decorating your home.

Where to get it
Plank & Nails29
  • Can be made from regular logs by bringing them to a sawmill operator around the world.
  • You can also buy them from the Razmire Builders Merchants shop in Mort'ton.
  • Nails can be bought from the Constructions Supplies shop by the sawmill operator, northeast of Varrock. You can also buy them inside the Woodcutting Guild.
  • If you have the right Smithing level, you can also smith nails.
  • Both items are available in various spawn locations around the world.
Oak plank60
  • Can be made from oak logs by bringing them to a sawmill operator around the world.
  • Oak planks are dropped by several monsters. This is an alternative to cutting them down from trees.
Teak plank90 or 123
  • Can be made from teak logs by bringing them to a sawmill operator around the world.
  • Teak planks are dropped by several monsters. This is an alternative to cutting them down from trees.
Mahogany plank140
  • Can be made from Mahogany logs by bringing them to a sawmill operator around the world.
  • Mahogany planks are dropped by several monsters. This is an alternative to cutting them down from trees.
Soft clay10
  • You can create sot clay by mixing a container of water and clay. You can also cast Humidify on clay in your inventory. Lastly, you can also mine clay rock while wearing a bracelet of clay.
  • If you have 10 golden nuggets, you can exchange it for 100 soft clay from Prospector Percy's Nugget Shop located in Motherlode Mine.
  • Soft clay is dropped by several monsters.
Bolt of cloth15
  • You can buy bolts of cloth from the Construction Supplies shop located by the sawmill operator in north east Varrock. You can also get it from the Woodcutting Guild.
Steel bar20
  • At level 30 Smithing, you can smelt steel bars using an iron ore and two coals on a furnace.
  • Steel bars are dropped by several monsters.
Limestone brick20
  • You can begin crafting your own limestone bricks once you reach Crafting level 12. You can make it using a chisel and a limestone.
  • You can also buy limestone bricks from the Razmire Builders Merchants located in Mort'ton.
  • Limestone bricks can be bought in the Keldagrim Stonemason shop, located in Keldagrim.
  • Limestone bricks are dropped by several monsters, see the item page for more information.
Gold leaf300
  • Gold leafs can be bought in the Keldagrim Stonemason shop, located in Keldagrim.
Marble block450
  • Marble blocks can be bought in the Keldagrim Stonemason shop, located in Keldagrim.
Magic stone1,000
  • Magic stones can be bought in the Keldagrim Stonemason shop, located in Keldagrim.

OSRS Quests That Reward Construction XP

As part of your Ironman run, you might want to go through some quests as well. These will net you with a variety of rewards other than Construction XP.

Other requirements
The Eyes of Glouphrie2505Magic - 46 , Woodcutting - 45
Daddy's Home
Tower of Life1,00010-
Cold War1,50034Hunter - 10 , Agility - 30 , Crafting - 30 , Thieving - 15
Darkness of Hallowvale2,0005Agility - 26 , Mining - 20 , Thieving - 22 , Construction - 32 , Magic - 33 , Strength - 40
The Great Brain Robbery2,00030Crafting - 16 , Prayer - 50
Getting Ahead3,20026Crating - 30
The Fremennik Isles5,00020Agility - 40 , Woodcutting - 56 , Crafting - 46
Making Friends with My Arm10,00035Woodcutting - 66 , Mining - 72 , Agility - 68
Song of the Elves40,00070Agility - 70 , Farming - 70 , Herblore - 70 , Hunter - 70 , Mining - 70 , Smithing - 70 , Woodcutting - 70

Become A Master Builder In OSRS Ironman

Becoming a master builder in Ironman mode in OSRS is a lot easier than you think. The restrictions in place might seem like huge burdens but once you get used to it, training is a lot easier than it looks. With the help of this guide, you'll become more successful in your Ironman run as well.

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