OSRS Ironman Herblore Guide

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OSRS Ironman Herblore Guide

For many players, the toughest part of an Ironman run is the battles that you have to face. Leveling up your non-combative skills is the hardest part of an Ironman run, especially if the skill you're looking to level up abilities that heavily rely on item creation like Herblore.

Due to the limited availability of shops and resources for items, Herblore becomes relatively hard to train in an Ironman run. If you're one of those who are struggling to get to 99 on an Ironman account, then you've come to the right place as we've got the perfect guide for you.

What To Know Before Training Herblore In Ironman

According to many players, Herblore training is the hardest to do in an Ironman run. This is mainly because collecting herbs and other ingredients you need for leveling up is fairly limited. Collecting ingredients alone can take a considerable amount of time and effort already.

As this is the case, it's advised to use every experience lamp and book of knowledge into Herblore. If you complete all hard diaries and you've made all potions you've made along the way, you should end up at around level 67-69 Herblore which is a huge boost already. You're also allowed to make ranging potions by this level.

Before the actual guide itself, let's first talk about how you can source ingredients in an Ironman run.

How To Source Materials For Herblore Ironman Training

To gather Herblore ingredients effectively, explore three main avenues: farming, monster drops, and engaging in minigames, with Managing Miscellania being a notable example.

In the realm of farming, acquiring seeds can be accomplished through farming contracts and by pickpocketing Master Farmers. Prioritize daily farming contracts for substantial Herblore and Farming experience, making them your primary source of herb and tree seeds.

Additionally, during Slayer training, you'll come across numerous grimy herbs and secondary ingredients, contributing to your herblore supplies. Embrace these opportunities to bolster your Herblore resources while progressing through Slayer

Getting Herbs And Seeds

If you're a low-level ironman looking to kickstart your Herblore journey, consider obtaining your initial supplies from Wintertodt. Alternatively, target chaos druids or flesh crawlers, as they drop common low-level herbs.

For swift access to ranarr seeds crucial for prayer potions, your best bet is pickpocketing Master Farmers. This method not only yields ranarr seeds but also provides various other seeds for Herblore experience. To maximize efficiency, aim for a high Thieving level. You'll stop failing at pickpocketing Master Farmers at level 94 with the hard Ardougne Diary perk or at level 99 with the Thieving cape. Keep in mind that having at least 71 Farming is recommended due to changes in the Master Farmer's herb seed loot table.

For a comprehensive herb seed collection at any level, engage in farming contracts within the Farming Guild. Explore the Farming section for detailed information.

Additionally, if you're on the Slayer path, it's a primary source of herbs and herb seeds. Monsters like Nechryael, Aberrant spectres, and Dagannoths frequently drop assorted herbs. When focusing on herb seeds, prioritize completing Nechryael tasks in the Slayer Tower with melee over burst/barrage spells in the Catacombs of Kourend. This choice is recommended as Greater nechryael in the Catacombs don't drop as many herb seeds.

Farming Herbs

To optimize your Herblore progress, make it a habit to conduct frequent and consistent herb runs. Clean your herbs while moving between patches to save time for future runs.

Ensure you always use ultracompost on herb patches to minimize the risk of disease and guarantee a minimum yield of 6 herbs per seed when combined with magic secateurs. NPC gardeners won't protect herb patches, and seeds may be scarce, so invest in the best compost available.

Consider utilizing the Fertile Soil spell from the Lunar spellbook for herb runs, especially if you have 83 Magic. This spell eliminates the need to craft ultracompost, saving you valuable time. While obtaining the ash-covered tome for the ultracompost version may take time due to the Volcanic Mine's Kudos requirement, it's a worthwhile investment. Once you have access to Fertile Soil, conduct herb runs while on the Lunar spellbook, and use teleport tablets or Spellbook Swap for patches that aren't easily reachable with the standard spellbook. Having a Lunar or Occult altar in your Player-Owned House (POH) is recommended for swift spellbook switching. Alternatively, using Moonclan Teleport or Teleport to House can efficiently transport you to Lunar Isle.

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OSRS Ironman Herblore Training Level 1-99

Now, let's talk about what you're here for. Getting to level 99 Herblore on an Ironman account. As we've said, this is one of the more challenging skills to level up on such a playthrough but it's not at all impossible. It just requires a lot of know-how and hard work.

Early Levels And Questing

To unlock Herblore, begin with Druidic Ritual. Afterward, expedite your early levels by completing quests that offer Herblore experience. The cumulative rewards from Druidic Ritual, Jungle Potion, and Recruitment Drive provide a total of 2,025 Herblore experience, enabling you to reach level 13. Through questing alone, you can amass a total of 9,350 Herblore experience, propelling your Herblore skill from level 1 to 26. This grants you the ability to craft energy potions without having previously concocted any potions.

Here's a breakdown of Herblore experience rewards from specific quests:

  • Druidic Ritual: 250 Herblore experience
  • Jungle Potion (requires Herblore 3): 775 Herblore experience
  • Recruitment Drive (requires Black Knights' Fortress, Druidic Ritual): 1,000.5 Herblore experience
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters (requires Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Jungle Potion, Herblore 8, Smithing 4, Ranged 30): 2,000 Herblore experience
  • The Dig Site (requires Herblore 10, Agility 10, Thieving 25): 2,000 Herblore experience
  • Shades of Mort'ton (requires Priest in Peril, Herblore 15, Crafting 20, Firemaking 5): 2,000 Herblore experience
  • Heroes' Quest (requires Herblore 25, Quest points 55, Cooking 53, Fishing 53, Mining 50, and more): 1,325 Herblore experience

Leveling Methods

Once you've done all of the quests, you can choose from a variety of methods to start gaining more Herblore XP. Here, we're going to detail the XP gain for both cleaning herbs and making potions. It's entirely up to you what method you choose. It will, of course, depend on what materials you have.

Cleaning Herbs

Herblore Level
Grimy HerbXP
Clean HerbHerblore Level
(unf. potion)
Unfinished potion
3Grimy guam leaf2.5Guam leaf3Guam potion (unf)
5Grimy marrentill3.8Marrentill5Marrentill potion (unf)
11Grimy tarromin5Tarromin12Tarromin potion (unf)
20Grimy harralander6.3Harralander22Harralander potion (unf)
25Grimy ranarr weed7.5Ranarr weed30Ranarr potion (unf)
30Grimy toadflax8Toadflax34Toadflax potion (unf)
40Grimy irit leaf8.8Irit leaf45Irit potion (unf)
48Grimy avantoe10Avantoe50Avantoe potion (unf)
54Grimy kwuarm11.3Kwuarm55Kwuarm potion (unf)
59Grimy snapdragon11.8Snapdragon63Snapdragon potion (unf)
65Grimy cadantine12.5Cadantine66Cadantine potion (unf)
67Grimy lantadyme13.1Lantadyme69Lantadyme potion (unf)
70Grimy dwarf weed13.8Dwarf weed72Dwarf weed potion (unf)
75Grimy torstol15Torstol78Torstol potion (unf)
Potion Making

Of the two, we highly recommend potion making as a leveling method instead. This doesn't just grant you Herblore XP, it also gives you access to potions that are otherwise going to be very helpful in an Ironman run.

Herblore LevelPotionXPPotion BasePrimary IngredientSecondary IngredientNotes
3Imp repellent5Anchovy oilFlowers (various)N/AUsed in impling hunting and to make impling jars. Many types of flowers can be used to make it.
3Attack potion25Vial of waterGuam leafEye of newtTemporarily raises Attack level by 10% + 3.
5Antipoison37.5Vial of waterMarrentillUnicorn horn dustCures poison and provides immunity for 90 seconds.
8Relicym's balm40Vial of waterRogue's purseSnake weedCures disease and provides immunity for a short time.
Requires partial completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters.
12Strength potion50Vial of waterTarrominLimpwurt rootTemporarily raises Strength level by 10% + 3.
15Serum 20750Vial of waterTarrominAshesTemporarily cures Afflicted NPCs in Mort'ton
Learned and required in Shades of Mort'ton.
18Guthix rest tea59Cup of hot waterHarralanderGuam leaves x2
Cures poison, restores some run energy, and heals 5 Hitpoints (with the ability to overheal).
The herbs can be mixed in any order.
Requires partial completion of One Small Favour.
22Compost potion60Vial of waterHarralanderVolcanic ashUsed to convert Compost into Supercompost.
22Restore potion62.5Vial of waterHarralanderRed spiders' eggsRestores combat-related stats back to normal by 30% of level plus 10.
Does not restore Hitpoints or Prayer points.
22Guthix balance50
(2 × 25)
Restore potionGarlicSilver dustUsed against Vampyre Juvinates and Vampyre Juveniles, particularly in the Temple Trekking minigame.
25Blamish oil80Vial of waterHarralanderBlamish snail slimeUsed to make oily fishing rods during the Heroes' Quest.
26Energy potion67.5Vial of waterHarralanderChocolate dustRestores 10% run energy.
30Defence potion75Vial of waterRanarr weedWhite berriesTemporarily raises Defence level by 10% + 3.
34Agility potion80Vial of waterToadflaxToad's legsTemporarily raises Agility level by 3.
36Combat potion84Vial of waterHarralanderGoat horn dustEffect of both Attack potion and Strength potion.
38Prayer potion87.5Vial of waterRanarr weedSnape grassRestores 25% of your total Prayer level plus 7.
Effect increased by Holy wrench.
45Super attack100Vial of waterIrit leafEye of newtTemporarily increases Attack level by 15% + 5.
47Goblin potion55Vial of waterToadflaxPharmakos berriesTransforms the player into a goblin.
Not tradeable.
Made during the Land of the Goblins quest and is usable only within the Goblin Cave and Goblin Temple.
48Superantipoison106.3Vial of waterIrit leafUnicorn horn dustCures poison and provides immunity for 6 minutes.
50Fishing potion112.5Vial of waterAvantoeSnape grassTemporarily raises Fishing level by 3.
52Super energy117.5Vial of waterAvantoeMort myre fungusRestores 20% run energy.
52Shrink-me-quick6Vial of waterTarrominShrunk oglerootReduces player size during the Grim Tales quest.
53Hunter potion120Vial of waterAvantoeKebbit teeth dustTemporarily raises Hunter level by 3.
Kebbit teeth are obtained by deadfall trapping Sabre-Toothed Kebbits.
55Super strength125Vial of waterKwuarmLimpwurt rootTemporarily raises Strength level by 15% + 5.
57Magic essence130Vial of waterStar flowerGorak claw powderTemporarily raises Magic level by 3.
Not tradeable.
Made during Fairytale II - Cure a Queen quest, and components are only available via the Fairy rings.
60Weapon poison137.5Vial of waterKwuarmDragon scale dustFor use on arrows, daggers, spears, hastae, javelins, darts, knives, and bolts.
Poison starts at 4 damage for melee weapons and 2 damage for ranged weapons.
63Super restore142.5Vial of waterSnapdragonRed spiders' eggsRestores all stats (except hitpoints) by 25% + 8.
65Sanfew serum160Super restoreUnicorn horn dustSnake weed
Nail beast nails
Sanfew Serum combines the properties of super restore, superantipoison, and relicym's balm potions all in one.
Partial experience is given for each addition of one of the secondary ingredients in this potion.
66Super defence150Vial of waterCadantineWhite berriesTemporarily increases Defence level by 15% + 5.
68Antidote+155Coconut milkToadflaxYew rootsCures and gives immunity to poison for 9 minutes.
69Antifire potion157.5Vial of waterLantadymeDragon scale dustProvides some resistance to dragon breath.
Can be used with an anti-dragonfire shield to completely prevent dragonfire damage.
Each dose lasts about 6 minutes.
70Divine super attack potion2
(4 × 0.5)
Super attackCrystal dustN/ABoosts the same as a super attack while lasting for 5 minutes with no state degradation.
Requires the completion of Song of the Elves to make.
70Divine super defence potion2
(4 × 0.5)
Super defenceCrystal dustN/ABoosts the same as a super defence while lasting for 5 minutes with no state degradation.
Requires the completion of Song of the Elves to make.
70Divine super strength potion2
(4 × 0.5)
Super strengthCrystal dustN/ABoosts the same as a super strength while lasting for 5 minutes with no state degradation.
Requires the completion of Song of the Elves to make.
72Ranging potion162.5Vial of waterDwarf weedWine of zamorakTemporarily increases Ranged level by 10% + 4.
73Weapon poison+165Coconut milkCactus spineRed spiders' eggsFor use on arrows, daggers, spears, hastae, javelins, darts, knives, and bolts.
Poison starts at 5 damage for melee weapons and 3 damage for ranged weapons.
74Divine ranging potion2
(4 × 0.5)
Ranging potionCrystal dustN/ABoosts the same as a ranging potion while lasting for 5 minutes with no state degradation.
Requires the completion of Song of the Elves to make.
76Magic potion172.5Vial of waterLantadymePotato cactusTemporarily raises Magic level by 4.
77Stamina potion102
(4 × 25.5)
Super energyAmylase crystalN/AStamina potions restore 20% run energy and reduce the rate of energy depletion by 70% for 2 minutes.
Amylase crystals can be purchased using Marks of grace from Grace's Graceful Clothing.
One amylase crystal is required per dose.
78Zamorak brew175Vial of waterTorstolJangerberriesBoosts Strength by 12% + 2 and Attack by 20% + 2, but lowers Defence and remaining Hitpoints by 10% + 2.
78Divine magic potion2
(4 × 0.5)
Magic potionCrystal dustN/ABoosts the same as a magic potion while lasting for 5 minutes with no state degradation.
Requires the completion of Song of the Elves to make.
79Antidote++177.5Coconut milkIrit leafMagic rootsCures poison and provides immunity for 12 minutes.
80Bastion potion155Vial of bloodCadantineWine of zamorakTemporarily increases Ranged by 10% + 4 and Defence by 15% + 5.
80Battlemage potion155Vial of bloodCadantinePotato cactusTemporarily increases Magic by 4 and Defence by 15% + 5.
81Saradomin brew180Vial of waterToadflaxCrushed nestBoosts Defence and Hitpoints but lowers Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged.
82Weapon poison++190Coconut milkCave nightshadePoison ivy berriesFor use on arrows, daggers, spears, hastae, javelins, darts, knives, and bolts.
Poison starts at 6 damage for melee weapons and 4 damage for ranged weapons.
84Extended antifire110
(4 × 27.5)
Antifire potionLava scale shardN/AProvides some resistance to dragon breath.
Each dose lasts about 12 minutes.
One shard is required per dose.
85Ancient brew190Vial of waterDwarf weedNihil dustBoosts Magic and restores prayer points but lowers Attack, Strength, and Defence.
86Divine bastion potion2
(4 × 0.5)
Bastion potionCrystal dustN/ABoosts the same as a bastion potion while lasting for 5 minutes with no state degradation.
Requires the completion of Song of the Elves to make.
86Divine battlemage potion2
(4 × 0.5)
Battlemage potionCrystal dustN/ABoosts the same as a battlemage potion while lasting for 5 minutes with no state degradation.
Requires the completion of Song of the Elves to make.
(4 × 30)
Antidote++Zulrah's scalesN/AInstantly cures venom.
Five scales are required per dose.
88Menaphite remedy200Vial of waterDwarf weedLily of the sandsRestores 6 + 16% of the player's combat stats every 15 seconds, over the course of five minutes.
90Super combat potion150Super attack
Super strength
Super defence
TorstolN/ACombines the properties of super attack, super strength, and super defence potions.
91Forgotten brew145Ancient brewAncient essenceN/AUpgraded version of an Ancient brew. Boosts Magic by 8% + 3 and restores prayer points by 10% + 2, but lowers Attack, Strength, and Defence by 10% + 2.
20 essence is required per dose.
92Super antifire potion130Antifire potionCrushed superior
dragon bones
N/AGrants complete immunity to dragonfire for three minutes.
94Anti-venom+125Anti-venomTorstolN/AInstantly cures venom and provides immunity to it for three minutes.
97Divine super combat potion2
(4 × 0.5)
Super combat potionCrystal dustN/ABoosts the same as a super combat potion while lasting for 5 minutes with no state degradation.
Requires the completion of Song of the Elves to make.


Extended super antifire

(4 × 40)
Super antifire potionLava scale shardN/A

Grants complete immunity to dragonfire for six minutes.
One shard is required per dose.

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Quests That Need Herblore

As we've said a while back, training Herblore is hard but it's necessary if you want to proceed with some quests and blockades in the game. If you have a high level Herblore already, you might want to consider doing these quests as they often give either Herblore XP or valuable items for training Herblore.

Other skill requirements
Jungle Potion3-
Lunar Diplomacy5Defense - 40
Crafting - 61
Firemaking - 49
Magic - 65
Mining - 60
Woodcutting - 55
Zogre Flesh Eaters8Smithing - 4
Ranged - 30
Fletching - 30
The Dig Site10Agility - 10
Thieving - 25
Watchtower14Magic - 15
Thieving - 15
Agility - 25
Mining - 40
Shades of Mort'ton15Crating - 20
Firemaking - 5
One Small Favour18Agility - 36
Crafting - 25
Mining - 30
Heroes' Quest25Quest Points - 55
Cooking - 53
Fishing - 53
Mining - 50
Eadgar's Ruse31-
A Taste of Hope40Crafting - 48
Agility - 45
Attack - 40
Slayer - 38
Legends' Quest45Quest Points - 107
Agility - 50
Crafting - 50
Magic - 56
Mining - 52
Prayer - 42
Smithing - 50
Strength - 50
Thieving - 50
Woodcutting - 50
Land of the Goblins48Agility - 38
Fishing - 40
Thieving - 45
A Kingdom Divided50Agility - 54
Thieving - 52
Woodcutting - 52
Mining - 42
Crafting - 38
Magic - 35
Grim Tales52Farming - 45
Thieving - 58
Agility - 59
Woodcutting - 71
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen57Thieving - 40
Woodcutting - 49
Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire62Firemaking - 75
Magic - 75
Thieving - 70
Runecrafting - 60
Construction - 60
Song of the Elves70Agility - 70
Construction - 70
Farming - 70
Hunting - 70
Mining - 70
Smithing - 70
Woodcutting - 70

Quests That Reward Herblore XP

Getting to level 99 is obviously tough work. To make it easier, it's highly advisable that you go through all of the quests that reward Herblore XP as well. In that regard, here are the quests that you shouldn't miss out on.

Other requirements
Druidic Ritual250--
Jungle Potion7753-
Recruitment Drive1,000-Quest Points - 12
Heroes' Quest1,32525Quest Points - 55
Cooking - 53
Fishing - 53
Mining - 50
The Dig Site2,00010Agility - 10
Thieving - 25
Shades of Mort'ton2,00015Crafting - 20
Firemaking - 5
Shades of Mort'ton - Diary of Herbi Flax335 Trade the diary with the Apothecary
Zogre Flesh Eaters2,0008Smithing - 4
Range - 30
Fletching - 30
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen3,50057Thieving - 40
Farming - 49
Land of the Goblins8,00048Agility - 38
Fishing - 40
Thieving - 45
My Arm's Big Adventure10,000-Woodcutting - 10
Farming - 29
Eadgar's Ruse11,00031-
Grim Tales15,00052Farming - 45
Thieving - 58
Agility - 59
Woodcutting - 71
Song of the Elves40,00070Agility - 70
Construction - 70
Farming - 70
Hunting - 70
Mining - 70
Smithing - 70
Woodcutting - 70
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OSRS Ironman Restrictions

Although not a lot of Ironman restrictions directly affect your Herblore training, it's still best to know what the restrictions are. This will make it easier for you to carefully plan out and prepare for what you need to expect in OSRS on runs like these.

Standard Ironman

  1. You cannot trade with other players. There are exceptions for certain quest items from quests like Shield of Arrav and Heroes' Quest. You are also allowed to receive bonds.
  2. You cannot use the Grand Exchange for any kind of transaction except for bonds. For bonds, you can only purchase these but you cannot sell them.
  3. You cannot pick up any loot from the PVE and PVP kills of other players. If you want to loot from other players or monsters, you have to kill the monster yourself. If the player or monster was damaged by another player during the process of being killed, you won't get killed.
  4. You cannot gain any XP from PVP encounters. However, the base Magic XP from casting spells during PVP is retained.
  5. You cannot use the Accept Aid feature.
  6. You cannot enter another player's owned house.
  7. You cannot buy items from other players by way of overstocked shops. Simply put, you cannot take advantage of higher sell prices from any understocked shops.
  8. You cannot receive items from balloons in the Party Room in Falador.
  9. You cannot join group activities in the Nightmare Zone. You also cannot get any resource rewards from the reward chest, with the exemption of the scroll of redirection.

As you can see, there are huge limitations in even the standard version of Ironman. Just the fact that you cannot trade with other players and use the Grand Exchange will already provide you with a ton of challenges. Now, let's move on to the Hardcore Ironman restrictions.

Hardcore Ironman

Now, in Hardcore Ironman ALL of the restrictions from the standard Ironman will carry over. However, what's different this time is that you only have one life. If you die during your Hardcore Ironman run, you'll be brought back to a Standard Ironman account. Additionally, all of your XP and levels on the Hi Scores table will be locked in.

There are a few activities from which deaths are considered safe. Dying from these minigames and activities below won't revert you back to Standard Ironman.

  • Barbarian Assault
  • Camelot training room
  • Castle Wars
  • Chambers of Xeric
  • Clan Wars
  • Dream World but only during Lunar Diplomacy
  • Emir's Arena
  • Fishing Trawler
  • The Fremennik Trials but only 4th phase of the duel with Koschei the Deathless
  • Inferno
  • Last Man Standing
  • Magic Training Arena
  • Nightmare Zone
  • Pest Control
  • Death within a player-owned house
  • PvM Arena
  • Soul Wars
  • TzHaar Fight Cave
  • TzHaar Fight Pit
  • Random Event
  • Rogues' Den (maze)
  • Zulrah - Resurrection reward from Elite Western Provinces Diary only

Hardcore Group Ironman

You don't need to tackle Ironman alone. In fact, players do it in a group as it's more fun to try and survive the perils of OSRS Ironman with a few friends. There are a few restrictions that are exclusive to Hardcore Group Ironman but the main limitations from the Standard Ironman and Hardcore Ironman apply here.

  1. Each player in a Hardcore Group Ironman is given only one safe PVM death per player. All players will share a pooled number of lives which everyone will need to be mindful of. If there are three players in a Hardcore Group, then they all have three lives to use. Lives can be used by any player and a single player can use up multiple lives from the group. Once this is depleted, players will lose their Hardcore status.
  2. In Hardcore Group Ironman, the safe deaths listed above are no longer considered as safe. That means dying from the minigames above will result in a lost life. The only exception here is the Fremennik Trials fight with Koschei the Deathless. With that in mind, Hardcore Group Ironman players need to be very mindful of their moves in minigames.
  3. PVP minigames such as Castle Wars, Last Man Standing, and Clan Wars are considered as safe deaths for those in a Hardcore Group Ironman.
  4. Lastly, Hardcore Group Ironmen cannot challenge members of the Nex outside their group. This is regardless of what Group Prestige you are in.

Ultimate Ironman

This is, of course, the penultimate challenge of OSRS. For starters, keep in mind that all of the restrictions you have in Hardcore and Standard Ironman modes apply here. Additionally, there are a lot of other restrictions to consider.

  1. You cannot deposit, withdraw, or note items inside a bank. Banks are also not allowed to unnote any items.
  2. You cannot create any item sets using the Grand Exchange.
  3. You cannot receive any resources from Managing Miscellania or Bert who gives buckets of sand daily.
  4. You cannot send items to banks using the following methods of transport: Coal Trucks, Dwarven Boatman, and Daeyalt essence.
  5. You cannot send your Servant to any banks or the Sawmill.
  6. You cannot put anything inside your seed vault.
  7. You cannot store any duplicate items inside your POH Costume Room.
  8. You cannot withdraw items before first depositing an entire set from which the item belongs to.
  9. You cannot use the looting bag's mechanics on a PVP server that's outside of the Wilderness.
  10. You cannot protect or safekeep your three most valuable items upon dying.
  11. You cannot take advantage of the Protect Item ability in the Prayer skill line.
  12. You cannot use graves. Items will drop directly to the ground instead.
  13. Inside the God Wars Dungeon and Instances, items are still going to be inside graves and supplies are going to be on the floor.
  14. All item retrieval services are the same except for the one at Zulrah.
  15. Those in this difficulty can always get their items from Zul-Gwenwynig for free. They also don't have to use an interface to get their items from. This is as opposed to being given the item directly on a standard account.
  16. Items that cannot be traded will be dropped upon the death of the player. In the Wilderness, most of the items you have will be turned into coins and given to the player who was able to kill you.

Patience Is The Key

Getting to level 99 in Herblore on an Ironman run is going to take up a lot of time. You'll need patience and a lot of luck to do this. With this guide, you at least know the best way to start leveling up your skill.

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