OSRS Ironman Money Making Guide

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OSRS Ironman Money Making Guide

The challenges you face in Old School Runescape will never cease to exist. If you want to take things up a notch, then you can try out the Ironman challenges in the game. These are definitely going to take up more of your time, patience, and skill. Of course, as with all things OSRS, there are ways to make the challenge easier.


Earning money in the base OSRS is tough enough already but you can dial that up to a hundred once you turn on the Ironman modifiers in the game. OSRS Ironman money making techniques are wildly different from the standard game as you need to consider the efficiency and overall earning capacity of the tricks you'll use.

Before we talk about those techniques, let's dive deep into the Ironman challenge itself first.

What is OSRS Ironman And How Do I Start It?


You can start playing in Ironman Mode the moment you finish Tutorial Island. It goes without saying however, that it's not ideal for first timers or inexperienced OSRS players to dive into Ironman mode immediately. If you want to take up the challenge, talk to Paul and Adam - the Ironman tutors.

Now, there are key distinctions between the Ironman modes. Here's what they are.

Standard Ironman

  1. You cannot trade with other players. There are exceptions for certain quest items from quests like Shield of Arrav and Heroes' Quest. You are also allowed to receive bonds.
  2. You cannot use the Grand Exchange for any kind of transaction except for bonds. For bonds, you can only purchase these but you cannot sell them.
  3. You cannot pick up any loot from the PVE and PVP kills of other players. If you want to loot from other players or monsters, you have to kill the monster yourself. If the player or monster was damaged by another player during the process of being killed, you won't get killed.
  4. You cannot gain any XP from PVP encounters. However, the base Magic XP from casting spells during PVP is retained.
  5. You cannot use the Accept Aid feature.
  6. You cannot enter another player's owned house.
  7. You cannot buy items from other players by way of overstocked shops. Simply put, you cannot take advantage of higher sell prices from any understocked shops.
  8. You cannot receive items from balloons in the Party Room in Falador.
  9. You cannot join group activities in the Nightmare Zone. You also cannot get any resource rewards from the reward chest, with the exemption of the scroll of redirection.

As you can see, there are huge limitations in even the standard version of Ironman. Just the fact that you cannot trade with other players and use the Grand Exchange will already provide you with a ton of challenges. Now, let's move on to the Hardcore Ironman restrictions.

Hardcore Ironman


Now, in Hardcore Ironman ALL of the restrictions from the standard Ironman will carry over. However, what's different this time is that you only have one life. If you die during your Hardcore Ironman run, you'll be brought back to a Standard Ironman account. Additionally, all of your XP and levels on the Hi Scores table will be locked in.

There are a few activities from which deaths are considered safe. Dying from these minigames and activities below won't revert you back to Standard Ironman.

  • Barbarian Assault
  • Camelot training room
  • Castle Wars
  • Chambers of Xeric
  • Clan Wars
  • Dream World but only during Lunar Diplomacy
  • Emir's Arena
  • Fishing Trawler
  • The Fremennik Trials but only 4th phase of the duel with Koschei the Deathless
  • Inferno
  • Last Man Standing
  • Magic Training Arena
  • Nightmare Zone
  • Pest Control
  • Death within a player-owned house
  • PvM Arena
  • Soul Wars
  • TzHaar Fight Cave
  • TzHaar Fight Pit
  • Random Event
  • Rogues' Den (maze)
  • Zulrah - Resurrection reward from Elite Western Provinces Diary only

Hardcore Group Ironman

You don't need to tackle Ironman alone. In fact, players do it in a group as it's more fun to try and survive the perils of OSRS Ironman with a few friends. There are a few restrictions that are exclusive to Hardcore Group Ironman but the main limitations from the Standard Ironman and Hardcore Ironman apply here.

  1. Each player in a Hardcore Group Ironman is given only one safe PVM death per player. All players will share a pooled number of lives which everyone will need to be mindful of. If there are three players in a Hardcore Group, then they all have three lives to use. Lives can be used by any player and a single player can use up multiple lives from the group. Once this is depleted, players will lose their Hardcore status.
  2. In Hardcore Group Ironman, the safe deaths listed above are no longer considered as safe. That means dying from the minigames above will result in a lost life. The only exception here is the Fremennik Trials fight with Koschei the Deathless. With that in mind, Hardcore Group Ironman players need to be very mindful of their moves in minigames.
  3. PVP minigames such as Castle Wars, Last Man Standing, and Clan Wars are considered as safe deaths for those in a Hardcore Group Ironman.
  4. Lastly, Hardcore Group Ironmen cannot challenge members of the Nex outside their group. This is regardless of what Group Prestige you are in.

Ultimate Ironman

This is, of course, the penultimate challenge of OSRS. For starters, keep in mind that all of the restrictions you have in Hardcore and Standard Ironman modes apply here. Additionally, there are a lot of other restrictions to consider.

  1. You cannot deposit, withdraw, or note items inside a bank. Banks are also not allowed to unnote any items.
  2. You cannot create any item sets using the Grand Exchange.
  3. You cannot receive any resources from Managing Miscellania or Bert who gives buckets of sand daily.
  4. You cannot send items to banks using the following methods of transport: Coal Trucks, Dwarven Boatman, and Daeyalt essence.
  5. You cannot send your Servant to any banks or the Sawmill.
  6. You cannot put anything inside your seed vault.
  7. You cannot store any duplicate items inside your POH Costume Room.
  8. You cannot withdraw items before first depositing an entire set from which the item belongs to.
  9. You cannot use the looting bag's mechanics on a PVP server that's outside of the Wilderness.
  10. You cannot protect or safekeep your three most valuable items upon dying.
  11. You cannot take advantage of the Protect Item ability in the Prayer skill line.
  12. You cannot use graves. Items will drop directly to the ground instead.
  13. Inside the God Wars Dungeon and Instances, items are still going to be inside graves and supplies are going to be on the floor.
  14. All item retrieval services are the same except for the one at Zulrah.
  15. Those in this difficulty can always get their items from Zul-Gwenwynig for free. They also don't have to use an interface to get their items from. This is as opposed to being given the item directly on a standard account.
  16. Items that cannot be traded will be dropped upon the death of the player. In the Wilderness, most of the items you have will be turned into coins and given to the player who was able to kill you.

As you can see, many of the restrictions will limit what you can do with the game, the game's economy and the Grand Exchange. For that reason, money making in OSRS Ironman is definitely more challenging, and requires a more specific set of techniques.


Recommended OSRS Ironman Money Making Techniques

This first set of techniques are the ones which are preferred most by the Ironman community. They feature a perfect balance of yield, risk, and effort required.

MethodGold/HourHourly XPHourly ResourcesRequirementsNotes
Picking up ruby rings400,00022,000 - MagicNoneCrack the Clue IIIWhile a good and effective method, the amount of gold you get will vary on the competition since it has a respawn timer of 240 seconds. The amount you earn also includes the time you take to cast High Level Alchemy on the rings.
Wintertodt30,000300,000 - Firemaking 20,000 - WoodcuttingLogs
Woodcutting - 50 , Firemaking - 50The overall earning here is low but you get a decent amount of Firemaking XP along the way. Once you reach your level goal, move to other methods.
Blackjacking (50 Thieving)127,000103,000 - Thieving


Thieving - 45
The Feud

Good amount of gold but the problem is that it's not a good training method for Thieving training. Unless you're okay with intense methods, avoid this You can stay with this until you reach the amount of gold needed for the Desert Treasure..

Blackjacking (99 Thieving)220,000265,000 - Thieving

96,000 - Crafting
40,000 - Thieving


Desert Treasure I
Lunar Diplomacy

The quoted rate depends on quite a lot of possible factors.:
You use Air Orbs to complete the staves.
You get five staves from the Magic Guild Store on each world.
You'll need to spend time for seaweed and sand but since you're going to train Crafting as well, the extra effort is worth it.
Make sure to blow molten glass to unpowered orbs whils having the Artefact Thieving so that you train Thieving too.

(monster drops)
Green dragons

Melee - very dependent on various factors.

320 - dragon bones

Decent melee setup - Dragon defender, Berserker ring (i),
A Kingdom Divided for thralls

While good, you should only do this method if you have Piety unlocked as it's going to be easier to kill the dragons with the damage boost you get from Prayer.There are only two scenarios in which this moneymaker is worthwhile. The first is after Piety is unlocked, as this Prayer is such a very large DPS increase. The second is after all relevant upgrades have been acquired, so it can be done at maximum efficiency. In between these milestones, Prayer levels do not have enough marginal value to justify performing this method.

Green dragons
(minimum gear)
265,000180 - dragon bones
Hallowed Sepulchre (72-82)94,00063,700 - Agility
2,100 - Thieving
 Agility - 72
Sins of the Father
Hallowed Sepulchre (82-92)181,00072,900 - Agility
2,500 - Thieving
 Agility - 82
Sins of the Father
Hallowed Sepulchre (92-99)990,00088,200 - Agility
7,200 - Thieving
 Agility - 92
Sins of the Father
Corrupted Gauntlet915,000Combat XP but value is dependent on some factorsUncut gems
crystal shards
dragon arrows
Song of the ElvesThanks to the Bow of Faerdhinen, this method is very efficient. Getting the bow is going to be very useful so taking this route is highly recommended. Once you've got the bow and the six armor seeds, move to other methods instead.
ZMI (banked pure essence)1,470,00080,000 - Runecraft

None (accounted as profit)

Raiments of the Eye
Colossal pouch
Lunar Diplomacy
Magic - 71
Sins of the Father or banked Pure essence from PvM

-Daeyalt rates include the time it takes to mine the Daeyalt. It's not efficient if you don't have endgame gear to keep that in mind.

ZMI (1.5 Daeyalt)780,000120,000 -Runecraft
ZMI (AFK Daeyalt)510,000120,000 - Runecraft
Three Tick Gem Mining165,000110,000 - Mining23,000 banked Crafting XPShilo Village
charged Amulet of glory
hard Karamja Diary
You can maximize your profit even further by processing diamonds into amulets. However, this isn't going to be an efficient way to earn money up until you reach 87 in Crafting.
Vorkath1,950,00026,000 Slayer110,000 banked Cooking XP
72,000 banked Prayer XP
23,000 banked Crafting XP
15,000 banked Fletching XP
5,000 banked Smithing XP
72 Manta ray
Dragon darts and arrows
Dragon Slayer II, Osmumten's fangMost efficient on task.
Processing adamantite ore3,150,00080,000 - Smithing   
Processing runite ore15,774,000104,000 - Smithing   
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Low Requirement OSRS Ironman Money Making Methods

There are other methods to Ironman money making in OSRS. Some of them require minimal effort, which makes it great for those that are just starting out on their run. Aside from minimal effort, most of these requires low risk as well.

Collecting bronze chainbodiesNoneCollectingHead to the north of Boot and farm the bronze chainbody that spaws there. Grab one, change worlds, and then repeat. After that, sell around 1 to 3 to the general store located northeast and south of Nurmof. Repeat the process again.
Collecting iron swords in Shayzien' weapon shop20% Shayzien FavourCollectingYou can get a free iron sword from Briget's Weapons Store in Shayzien. You can get one from a world and then move to a new one to get another again. With more effort, you can get more coins per hour compared to bronze chainbodies.
Collecting steel platebodiesFoodCollectingThis method can be a bit challenging for many reasons. The Lava Maze is located in the level 40-45 Wilderness area. This area contains steel platebodies and a staff of earth spawn as well. The challenge here isn't just the Wilderness, there are also a lot of PK'ers in the area as it's a common method of farming for ironmen. The platebodies can be sold to general stores for around 800 coins each. You can sell it at Varrock for 1,200 coins. High-alched platebodies can also be sold for 1,200.
If you want a safer alternative, you can collect steel platelegs in the Eastern Ruins as well. You can bring a looting bag and just hop worlds up until your inventory is full of platelegs. You can sell them for 400 coins but you can sell them for 650 Louie's Armored Legs Bazaar. High-alched legs can sell for 600.
Try not to do this method if you are in hardcore Ironman since there's a huge risked of being killed by players inside the Wilderness.
You can try this method out for ultimate ironman runs if you don't have a lot of items to risk.
Cutting gems at a gem shopCrafting - 20
Crafting - 27 recommended to cut emeralds
Skilling/shopsPlayers have the opportunity to engage in a lucrative venture by procuring uncut gems from specialized gem retailers, meticulously cutting and enhancing their quality, and subsequently reselling the refined gems back to these stores at a notably higher price. This profitable undertaking doesn't necessitate venturing into the perilous wilderness, maintains modest prerequisites, requires a moderate level of active engagement, and allows players the flexibility to explore alternate gem shops should their preferred establishment exhibit a dwindling gem inventory across various game worlds.
However, it's essential to acknowledge that this method is partially contingent on chance, as the gem store inventory is influenced by the activities of fellow players within the game. A surge in gem transactions among players may entail frequent world hopping, leading to reduced earnings in terms of experience and gold per hour. In a thorough examination conducted over a five-minute interval, where 1 sapphire and 1 emerald were purchased, meticulously cut, and subsequently sold after world hopping and procuring more, an average earning of 90,000 coins per hour and an acquisition of 24,000 Crafting experience per hour were observed.
Nevertheless, a notable drawback emerges concerning the inability of gem shops to swiftly replenish emeralds, potentially inhibiting the sustainability of this approach over a continuous hour-long period.
Fletching willow shortbowsFletching -35+ ,
Woodcutting - 30+
Crafting - 10
SkillingBoth Fletching and Woodcutting level pretty quickly so you can get to this method quickly as well. It's also a good way to get you to better levels on both skills. Fletch the highest available bow so that you can get money out of them. After creating the bow, make sure to high alche them so you can sell them for higher prices.
Stealing from H.A.M. Store roomsThieving - 20
Completed at least half of Death to the Dorgeshuun
SkillingOnce you complete half of Death to the Dorgeshuun, you'll then have access to the HAM Store rooms. You can pickpocket one of the guards to give keys to chest that give you good jewelry. Either bank or high alch any loot you gain. Don't forget to save some emerald rings and sapphire necklaces as well as these can be used for personal things later on.
If you want to lower the risk of getting kicked out while in the HAM Hideout, make sure to wear full HAM robes. This can help you double the rate of your keys as well.
Stealing silkThieving - 20SkillingYou can steal silk from the stalls in Ardougne market. Wait for 20 minutes and you can sell the silk to their respective merchants for 60 coins each.
Selling cats for death runesGertrude's Cat quest
Easy Ardougne diary
9 fish
CollectingIn West Ardougne, feline enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to trade their cats for a lucrative return of 200 death runes each, or 100 death runes for those yet to complete the easy tasks of the Ardougne Diary. The process involves nurturing a kitten into adulthood, a journey that spans three hours and necessitates 9 fish.
To achieve this, dedicate a brief interaction every 20 minutes with the kitten—affectionately stroking it twice and providing a fish. Over time, as the feline companion matures, it metamorphoses into a valuable asset. By exchanging it with a civilian in West Ardougne, you secure a bounty of 200 death runes per cat. Given the standard cost of 200 coins per death rune, this clever strategy offers an impressive saving of 40,000 coins, equating to approximately 13,300 coins per hour.
This tactic proves particularly advantageous when employed in tandem with AFK training methods, such as fletching or attending to sand crabs. Its appeal lies in the ability to bolster your income with a mere five-minute investment, amplifying the overall efficiency of your gaming endeavors.
Agility PyramidAgility - 30 (70+ recommended)MinigameYou can unlock the Agility Pyramid at around 30 Agility. If you want to do this method however, you're much better off doing it once you reach at least 70 Agility so that you drastically reduce fail rates. You can make around 20,000 coins per run on a good session.
You might want to bring around a few items that will help you train other skills such as high alching noted items or even fletching darts so that your runs are more productive.
This method doesn't require any banking and it will not give you heavy downsides to having an empty inventory.
Selling runes from Guardians of the Rift to Ali MorrisaneRunecrafting 27
Completion of Temple of the Eye and Rogue Trader
Skilling"Guardians of the Rift" stands out as an efficient Runecrafting method, promising a bountiful supply of valuable catalytic runes. Commencing at level 27, practitioners can engage in rune crafting and reap the rewards within this minigame, subsequently converting them into coins through Ali Morrisane's esteemed rune shop. These runes hold immense value, not only for their potential monetary gains but also for facilitating early-game magic training and convenient teleports. Specifically, runes such as Nature, Chaos, Law, and Blood are among the coveted rewards from this minigame, boasting substantial profitability.
Expect an impressive yield of approximately 30,000 Runecrafting experience per hour, coupled with a financial gain of around 60,000 coins per hour. Notably, these returns are poised to escalate further as one unlocks the ability to craft high-tier catalytic runes, exemplifying the lucrative potential embedded within this endeavor.
It's vital to underline that the requisite Runecrafting level prerequisites can be acquired through the "Enter the Abyss" quest and the "Temple of the Eye" quest, serving as a foundation for participants seeking to embark on this rewarding journey.
Giants' FoundrySleeping Giants,
Smithing - 15 up to iron,
Smithing - 30 up to steel
Skilling/shopsThe Giants' Foundry minigame offers an intriguing balance of potential profit or loss, contingent upon the alloys utilized, as well as providing substantial Smithing experience through equipment acquisitions from various shops. Players have the option to employ leftover bars and unneeded equipment, augmenting the efficiency of their venture.
In terms of cost-effective alloy combinations, mithril claws sourced from Jatizso's Weapons Galore are particularly economical, effectively reducing the overall bar expenditure for mithril-related combinations. However, to optimize profit solely through purchased equipment, it's advisable to invest in bronze + iron equipment (15 Smithing) or iron + steel equipment (30 Smithing). Additionally, upgrading to superior molds based on one's Smithing level can further enhance profitability.
For resourceful Ultimate Ironmen or early-game ironmen, a swift trip to Al Kharid, either by foot or teleportation via rings of dueling, allows the purchase of 7 bronze + 7 iron platelegs/plateskirts or 7 iron + 7 steel platelegs/plateskirts. Optimal inventory management permits procurement of more equipment per trip.
A helpful tip involves bringing a specific allocation of iron and steel, optimizing the trip for an additional round every two trips without overfilling the crucible. Once the crucible is poured into the mold, the remaining equipment can be used to top off the crucible, reducing weight and ensuring a prompt start for the next round.
While scimitars in Al Kharid may offer a cheaper value per bar input compared to platelegs/plateskirts, the latter prove more efficient to stack and carry, making them a preferable choice for players with limited inventory space, especially ultimate ironmen. It's crucial to note that any alloy combination of platelegs/plateskirt beyond iron + steel from these shops results in a loss of coins.
Alternatively, players armed with a chronicle and sufficient funds can teleport to Varrock, swiftly acquiring an inventory of iron platebodies and steel platebodies (in a 3:4 ratio) for an increased number of rounds per trip at the Giants' Foundry. This method can be particularly advantageous for ultimate ironmen seeking to maximize their efficiency in the limited inventory space. For further insights and details, consult the Ultimate Ironman Guide/Smithing under the section "Levels 30–99: Giants' Foundry.
High alching rune arrows from Last Man StandingMagic - 55
Runecraft - 44 recommended, staff of fire.
Minigame"Last Man Standing" presents an accessible PvP minigame devoid of prerequisites or risk of fatality. Within the game, Justine's shop provides a bundle of 300 rune arrows for a mere 3 points, each arrow holding an alchemical value of 240 coins. Initiating the strategy involves a swift teleportation to the Ferox Enclave using a ring of dueling, followed by entry into the competitive lobby. Engage in combat, eliminating a single opponent, and then strategically retreat to a concealed corner of the map or ascend to an upper level within a structure, excluding the wooden towers.
Lie in wait until only three contenders remain, and when the moment is ripe, make a dash towards the secure zone. The two remaining adversaries will likely be engrossed in their duel, providing you a window to secure a second or third place. At this juncture, one of the final two players will meet their demise. Seize the opportunity to either succumb to the lethal fog or let the remaining player vanquish you. Employing this tactical approach ensures a consistent second or third-place finish, reaping 4 or 3 points per game.
For players averse to accruing combat experience, such as Skillers, an alternative option involves purchasing 350 adamant arrows per LMS point and vending them to Brian in Rimmington. However, this process can be somewhat laborious, allowing the sale of only 50 arrows per world. Striking a balance between swiftness and profit, one must navigate through approximately 270 world hops to vend around 13,000 arrows. The tradeoff materializes in the form of 7,112 coins by selling 350 adamant arrows (at a cost of 1 LMS point) to Brian across 7 distinct worlds.
Upon the acquisition of a stack of 300 arrows, a viable course of action involves an immediate purchase of 300 nature runes, averaging 200 coins each, to alchemize the entire stack, culminating in a profit of 12,000 coins. While this profit margin may not be astounding, a superior technique entails runecrafting the nature runes at the Nature Altar, utilizing the resulting free runes for alchemy, thereby amassing a profit of 72,000 coins. Assuming an hourly rate of 6 Last Man Standing points and 600 nature runes, this translates to an impressive gain of 144,000 coins per hour.
Given the versatile nature of the stack, allowing for alchemy during concurrent activities like the Agility Pyramid, this method offers a convenient means to augment your financial reserves while concurrently amassing noteworthy magical proficiency.

High Requirement OSRS Ironman Money-Making Methods

If you're looking for something more lucrative but requires more effort and time, then these are the methods for you. These are perfect for endgame moneymaking and the overall yield is better than the previous methods listed above.

Pickpocketing Knights of ArdougneThieving - 55 (95+ strongly recommended)
Completion of the medium tasks of the Ardougne Diary
Full rogue equipment
SkillingThis is a better alternative to Blackjacking. Knights of Ardougne pickpocketing can yield you around 270,000-280,000 coins per hours. It's a bit more difficult though and will require a higher Thieving level as well.
Crafting blood runesRune Crafting - 77
Agility - 73
SkillingYou'll need to use any pickaxe and chisel to mine dense essence. You'll the need to venerate them and run them to the Blood Altar. Rinse and repeat this process until you get your desired gold. A single run can give you around 212 Blood Runes which you can sell to Ali Morrisane for 200 coins. You can make up to 330,000 coins per hour and get a ton of Runecraft XP at the same time.
Blast mining and smithing runiteMining- 75
Smithing - 89
100% Lovakengj favour
Coal for smelting the bars
SkillingBlast mining will give you decent Mining XP while giving you good profit at the same time. Once you hit 75 mining, you can start getting runite from blaster ores which give you a ton of money as well.
You'll need a lot of dynamites for this method and this is going to take up a huge chunk of your time. You can get these from the Chambers of Xeric. If you've completed elite tasks from the Kourend and Kebos Diary, you can claim 80 dynamites from Thirus a day. Don't buy dynamites as it can cut down your money and experience gain by a huge margin.
You should then smelt the ores from Blast mining using a Blast Furnace. You can get more coal from Miscellania. Lastly, make sure to smith all runite bars into rune items like rune swords. Use alch on them for even more money.
Crafting amethyst javelin headsMining - 92
Crafting - 87
SkillingMining amethyst to craft and subsequently cast High Alchemy on amethyst javelin heads stands as a remarkably low-intensity and semi-AFK approach to maintaining a steady gold flow. With a high Mining skill and optimized equipment, players can efficiently mine between 80 to 100 amethyst per hour, resulting in a yield of approximately 400 to 500 amethyst javelin heads. These javelin heads translate to a substantial sum of gold, ranging from 364,800 to 456,000 coins when alched.
Particularly advantageous for ultimate ironman players, this method demands minimal inventory space, necessitating only the ability to cast High Alchemy, a chisel, and sufficient inventory to accommodate at least one amethyst.
To further enhance efficiency, completing the Varrock Elite Diary unlocks Varrock armour 4, affording an additional chance to mine an amethyst. Equipping expert mining gloves, available for purchase within the Mining Guild, provides a 25% chance that the mining node will not deplete, allowing continuous mining until depletion. Additionally, wearing the Celestial ring bestows an invisible +4 boost to Mining, albeit without granting an extra chance to mine ore. These optimizations optimize the mining process and bolster the overall profitability of this method.
Killing VorkathHigh Combat level
Dragon Slayer II completed
CombatKilling Vorkath is both challenging and rewarding. That's because this challenge rewards you with rune and dragon equipment drops. You're also going to get Dragonhide and a lot of skilling supplies of course. If you want to make the fight easier, you'll need Dragon Hunter Lance or a Dragon Hunter Crossbow. You should kill it on a blue dragon task as well so that you get extra Slayer XP.
Killing rune dragonsHigh Combat level
Dragon Slayer II completed
CombatCompared to killing Vorkath, killing Rune Dragons is relatively easier. You'll need lesser effort but the cash in return is big thanks to runite bars and valuable alchable materials. Again, Dragon hunter lance is very recommended.

Get Rich In Ironman

Getting rich in Ironman is just one of the many challenges that you'll need to overcome.With this money making guide however, that challenge will be a lot less hard to do. As always, make sure to enjoy the game, especially when you're on an Ironman run. Don't let the stress of the challenge take out the in OSRS.


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