OSRS Kraken Guide: Strategies And Rewards

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OSRS Kraken Guide: Strategies And Rewards

Taking on OSRS' fiercest enemies is just one of the joys in the game. If you're done training your combat and other skills, then it might be time to test yourself against the toughest bosses in the game. It's not just for bragging rights too. Beating these enemies will net you with awesome rewards.

In that regard, you should look in the direction of the Kraken. This fearsome foe has been the bane of many OSRS players out there. Without proper preparation, each of the tentacles of this behemoth will whip you into shape. If you're struggling to beat the Kraken, you've come to the right place for help.

What is the OSRS Kraken


The Kraken is a stronger and larger version of the cave kraken in OSRS. To kill this beast, you'll need to have at least level 87 Slayer which cannot be boosted. You can find the Kraken inside Kraken Cove but you can only fight it if you have cave krakens as your Slayer task. That task alone will require level 50 Magic.

The Kraken is submerged underwater and the best way to deal damage to it is by using Magic. For that reason, a lot of players will struggle against the kraken, especially if they've been focused on training their melee combat skills. Apart from that, the kraken boasts high damage and HP, making the fight a slog if you're not prepared.

Beating the kraken will net you a few special rewards but other than that, it's going to be a lot of pride on your end if you beat this beast. Before we talk about the kraken and the fight against it, let's first talk about how you can get to it, which is not as hard as it seems.

How to Get to Kraken Cove

You can find the kraken in a secluded section of the kraken cove. It's fairly easy to get to as you can get to it using fairy rings. You can use the code AKQ to teleport and then run to the west to get to the dungeon entrance. Once you're inside Kraken Cove, simply head north to find the entrance to the Kraken's lair.



Unlike other optional bosses in OSRS, the requirements for fighting the Kraken isn't steep except the slayer requirement. The recommended things you need to have are:

  • Level 75 Magic or higher
  • Level 87 Slayer
  • Partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen for access to fairy rings.
  • Bracelet of Slaughter.

For this fight, we really recommend fighting the kraken using Magic. While Ranged is an option, it's going to take considerably longer to slay the beast using that. Melee isn't definitely an option due to the mechanics of the fight so keep that in mind.

Recommended Gear

The recommended gear you'll find here is mainly for a Magic approach to the fight. Get these in your inventory and your equipment slots as much as possible.

  • Fishing Explosive: To quickly start the fight with the Kraken. This item can be used on the large whirlpool.
  • Saturated Heart or Imbued Heart: These items can boost your Magic level, increasing your damage output.
  • Forgotten brews and prayer potions (optional)
  • Teleport to House (Tablet): This is useful for quick escapes or for teleporting to your house for various purposes.
  • Empty Rune Pouch: To carry and store rune drops from the Kraken.
  • Rest Shark or Better: High-level food is recommended for healing during the fight.
  • Charged Tome of Fire: Equipping this tome will boost your fire spell damage by 50%, making it effective against the Kraken.
  • Any auto cast staff such as trident of the sea, trident of the swamp. (If you are not using the harmonized nightmare staff)
  • Occult Necklace: Provides a +10% damage boost to your magic spells.
  • Tormented Bracelet: Offers a +5% magic damage bonus.
  • Imbued God Capes: Equipping these capes provides a +2% magic damage increase.
  • Magus Ring: Adds +2% to your maximum magic hit.
  • Ancestral Robes: Each piece offers a +2% magic damage boost.
  • Saturated Heart: This item increases your damage output and reduces the damage you take. It's highly effective against the Kraken.
  • Dramen Staff: If you haven't completed the elite Lumbridge Diary, this staff is needed to access the fairy ring (code AKQ).
  • Explorer's Ring 4: Useful for high alchemy if you're not bringing runes.
  • Eldritch Nightmare Staff: This staff's special attack restores your prayer, allowing you to maintain Augury and Preserve for a magic boost.
  • Toxic Blowpipe: An alternative for those who want a cost-effective option. Its special attack is useful against the Enormous Tentacles.
  • Volatile Nightmare Staff: Ideal for faster Kraken farming.

OSRS Kraken Strategy Guide


To start the Kraken fight, you have two options:

  1. Fishing Explosive: Use a fishing explosive on the large whirlpool. This will instantly awaken the Kraken, and you'll hear an impact audio cue indicating that it's active. Attacks will register even if the Kraken hasn't visually emerged. Any attacks made before the cue will produce no response.
  2. Attack the Whirlpools: If you don't have any fishing explosives, you can attack the four small whirlpools and then attack the central one. It's more time-consuming but it's still effective. This method will also activate the Kraken. For money-making purposes, avoid this one.

The rest of the fight will be focused on the kraken and its tentacles. Here's what you need to know about its attacks.

Kraken's Attack:

  • The Kraken's attack is a typeless magical ranged attack, meaning protection prayers won't work against it.
  • The accuracy of the attack is based on the Kraken's ranged attack bonuses and your magic defense bonuses.
  • It has a maximum hit of 28.
  • The attack isn't very accurate and has a speed of 4, meaning it hits every 2.4 seconds.

Enormous Tentacles' Attack:

  • The Enormous Tentacles also attack with a typeless magical ranged attack.
  • Protection prayers won't be effective against their attacks.
  • The accuracy of the attack depends on the ranged attack bonuses of the Enormous Tentacles and your magic defense bonuses.
  • The maximum hit for their attack is 2.
  • Their attacks are highly accurate and have a speed of 4, which means they hit every 2.4 seconds.

Given these attack styles, it's generally not worth the time and effort to kill the Enormous Tentacles. Instead, focus your efforts on damaging the Kraken while enduring the frequent but low-damage hits from the tentacles.

Money-Making Guide For The Kraken


Once you get the hang of fighting the kraken, one of the things you can do is to start making money off of him. You're expected to make 866,000 per hour at least from the kraken, making it a really profitable venture if you want to get rich but hate passive farming methods.

To make your Kraken slaying experience more efficient, consider the following tips:

  1. Fishing Explosive: Use a fishing explosive to instantly awaken the Kraken without attacking the tentacles. This speeds up the fight significantly.
  2. Slayer Master: The best Slayer master to get Kraken tasks from is Duradel. He assigns tasks of 100-120 Cave Krakens, and these tasks are extendable.
  3. Bracelets of Slaughter: If you want to extend your task and gain more experience and drops from the Kraken, use bracelets of slaughter. It's a good idea to switch to the bracelet at the end of each kill to maximize its benefit.
  4. Kraken slayer tasks can be quite profitable due to the unique drops like Kraken tentacles and the Trident of the Seas. By following these tips, you can make the most of your Kraken tasks and reap the rewards efficiently.

These items and gear should help you in your battle against the Kraken. Remember to use your special attacks wisely and stay prepared with your supplies to maximize your efficiency and success in the fight.

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Kraken Drop Rate

If bragging rights aren't enough to push you into fighting the Kraken, you should take a look at the rewards you can get from fighting it. Whether you're looking or great gear or just great loot to sell, the Kraken definitely has something that's worth your time and effort.

Weapons and armour

Mystic water staff11/42.6725,524
Rune warhammer11/6424,328
Rune longsword11/6418,587
Mystic robe top11/12871,925
Mystic robe bottom11/12847,925
Trident of the seas (full)11/512693,853


Water rune4001/12.81,600
Chaos rune2501/12.818,000
Death rune1501/12.821,300
Blood rune601/12.811,820
Soul rune501/18.2912,700
Mist rune1001/329,700


Watermelon seed241/42.6748
Torstol seed21/1289,704
Magic seed11/128[2]62,122


Battlestaff10 (noted)1/3281,160
Seaweed125 (noted)1/42.672,125
Oak plank60 (noted)1/42.6725,080
Unpowered orb50 (noted)1/644,600
Raw shark50 (noted)1/6417,650
Raw monkfish100 (noted)1/6416,400
Grimy snapdragon6 (noted)1/6443,920
Diamond8 (noted)1/12814,272
Runite bar21/12824,984


Pirate boots11/32964
Sanfew serum(4)21/3256,266
Edible seaweed51/42.6760
Antidote++(4)2 (noted)1/6412,232
Rusty sword11/73.14Not sold
Crystal key11/12820,616
Dragonstone ring11/128[2]11,928
Kraken tentacle11/400[2]636,940

Gem drop table

There is a 2/128 chance of rolling the gem drop table.

NothingN/A1/128.2; NeverN/A
Uncut sapphire11/256; 1/130245
Uncut emerald11/512; 1/260464
Uncut ruby11/1,024; 1/5201,003
Chaos talisman11/2,731; 1/1,387128
Nature talisman11/2,731; 1/1,387206
Uncut diamond11/4,096; 1/2,0802,300
Loop half of key11/8,192; 1/4,1609,842
Tooth half of key11/8,192; 1/4,1609,954
Rune javelin51/8,192; 1/4,160875
Rune spear11/131,072; 1/7,80011,899
Shield left half11/262,144; 1/15,60065,283
Dragon spear11/349,525; 1/20,80037,423


Brimstone key11/49Not sold
Clue scroll (elite)11/500Not sold
Jar of dirt11/1,00018,545
Pet kraken11/3,000Not sold

Time To Slay The Kraken

The Kraken is a challenge that's worth doing in OSRS. With this guide, it's definitely a lot easier to fight this giant in the game. Whether you're after the experience or the rewards, this OSRS feat is something that every player should try at least once.

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