OSRS Lost City Guide

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OSRS Lost City Guide

The Lost City is a short but memorable quest in OSRS. If you want to get to the bottom of this mystery, we're here with an in-depth OSRS Lost City walkthrough.

What You Need For Lost City



Lost City is a mission set in the fairy land Zanaris. The quest sees you helping out a group of travelers in Lumbridge Swamp who searching for "the lost city". You have to investigate this claim and obtain access to Gielinor's moon, Zanaris. To do this, below are the skills, items, and recommendations you will need.

Skill Requirements

  • 31 Crafting (You can boost this)
  • Ability to kill a level 101 Tree spirit with limited armour and weapons.
  • 36 Woodcutting (You can boost this)

Item Requirements

  • Woodcutting axe

Tip: You cannot use a blessed axe. You must bank the axe before you can enter Entrana.

  • Knife


  • 45 Combat Level
  • A few stamina potions
  • Some food (You cannot use armor on Entrana)
  • Prayer potion for the Entrana Dungeon (this is highly recommended if you're using Melee; Prayer is almost completely drained when entering the dungeon)
  • 39 Magic and enough runes to use Crumble Undead against the Tree Spirit and Zombies who are vulnerable to it (at least 65 casts should be enough)
  • A few rings of recoil (if you're using Melee, this is highly recommended)
  • Bow string, arrows, and an unstrung bow (this can be an alternative to Magic against Zombies)
  • Celastrus bark that you can fletch into a battlestaff for extra Magic bonus (you will need 40 Fletching for this)
  • Instant teleport so you can leave the Entrana Dungeon fast
  • Fast travel to the Lumpbridge Swamp (this could be a charged ring of the elements, Lnecklace passage to the Wizard's Tower, ot Lumbridge teleport)
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OSRS Lost City Quick Guide

  1. Go north-west of Lumbridge Swamp and talk to the Warrior (1•1•1•2)...
  2. Proceed north-west to the tree closest to the encampment and click on the treewith the chop option instead of chop down.
  3. Speak to Shamus (1•1)...
  4. Deposit your axe in a bank. Bring items to make weapons or bows. You can take food and runes to Entrana. You can also bring a teleportation method.
  • You can directly go to Port Sarim and use the bank deposit on the dock if you already have the required items.
  • Deposit your weapons and armor in a bank. You can take jewelry, like the ring of dueling, combat bracelet, amulet of glory, and the likes.
  • Go to Diango and buy a chronicle if you don't have a teleportation method yet. Then, charge it with teleport cards.
  1. At the south of the Rusty Anchor Inn, go to the Port Sarim docks.
  2. Go to Entrana and speak to a Monk of Entrana.
  3. Once you cross the northeast bridge and head west to meet the Cave mon, go down the ladder. (Warning: If you craft a battlestaff or bow before entering the cave, you risk being knocked out and being sent back to Port Sarim)

Note: Be careful of the two Greater Demons (level 92) in the room before the Dramen tree.

  1. Defeat zombies until they drop a bronze axe (you get around 40% drop chance per kill).

Warning: You will be teleported into level 32 Wilderness if you go through the magical door.

  1. After navigating past the demons, try to chop the tree.
  2. Slay the Dramen Tree Spirit (you can find a safespot behind the southern fungus formation).

Tip: Avoid using the mushroom that the demons have outside the room as a safespot. After attempting to chop the tree, the tree spirit will just return even if you kill it.

  1. To make the dramen staff, chop the tree and use a knife on the branch.

Tip: Do not turn them into staves just yet. One dramen branch is needed for the recipe for the Recipe for Disaster's Freeing Sir Amik Varze subquest and anothe ris helpful for sneaking into Thorvald's trial in The Fremennik Trials. It is recommended to cut at least three branches.

  1. Go to the tool shed located in the middle of Lumpbridge Swamp bby using the teleport.
  2. Enter the tool shed and wield a dramen staff.

Lost City Walkthrough

Starting Out



Required Item(s): Woodcutting axe

To begin this quest, head southeast from Draynor Village into the Lumpbridge Swamp by foot or teleportation. Then, find a Warrior, Archer, Wizard, and Monk standing around a campfire around the north-west edge of the swamp. Speak to the warrior and ask, "What are you camped out here for?" He will then say that he is searching for Zanaris. Ask, "Who's Zanaris?" then, "If it's hidden, how are you planning to find it?" Finally, say, "Looks like you don't know either". In his anger, he will reveal that there is a leprechaun hiding in a tree nearby. This leprechaun knows how to get to Zanaris. Open your quests tab and verify that you have started the quest.

Walk a few steps north-west and look for a tree that only has a Chop option rather than a Chop down option. Click on the tree. After that, a leprechaun named Shamus will show up. Ask him "How does it fit in a shed then?" He will then tell you that you need a Dramen staff made from a Dramen tree branch cut front he Dramen tree in Entrana's Entrana Dungeon.

The Island of Entrana



Required Item(s): Knife (It is recommended to also bring a teleport, Food, Runes, and a prayer potion)

Armor and weapons on Entrana are not allowed. But, you can take the following:

  • Items to make armour, such as a needle, thread, and dragonhide or leather
  • Some clothing options, such as H.A.M Robes and full graceful
  • Celastrus bark to make a battlestaff
  • A knife and logs (or unstrung bow), and a bow string to make a bow
  • Arrows
  • Runes (for combat and teleports)
  • Potions
  • Food
  • Jewellery
  • God books
  • Unholy Blessing scrolls

Proceed to Port Sarim; Monks of Entrana and a bank deposit box can be found on the second jetty, south of the Rusty Anchor Inn. Take the boat to Entrana and leave your axe in the bank deposit box. Step off the boat and head east, then north over the bridge, and finally west. A cave monk can be found adjacent to the entrance to a dungeon. Make sure that before descending the staircase, you haven't made a bow or a battlestaff. You'll be expelled from the island and forced to restart. Go down on foot.

Tip: You will have hardly no prayer when you enter the dungeon. It is advised that you pack at least one prayer potion to mitigate the effects if you aren't safespotting.

After entering the dungeon, you must find a woodcutting axe. Killing zombies (level 25) until one of them drops a bronze axe is the easiest way to do this. There are two safe spots in the zombie area: one near the small cluster of mushrooms in the southern section, and another by the mushrooms growing up against the west wall. Make sure you reserve enough runes for 20-30 casts of the Crumble Undead spell if you plan to use it against the Tree spirit later. After obtaining an axe, proceed south through the cave until you come to a small cave to the south and some larger demons.

Warning: The magical door to the east leads to a level 32 wilderness, so avoid going through it.

Head south, past the demons, and chop the Dramen Tree inside.

There will be a tree spirit of level 101. Running all the way to the north (with the tree spirit in tow) and then all the way to the south behind the mushrooms is an easy way to safespot this fight. The best course of action is to bring runes and use magic from the safespot to kill it safely. Even at low levels, Crumble Undead has remarkable effectiveness. Bring plenty of arrows (more than 200 if your ranged level is low), the supplies to fletch a bow, and ideally enough materials to make ranged armor if you plan to use ranged to kill the tree spirit.

You can use a ring of recoil to indirectly damage the tree spirit, making it possible to weaken it. For a kill to be recorded, you need to deal at least one damage throughout the battle. Cuttign the branch first from the south side of the tree will cause the spirit to spawn on the opposite side of the tree from you, which is a second potential safe spot. From there, you can simply use magic to kill it as a usual. The mushroom near the greater demons is not a safe place to hide from them even if you manage to kill the tree spirit, it will still reappear after trying to cut the tree.

After defeating the tree spirit, obtain a Dramen branch by cutting hte tree again.

Tip: Do not turn them into staves just yet. One dramen branch is needed for the recipe for the Recipe for Disaster's Freeing Sir Amik Varze subquest and anothe ris helpful for sneaking into Thorvald's trial in The Fremennik Trials. It is recommended to cut at least three branches.

Warning: Do not go through the magical door or you will be teleported into level 32 Wilderness.

Finishing Up



Required Item(s): Dramen staff

Navigate to the tool shed located in the middle of Lumpbridge Swamp, northwest of the training mine. Lumbridge Home Teleport allows you to travel quickly. Enter the tool shed and wield the Dramen staff and you'll find yourself in Zanaris.




  • You'll get 3 Quest points
  • You'll have access to Zanaris
  • You'll have the ability to buy and wield dragon longswords and dragon daggers (with level 60 Attack)
  • You'll have the ability to make cosmic runes with the Runecraft skill
  • You can get access to Tree spirit in the Nightmare Zone

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