OSRS Low-Level Ranged Builds

21.05.2024 - 19:33:59
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OSRS Low-Level Ranged Builds

It's no longer a secret that there are tons of amazing builds in OSRS. There are probably even more undiscovered broken builds out there. This time around, we're focusing on ranged builds that can help you dominate PvP. Before we proceed with the build, let's talk about why keeping your combat level low is a good thing.

Low-Combat Level Builds In OSRS

Such builds offer a lot of advantages in modes like Bounty Hunter. In this minigame, you'll be given targets that are always within 5 combat levels from you. The goal of creating low-combat level builds is to make sure that you're capable of dealing high damage even at low combat levels.'

By keeping your defense to a minimum, you can create a PvP build with an insane amount of damage. Since it will have a low combat level, you're potentially facing off against players who's defenses are far too weak to withstand your attacks. The challenge therein lies in creating builds like this that actually work. It's a lot more challenging than you think but we're here to help you out.

Level 58 Dizana's Quiver

  • Head slot: Robin Hood Hat
  • Cape slot: Dizana's Quiver
  • Neck slot: Amulet of Glory
  • Weapon slot: Dragon Knife
  • Body slot: Ranger's Tunic
  • Shield slot: Book of Law
  • Legs slot: Black d'hide Chaps
  • Hands slot: Ranger's Gloves
  • Feet slot: Ranger's Boots
  • Ring slot: Ultor Ring
  • Ammo: Dragon Arrow


Attack Bonuses

Defence Bonuses


Stab AttackSlash AttackCrush AttackMagic AttackRanged AttackStab DefenseSlash DefenseCrush DefenseMagic DefenseRange DefenseMelee StrengthMagic DamageRanged StrengthPrayer BonusWeightP2P?
Robin hood hat
Robin hood hat000-1084684400%000.283Yes
Rangers' tunic
Ranger's tunic000-151569126600%003Yes
Rangers' tights
Black d'hide legs000-1017018202623260%005.443Yes
Ranger gloves
Ranger gloves000-10111212000%000.226Yes
Ranger boots
Ranger boots000-1082342000%000.283Yes



Dizana's Quiver is currently the best in slot cape slot gear for Rangers in OSRS and it came along with the Fortis Colosseum. What makes this such a highly sought-after item is the fact that it can give you two slots for ammo. This build is currently the lowest combat level that has the Dizana's Quiver equipped.

You'll have to do a bit of work to get the Dizana's Quiver though as it's a reward for beating Sol Heredit in the Fortis Colosseum minigame.


For starters, you're going to want to get the Ranger's kit, except for the Ranger's tights. For that, we're going to switch it for Black d'hide legs which provides an even more Ranged damage bonus while keeping your combat level low with its other bonuses. Pieces of the Ranger's kit are rewarded in Medium Treasure Trails so you shouldn't have issues getting them at this point.

There are obviously other ways to improve this set such as getting better weapons and even equipping better gear. However, the setup above keeps your Combat level to a minimum so you can hang around with other players who are most likely going to struggle with the damage that you deal. Thanks to Dizana's Quiver's special effect, you rarely have to worry about running out of ammo with this build.

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Low-Combat Statius/Atlatl Build

  • Head slot: Statius Helm
  • Cape slot: Fire Cape
  • Neck slot: Amulet of Torture
  • Weapon slot: Eclipse Atlatl/Statius Warhammer
  • Body slot: Statius Platebody
  • Shield slot: None
  • Legs slot: Statius Platelegs
  • Hands slot: Rune Gloves
  • Feet slot: Spiked Manacles
  • Ring slot: Ultor Ring
  • Ammo: Atlatl Darts

This build sounds a bit contradictory as for starters, you're using Statius's set with a ranged weapon. Statius's set primarily focuses on melee defense and offensive bonuses. In fact, the set even lowers your Ranged by -31. However, the entire set gives us a ton of bonuses which is important as the Eclipse Atlatl has a pretty short attack range compared to other ranged weapons.

Since you're not going to use the Eclipse equipment set for this build, fighting will be easier because you won't have access to your Special Attack. You're just going to focus on doing basic attacks. For this build, we highly suggest going for the Accurate attack style over the others.

The rest of the equipment is there to make sure that you can maximize your Strength. The hardest item to get for this build is the Fire Cape which requires completing the TzHaar Fight Caves. At this point, you should be strong enough to go through the entire minigame so make sure to get it.

As your Strength is high, you can use the Statius Warhammer to finish enemies off. What you'd want to do is to lower the HP of your enemies to a certain degree. Once that happens, charge at them and switch to the Statius Warhammer for the finishing blow. Alternatively, you can switch to the Warhammer if the enemy decides to charge at you.

Your high Strength level will help make the Crush damage hit more damaging. Since you're doing the killing blow, you don't need to use the Special attack of the Warhammer. This requires a bit of practice and fast hands but the effort is worth it.


Attack Bonuses

Defense Bonuses


Stab AttackSlash AttackCrush AttackMagic AttackRanged AttackStab DefenseSlash DefenseCrush DefenseMagic DefenseRange DefenseMelee StrengthMagic DamageRanged StrengthPrayer BonusWeightP2P?
Statius's full helm (bh)
Statius's full helm (bh)116-6-2525047-15530%002.721Yes
Statius's platebody (bh)
Statius's platebody (bh)2214-38-171029794-1610550%039.979Yes
Statius's platelegs (bh)
Statius's platelegs (bh)1110-30-12737168-149530%039.071Yes
Rune Gloves888488884880%000.226Yes
Spiked Manacles000-3-1000-4040%003



Powerful Low-Level Ranged Builds

These builds are surprisingly powerful but only if you follow them strictly. Keeping the combat levels to a minimum ensures that you're facing off against enemies that you can take out easily. Make sure to try out the builds above on your next PvP adventure!

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