OSRS Mage Arena 1 Guide

28.01.2023 - 17:34:27
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OSRS Mage Arena 1 Guide

What Is Mage Arena 1 and Why Should You Do ?

Mage arena 1 is a mini quest that every account which wants to excel in magic combat should complete. It rewards the player with 3 spells but more importantly it rewards the player with god capes which have a significant amount of magic bonus.

The mini quest is pretty simple and it only requires 60 magic.


Mage Arena 1 Guide

Before you start there are some things that you need to know:

First of all the mage arena is in wilderness so during this process even though it’s low there is a chance that you can get killed by other players, so never bring any item or riches that you do not want to lose. It is also a good idea to turn on skull prevention in your options menu as players disguise themselves as npcs in mage arena to skull trick players.

Secondly there is only one hard requirement in the mage arena and that is having 60 magic but also your life would be much easier with at least 38 prayer as well to use protect from magic.

  1. Make sure you have your magic gear and runes ready in bank and head to Edgeville, grab a knife or any sharp weapon and pull the lever south of the Edgeville bank. Make your way to the mage arena.
  2. Once there grab your gear, your food and potions and do not forget your knife. If you have at least 38 prayer you won’t be taking any damage.
  3. Talk to the npc called kolodion and after a long dialogue he will teleport you to the arena and you will start fighting him.
  4. Put on protect from magic and attack him with your most powerful spells. You will be invulnerable with protect from magic on. Each time you kill him he will transform into a different monster and you will have to kill him again. His last form will be a level 112 black demon, after defeating him you have completed this part of the mini quest. During this fight you can bank whenever you want by simply running away from the arena. You can talk to him again to resume the fight from where it left off.
  5. After defeating him you can jump in the sparkling pool in the cave. Jumping into the pool will take you to a different cave with a staff shop. Run towards the end of the cave to pray to a statue to get your god cape. At first get only 1 cape and run back to talk to the shop and talk to the chamber guardian to receive one god staff which will be matching the god you chose. After this you can head back and pray more to receive any number of capes you like. Get all 3 capes and staves.
  6. For the last part of this mini quest you will need to cast each god spell a 100 times inside the mage arena. It doesn’t have to hit, you can splash as well. So bring your best magic defence gear alongside your runes and staff and make your way to the arena where you fought Kolodion. Manually cast each spell a 100 times to finish this mini quest. Amount of runes needed to fully complete 3 spells are:
  • 600 Blood runes
  • 900 Air runes
  • 700 Fire runes

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