OSRS Mage Arena 2 Guide

28.01.2023 - 17:35:48
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OSRS Mage Arena 2 Guide

What Is Mage Arena 2 and Why Should You Do ?

Mage arena 2 is a mini quest that is the continuation of mage arena 1.

It unlocks the best in slot magic cape in the entire cape so it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to excel in combat to complete. The mini quest itself is fairly simple so don't be discouraged to do it just because it is in the wilderness.

Mage Arena 2 Guide

Before you set out to get your upgraded cape, there are a few things you should take note of. Firstly to start this mini quest you will need at least level 75 magic and the full completion of the mini quest mage arena 1. Secondly the entirety of this quest takes place in the wilderness, although it's highly unlikely to run into pkers there is always a chance. So never bring items or riches that you wish to lose. This mini quest can be completed with budget gear anyways. Also the bosses you fight in this mini quest will teleblock and freeze you so there won't be an easy escape if you run into a pker.

  1. Grab a sharp weapon or a knife and head to the mage arena. Once there, speak to Kolodion about an upgrade to your cape. After this conversation you will receive an enchanted symbol. Before you begin your search for the bosses make sure to have your prevent skull option ticked on to avoid accidentally skulling on other players.
  2. You do not have to bring highly offensive gear as the bosses magic defence is already really low so you won't be splashing. The recommended budget setup is as follows:
  • Mystic hat/Seers hat/Helm of Neitzinot
  • God cape (from mage arena 1)
  • Amulet of glory/Occult necklace
  • Any blessing
  • God staff
  • Black d'hide top
  • Black d'hide shield/Elemental shield
  • Black d'hide chaps
  • Mystic boots
  • Barrows gloves/Rune gloves
  • Ring of recoil/Seers ring

You shouldn't bring multiple staves and capes to do all at once to minimise your risks. You can upgrade the gear listed above as you see fit.

For your inventory you should bring some brews, restores (depending on your prayer level), 1-2 stamina potions, runes for 100 casts of the god spell, a teleport like grand seed pot, an antipoison of any kind, rest of the inventory should be your food of choice preferably sharks or manta rays.

  1. Almost all of the possible spawns of the bosses are in a multi-combat area so be mindful of that. You will be playing hot-cold with the symbol that is given to you but do not worry although the spawns are random there are fixed locations to check.

Blue locations you see in the map provided shows all the locations the bosses can spawn. So start from the nearest and check each of them.

  1. Once you find the location the boss will immediately spawn. Protect from magic and start casting the god spell on it. There are 3 bosses in total:
  • For Zamorak, a demon will appear, stay as far away from the demon as possible as he has a special attack that will hit through prayer. To avoid this hit you must be as far away from the demon as possible. If you are 12 tiles or more away from the demon you will take 0 damage from this attack. The attack looks like a red orb flying towards you.
  • For Saradomin, the boss will occasionally swing his sword which sends a blue wave of energy aimed at your character. To avoid this attack simply move out of the way. If this attack hits you it will drag your character to melee distance of the boss and the boss will do a melee attack.
  • For Guthix, the boss will occasionally spawn some energy balls on the ground which will heal him. When you see an energy ball spawn, immediately start attacking it to kill it. Each ball has 20 health so they can get killed with 1 hit if you are lucky.

Do not forget that all of them can ice barrage you to freeze and cast teleblock on you. If you see a white dot the best course of action would be to run away and log out. You might take too much damage from the enchanted symbol before you find the boss. If that happens simply find the boss and bank to re-supply and head back to the place where you found the boss to fight it with a full inventory.

If you get too unlucky the bosses might change locations during your search.

  1. After you kill a boss it will drop an item, pick it up and return to the mage arena to re-gear and re-supply. Hand the item to Kolodion. Don't forget to change your staff,cape and spell.
  2. Repeat this process for the other two bosses to get your best in slot magic cape!

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