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Osrs Mining Guide | Rpgstash Guides

Mining Guide level 1-99

Mining is a skill that is often ignored due to needing consistent attention, making little money, and having lower experience gain. Mining can be profitable at higher levels, specifically at 85 mining where Runite ore is available. While mining is slow, it can be profitable and can be done without the use of any supplies. Mining is also one of the best ways to get smithing exp without using a large amount of gold on ores to smelt. While mining, you will always want to use your highest level pickaxe available at your level and funds. 


Banking Vs Power mining

Power mining is dropping ores once mined. Often this a quicker way to get faster exp but you will not have any profit or ability to smith items. Often due to low amount of money made with mining at lower levels, it is suggested to drop your ores. Ironmen may want to consider always banking due to inability to purchasing ores from the Grand Exchange. 


AFK Mining Exp?

Mining can be done AFK using the motherload mine. The motherload mine will give less exp overall, but will need less focus overall. In addition, motherload mine lets you keep all ores you mined. You may want to consider the benefits of Motherload mine in comparison to power mining to focus on your needs. Motherload Mine can be accessed as soon as level 30 mining. You can also gain the prospectors set which gives a bonus of mining experience as well as a coal bag which can store coal as a separate inventory space. 


Mining Guild

In Falador, east of the castle, is the Mining Guild. Level 60 mining is required to enter the guild. While in the guild, you receive an invisible +7 boost to your mining level. This can be stacked with +3 boost from a dragon Pickaxe’s special attack as well as a +4 boost from Celestial ring, capping at 99. Though you get a boost in levels, you will not be able to mine ores you do not have the base level for.  In addition to the level boost, the mining guild ores will have a faster respawn rate.  This guild also has a bank for quick access for members. Once level 60, if you decide to power mine iron ore, it is suggested to go to the Mining Guild instead of dropping your iron ore.


Shooting Star

Shooting Star is a mining based minigame which has rewards which can benefit long term mining. It is mainly used to obtain the Celestial ring which gives a +4 invisible mining. It is normally suggested to ignore Shooting Stars unless you happen to come across them as they do not give a large amount of exp, fall in random locations, and often heavily contested.


The early mining levels can be skipped with exp from quest rewards. Doing Doric’s Quest, The Dig Site, Plague City, The Giant Dwarf, The Lost Tribe, and Another Slice of Ham will boost you from 1-37 mining. The quest all have lower requirements and can skip a large portion of time. This will be the fastest way to level mining to 37.


Level 1-15, The best way to get level 1-15 is doing copper and tin while power mining. This can be done in Lumbridge swamp mining site, or either mining site south of Varrock. 

Level 15: you can power mine iron ore. This can be done at south Varrock mines, Al Kharid mine, Isle of Souls, or South / East Ardougne. 

Level 30: you may want to consider moving to Motherload Mine for AFK experience along with profitability. The Exp you should expect from Motherload is dependent of level. At level 30, you should expect 20k exp per hour with 100k profit. At higher levels, you can expect 40k exp+ with higher profits.

Level 40: you have access to the Gem mine rocks which are located in Shilo Village. These rocks give gems instead of ores. This is suggested method if you have completed the Karamja Hard Diary as the lower portion will have a quick way to access a bank. This method will give roughly 25-30k exp at level 40. At higher levels, you can get 50k exp per hour along with 500k+ profit per hour. 

Level 45: you have access to 3-tick mining granite, but this is a very click intensive method which is not suggested to lower level players as it requires the use of tick manipulation and makes no profit.

Level 60: you have access to the Mining Guild where you can mine iron within 10 steps of a bank. You should expect between 40-50k exp per hour with 200k profit. 

Level 70+: Volcanic Mine is a minigame on Fossil Island which gives fast exp, but has more requirements to enter then other methods. The Volcanic Mine dangerous minigame, but can have high exp rates, starting at 65k per hour. 

Level 75+: Blast Mine is a minigame requiring 100% Lovakengi favor. Blast mine requires you to use dynamites to blow portions of the wall. This is less dangerous then Volcanic mines, but has similar exp per hour. You should expect 60k Exp per hour here with higher profit.

Level 85+: Runite ore is very profitable. You will gain non-substantial exp, but will gain a decent amount of money. Normally this is not a recommended method, as it is heavily contested and difficult to find ores. You also will be able to obtain Runite ore from Blast mine and Motherload Mine, but with higher exp rates.  

Level 92+: Amethyst is an extremely afk mining method. You should expect 20k exp per hour and roughly 400k per hour. This method is much less click intensive than any other method, including Motherload Mine, but sacrifices a large amount of Exp. This method is not recommended as it will take a long time to get 99 Mining in comparison to other methods, but is a great way to have a low efficient money maker.


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