OSRS Nechryael Slayer Task Guide

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OSRS Nechryael Slayer Task Guide

Nechryael is one of the best slayer tasks that you can get from a slayer master. This creature is really easy to mass kill using AOE spells and have decent alchable drops. It has two variants, being the regular and the greater variant. For the sake of simplicity we will not make a difference between them but you should always kill the greater variant since it is more experience. It is one of the best tasks in terms of experience per hour.

Best Places to Kill

Catacombs of Kourend

If you are not using Wilderness the best place to do your slayer task for this monster is in the Catacombs of Kourend. These nechryaels are just near the main entrance to the catacombs which is perfect for banking purposes. Entirety of the catacombs is multi-combat which makes it perfect for a task such as this. All you have to do is to bring a fast hitting weapon like iron darts alongside a magic setup for Ice barrage. Tag all the monsters and stack them on top of each other by moving back and forth near a corner. After that simply put on auto-retaliate and let your ice barrage make quick work of them. You can also use a Dinh’s bulwark special attack to instantly tag all of them.

Wilderness Slayer Cave

If you are using Wilderness, the absolute best place to kill this monster is the Wilderness Slayer Cave. All the monsters in this cave have access to an extra drop table making the gold that you will get from this already lucrative task higher. Also just like the catacombs this place is multi-combat as well. You can use the same method of tagging all the nechryaels and stacking them up to kill them in one go. This method also becomes much cheaper and effective here as you can simply use “Blighted Ice Sacks'' to cast ice barrage and use a accursed sceptre to get a massive buff to your accuracy and damage. Make sure you are ready to escape if you see any PKer.


All monsters in Old School Runescape have weaknesses against some combat style or weapon. The biggest weakness of these creatures is magic, which makes it perfect to kill them in groups!


Stab Defence

Slash Defence

Crush Defence

Magic Defence

Dart Defence

Arrow Defence

Bolt Defence

Greater Variant




0 + No elemental weakness




Regular Variant




0 + No elemental weakness




Best Gear Setups

Your gear setups should always be according to the weakness of the monster and it should almost always be the best in slot gear for that combat style. Here is a example for nechryaels:


Magic is the only thing you should be using against these creatures, otherwise you will be killing them one at a time at a really slow pace. Here is the best setup that you can use:

  • Helmet: Slayer Helmet (i)

  • Neck: Occult Necklace or Dragonbone Necklace

  • Ammo: Holy blessing 

  • Cape: Imbued God cape

  • Body: Virtus robe top

  • Legs: Virtus robe bottom

  • Weapon: Kodai wand/Master wand/Ancient staff/Accursed sceptre (a) (If wilderness slayer)

  • Shield: Elidnis’ ward (f)/Arcane spirit shield/Elidnis’ ward/Book of darkness

  • Boots: Eternal boots

  • Gloves: Tormented bracelet or Barrows gloves

  • Ring: Magus ring/Seers ring (i)/Ring of the gods (i)

  • Tagging monsters: Iron darts/Dinh’s bulwark

  • For longer trips: Explorer’s ring 3-4 for high level alchemy

Virtus robes are great for this task as they directly buff your ancient spells. If you can’t afford them however, we would recommend getting any robes that provide you with a magic damage bonus.


  • Rune pouch containing runes for your spells

  • Prayer potions 2-6

  • Holy wrench (optional)

  • Herb sack

  • Teleport to safety, like house tabs

  • Iron darts

  • Dinh’s bulwark

  • Imbued/saturated heart (optional)

Best Drops

These creatures have a superior variant so you should unlock “Bigger and Badder” if possible before this task.

  • Imbued heart: 124M - 1/440 drop rate (Only from nechryarchs)

  • Eternal gem: 11.7M - 1/440 drop rate (Only from nechryarchs)

  • Rune chainbody: 29K - 1/128 drop rate

  • Mystic air staff: 25K - 1/64 drop rate

  • Rune sq shield: 22K - 1/18 drop rate

  • Rune full helm: 20K - 1/42 drop rate

Other locations

Other locations that nechryael resides in are as follows:

  • Iorwerth dungeon (Single way, you can get crystal shards by killing them here.)

  • Slayer tower basement (Single way, normal variant)

  • Slayer tower top floor (Single way, normal variant)

It is not recommended to do your nechryael slayer tasks in these locations.

Happy efficient nechryael slaying out there!

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