OSRS New Agility Training & Money Making Method/OSRS Wilderness Agility Update

11.04.2024 - 19:41:16
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OSRS New Agility Training & Money Making Method/OSRS Wilderness Agility Update

Old School Runescape, recently received a huge update that will fundamentally change the hotspots in the Wilderness. One of the contents of this update was about the Wilderness Agility course, which is one of the oldest pieces of content that is still in the game. This update changed how players approach the old Agility course and gave them an opportunity to make some money while gaining a decent amount of Agility experience.




Wilderness agility course is located in level 50-56 Wilderness, next to the ship that contains the Larran's chest.

There are various ways to reach the Wilderness Agility Course, each with its own speed and requirements. Here's a breakdown, from quickest to slowest:

  • Fastest: Utilize the Ice Plateau Teleport spell found in the Lunar spellbook. This requires level 89 Magic and completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest. After teleporting, head east.
  • Next: Cast the Ghorrock Teleport spell from the Ancient spellbook. This spell necessitates level 96 Magic and completing the Desert Treasure I quest. Once teleported, proceed northwest, pass through the gates, and then head southeast. Alternatively, Use a Ghorrock teleport tablet to circumvent the Magic level prerequisite.
  • Teleport to the Wilderness obelisk located in level 44 Wilderness. From there, head northwest, pass through the gates, and then travel east.
  • Use a burning amulet to teleport to the Lava Maze. After arriving, go northwest, pass through the gates, and then head east.
  • Employ the Edgeville teleport lever to transport to the Deserted Keep. From there, move north, cut through the web (ensure you have a knife or any slash weapon), and then proceed west.
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Wilderness Agility Course



This course is now on theme with the whole Wilderness idea of high risk high reward. There are two new features of this course:

  1. There is a Agility dispenser in the beginning of the course, before starting your training simply click on it to tag it. Now everytime you finish the course keep tagging the dispenser to receive agility tokens. These tokens can be handed to the dispenser to receive additional Agility experience. The amount of experience received increases with the amount of agility tokens handed in at once. So the more you risk it to stack those tickets the more experience you will receive.
  • 1-10 tokens: 200 experience per token
  • 11-50 tokens: 210 experience per token (5% experience increase)
  • 51-100 tokens: 220 experience per token (10% experience increase)
  • 101+ tokens: 230 experience per token (15% experience increase)
  1. If you bring along 150K gold with you and pay it to the Agility dispenser, you will start collecting loot everytime you finish and tag the dispenser. (You will still get your ticket as well!) This is where it gets crazy, the more you stay in the Agility course and finish the course the more loot you will receive. There are few rules to how this actually works, if you logout or leave the Agility course, your streak will reset and you will have to pay 150K gold again to start collecting loot. So there is actually no way to take a break or leave the course without resetting your streak. If you get killed by a PKer they will not recieve your 150K but you will have to pay 150K again since you left the area. If you manage to score a high streak here is what you should expect to get:
  • 1-15 laps: 10K average loot
  • 16-30 laps: 20K average loot
  • 31-60 laps: 30K average loot
  • 61+ laps: 40K average loot

The loot you get consists of alchable items and blighted food and potions. So you don't actually need to worry about using up your food. After reaching 61th lap you will be printing money.


What to Bring

So there are a few strategy you can utilise to fully abuse this new Agility course.

Exp Only Suicide Method

This is pretty simple to do, and it is for people looking to only get experience without risking anything since the experience rates are pretty much the same here as the Ardougne agility course. For this method to be efficient you will need to have the ancient spell book or the lunar spell book unlocked. Teleport to Ice plateau or Ghorrock with no items except an inventory full of food. Run to the course and do the course until you are out of food. Immiditealy hand in any tokens you receive to get the flat 200 experience. After you are out, simply die to one of the skeletons and repeat this process.

EXP Rates: 58-65K per hour

Money Making Method

If you are looking to make money off this course, it is important to note that the entire course is now filled with skeletons, so it is pretty much impossible to logout aside from few niche places. This also limits where player killers can log in. There are 2 ways you can go about collecting gold from this course:

Freeze Method

Bring in both ranged and magic armour alongside a staff with ice blighted sacks. When you are under attack, simply freeze the PKer using your magic armour and walk under them to log out. The ranged armor is there to help you tank their hits.

Tank Method

If you are uncomfortable freezing and walking under a player to log out, you can bring some beefy armour to tank the PKer. Some recommended armours to use are:

  • Black d'hide set
  • Karil's top and bottom
  • Torag's helmet and bottom
  • Dinh's bulwark
  • Elysian spirit shield
  • Toxic staff of the dead
  • Brimstone boots


  • Looting bag, this is a must for looting. The items you loot of the dispenser can get automatically sent to your looting bag.
  • 10-12 saradomin brews
  • 6-8 Super restores
  • 1-3 Stamina potions
  • Empty slot for tokens
  • Ice blighted sacks for freezing
  • Armour switches if you have them
  • Phoenix necklace for emergencies
  • Rest is angler fish or other high healing food


Pick and choose what you want to bring and make sure you are not risking much. To tank and escape:

  1. Run through the course and try to juke your opponent. Since there is no guarantee of success in the obstacles by some luck you can out maneuver them. If you get a gap on your opponent, you can exit the course through the gate as well.
  2. Exit through the gate and run to the Wilderness dungeon to use the stairs to juke your opponent.
  3. Exit through the gate and run to the mage arena bank. This can be bad if the PKers use teleport-blocks.

If you are allowed to this method, it is easily a 3-5M per hour money maker alongside 60K Agility experience. Example loot:



Enjoy making bank while knocking out one of the slowest skills that exists in Old School Runescape.

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