OSRS New Undead Pirates Money Making Guide

11.04.2024 - 19:42:22
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OSRS New Undead Pirates Money Making Guide

There has been a new exciting addition to low level Wilderness in Old School Runescape. Jagex have been looking to add more content to low level Wilderness for players to engage with, since most of the content below level 30 is irrelevant. Today they have done that! They have added a new mob for all the players to kill, called "undead pirates". These pirates are super profitable as of right now and will be for the foreseeable future. Some even call them the low level revenants. Here is how to take advantage of this new update as quickly as possible to make a lot of gold before prices start going down.



Undead pirates can be found in the low level chaos temple, new the chaos druids. This place resides in level 11 Wilderness, north of Varrock. You can teleport straight to the temple using a burning amulet.

Undead Pirates Money Making Guide

Undead pirates are low level npcs meaning they are super easy to kill and farm. Right now they have 3 variants; Level 22, 28 and 34 variants all of them have the same drop table so you can farm them to your hearts content. Their spawn rates are super fast so with the right setup you will be finishing trips within minutes. Their drop table is also super lucrative as mentioned above. They have a lot of alchable drops such as dragon scimitars and rune warhammers. They also have uncommon drops such as adamant seeds, Larran's keys, zombie pirate keys and teleport anchoring scrolls.


Adamant seeds works the same way as mithril seeds does but they force you to walk the opposite way, this item will strictly be used in PVP.

This is the only way you can get Larran's keys when you are not on a Wilderness slayer tasks, so it is a great addition to the loot.

Zombie pirate keys are a new addition to the game, you can use them to open pirate chests, inside a ship on the east shore of Wilderness. Don't worry this ship is in a singel-way combat zone so you will be relatively safe in there. Opening the chest with these keys will reward you a random drop from the undead zombie drop table but the reward will be doubled.


Teleport anchoring scroll is currently worth around 15M and it is a consumable scroll. When consumed it prevents chaos druids or abyssal demons from randomly teleporting you around.


Before anything it is important to remember that, these npcs are in Wilderness and in a multi-combat area so do not bring any items that you do not wish to lose. It is recommended to bring only 3 expensive items rather than 4, this is due to the fact that you can easily get speared and smited. You will also be constantly under attack thus won't be able to log out, and chaos druids actually teleport block you so you will have to tank to escape PKers. Since this activity resides roughly in level 11 Wilderness, being a low level account is a huge advantage. To speed up kills you will need to complete the "Dwarf Cannon" quest and bring your cannon along with you.

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Recommended Stats

Range Setup

  • Level 75+ Ranged
  • Level 43+ Prayer
  • Level 40+ Defence (Can be 1 Defence as well)

Mage Setup

  • Level 70+ Magic (94 recommended)
  • Level 43+ Prayer
  • Level 1 Defence (Can be any level but it will be better to keep the combat level low)

Recommended Gear

It will not be mentioned below but if you want to risk it, you can wear an amulet of avarice to get all the drops noted. Remember, wearing that amulet will get your account skulled.

Range Setup

  • Toxic Blowpipe with adamant or higher darts / Webweaver bow (Toxic blowpipe is the safer and cheaper option.) / Magic shortbow (i) (cheapest option)
  • Coif / God mitre / Snakeskin headband
  • Necklace of anguish / Amulet of glory / Amulet of power
  • Black d'hide body / Monk's robes top / Leather body
  • Black d'hide chaps
  • Black d'hide vambraces / Barrows gloves
  • Any Ava's device / Dizana's Quiver
  • Snakeskin boots
  • Ring of the gods (i) / Archer's ring (i) / Venator ring

Mage Setup

  • Accursed sceptre / Kodai wand / Ancient staff
  • Any mage hood / God mitre
  • Occult necklace / Amulet of glory
  • Monk's robe top / Any mage top
  • Monk's robe bottom / Any mage bottom
  • Book of darkness / Malediction ward / Elidnis ward
  • Mage arena II cape / Mage arena I cape
  • Holy sandals / Devout boots / Any other mage boot


  • Burning Amulet
  • Looting bag
  • Stamina potion 4-dose
  • Blighted ancient ice sacks (if using magic)
  • Ranging potion 4-dose (if using ranged)
  • 7-10 X Blighted/Normal saradomin brews
  • 4-7 X Blighted/Normal super restores
  • Dwarf multi-cannon
  • Around 250 Cannonballs
  • 1 click teleport out (you will be tele-blocked by the chaos druids but, you can log out and log back in to delete that tele block to bank easily)
  • Fill the rest of your inventory with food, don't forget to bring blighted/normal karambwans for combo eating.

After getting your setup ready make your way to the chaos altar, start praying protection from magic and setup your dwarf multi cannon, you can turn on auto-retaliate if you want to but it is actually recommended to keep it off to avoid wasting time attacking the druids and to avoid accidentally retaliating back to pkers while escaping. Kill and loot the undead pirates until your looting bag is full. During your trip do not waste your super restores while farming these mobs and use the nearby altar instead. Only use your supplies if you encounter a PKer. After your bag is full simply run out, hop worlds to get rid of the teleport-block and teleport to a bank to repeat the process. Right now this method is roughly 5-6M per hour.

Enjoy abusing the new update and making bank!

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