OSRS Nex Strategies Guide

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OSRS Nex Strategies Guide


The Ancient Prison is an area of Runescape that is only accessible after completing the Frozen Door miniquest, which requires the assembly of the Frozen Key. This key can be obtained by defeating the four generals of the God Wars Dungeon. Level 70 in Ranged, Strength, Agility, and Hitpoints are required in order to obtain the key. After the key has been used, the door is permanently unlocked.

In order to gain access to the safe room, players must gain 40 ancient essence, which can be done by killing the monsters in the dungeon. The Zaros related items will make the spiritual fighters and Blood Reavers unaggressive. This is useful since a player must run past these monsters to gain access to the safe room between the main area and Nex's chamber. The safe room is where the nature spirit Ashuelot Reis provides banking services, in which players can properly prepare for the fight against Nex.

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The Fight With Nex

The battle against Nex is fought in a circular room with a cross-bridge that resembles the symbol of Zaros. Nex moves very quickly; she can run at the speed of a player, she can jump across the room in two ticks, and she will leap across the pits. The battle has five phases: Smoke, Shadow, Blood, Ice, and the Zaros phase. There are four level 285 mages in the four corners of the room. These mages are Fumus, Umbra, Cruor, and Glacies, and they represent the four elements of the Ancient Magicks Nex uses in the first four phases.

Nex possesses high health but fairly low combat stats and defensive bonuses for her level. She is weakest to stab attacks, but ranged is also needed for the shadow and Zaros phases and her bodyguards. It is recommended to collect kill count in elite Void knight equipment with the Void ranger helm and ancient d'hide boots.

If Nex is not in combat with a player for at least 8 ticks, she will fly ahead of where you are running and resume attacking. If the player is under her, she will dash to the center of the room. If the player is already in the center of the room, she will dash to of one of the bridges in the cross. Player attacks are interrupted when she does this and must be reinitiated. Nex is immune to any hits that are in process during this maneuver, so it is advised only to do this if a new position will benefit the team.

Nex's chamber can only be accessed when she is not being fought, or when the chamber is glowing purple. If players are battling her, the barrier to her chamber will be glowing red and will remain that way until the fight ends. To leave her chamber, use the altar across the room to teleport out.


Advanced Strategy

 It is important to reduce damage to the team, as Nex is a team-killed boss. If a team member dies, it could mean the failure of the kill, and a loss of potential drops. Using advanced strategies can also help players with near-best-in-slot gear maximize their kills per hour.

One such strategy is follow-stalling. This requires Player 1 to “set a stall” by stepping under Nex and attacking her right afterward. Player 2 then quickly follows Player 1, taking advantage of pathing mechanics to hide under Nex for a few ticks while they switch to Protect from Melee. Doing this at a rate of no less than 5 ticks is ideal, as it aligns the players’ 5-tick-cycle weapons with Nex’s 4-tick cycle. Stalling for no more than 8 ticks is recommended, as waiting any longer could cause Nex to dash to another part of the room, resulting in damage to the team. Players should avoid using this strategy during the Smoke phase, as Nex’s Choke special attack can infect anyone standing within two tiles of the chosen victim.

Another strategy is 5-tick stalling. This requires a player to step one tile under Nex on the tick just before she attacks, and then attacking her again on the next tick. This aligns Nex’s 4-tick cycle with the players’ 5-tick cycle. This method is more difficult to master, but is more effective than follow-stalling once mastered. It also holds an advantage during the Smoke phase, as when Nex uses Choke, the player performing the 5-tick stall should not be positioned under any other players.

With the proper understanding of these strategies, players can maximize their kills per hour, reduce team damage, and increase the likelihood of drops upon a successful kill.


Moneymaking Opportunities

The Ancient Prison provides many moneymaking opportunities. The most obvious is the drops that Nex and her bodyguards have. These drops are very valuable and can be sold for a large sum of money. Additionally, the four mages in the four corners of the room have valuable drops that can be sold for a large sum of money.

Another moneymaking opportunity is to collect the Ancient essences. These essences can be used to create Ancient Magicks spells, which can be sold for a large sum of money. Additionally, the Zaros related items that make the spiritual fighters and Blood Reavers unaggressive can also be sold for a large sum of money.



The Ancient Prison is a great place to make OSRS GP in Runescape. There are many moneymaking opportunities available such as drops from Nex and her bodyguards, drops from the four mages, and collecting Ancient essences. Additionally, the Zaros related items that make the spiritual fighters and Blood Reavers unaggressive can also be sold for a large sum of money. With these moneymaking opportunities, it is easy to make a large sum of money in the Ancient Prison.

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