OSRS P2P Mining Training Guide

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OSRS P2P Mining Training Guide

If you're on a P2P account, training mining becomes significantly easier because of the wealth of options you have to get to 99. On this guide, we’ll give you a glimpse of the best OSRS P2P mining training methods there are. 

Best Mining Equipment For P2P Training

You will only need a pickaxe. Note that you will need a certain Attack level to weild one. But, the attack level prerequisite does not apply to you when using the pickaxe for mining. To mine as quickly as possible, you should make use of the best pickaxe available. It is recommended to use an infernal pickaxe whe you're using the fastest training methods. If you use it for mining rocks, you will be given a ⅓ chance for the ore to combust automatically, which will consume the ore. When this happens, it reduces the number of ores that need to be dropped. Additionally, it gives passive Smithing experience. Level 85 Smithing is needed to make an infernal pickaxe, which you can charge using smoldering stones or dragon pickaxes. Although the latter re typically less expensive, you may still find the use of infernal pickaxe to be fairly costly.

For other methods, the crystal pickaxe offers better performance, and you should use it if you have enough crystal shards.


When mining, pickaxes of higher ranks roll more frequently between rolls. Each tick is a period of 0.6 seconds. Whether or not yuou successfully mine something, the game will roll after the designated amount of time has elapsed. Both your pickaxe tier and Mining level have an impact on the chance itself.

ItemMiningAttackShop priceWeightTicks between rolls
Bronze pickaxe111 coin at Nurmof and Bob2.267 kg8
Iron pickaxe11140 coins at Nurmof2.267 kg7
Steel pickaxe65500 coins at Nurmof2.267 kg6
Black pickaxe1110Not sold0.01 kg5
Mithril pickaxe21201,300 coins at Nurmof1.814 kg5
Adamant pickaxe31303,200 coins at Nurmof2.721 kg4
Rune pickaxe414032,000 coins at Nurmof2.267 kg3
Dragon pickaxe6160Not sold2.4 kg2.83
Infernal pickaxe6160Not sold2.4 kg2.83
Crystal pickaxe7170Not sold1.36 kg2.75

Prospector Kit

You cn obtain the Prospector Kit from Prospector Percy in the Motherlode Mine. When worn, this kit will give you 2.5% mining bonus. Sometimes, though, the outfit is not worth getting if you are going for 99 Mining using the fastest methods. But, the master clue step and a hard task in the Falador Diary require it, so you might still want to get it anyway.

The full set will cost you 180 nuggets. Getting all the nuggets you need would take about 10 hours on average.

ItemXP BoostCost (in Golden Nuggets)Sells for (in Golden Nuggets)

Boost per nugget

(% per Golden Nuggets)

Set bonus+0.5%   
Complete set+2.5 %1801440.014

Varrock Armor

You gain Varrock armor by completing task sets in the Varrock Diary. While wearing this armor, you have a 10% chance of mining two ores at once. This effect is provided for mining iron using Varrock armor 1, mining granite using Varrock armor 2, and mining amethyst using Varrock armor 4. Nevertheless, the Varrock armor is ineffective on gem rocks and at Motherlode, Blast, and Volcanic Mine.

You can also make a prospector jacket out of the Varrock armor 4.


You can obtain a celestial ring through the Shooting Stars activity. Wearing it provides you an invisible +4 boost to the Mining skill. This will boost your experience rates a little. The uncharged ring is worth getting if you're going for level 99 Mining using the methods below.

You can also obtain mining gloves in the Mining Guild. The expert mining gloves are worth getting if you're mining amethyst crystals.

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Fastest Experience For OSRS P2P Mining

You should always drop the ores you mine (also known as dropmining or powermining) in order to obtain mining experience as effectively as possible. Once shift drop is enabled in the settings, you can accomplish this by holding down the shift key and clicking on the ore. Tap-drop is toggleable feature that you can use if you're a mobile user.

Levels 1-37: Questing

You can bypass the first several levels by finishing missions that grant Mining experience. Gaining 27,525 Mining experience from Doric's Quest, Plague City, The Dig Site, The Lost Tribe, The Giant Dwarf, and Another Slice of H.A.M. will raise your level from 1 to 37. There aren't criteria for any of these missions, yet completing them lets you use an adamant pickaxe right away.

Levels 1-15: Copper/Tin Ore

You should mine copper or tim from level 1 to 15. You can do this anywhere, though the Lumbridge Swamp mining site is arguably the easiest because of its abundance of copper and tin rocks, relative lack of players, and aggressive monsters.

Levels 15-45/70: Iron Ore

From level 15 to 45, mining iron provides the fastest experience. Assuming strong performance, 3-tick granite mining speeds up at level 45; still, this method is far simpler and provides comparatively quick experience at higher levels. Mine iron until level 70 (before switching to the Volcanic Mine) if you are not experienced with tick manipulation techniques or if you do not intend to utilize tick manipulation at all.

If you wear a Varrock armor 1 or higher, you can increase your experience rate for this method as it gives you 10% chance to ine 2 ores at once while wearing it.

You should mine iron at a spot location with three iron rocks arracnged in a triangle from levels 15 to 60. This formation lets you mine all three rocks without having to move. As you wait for the rocks to respawn, drop the ores. At this stage, there are 11 such locations available:

  1. Isle of Souls
  2. Mount Karuulm Mine
  3. Stranglewood Mine
  4. South Mor Ul Rek Mine
  5. Resource Area (level 51 Wilderness)
  6. Lovakengj Mine
  7. Piscatoris Mine
  8. Al Kharid Mine
  9. Sisterhood Sanctuary Mine
  10. Legend's Guild Mine
  11. Verdant Valley

The Legend's Guild mine, which includes four iron rocks near to one another in the eastern part, is the best location to mine iron if you use tick manipulation. While moving between rocks, begin the three-tick cycle with a herb and tar (or other suitable items), and drop the ores between mines. Although this approach is quicker than using a triangular spot, it is only advised if you plan on 3-tick mining granite from level 45 onwards because it is considerably more difficult and advanced.

The Mining Guilds pay-to-play section becomes the best option after level 60 because the respawn time for rocks mined there is half. As a result, you can drop the ore across mines and continuously mine without having to wait for the rocks to respawn or use tick manipulation. This requires precise timing and clicks.

Without utilizing tick manipulation, you can expect to acquire between 45,000 and 55,000 experience points every hour below level 60. Depending on performance and the pickaxe being used, the highest experience rate in the mining Guild caps at roughly 70,000 to 80,000 experience per hour if you're level 60 and up.

It is not advised to bank the ores because doing so significantly reduces your experience rates and the value of iron ores is typically quite low. If you're an Ironman who wish to bank ores, it is advised to use the pay-to-play area int he Mining guild, which has a triangle area spot next to the bank chest. The Monastery Mine is an alternate place if you're level 60 to bank iron ores. To get there, use the Ardougne cloak to teleport and then use a bank teleportation method, such as the Ring of Dueling, to transport to Castle Wars.

Level 45-99: Granite

From level 45 forward, the Quarry's 3-tick mining granite, also known as "3t4g" or 3-tick 4 granite, provides the fastest mining experience. The process of 3-tick mining involves first setting up the 3-tick cycle on a clean herb (or other suitable item) with swamp tar, and then moving on to a granite rock to mine it. You can receive a rock every three ticks if timing is accurate, and you will not have to wait to move to the granite rock. To keep up the 3-tick cycle, you must navigate between four granite rocks.

The fastest experience is provided by 3-tick mining granite, although it might be challenging to learn and requires a lot of clicks. Without tick manipulation, the experience rates would be far lower, making htis method not worth it. Because mining iron yields relatively high rates at lower levels, you can find it advantageous to train iron before attempting to train with granite if you're new to tick manipulation techniques.

Below are the experience rates. The rates assume wearing the Varrock armor and an uncharged celestial ring, and the Mining cape at level 99. At level 99, you can gain experience at a maximum efficiency of 134,000 per hour. However, you are more likely to see rates closer to 120,000-125,000 per hour when certain mistakes are made.

Depending on you r mining level, you can also earn between 7,000 and 10,000 passive Smithing experience each hour by using the hellish pickaxe. You can only max out at 63,000 experience per hour without tick manipulation.

Mining levelXP/h

Setup and Tips

The quickest route to the Quarry is to use the Camulet to teleport to Enakhra's Temple, then exit the building and sprint a short distance to the southwest. Alternatively, you can teleport directly to the entrance after completing the Hard Desert Diary.

If you haven't completed Enakhra's Lament yet, you can use the Paraoh's scepter to teleport to the Ancient Pyramid and run west. Then, take the ferry to the Ruins of Unkah and run north or take the carpet to Bedabin Camp and run south. Alternatively, if you have started Beneath Cursed Sands, you can use the spot at the Necropolis mine near the fairy ring akp.

You need to have some desert heat protection to survive, such as the following:

  • Wearing Desert amulet 4.
  • Bringing waterskins and filling them with lunar spell Humidify.
  • Wearing the Hitpoints cape with regen bracelet, which will outheal the damage taken from desert heat.
  • Wearing the circlet of water. This is at the expense of the Prospector helmet's 0.4% experience boost and the Prospector outfit set bonus' 0.5%.

Wearing Varock armor 2 or higher gives the you 10% chance to mine 2 ores at once while wearing it. This will increase your experience rates. In addition, Varrock Armor 4 serves as a prospector jacket for the bonus experience of the prospector kit.

If you can afford it, it is highly advised to use the infernal pickaxe as it decreases the quantity of ores required to be dropped and also offers passive Smithing experience. An infernal pickaxe that's fully charged may mine for about 900,000-1,000,000 experience points. It can be charged with dragon pickaxes or smoldering stones, the latter of which currently costs 870,319 and the former 4,258,653.

The pickaxe tier doesn't matter if you're not using the infernal pickaxe as it doesn't affect the success rates of mining. The crystal pickaxe adds nothing to this strategy because tick manipulation gets around the normal pickaxe rate for mining rolls.

It is advised to adopt the "Modern" resizable client layout and minimize mouse movement by making the window as small as possle. To reduce the distance between the goods inventory and the rocks as much as possible, zoom closer and tilt the camera south. To avoid any accidental clicks when clicking on the southernmost rock, it's also useful to turn off data orbs.

In between each mine, you should discard the granite fragments you have extracted. To do this, click the next rock, drop the granite quickly, and then click the rock again. This initiates the 3-tick action. Although it takes some skill to click accurately and consistently, this is far more efficient than dropping an entire inventory.

To prevent clicking the next rock too late, it is also advised to only drop one or two rocks at a time. Because of the way tick manipulation works with movement stalls, if a resource's first roll fails, moving to the next rock will offer another chance. You have a higher chance of winning a rock as a result. You will lose out on the extra roll and have a lower chance of getting a rock, though, if you click on the subsequent rock too late. Keep in mind that this mechanic is separate from mining enhancers, and that after a successful roll, you are eligible to receive more rocks via Varrock armor or other mining enhancers.

Other Methods

Level 10-99: Crashed Stars

Mining crashed stars requires very little attention but offers low experience rates. A shooting star will drop at random from predetermined list as part of the Shooting Stars Distraction and Diversion. Depending on its tier, mining a crashed star can last between 42 and 63 minutes before the star depletes. You need to click one more if the star lowers a tier during the seven minutes you have to mine each tier.

It is highly advised to have at leats level 41 Mining in order to use the rune pickaxe, even though this method becomes available at level 10 Mining. Additionally, you will need to scout new stars less frequently if you have access to high-tier stars.

You can exchange stardust for a celestial ring. This will give you an invisible +4 boost to Mining. Each stardust is worth 78,000 when using the stardust to buy soft clay packs, considering the Grand exchange price of soft clay.

Below are the experience and stardust rates. Every time a star drops a tier, the rates take into account both the time it takes to discover a new star and some idle time.

Mining level

Rune Pickaxe

Dragon Pickaxe

Crystal Pickaxe

Mining XP/hWith Prospector JacketStardust /hMining XP/hWith Prospector JacketStardust /hMining XP/hWith Prospector JacketStardust /h

Levels 30-99: Motherlode Mine

While mining at the Motherlode Mine is a slow training method, at higher levels, it yields a daily significant profit with relatively little work. To mine there, you must be level 30, however, it's recommended that you utilize quicker ways until you reach levels 55 or 61. This is because at lower levels, experience drops dramatically (around 15-20% of higher leveled experience points) since you get less experience from collecting pay-dirt. At higher levels, the Volcanic Mine minigame delivers a considerably speedier experience. Therefore, this strategy is only advised if you're searching for a simple training method.

The fastest route there is to run the short distance to the entrance after using the skills necklace to teleport to the Mining Guild. To go deeper down the mine and get past the impeding rockfalls, you will need to carry a pickaxe.

It is advised that you do the medium tasks in the Faldor Diary because doing so opens up a shortcut (requiring level 54 agility) to a region that is close to the hopper and th ebank chest. Getting higher-level ores will also become more likely after ocmpleting the elite diary.

By cleaning pay-dirt, you can collect gold nuggets, which you may use to buy perks and prizes from Prospector Percy. The Prospector kit, which increases experience when mining by 2.5%, is the most noteworthy reward. To finish the Falador Diary's hard task set, you must have every component from the prospector kit. Unlocking the mine's higher levels is advised if you have obtained 100 golden nuggets and reached level 72. In contrast to the lower region, where there is a random chance per pay-dirt dug, the top levels have more concentrated ore veins that decrease after a defined length of time, making one vein stay longer on average.

The level of mining determines the experience rate scale. At level 70, you can obtain up to 30,000 experience per hour with the dragon pickaxe; at levels 85 and 99, this amount rises to 42,000 and 53,000 experience per hour, respectively.

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Levels 52-99: Gem Rocks

When utilizing tick manipulation, mining gem rocks is a profitable substitute that delivers experience rates that are comparable to those of granite. The fastest way to get the rock golem pet is, generally speaking, through gem rocks. This is a much slower approach without tick manipulation, and should only be used by ironmen who really require jades, opals, or red topazes.

For this method to work, you will need to finish the hard Karamja Diary in order to enter the Shilo Village mine's underground area. There's a bank deposit box close by and a lot of gem rocks in the vicinity. Level 52 Mining (boostable) is needed to partially complete Legend's Quest, which is a requirement for the diary. This approach is not worthwhile without the diary completion because there are far less rocks on the surface. To achieve the fastest speeds, it is also necessary to wear a charged amulet of glory. It is advised to have a gem bag to lessen banking and dropping.

Below, you can find the experience rates. They scale based on the prospector kit's assumed wear and mining level. At maximum prices, you can expect an hourly profit of 1,366,666.95.

Mining levelXP/h (3-tick)XP/h (w/o 3-tick)

Levels 70-99: Volcanic Mine

On Fossil Island, the Volcanic Mine minigame delivers a comparatively quick experience with little work required. But there isn't much profit to be made, and it necessitates well-coordinated effort. The mine requires level 50 to enter. However, it’s advised to use quicker routes up until level 70 because the experience becomes noticesably slower below that point.

You will need to complete the Bones Voyage quest to enter the mine. Aside from that, you must earn at least 150 Kudos and have claimed the five unidentified small fossils from Peter after fully building the Museum Camp. Additionally, you need to pay 30 numulites to Petrified Pete everytime you wish to enter the mine. You will gradually make a little profit from the mine.

The Volcanic Mine clan chat is available in the Groupin ginterface, where you and other players can form groups. World 323 is the official world for this minigame, but it is advised to look for a team. A team with three to five players is ideal but two can also work. You can also play the minigame alone, albeit it takes a lot more work and practice and gains experience at a somewhat slower rate than while playing in a group.

Experience rates are displayed in the table below. The scale of rates is contingent upn the level attained as well as the role fulfilled and the collective performance of the team.

Mining LevelDragon Pickaxe XP/hCrystal Pickaxe XP/h

Levels 75-99: Blast Mine

From level 75 onwards, the Blast Mine minigame provides respectable experience and profit. You can collect runite at level 75, which accounts for the majority of the profit made. Although it is possible to play the minigame below level 75, it is not advised because you will significantly lose experience and profit rates due to the absence of runite ores. A higher mining level raises the likelihood of finding better ones which boosts experience and profit.

For blast mining, you will need a tinderbox, dynamites, and a chisel. To lessen run energy drain, use weight-reducing clothing and a charged ring of endurance. In order to replenish run energy, you can also need to consume stamina potions. While a pickaxe is not required, you can briefly raise your mining level to boost your chances of finding better ores by using the special attack of the dragon pickaxe. When retrieving the ores, you can gain additional experience by donning the Prospector kit.

Experience points are assigned based on mining level. At level 75, you can gain up to 55,000 experience per hour. At level 90, you can gain 65,000 experience per hour. Meanwhile, at level 99, you can gain 70,000-75,000 experience per hour.

Levels 92-99: Amethyst

Although it has relatively sluggish experience rates, amethyst is an alternate option if you want to mine with little effort or click intensity. You may expect to mine between 80 and 100 amethyst each hour, for between 20,000 to 25,000 experience and roughly 456,660 profit per hour, depending on concentration and the tier of pickaxe used.

Ore Table

Rune essence15
Blurite ore1017.5
Silver ore2040
Volcanic ash2210
Pure essence305
Gold ore4065
Gem rocks4065
Mithril ore5580
Lovakite ore6560

Quests for Mining Experience






Other requirements
The Forsaken Tower500--
Doric's Quest1,300--
Plague City2,425--
The Giant Dwarf2,500-Thieving 14 , Crafting 12 , Firemaking 16 , Magic 33
Heroes' Quest2,575Mining 50Quest Points 55 , Cooking 53 , Fishing 53 , Herblore 25
Another Slice of H.A.M.3,000-Attack 15 , Prayer 25
The Lost Tribe3,000Mining 17Agility 13 , Thieving 13
Between a Rock...5,000Mining 40Defense 30 , Smithing 50
Enakhra's Lament7,000Mining 45 -optionalCrafting 50 , Firemaking 45 , Prayer 43 , Magic 39
The Dig Site15,300-Agility 10 , Herblore 10 , Thieving 25
Song of the Elves40,000Mining 70Agility 70 , Construction 70 , Farming 70 , Herblore 70 , Hunter 70 , Smithing 70 , Woodcutting 70
Making Friends with My Arm50,000Mining 72Construction 35 , Firemaking 66 , Agility 68
Dragon Slayer II60,000Mining 68Quest Points 200 , Magic 75 , Smithing 70 , Crafting 62 , Agility 60 , Thieving 60 , Construction 50 , Hitpoints 50

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