OSRS Priest In Peril

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OSRS Priest In Peril

Priest in Peril might seem like a quaint little quest in OSRS but it's actually more important than it seems. For starters, it's one of the first quests that was introduced when Morytania was added to the game. If you want access to the region, you'll also have to beat Priest in Peril first.

If you're well on your way into doing this quest in the game, here's a quick little guide for it that can help you out.



Priest In Peril Requirements And Recommendations

Before you start with this quest, make sure to prepare the following things beforehand. This will help you avoid going back and forth between banks later on.

Items Required:

  • 50 unnoted rune or pure essence - Obtain 50 unnoted rune essence or pure essence by speaking to Aubury in Varrock after completing Rune Mysteries. The 50 essence may consist of a combination of types.
  • Bucket - Find a bucket spawning above the kitchen in the north-easternmost room of Varrock Castle. Access the kitchen and ascend the stairs to locate it.


  • 15 Combat level - There will be a few combat sequences during the quest.
  • Essence pouches - optional, but helps carry more essence.
  • Food (recommended for low levels)
  • 3 Varrock teleports
  • Stamina potions or (super) energy potions

Priest In Peril Quick Guide



If you don't want spoilers about the story events on this quest, you might want to check out this quick guide first. It will detail everything you need to do, step by step.

  1. Speak with King Roald. (Chat 1•1•3) (#1 on map)
  2. Equip yourself with either a ranged or melee weapon for the upcoming task of defeating the Temple Guardian. Note that magic attacks and the Dwarf Multicannon are ineffective.
  3. Head east of Varrock, along the river, to the temple. (#2 on map)
  4. Click on the large door. (Chat 1•1)
  5. Climb down the trapdoor located just to the north. (Chat 1) (#3 on map)
  6. Dispatch the Temple Guardian. Players can exploit a safespot by trapping it in the middle section against the east wall and positioning themselves on the eastern wall, one section north.
  7. Return to King Roald and converse with him. (#1 on map)
  8. Prepare 25 unnoted pure or rune essence, a bucket, a weapon, and ensure you have one free inventory slot. Low-level players might need multiple trips, especially if carrying food, though the Monk can be safely dealt with over the pews using ranged or magic.
  9. Re-enter the temple, ascend the stairs, and climb the ladder until you reach the third floor. Engage in dialogue with Drezel. (Chat 2•1)
  10. Eliminate the level 30 Monk of Zamorak on the second floor to acquire a golden key. (#2 on map)
  11. Return to the trapdoor, descend, and pass through the initial door. (#3 on map)
  12. Inspect the monuments until you discover one housing a key.
  13. Utilize the golden key on the appropriate monument.
  14. Fill the bucket from the well situated amidst the monuments.
  15. Head back to the temple';s top floor, where Drezel is stationed. (#2 on map)
  16. Employ the Iron key on the cell door and open it.
  17. Engage in conversation with Drezel.
  18. Apply the blessed bucket of water on the coffin.
  19. Speak with Drezel again. (#2 on map)
  20. Return down the trapdoor, traverse the monument chamber, and progress through the eastern doorway. Interact with Drezel. (#3 on map)
  21. Present him with 50 unnoted essence (this may necessitate several trips without utilizing pouches).
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Priest In Peril Walkthrough

In this part of the guide, we'll take you through the entirety of the quest with a detailed walkthrough.

Starting Off

Required: Combat gear.

Recommended: Varrock teleport.

To initiate this quest, head to Varrock Palace and speak with King Roald. He informs you that communication has ceased with the temple and tasks you with investigating the situation.

Located east of Varrock, access the temple by passing through the wooden gate northeast of the eastern exit near the Earth Altar. Proceed along the path to reach the temple entrance. Upon clicking the temple doors, you'll be greeted by an individual inquiring about your purpose and identity. Inform them that you've been sent by King Roald. Following a brief exchange, they'll request you to eliminate a dog. Accept this task and proceed to the dungeon.

Descend into the dungeon via the entrance north of the temple. Confront and defeat the level 30 temple guardian within. Magic attacks are ineffective against this foe. Utilize ranged attacks and exploit the safespot by positioning yourself in an inner corner of the room, one square east after initiating combat. After dispatching the dog, ascend the ladder and report back to Drezel to inform him of the deed.



Dungeon Areas:

  1. Ladder leading to the surface trapdoor.
  2. Entrance chamber featuring a level 30 temple guardian beast - It must be vanquished as part of the quest. Post-quest, the creature remains non-aggressive and cannot be engaged in combat.
  3. Gate granting access to the deeper mausoleum.
  4. Main chamber of the mausoleum - Houses the graves of the Seven Priestly Warriors and a well supplying holy water from the River Salve.
  5. Staircase leading to the Columbarium.
  6. Gate leading to Drezel's chamber.
  7. Drezel's chamber.
  8. Holy barrier preventing Morytanian invaders from infiltrating the mausoleum.

Once this is done, head back to Varrock Palace once again and talk to King Roald. To your surprise, the king gets angry and tells you that the dog was the guardian of the palace from any attacks. You're now tasked with fixing the problem immediately. Make sure to grab a bucket for the next part of the quest. If you don't have one, get one from above the kitchen or from the general store.

Final Steps

Items needed: 50 Unnoted rune or pure essence, an empty bucket, combat gear, and 1 free inventory space.

Recommended: Essence pouches and Varrock teleports.

Head east and knock on the temple door once more. This time, it swings open. Defeat one of the level 30 Monks of Zamorak to acquire a golden key.

Note: These monks pose a significant threat with their Magic attacks (though they can be safely engaged using the church pews). Consider utilizing prayers to aid in the battle, as there's an altar in the room for prayer point restoration.

After obtaining the key, ascend the stairs in the northeast corner, then climb the ladder in the southwest corner to reach the top floor. Speak with Drezel. Inquire about the river's defensive significance. Descend back into the dungeon through the trapdoor. With the golden key in hand, unlock the gate in the Paterdomus dungeon where the guardian was situated earlier. Proceed through and continue until reaching the monument room. Among the seven monuments, identify the one concealing an iron key. Use the golden key on that monument to swap keys. Once in possession of the iron key, fill your empty bucket with murky water from the nearby well.



Note: Golden items can be exchanged with their regular counterparts. If desired, items such as a pot, feather, candle, tinderbox, needle, and hammer can be used on the correct monument. This action becomes unavailable once Drezel relocates to the mausoleum. Golden items serve no functional purpose but can be converted into coins through Low or High alchemy. Each golden item is obtainable only once per account.

Return to the temple's top floor and use the iron key on the cell door. Enter the cell and converse with Drezel to have him bless the murky water. Seal the vampyre within the nearby coffin by using the blessed water. Speak with Drezel again; he'll instruct you to meet him in the dungeon. Exhaust his dialogue completely to prompt Drezel's relocation to the mausoleum, after which golden items become unobtainable.

Return to the dungeon and pass through the gate in the northeast corner of the monument room. Communicate with Drezel, who will request 50 unnoted essence. If necessary, offer a combination of rune and pure essence. Players equipped with essence pouches can carry all 50 essence in a single trip if preferred. Otherwise, make multiple trips as needed.

With that, the quest is done.

Note: Talking to Drezel once more is necessary to gain passage through the barrier to Morytania.




Finishing the quest is a requirement for:

  • Animal Magnetism
  • Creature of Fenkenstrain
  • Desert Treasure
  • Ghosts Ahoy
  • Haunted Mine
  • Making History
  • Nature Spirit
  • Rum Deal
  • Shades of Mort'ton
  • Wanted!

You'll also get the following rewards:

  • 1 Quest point
  • Prayer 1,406 Prayer experience
  • Wolfbane dagger - very useful as it prevents Canifis residents from turning into wolves.
  • Route to Canifis and Morytania
  • Once the quest is completed, you can get 5 Kudos by talking to Historian Minas inside the Varrock Museum.

On To Morytania

This quest opens up a lot of things in OSRS so it's important to get it done right away. With our help, you should be able to finish it in no time.

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