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26.10.2022 - 09:19:24
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OSRS Quest Cape Guide | Rpgstash

The Quest Point Cape can be obtained after the completion of every quest in Runescape. The cape can be purchased from the Wise Old Man next to Draynor Village for 99,000 gold. Obtaining the Quest cape also is an elite diary task for the Lumbridge and Draynor diary. If another quest is released, the Quest Cape will no longer be able to be worn until the new quest is completed. 



The cape’s has unlimited teleports to the Legends guild. This teleport is extremely convenient as it is close to a fairy ring. The Quest Cape will also mean you have completed every quest, allowing access to almost all content in Runescape. 

Minimum skill requirements: (Quest requirement) 

85 Combat (Dream Mentor)

50 Attack (Sins of the Father) 

50 Strength (Legend’s Quest)

65 Defense (King’s Ransom) 

60 Range (Mourning’s End Part 1) 

50 Prayer (The Great Brain Robbery) 

75 Magic (Dragon Slayer 2) 

55 Runecrafting (The Fremennik Exiles) 

70 Construction (Song of the Elves) 

50 Hitpoints (Dragons Slayer 2) 

70 Agility (Song of the Elves)

70 Herblore (Song of the Elves)

60 Theiving (Dragon Slayer 2) 

70 Crafting (Monkey Madness 2)

60 Fletching (Sins of the Father)

69 Slayer (Monkey Madness 2)

70 Hunter (Song of the Elves)

72 Mining (Making Friends with My Arm)

70 Smithing (Dragon Slayer 2 / Song of the Elves)

62 Fishing (Swan Song

70 Cooking (Recipe for Disaster (Freeing King Awowogei)

66 Firemaking (Making Friends with My Arm)

71 Woodcutting (Grim Tales)

70 Farming (Song of the Elves)


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