OSRS Ranged Guide

11/01/2023 10:52:27
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OSRS Ranged Guide

What is Ranged?

Ranged is one of the three combat styles in Old School Runescape. It involves the usage of ranged weapons and armour to deal damage to your opponents from a distance. Ranged is especially powerful compared to the other two styles. It’s used almost everywhere, throughout the game.

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Why Should You Train Ranged ?

Ranged is one of the 3 combat skills in the game, which is enough reasons already to train it. As mentioned above it is considered to be more powerful than the other two. You can safe spot many mobs in this game with a ranged weapon. Many boss monsters will require you to have a high ranged level as well.

Aside from the combat requirements there are some quests in the game which requires a certain ranged level, those quests are:

  • Underground Pass - Ranged Level 25
  • Animal Magnetism - Ranged Level 30
  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting - Ranged Level 30
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters - Ranged Level 30
  • Spirits of Elid - Ranged Level 37 (boostable)
  • Cabin Fever - Ranged Level 40
  • Temple of Ikov - Ranged Level 40
  • Mourning’s End Part 1 - Ranged Level 60

To get a quest cape you will need at least level 60 ranged.

Also if you are looking to complete all the achievement diaries in the game, you will need to have at least level 70 ranged.


1 - 99 Ranged Guide

There are many ways to train your ranged in this game. The main difference between these methods are mainly their cost and exp rates. Before we get into the many methods to level up your ranged skill, there are some things you need to know.

  1. Ranged Armour: Always use the best ranged armour you can use to increase your damage output and accuracy. Void is going to be your best in slot for the most part. It’s a pretty easy armour to get however it takes quite a bit of time. To get this armour you will need to participate in the minigame “Pest Control”. Having full void armour equipped will provide you a 10% ranged damage and accuracy. Also if you are above level 100 you should complete the hard western diaries to get elite void which provides 12.5% ranged damage and accuracy boost.
  2. Attack Style: You should always have your ranged attack style on rapid. This allows you to attack 1 tick faster compared to other styles. Accurate will increase your accuracy and long ranged will give you extra range on your attacks.
  3. Ava’s Devices: You should complete the quest “Animal Magnetism” as soon as possible to receive the best ranged item you can ever get in this game. This device not only provides a decent ranged accuracy and strength it also recovers your ammunition for you which is a huge save in any situation. There are 3 Ava’s devices:
  • Ava’s attractor, requires level 30 ranged and is the worst one.
  • Ava’s accumulator, requires level 50 ranged and is the mid tier one.
  • Ava’s assembler, requires levels 70 ranged alongside the completion of the quest “Dragon Slayer 2” and Vorkath’s head, this is the highest tier device.

You should always use the highest tier device you can get your hands on, however it is okay to use the accumulator if you haven’t completed or can’t complete dragon slayer 2. 


Fastest Method

  1. Levels 1 - 32 Questing: You can skip the early levels by simply doing some easy quests, those quests are:
  • Shadow of the storm, use your experience reward on ranged
  • Death to the Dorgeshuun
  • Horror from the Deep, also unlocks the book of law, which is a cheap alternative to high tier ranged equipment.
  1. Levels 1 - 45 Dwarf Cannon: Using the dwarf multicannon offers the best exp rates up to level 45 ranged. To start using the cannon you must first complete the quest “Dwarf Cannon”. This method can get quite expensive but it’s worth it if you want the best experience rates. There are multiple ways to use your canon.
  • You can cannon the ogres that are caged in the combat training camp. To do this you must first complete the quest “Biohazard”. This place is really great since the ogres have low defence and high health. Also since they are caged you can attack them with your ranged weapon to increase your exp rates.
  • Another good place to use your cannon is on rock crabs which are located on Rellekka. For this you will need to run around every once in a while to aggro the rock crabs, so that your cannon can hit them.
  • If you have relatively mid or high combat stats and have the quest “The Fremennik Trials” completed you can cannon the ice trolls. This method is good since you are very close to a bank and the trolls drop a lot of alchable items, so you won’t be losing as much money. Also there is a safe spot behind some rocks near the cannon spot so you can hide there and load your cannon whenever necessary.
  • Lastly, cannoning is generally good while doing slayer. There are a lot of slayer tasks which benefit from using a cannon so you should use it whenever you can. Combining that with the slayer helmet imbued and a decent ranged weapon will yield a lot of ranged exp.
  1. Levels 45 - 99 Chinning Maniacal Monkeys: After reaching level 45 you gain access to the highest exp rates the ranged skill can offer. To do this method you will need a lot of money, the partial completion of the quest “Monkey Madness 2” (up to the part where you enter Kruk’s Dungeon) and full void armour.

The monkeys in the dungeon drop prayer potion (1)s so you will never have to worry about running out of prayer points and can use your prayers to your heart's content. Also if you have the hard Morytania Diary completed, you can use your bonecrusher necklace to gain prayer points back. (for this you will need level 70 prayer)

Another way to increase your exp per hour and afk more is to have 2 additional accounts stacking monkeys for you. This can be done pretty easily by making the two accounts follow each other near a corner.

Here are the exp charts for chinning. (Following exp rates assumes the usage of two accounts to stack the monkeys and constant use of rigour prayer.)

  • Level 45 EXP/H: Chinchompa 290K
  • Level 55 EXP/H: Chinchompa 360K - Red Chinchompa 430K
  • Level 65 EXP/H: Chinchompa 470K - Red Chinchompa 540K - Black Chinchompa 690K
  • Level 75 EXP/H: Chinchompa 570K - Red Chinchompa 670K - Black Chinchompa 830K
  • Level 85 EXP/H: Chinchompa 640K - Red Chinchompa 740K - Black Chinchompa 930K
  • Level 95 EXP/H: Chinchompa 710K - Red Chinchompa 810K - Black Chinchompa 1M
  • Level 99 EXP/H: Chinchompa 740K - Red Chinchompa 840K - Black Chinchompa 1.03M

Cheap Method

  1. Levels 1 - 45/70 Crabs: The best way to go about this method is to buy a lot of darts and upgrade your darts as you level up. There are multiple crabs all over the game where you can just leave your account for 10 minutes at a time. This doesn’t cost you that much money and is fairly afk. You can use the plugging “npc aggression timer” to re aggro the crabs with more ease. Here are the different crabs and their locations:
  • Rock crabs, they are located on Rellekka, they are less popular than other crabs but have only 50 health.
  • Sand crabs are located on Hosidius, They have 60 hit points but are very crowded.
  • Swamp crabs are located on the south-eastern part of Port Phasmatys, they have 75 hit points.
  • Ammonite crabs are located on Fossil Island, they are the best crabs to train on. They require the quest bone voyage to access the island. They have 100 hit points and they also drop unidentified fossils, which can be turned into exp lamps.
  1. Levels 50 - 99 Slayer: Slayer is a great way of passively training your ranged level. Not only will you lose less or no money, the combat bonuses you get from your slayer helmet will greatly increase your damage output. Not every task is perfect for ranged but there are a lot of tasks which work really well with a cannon and ranged. You should cannon any task which is cannonable to greatly increase your exp per hour. You should use a magic shortbow (i) at level 50 and switch it to a toxic blowpipe at level 75. Alternatively you can use Craw’s bow starting at level 60 if you are doing wilderness slayer.

Wilderness slayer is highly recommended here because of Craw’s bow and the fact that almost every task in the wilderness is cannonable. 

  1. Levels 70 - 99 Nightmare Zone: Nightmare zone is a viable alternative to your ranged training, especially if you want to afk. For this method bring your best ranging gear alongside a magic short bow (i) and amethyst arrows. For supplies bring prayer and ranging potions for your first run to get points. If you already have points get yourself Super ranging potions and absorption potions from the point shop and use those. After you enter the nightmare zone use your absorb potions and lower your health to 1 using either a rock cake or a  locator orb, turn on your auto-retaliate and afk for 20 minutes at a time.

EXP/H: 60K - 70K


Other Methods

  1. Levels 45 - 99 Chinning Skeletal Monkeys: You should only do this method if you don’t have access to Kruk’s Dungeon as this method is much worse than maniacal monkeys while using the same amount of supplies.

To get the maximum damage output use full void alongside a salve amulet (ei).

EXP/H: 200K - 300K


  1. Levels 75 - 99 Cannoning Dagannoth Under the Lighthouse: This is quite a fast but expensive method to train your ranged level. After the quest Horror from the Deep, you can access the lighthouse dungeon which is crawling with a lot of dagonnoths. With a cannon and a blowpipe you can rack up a lot of exp points.

EXP/H: 160K - 175K

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