OSRS Ribitting Tale Walkthrough

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OSRS Ribitting Tale Walkthrough

The Ribbiting Tale of a Lily Pad Labour Dispute, also known as The Ribbiting Tale, is one of the many quests you'll unlock on your journey through Varlamore. It's a short novice quest that shouldn't be hard to beat even for beginners.

Quest Requirements And Recommendations



Before doing this quest, you'll first have to finish Children of the Sun. This is another short quest that introduces the Varlamore region to players so it's not easy to miss.

Additionally, here are some other requirements:

  • Any Ax
  • Woodcutting 15, which is not boostable

You can get a bronze ax during the quest so you don't need to bring one before doing it. You'll eventually face off against Cuthbert, Lord of Dread who has a combat level of 1. The fight isn't difficult so you don't need any special setup.

Quick Guide

  • Go to the Locus Oasis and talk to Marcellus.
  • You'll find blue frogs on the northeast side of the pond. Talk to them.
  • Talk to Marcellus.
  • Talk to either Gary or Sue, the blue frogs, again to choose a leader.
  • Make your way south and speak with the yellow fros, Jane or Dave. Chop down the Orange tree nearby using an ax spawn next to Marcellus to distract them.
  • Sabotage the lily pad near them while they are distracted.
  • Talk to either Gary or Sue to start the election.
  • Talk to Marcellus.
  • Talk to Gary or Sue.
  • Open the chest at Marcellus' house using the combination NALIA.
  • Speak again with Gary or Sue.
  • Head south of them and plant the plushy into the Capybara Dung.
  • Defeat Cuthbert.
  • Talk to Gary or Sue for the last time.
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Go to Locus Oasis. Locate a hardwood tree patch to find Marcellus. Talk to him. He will accuse you of being partners with the frogs at the other side of the oasis as he believes that the frogs will enslave all of humanity.

Go to the middle of the oasis, north of the grove of teak trees to talk to the blue frogs. They will explain that they have only gone on strike because they think Marcellus is mistreating them. Then, try to mediate between the two parties.

Go back to Marcellus. He will refuse to make peace until the frogs return his brain back. He'll also want to speak with their leader.



The frogs don't have a leader yet so speak with Gary or Sue. They will decide to hold an election to have a leader. They will ask you to sabotage Cuthbert's lily pad so he won't win the vote in the frog-hopping competition because they think he will declare a war with the humans. IN addition, they will ask you not to let Dave and Jane see you.

Take either Dave or Jane. try to convince them to allow you to inspect the lily pads. They will refuse, believing that it is their responsibility to look after them. They will tell you that they are hungry and that the nearby oranges would be a nice treat.

Chop down the orange tree nearby. Don't worry if you didn't bring your ax as there's an ax that spawns near Marcellus. Take it to chop the tree down. This will distract them both. While they're distracted, sabotage the lily pad.

Go back to Gary and Sue and they will begin the election. Sue will win the election.

Since Sue won the election, she will negotiate with you and ask that Marcellus must pay the frogs with oranges as they help him by eating flies. Mention this offer to Marcellus. He will then ask what the flies did. Tell him that they are plotting to kill him. After that, he will ask for proof.

Go back to Gary and Sue and they will suggest that you steal something from Marcellus and blame it on the flies. Proceed sneaking into Marcellus' home and searching for a love letter in his bed. Reading it reveals he is in love with Nalia, which is the passcode to the chest in his home.

Open the chest using the passcode and retrieve a plushy. Take the plushy ino the capybara dung. However, while doing so, the Lord of Dread, Cuthbert, is revealed to have survived the election. He will attack you and you need to defeat him.



Talk to Marcellus again after battling Cuthbert. He will then accept the frog's terms. Finish the quest up by talking to Sue or Gary again.

Is Ribitting Tale Worth Doing?

In terms of rewards, the quest will give you a Quest Point, 2,000 Woodcutting XP, and a Hardwood Farming patch. It's not much but it's still a decent way to grow your Woodcutting Skill. This quest isn't a prerequisite for any other quest in they game so you can skip it if you don't need any of the rewards below.

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