OSRS Runecrafting Guide: From Basics to 99

10.10.2023 - 10:29:31
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OSRS Runecrafting Guide: From Basics to 99

Runecrafting used to be a boring skill to level up in Old School Runescape. However, developer Jagex has made some good improvements through the years, making the skill feel less clunky to use.


OSRS Runecrafting Cape

That said, if you are looking for the best ways to level your Runecrafting to 99, you've come to the right place! This OSRS Runecrafting guide will provide you with all of the information you need - ranging from the fastest methods to the most profitable ones.

Why Train Runecrafting?

Does earning more than 100 million GP appeal to you? If so, Runecrafting is one of the skills in Old School Runescape that gives you that earning potential. If you get efficient at crafting runes, you can earn anywhere between 100 million to 120 million GP on your journey to 99 Runecrafting, which is pretty insane! When you craft Wrath Runes, for example, you will get around 1.1 million to 1.8 million depending on the current pricing in the Grand Exchange.


Aside from profitability, another reason why you'd want to level your Runecrafting skill to 99 is that you can level your Mining and Crafting skills as well. Focusing on Runecrafting should give you a respectable amount of experience points per hour on the skills just mentioned.

You also want to have your Runecrafting skill leveled up to get the Quest Cape (lvl 60) and the Achievement Diary Cape (lvl 91).

How to Craft Runes

The process of crafting runes in Old School Runescape is actually quite easy. At first, you will need Rune Essences and talismans to craft elemental runes in Runic Altars, such as Air, Water, Earth, Fire, etc. Rune Essence can be used to create Mind and Body Runes as well.


When you have some Rune Essences and talismans with you, you can head to the different Runic Altars in the game to craft runes. All you have to do is click on the altar and the crafting materials just mentioned will be turned into runes so long as you have them in your inventory.

An alternative leveling method in the early game is crafting Air and Mind Tiaras for EXP. The process is relatively similar to crafting runes, albeit you'll need empty tiaras and talismans instead.

Later on, you will have access to Pure Essence, which is a necessary component to craft Combination Runes like Dust and Lava Runes for more EXP and profit per hour.

Necessary Items for Leveling

Before learning the best methods for leveling Runecrafting, there are some items that you need to get in order to streamline the process. They are:

  • Essence Pouch:One of the most important items in training Runecrafting is the Essence Pouch. It allows you to store a lot of essences without taking up too much space in your inventory. The Essence Pouch comes in five different sizes:small, medium, large, giant, and colossal. The first four can be acquired from abyssal monsters like walkers, abyssal leeches, and guardians. The Colossal Pouch, the one that you will ultimately use for leveling and money-making using Runecrafting, is crafted by stitching small, medium, large, and giant pouches together with an Abyssal Needle. The Colossal Pouch can hold up to 40 essences, which is quite useful, especially when crafting double Death Runes.Essence Pouches only have a limited number of uses before you need to repair them. You can have them patched up by heading to the center of the Abyss and talking to the Dark Mage. Alternatively you can use the NPC Contact spell and contact the Dark Mage and have him repair your pouches that way as well.
  • Raiments of the Eye Set:This four-piece set gives you 60% more runes when Runecrafting. That's why this set is the most ideal to have when using any of the profitable methods outlined in this OSRS Runecrafting guide. In order to get your hands on the full Raiments of the Eye set, you will need to complete the Guardians of the Rift minigame numerous times until you've accrued 1,350 Abyssal Pearls. Although acquiring everything may take some time, each piece grants you 10% more runes, so you still gain some tangible benefit until you get the entire set.

Raiments of the Eye Set

  • Graceful Outfit:There are some leveling methods that require you to run a number of times from the altar to the bank and vice versa. For this reason, you'd want to equip the full Graceful Outfit. Not only does it reduce your overall weight, but equipping the full set grants you a 30% increase in run energy restoration. The Graceful Outfit can be purchased from Grace in the Rogues' Den.

Graceful Set

  • Varrock Armour I-IV:If you like doing the Guardians of the Rift minigame, you might want to equip the Varrock Armour. This can be obtained by completing the Varrock Diary. When equipped, you will have a chance of obtaining double fragments when mining.
  • Necklace of Passage:The Necklace of Passage teleports you to the Wizards' Tower. At the basement of the tower is a portal that transports you directly to where you can initiate the Guardians of the Rift minigame. To acquire this accessory, just cast Lvl-2 Enchant on a Jade Necklace.
  • Rune Pouch:Rune Pouch is a godsend because you can store 16,000 of three different types of runes inside, saving you a ton of inventory space! That said, the Rune Pouch will be used primarily to store Air Runes, Cosmic Runes, and Astral Runes, which are the ingredients to cast the NPC Contact skill. As you can tell by the name, NPC Contact lets you summon the Dark Mage from anywhere without having to visit him in the Abyss. The Rune Pouch can be purchased from Justine's Stuff for the Last Shopper Standing shop for 75 points. If you have the Slayer skill leveled up, you can purchase this item from the Slayer Master in Burthorpe for 750 Slayer reward points.
osrs_runecrafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_8 osrs_runecrafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_9
  • Binding Necklace:One of the fastest Runecrafting leveling methods out there is crafting Lava Runes. If you are new to Old School Runescape, a Lava Rune is made by combining an Earth Rune and a Fire Rune. Because the Lava Rune is considered a Combination Rune, equipping the Binding Necklace makes sense. This accessory gives you a 100% chance to make Lava Runes, which is essential if you want to maximize your EXP gain per hour. There are two ways to obtain the Binding Necklace. The easiest is by using the Lvl-2 Enchant spell on an Emerald Necklace. Alternatively, you can obtain them by defeating certain Abyssal monsters, including Abyssal Sire, Guardian, Leech, and Walker.
  • Fire Tiara:Speaking of Lava Runes, you can equip a Fire Tiara to give you free access to the Fire Altar - all without having to put a Fire Talisman in your inventory. The Fire Tiara can be created at the Fire Altar by using a Fire Talisman on a normal Tiara.
  • Mythical Cape:Acquired by completing the Dragon Slayer II quest, the Mythical Cape gives you free teleports to the Myths' Guild, where you will find the Fountain of Uhld. This is the place to go if you want to recharge your Amulet of Glory and other skill necklaces you have in your possession. Another reason why the Mythical Cape is important is that it allows you to go to the Wrath Altar, which gives you the ability to craft Wrath Runes for insane profit.
  • Amulet of Glory:By casting the Lvl-5 Enchant spell on a dragonstone amulet, you can create an Amulet of Glory. This thing allows you to teleport to various locations, including Edgeville, Karamja, Draynor Village, and Al Kharid.
  • Ring of Dueling:Another piece of accessory that lets you teleport to certain locations, the Ring of Dueling is primarily used to go to Castle Wars and store items in the bank. You can get a Ring of Dueling by casting Lvl-2 Enchant on an Emerald Ring.
  • Dramen Staff/Fairy Ring:These items are necessary to use the Fairy Ring Teleportation System. You see, some places in Old School Runescape, like the Abyssal Area, can easily be accessed by using the Fairy Ring code ALR. However, you will need the Dramen Staff to make things work. To obtain the Dramen Staff, simply use a knife on a Dramen Branch. This branch is taken from the Dramen Tree in the dungeon below Entrana Island. The Fairy Ring, on the other hand, requires partial completion of the Fairytale II:Cure a Queen quest. Do not worry, you will only need to talk to the Fairy Godfather to give you permission to use the rings, which happens in the early stages of the said quest.
  • Pickaxe:When leveling through the Guardians of the Rift minigame, you will need a pickaxe to mine guardian fragments. The good news is that the type of pickaxe really doesn't matter here. However, it is recommended that you take the Black Pickaxe because it is the lightest of the bunch. The Black Pickaxe can be yours by participating in beginner or easy Treasure Trails.
  • Medium Kourend Diary:Crafting Blood Runes is one of the most profitable uses of Runecrafting in OSRS. Blood Runes use Dark Essence Fragments, which are derived from Dense Essence Blocks. Completing the Medium Kourend Diary grants you a 5% chance to mine two Dense Essence Blocks at once. Complete the Kourend Diary (Elite) if you can for better results.
  • Arceuus Spellbook:Unlocked when you have 60% Arceuus Favour, the Arceuus Spellbook allows you to cast teleport abilities. For instance, you can head to the Mind Altar immediately simply by casting a teleport spell that requires a single Law Rune and two Mind Runes.
  • Stamina Potions:No matter which leveling method you're going to use, you will be running a lot when leveling your Runecrafting skill. For this reason, you want to have a healthy stock of Stamina Potions with you at all times.
  • Ring of Endurance:The Ring of Endurance is a ring that can be charged with stamina potions, up to a maximum of 1,000 charges. It gives you two useful benefits when equipped. First, when you use stamina potions, the ring will lose a charge but your run energy is instantly restored by 40%, and the effect of the stamina potion lingers for four minutes instead of two. Second, if the ring has more than 500 charges, the run energy you spend is reduced by 15%. You do need to have level 70 agility to equip the Ring of Endurance, but since some of the Runecrafting training methods benefit from a high-level agility skill anyway, this accessory is definitely worth getting. The Ring of Endurance can be acquired as a possible reward from the Grand Hallowed Coffin.

Important Quests

To level your Runecrafting skill, you must create runes or make enchanted tiaras. However, certain runes require you to complete specific quests. You can find all of the quests that you need to accomplish to unlock runes and more below:

  • Lost City:Completing this quest gives you the ability to create Cosmic Runes. Cosmic Runes are a necessary component for a lot of things in the game, such as casting Lvl-5 Enchant and crafting an Amulet of Glory, to name a few.
  • Troll Stronghold:Once you finish this quest, it will grant you the power to craft Law Runes. Crafting Law Runes is essential in your leveling journey because these runes allow you to create various teleportation spells. Want an easy way to get to Varrock? You can craft a Varrock Teleport using Law Runes.
  • Enter the Abyss:Do you want to teleport to different Runic Altars all in one place? Completing the "Enter the Abyss" mini-quest allows you to, well, enter the Abyss. This is an abyssal space in Old School Runescape where you'll find monsters that drop Essence Pouches, as well as rifts that lead you to various Runic Altars. The good thing about most of the rifts here is that you don't need talismans or tiaras to enter. However, some restrictions still apply to certain rifts like the Cosmic Rift, Law Rift, Death Rift, Soul Rift, and Blood Rift.
  • Lunar Diplomacy:When you've leveled up your Mining and Crafting skills to 60 and 61, respectively, you must finish Lunar Diplomacy as soon as you can. Lunar Diplomacy is another important quest in terms of training Runecrafting because it grants you access to the Astral Altar - required if you want to craft Astral Runes at some point. Not only that, but you'll be able to use the Lunar Spellbook as well. It gives you access to a ton of useful spells, including Teleport Spells and Magic Imbue.
  • Sins of the Father:After finishing the Sins of the Father quest, you'll gain access to the Daeyalt Essence Mine underneath Darkmeyer. Here, you can mine Daeyalt Essences that work similarly to other essences in the game, except that they give you 50% more experience points per essence. Another reason why you want to get Daeyalt Essences is that you can maximize EXP gain when you craft Blood Runes, should you want to go down this path.
  • Mourning's End Part II (The Temple of Light):Want to unlock the most profitable way of training Runecrafting? Completing this quest allows you to craft Death Runes at level 65. At 99, you can craft Double Death Runes for even more GP per hour! Sure, Mourning's End Part II is a very lengthy quest, but believe me when I say that it will all be worth it!
  • Dragon Slayer 2:Want to unlock another profitable way of training Runecrafting? Completing this quest allows you to craft Wrath Runes at level 95. These runes are always on demand since they are necessary for casting the highest damage dealing magics in the game.
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Path to 99:Fastest Way to Reach Max Level Runecrafting

If you don't like Runecrafting that much but still want to max your skill level, this section provides you with the fastest methods to 99. Let's start with a simple one, shall we?

Level 1-2:Craft Air Tiaras

To start your leveling journey, stock up on some empty tiaras and air talismans. Then, head to the Air Altar in the mysterious ruins south of Falador. You can enter this Runic Altar by using your air talisman.


Air Altar South of Faladore

Once you are inside, you will find a large circular stone in the middle. Go near it, open your inventory, and then use your air talisman on it. Doing so will create an Air Tiara, which provides you with enough experience to reach level 2. You need about four tiaras and air talismans for this one.

Level 2-23:Craft Mind Tiaras

At level 2, the best way to level up Runecrafting is by creating Mind Tiaras. The process is similar to crafting Air Tiaras, albeit the required materials are different. For this method, you need empty tiaras and mind talismans. While you can head to the Mind Altar manually, it is best that you purchase some Mind Altar teleport tablets from the Grand Exchange to save time.

When you have the necessary stuff, use the teleport tablet to go to the Mind Altar. Then, use the mind talisman on the altar to craft Mind Tiaras. You can do this until you reach level 23. You need to craft about 225 Mind Tiaras to reach the said level. That is why this method requires about 18 teleport tablets since you're going to restock on empty tiaras and mind talismans quite often.

Level 23-99:Craft Lava Runes

Arguably the fastest leveling method in the game, you can pretty much reach level 99 Runecrafting here simply by crafting Lava Runes. As mentioned earlier, Lava Runes are Combination Runes that require Earth Runes and Fire Runes to craft.

Before you start crafting Lava Runes, you need to get your hands on several items. First, get a Ring of Dueling as it allows you to teleport to Emir's Arena (previously known as Duel Arena) if you need to go to the bank. The Fire Altar, where you will craft Lava Runes, is located just west of the arena.


Fire Altar Location West of Emir's Arena (Duel Arena)

Second, equip the full Graceful Outfit so that you get the benefit of 30% increased run energy restoration. Using the Raiments of the Eye set is not needed because Lava Runes are barely worth anything. The Graceful Outfit is much more helpful here since you'll be running a lot; heading to the bank and then back to the altar.

Third, you need to equip a Binding Necklace. Get yourself an Emerald Necklace and cast the Lvl-2 Enchant spell on it. As mentioned earlier, this accessory guarantees success each time you craft Lava Runes.

Fourth, get a good amount of Fire Runes, Water Runes, and Astral Runes for the Magic Imbue spell. This is a lunar spell that allows you to craft Combination Runes by using the opposite rune on the Runic Altar you're in. In this case, using Earth Runes on the Fire Altar will always yield Lava Runes. Since Magic Imbue is a lunar spell, it goes without saying that you need to finish the Lunar Diplomacy quest to gain access to it.

Lastly, stock up on Air Runes, Astral Runes, and Cosmic Runes so that you can cast the NPC Contact spell. Because you're going to be using your Essence Pouches a lot, contacting the Dark Mage from your location is a must. You can craft Astral Runes and Cosmic Runes yourself.

If you have all of the above-mentioned items in your possession, use the Ring of Dueling and head to the Fire Altar west of Emir's Arena. Once inside, creating Combination Runes is possible by casting Magic Imbue and then using Earth Runes on the altar. Empty your Essence Pouch and craft Lava Runes again.

Once all of the Earth Runes are used up, use the Ring of Dueling again to head to the arena. From there, go to the bank to refresh your supplies. After that, run back to the altar again and just repeat the process.

Cast the NPC Contact spell every time your Essence Pouch needs to be repaired. While not mandatory, equipping the Fire Tiara will alleviate the need for fire talismans when entering the Fire Altar.

So, how awesome is it to craft Lava Runes for EXP? Here is a rundown:

  • Level 23:35,000 to 38,000 XP per hour
  • Level 50:55,000 to 60,000 XP per hour
  • Level 75:62,000 to 66,000 XP per hour
  • Level 85:105,000 to 110,000 XP per hour

You're probably wondering why there is a huge spike in EXP gain per hour when you reach level 85 Runecrafting. Well, the answer is really simple. At that level, you will unlock the Colossal Pouch, which can hold up to 40 essences at a time.

Now, if you really want to get the most EXP per hour, you can hire "Essence Runners" or players who will go to the bank for you and provide Pure Essences for crafting Lava Runes. Hire four Essence Runners for maximum efficiency. It might take you some time to get used to trading with other players and then crafting Lava Runes, but you'll get the hang of it eventually. Keep in mind that you will need to spend around 1.5 to 1.8 billion GP from level 23 to 99, but you will get a whopping 180,000 to 200,000 EXP per hour, so it's all worth it!

Path to 99:Balanced Leveling Methods

In this section, I will cover the ways you can level your Runecrafting skill with a good balance of EXP and GP per hour.

Level 1-27:Questing

You can do some quests to give you a good boost in Runecrafting levels. You can do the following to reach level 27:

  • Level 1:Rune Mysteries
  • Level 1-9:Enter the Abyss
  • Level 9:X Marks the Spot
  • Level 10:Client of Kourend
  • Level 10-27:Temple of the Eye

X Marks the Spot and Client of Kourend reward you with antique lamps. When used, you gain 500 EXP in a skill of your choosing. Since this is an OSRS Runecrafting guide, use all of the three lamps for Runecrafting EXP.

Anyway, here are the other quests that reward you with Runecrafting EXP:

Quest NameRunecrafting Level RequirementExperience Gained
The Ascent of Arceuus-500 XP
The Slug Menace303,500 XP
Lunar Diplomacy-5,000 XP
Devious Minds505,000 XP
The Eyes of Glouphrie-6,000 XP
What Lies Below358,000 XP
The Fremennik Exiles3530,000 XP

Level 27-99:Guardians of the Rift

After completing the Temple of the Eye quest, you will gain access to one of the best ways to level Runecrafting, the Guardians of the Rift minigame. To enter, head to the basement of the Wizards' Tower where you will find a portal that will lead you to the rift. Use the Necklace of Passage to teleport directly to the tower.

So, how do you play the Guardians of the Rift minigame? The premise of this game is to aid the Great Guardian in closing an abyssal rift. You do this by imbuing the Great Guardian with essences, repairing barriers, and creating elemental and catalytic guardians to get rid of the abyssal monsters that may come through the rift.

Once you enter the portal at the Wizards' Tower, you will be transported to a map with the Great Guardian situated in the middle. You will also notice that 12 different portals surround the Great Guardian. Each portal will teleport you to the different Runic Altars scattered all over Old School Runescape. However, only two of them are active at a time - one elemental and one catalytic. You'll know which ones are active just by looking at the ones that are animated.


Guardians of the Rift Minigame Layout

Before anything, get a weak cell and 10 uncharged cells on the right side of the entrance. When the game begins, look for Essence Piles near the entrance and right-click them to assemble a guardian. When you inspect the Runic Altars close to the Great Guardian, you will find some inactive barriers, which can be repaired by right-clicking and selecting the "Place-cell, Inactive Cell Tile" option.

After that, search for guardian remains and mine them for guardian fragments. Ideally, you want to do the Guardians of the Rift minigame with at least 56 agility so that you can go to the east side of the map to find large guardian remains. If you do not have 56 agility, you can find normal piles of guardian remains around the middle portion of the map.

Every two minutes, some portals will spawn near the entrance of the map that will take you to the outer ring, where you can mine fragments from huge guardian remains. I suggest that you take this portal when they appear as the huge guardian remains may occasionally give you guardian essences when mined.


Mining Guardian Fragments

Once you've acquired about 160 fragments, go back to the entrance and chisel your fragments on the left table. Doing this will turn the fragments into usable guardian essences. Don't forget to fill your Essence Pouch as well.


Guardian Essence Workbench

When your inventory is full, look for the active portals and go inside. Craft your runes and you'll receive an elemental or catalytic guardian stone depending on the portal you went into. After that, head back and give the guardian stones to the Great Guardian. Every time you power up the Great Guardian, you are given a charged cell that you can use to repair the barriers.

Now, you might be asking what you should do with the runes that you've crafted during the course of the game. Well, if you want to optimize everything, you just drop the crafted runes in your inventory. If you want to keep some, you can interact with the Deposit Pool near the entrance.

So, that's how the Guardians of the Rift minigame is played. Basically, you want to do the entire process as fast as you can so that you can get as much Runecrafting EXP and rewards points as possible. The points can be exchanged by talking to the Rewards Guardian once the game concludes. Some of the notable rewards include the Abyssal Needle, Abyssal Pearls, and the Abyssal Protector pet.


Rewards Guardian

If you are using RuneLite, I highly recommend that you enable the Guardians of the Rift Helper plugin. This plugin is a godsend as it brings a lot of nifty features, including outlines to active elemental/catalytic runes, rune icons and timers above active runes, and a timer that shows you how long the current portal will last, among others.

Level 50-99:Ourania Altar

If you want a nice change of pace from the busy Guardians of the Rift minigame, you can level your Runecrafting skill in the Ourania Altar, also known as the ZMI (Zamorak Magical Institute) Altar. What makes this leveling spot great is that you can craft random runes using Pure/Daeyalt Essences. You cannot craft Combination Runes or Wrath Runes here, though.

Use an Ourania teleport tablet or cast the Ourania Teleport spell to reach the Ourania Cave. Head west and traverse the bridge until you come across a ladder. Head down to reach the entrance to the Ourania Altar.

On the next screen, you'll meet Eniola, the banker. You cannot miss him because he is wearing an insanely large backpack full of goods. Talk to him and set-up a quick payment deal by selecting the "I'd like to talk to you about quick payment deals" option. He will take 20 runes of any type as payment, which will immediately be deducted every time you bank items. This deal is done to save you time, especially since you'll be retrieving Pure Essences from him for crafting runes at the Ourania Altar.


Eniola the Banker

Once you've made a deal with Eniola, look for other players who are heading to the altar and immediately use a consumable item on them. Doing so will prompt your character to follow them until they reach the Ourania Altar. This will give you roughly 25 seconds to AFK, which is why I said this is a nice change of pace from the frantic Guardians of the Rift minigame. I suggest that you play in World 480 because this is the designated world where you will find no shortage of players running towards the Ourania Altar to train Runecrafting.

At the altar, you can use Pure Essences to craft random runes. Aside from the elemental runes, you can craft Nature Runes, Astral Runes, Law Runes, Blood Runes, and Soul Runes here.

So how much EXP can you expect to gain per hour? If you're using Pure Essences, you can get anywhere between 38,000 to 42,000 EXP per hour at level 50. You get better EXP rates at higher levels, as well as using Daeyalt Essences.

Level 77-99:Blood Runes

Running low on gold coins? Starting at level 77, you can craft Blood Runes. Crafting Blood Runes is one of the most profitable methods of leveling the skill in the game, hence, it's included in this OSRS Runecrafting guide.

You will need to accomplish a few things before you can do this leveling method. You have to gain 100% Arceuus House Favour to gain access to the Blood Altar in Great Kourend. Besides that, having level 69 agility is helpful so that you can use the agility shortcut in the Dense Essence Mine. Additionally, completing the Medium Kourend Diary gives you a small chance of acquiring two Dense Essence Blocks in one go.


Dense Essence Mine in Great Kourend

To begin, enter the Dense Essence Mine in the northeastern portion of Arceuus. Here, you'll find a shortcut that requires at least level 69 agility to use. This is helpful as it saves you a lot of time, resulting in more EXP gained per hour. The shortcut gives you easy access to two large Dense Essence rocks. Using your pickaxe of choice, mine these rocks for Dense Essence Blocks until your inventory is full. After which, use the agility shortcut again and follow the path with the purple crystals until you reach the Dark Altar.


Dark Altar Location

Interact with the Dark Altar to convert all of your blocks to Dark Essence. Once your inventory and Essence Pouch are filled with Dark Essences, continue west until you find some fences with an opening that you can enter. Then, follow this path until you reach the Blood Altar. From here, craft Blood Runes then just repeat the process to level up your Runecrafting.

If you're fast, you can receive 34,000 to 37,000 EXP per hour at level 77. However, since our main goal here is to make a lot of gold coins while leveling on the side, equip the full Raiments of the Eye set for a chance to craft double Blood Runes for profit. With the whole set, you can earn as much as 55 million GP from level 77 to 90!

Level 90 to 99:Soul Runes

Continue to craft Blood Runes until level 90. Then, you can transition to crafting Soul Runes after reaching the said level and gain as much as 45,000 EXP per hour. You can craft Soul Runes using Dark Essences at the Soul Altar, which is also found in the Dense Essence Mine. To get there, go to the Dark Altar and follow the northeastern path denoted by the blue-green crystals. The path is pretty straightforward, so you won't get lost on your way to the altar.

Crafting Blood and Soul Runes is profitable and you get better GP per hour if you wear the full Raiments of the Eye set. From level 90 to 99 Runecrafting, you can get a total of 102 million GP or more!


Soul Altar Location

Path to 99:Alternative and Profitable Methods

The leveling methods mentioned above should provide you with the best EXP rates per hour. However, the beauty of Runecrafting is that there are other ways to level the skill depending on your needs.

Here are other leveling methods you might want to try out from time to time:

Level 1-77:Help Out the Customers

Instead of crafting runes at different runic altars in OSRS, you can help out some NPCs in the Arceuus Library to gain Runecrafting EXP. There are three customers you need to be aware of:Professor Gracklebone, Sam, and Villia. They will tell you to retrieve specific books for them in exchange for a Book of Arcane Knowledge. You can use Runelite to speed up this process as the client automatically lets you know of the locations of the books that you require.

If you are fast enough, you can get up to 150 books per hour, which amounts to 30,000 EXP at level 50, 36,000 EXP at level 60, and 42,000 at Level 70. The Book of Arcane Knowledge rewards you with experience points toward Magic or Runecrafting. Choose the second option to level your Runecrafting skill.


Arceuus Library

Level 59-82:Craft Double Cosmic Runes

Crafting Cosmic Runes is a great way to make a profit at level 59. That's because you can actually craft double Cosmic Runes starting at this level. With a high agility level (70+), a fairy ring teleport to Zanaris (B-K-S), and a large essence pouch, you can potentially have 60 inventories full of Cosmic Runes that give you roughly 20,000 EXP and 390,000 GP per hour at level 59.

Level 82-95:Craft Double Astral Runes

At level 82, you can begin crafting double Astral Runes at the Astral Altar in Lunar Isle. Be sure to complete the Lunar Diplomacy Quest to unlock the ability to craft Astral Runes.

Because you're at a high enough level, you can bring four essence pouches with you, giving you a lot of space to store Pure Essences. Once your bags are full, teleport to moonclan using your Lunar spell book and bank. Repeat the process as fast as you can so that you can earn up to 35,000 EXP and 470,000 GP per hour.


Level 91-99:Crafting Double Nature Runes

Although crafting Nature Runes is possible at level 44, it is only profitable once you reach level 91 because you unlock the ability to craft two Nature Runes at once. You can craft double Nature Runes at the Nature Altar located north of Shilo Village. You can use the fairy ring teleport system with the code C-K-R.

EXP rate is pretty meh at only 30,000 per hour. However, crafting double Nature Runes is quite profitable and is the real reason why you should think about leveling your Runecrafting this way. When you have the full Raiments of the Eye set equipped, you can earn as much as 1 million GP per hour!


Level 95-99:Craft Wrath Runes

While Blood Runes gives a decent amount of EXP and gold coins, crafting Wrath Runes is the best Runecrafting money-making method. You can potentially earn up to 1.5 million GP if you can craft 85 inventories full of Wrath Runes per hour.

In order to craft Wrath Runes, you must complete the Dragon Slayer II quest. You also need the Dragonfire Shield to protect yourself from the aggressive dragons on your way to the Wrath Altar.

Use the Mythical Cape to teleport yourself to the Myths' Guild. From there, interact with the Mythic Statue at the middle where you will go down into a cave. Head slightly to the west then south to reach the mysterious ruins. You must have a wrath talisman with you or equip the wrath tiara to enter the ruins. You will find the Wrath Altar inside.


Wrath Altar Location


Runecrafting can be boring and tedious to level up. But, this OSRS Runecrafting guide provides you with the information you need to reach level 99 as fast as possible. During your journey, you can employ other ways of leveling, such as crafting Blood and Soul Runes if you have problems with money, or playing the Guardians of the Rift minigame if you want to mix things up.

Refer to this OSRS Runecrafting Guide as much as you can so that you'll reach max level in no time!

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