OSRS Sarachnis Guide

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OSRS Sarachnis Guide

Gielinor is filled with lots of scary enemies but if you have arachnophobia, one boss that you should avoid is Sarachnis. However, avoiding Sarachnis will lock you out of great rewards and money-making techniques. If you want to go through this spider giant as fast as possible, you've come to the right place.


This guide will help you through all that there is to know about Sarachnis. Whether you're looking to fight her as an achievement or to fight her to earn some money, this guide is going to be of great help to you so read on through to the end. Let's first talk about Sarachnis and what she is.

Who Is OSRS Sarachnis?

In OSRS lore, Sarachnis is the mother of the temple spiders. It's a mid-level boss that you can find in the Forthos Dungeon. The dungeon is a former burial tomb that's located south of the Spider Den. If you have a spider Slayer task, you can kill Sarachnis to complete the tasks.

Luckily, Sarachnis isn't as terrifying as she looks. As long as you prepare for her and have the right gear, killing Sarachnis will be pretty easy. Now that you know who she is, it's time to guide you through how you can find this spider and begin the fight. 

How To Find Sarachnis In OSRS?


Finding Sarachnis is as simple as finding the Forthos Dungeon. You can easily reach the dungeon through various teleportation methods:

  1. Xeric's talisman: Use the teleport function to Xeric's Glade, bringing you just east of the eastern dungeon entrance.
  2. Kharedst's memoirs/Book of the dead: Activate the "Lunch by the lancalliums" teleport to arrive near the River Hos, just north-east of the dungeon entrances.
  3. Watson teleport: Opt for this teleportation method to reach Watson's house, located just west of the Forthos Ruin.
  4. Spirit Tree Patch: Trigger the Spirit Tree teleport to arrive just south of the Ruin. You must plant the tree first!
  5. Lovakengj Minecart Network: Utilize the Hosidius station of the minecart network to conveniently reach a location south of the Ruin.
  6. Skills necklace: Activate the teleport to the Woodcutting Guild and head north for easy access.
  7. Hosidius player-owned house portal: Use the Teleport to House spell or a redirected house tab, then move northwest for a direct route to the dungeon.

Sarachnis is located in the Spider's Den which was once a ritual circle for worshippers, you'll encounter a multi-combat area with 21 Temple Spiders. Additionally, keep an eye out for 11 red spiders' eggs that spawn within the den.

If you venture just south, you'll discover a small chamber of undead druids obstructed by spider webs. To proceed in this direction, ensure you have a knife or a slashing weapon to cut through the webs. Within this area, you'll also encounter Brother Aimeri, who provides valuable information about the dungeon.

Continuing further south from Brother Aimeri, you'll come across an ancient burial tomb now inhabited by Sarachnis, the mother of the temple spiders.

Preparing For Sarachnis

Sarachnis isn't as tough as other bosses in the game but you'll still need to prepare well if you want to kill her easily. This part of the guide will help you prepare for the fight ahead.


Recommended Skills

  • Hitpoints 65+
  • Strength 65+
  • Attack 65+ (required to equip weapons like Sarachnis cudgel, leaf-bladed battleaxe)
  • Defence 65+ (to be able to tank some damage from minions)
  • Magic 60+ (for magic defence against mage minion)
  • Ranged 70+ (for magic defence armour)
  • Prayer 43+ (for protection prayers, 70 recommended for Piety)

Recommended Gear


To effectively take down Sarachnis, it's crucial to exploit her weakness to crush attacks while being mindful of her high magic and ranged defense. Opt for melee as your primary method of attack, keeping all weapons (excluding the Scythe of vitur) on their crush setting if available. Sarachnis responds with melee attacks when in close range and switches to ranged when you're out of melee distance. If you're hit off-prayer, she'll heal 5 for a melee strike and 10 for a ranged hit, irrespective of the damage dealt (excluding the "Hiss" ranged attack).

Be cautious of the mage spawn (the blue one), as it inflicts the most damage. Prioritize magic defense to mitigate this threat. Following the binding effect from the "Hiss" attack, Sarachnis consistently follows up with a ranged attack. Swiftly switch to Protect from Range during this phase and revert to Protect from Melee when you're back in melee range. It's generally not advisable to focus on killing the minions, as the damage from their attacks is typically negligible due to Sarachnis' high mage defense. Instead, concentrate your efforts on Sarachnis and only switch your prayer when bound by the web.

Here's the gear that you should get, listed from most to least effective per gear slot.

  1. Slayer helmet (i)
  2. Torva full helm
  3. Neitiznot faceguard
  4. Serpentine helm
  5. Helm of Neitiznot
  1. Amulet of blood fury
  2. Amulet of torture
  3. Amulet of fury
  4. Amulet of glory
  5. Amulet of power
  1. Infernal cape
  2. Fire cape
  3. Mythical cape
  4. Imbued god cape
  5. God capes (Saradomin cape)
  1. Masori body (f)
  2. Karil's leathertop
  3. Ancient d'hide body
  4. Blessed body
  5. Black d'hide body
  1. Masori chaps (f)
  2. Karil's leatherskirt
  3. Elite void robe
  4. Blessed chaps (Ancient chaps)
  5. Black d'hide chaps
  1. Scythe of Vitur
  2. Inquisitor's mace / Soulreaper axe
  3. Abyssal bludgeon / Osmumten's fang
  4. Blade of Saeldor / Ghrazi rapier
  5. Zamorakian hasta / Sarachnis cudgel
  1. Avernic defender
  2. Dragon defender
  3. Rune defender / Toktz-ket-xil
  4. Adamant defender
  1. Rada's blessing 4
  2. Rada's blessing 3 / Rada's blessing 2 / God blessing
  1. Ferocious gloves
  2. Barrows gloves
  3. Dragon gloves
  4. Rune gloves
  5. Regen bracelet
  1. Primordial boots
  2. Dragon boots / Spiked manacles
  3. Guardian boots
  4. Rune boots
  5. Climbing boots
  1. Ultor ring / Bellator ring
  2. Berserker ring (i)
  3. Brimstone ring
  4. Treasonous ring (i) / Warrior ring (i) / Tyrannical ring (i)
  5. Ring of suffering (ri)
Special Attack:
  1. Dragon claws
  2. Dragon warhammer
  3. Voidwaker
  4. Dragon dagger
  5. Dragon mace / N/A

Alternative Gear


When you're facing Sarachnis, Dinh's Bulwark and high-defense armor make for a solid defensive strategy. Here's how to pull it off:

  1. Equip for Defense and Damage:

Put on Dinh's Bulwark and your best high-defense armor. This combo lets you take most of Sarachnis' hits and dish out some serious damage thanks to the bulwark's strength bonus, tied to your defense.

  1. Keep Protect from Magic On:

Throughout the entire fight, stick to Protect from Magic prayer for that extra layer of defense.

  1. Switch to Arceuus Spellbook:

Change over to the Arceuus spellbook to summon thralls, giving your offense a boost.

  1. Death Charge Combo:

Use Death Charge together with Dinh's Bulwark's special attack. This combo has a sweet chance of instantly wiping out Sarachnis spawns in range.

  1. Sip on Stamina Potion:

Before you embark on your trip, down a dose of stamina potion. The weight of this setup (ranging from 69 to 73 kg) can drain your run energy fast, and stamina potions help keep it in check.

Follow these steps, and you'll face Sarachnis with minimal damage, maximizing your defense, offense, and smart spell usage.

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Sarachnis Strategy Guide

Now comes the challenging part - fighting Sarachnis herself. For the fight, make sure to understand a few mechanics first.

Sarachnis employs various attacks beyond the standard melee and ranged strikes. Her melee attacks involve powerful leg smashes, while she launches barbed projectiles for her ranged assault.

  1. Healing Strike: Sarachnis' standard attacks have a unique property – they heal her on successful hits. This is distinguished by a magenta hitsplat. She regains 5 health for every successful melee strike and 10 health for every effective ranged hit, irrespective of the damage dealt, even if it includes zero damage.
  2. Sticky Web: After every four standard attacks, Sarachnis emits a distinctive screech, accompanied by shooting a sticky web. This web binds players for approximately three seconds, forcing them to move a short distance away from Sarachnis before being able to retaliate.
  3. Spawns: At 66% and 33% health thresholds, Sarachnis summons 2 Spawn of Sarachnis per player. These spawns include a level 68 utilizing Magic with a maximum hit of 11 and a level 107 employing Melee with a maximum hit of 13. Both spawns have 30 health each.

The Fight


Taking on Sarachnis requires a strategic approach, considering her alternating melee and ranged attacks tied to player proximity. Her unique ability to heal upon dealing damage, with hits reaching up to 31, underscores the critical importance of precise prayer usage. After delivering four consecutive attacks, Sarachnis employs a web-binding maneuver, causing no direct damage but momentarily immobilizing players before her relocation. A strategic response involves switching to Protect from Missiles during the web attack, swiftly closing in to melee range, and reverting to Protect from Melee – when executed flawlessly, this tactic ensures zero damage from Sarachnis.

At health thresholds of 66% and 33%, Sarachnis introduces two Spawns into the battle. The melee spawn is intended to be tanked, while the magic spawn should be prioritized for elimination. Players are advised to activate the ranged prayer during this phase, as Sarachnis' ranged attacks pose a more significant threat.

Effective weaponry against Sarachnis leverages her weakness to crush attacks. Weapons such as the elder maul or abyssal bludgeon are particularly effective. Supplementing this with a defense-reducing special attack, such as the dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword, proves beneficial, especially when coupled with high-strength bonus equipment. Recommended gear includes obsidian armor, Tzhaar-ket-em, or Verac the Defiled's sets. For players with budget constraints, the leaf-bladed battleaxe, offering an exceptional crush bonus, serves as a viable option. Special attacks from dragon claws or a crystal halberd can also be strategically employed. Emphasis on magic defense bonus gear is crucial, and it is noteworthy that Sarachnis regains health if players exit her lair.

Upon Sarachnis' defeat, all spawned minions meet their demise. Sarachnis herself respawns after a brief 10-second interval.

Sarachnis Drop Rewards


Is fighting Sarachnis worth it? Of course, she is. The rewards she gives doesn't just give you a ton of opportunities for gold. There are also a few great gear thrown into the fray.


Dragon med helm11/19258,650
Sarachnis cudgel11/384117,384

Weapons and armour

Battlestaff8–10 (noted)1/5064,568–80,710
Rune platebody11/5038,087
Rune med helm11/5011,136
Rune 2h sword11/5037,930

Runes and ammunition

Blood rune80–1001/2015,760–19,700
Chaos rune175–2001/2014,700–16,800
Cosmic rune125–1501/2010,750–12,900
Death rune80–1001/2011,040–13,800
Soul rune80–1001/2016,880–21,100
Mithril arrow450–6001/501,350–1,800
Mithril bolts175–2251/506,650–8,550


Maple seed21/10012,356
Papaya tree seed21/1001,060
Yew seed11/10021,904
Toadflax seed31/251.11,662
Irit seed31/368.8153
Belladonna seed31/380.6135
Poison ivy seed31/536.427
Avantoe seed31/536.416,764
Cactus seed31/561.9132
Potato cactus seed31/786.79
Kwuarm seed31/786.74,926
Snapdragon seed31/1,18090,213
Cadantine seed31/1,68613,740
Lantadyme seed31/2,360705
Snape grass seed3–91/2,9507,536–22,608
Dwarf weed seed31/3,9331,749
Torstol seed31/5,90014,202


Grimy kwuarm10–15 (noted)1/53.2336,000–54,000
Grimy cadantine10–15 (noted)1/61.1138,950–58,425
Grimy dwarf weed10–15 (noted)1/6625,200–37,800
Grimy avantoe5–10 (noted)1/7520,115–40,230
Grimy lantadyme10–15 (noted)1/97.0619,700–29,550
Grimy ranarr weed5–10 (noted)1/103.129,280–58,560
Grimy snapdragon5–10 (noted)1/11033,585–67,170
Grimy torstol5–10 (noted)1/137.515,800–31,600


Mithril ore60–90 (noted)1/16.677,860–11,790
Red dragonhide15–25 (noted)1/2037,620–62,700
Uncut sapphire20–30 (noted)1/255,040–7,560
Adamantite ore30–40 (noted)1/33.3330,540–40,720
Uncut emerald20–30 (noted)1/33.339,800–14,700
Onyx bolt tips8–101/5067,456–84,320
Uncut ruby20–30 (noted)1/5020,220–30,330
Runite ore4–6 (noted)1/10045,076–67,614
Uncut diamond20–30 (noted)1/10045,100–67,650


Dragon bones10–15 (noted)1/2025,990–38,985
Egg potato5–81/201,255–2,008
Weapon poison(++)4–6 (noted)1/5016,364–24,546
Crystal key11/10020,597
Spider carcass10 (noted)1/1001,230

Gem drop table

NothingN/A1/200.4; NeverN/A
Uncut sapphire11/400; 1/203252
Uncut emerald11/800; 1/406490
Uncut ruby11/1,600; 1/8131,011
Nature talisman11/4,267; 1/2,167167
Uncut diamond11/6,400; 1/3,2502,255
Loop half of key11/12,800; 1/6,5009,762
Tooth half of key11/12,800; 1/6,5009,957
Rune javelin51/12,800; 1/6,500855
Rune spear11/204,800; 1/12,18811,821
Shield left half11/409,600; 1/24,37565,402
Dragon spear11/546,133; 1/32,50037,679


Tattered moon page11/5Not sold
Tattered sun page11/5Not sold
Tattered temple page11/5Not sold
Grubby key11/1533,627
Giant egg sac(full)11/2059,970
Clue scroll (hard)11/40Not sold
Brimstone key11/57Not sold
Clue scroll (elite)11/60Not sold
Jar of eyes11/2,000149,928
Sraracha11/3,000Not sold

Sarachnis Combat Achievements

Aside from the rewards, there are also Combat Achievements totaling up to 11 points.

NameDescriptionTypeTrailblazer regionTier
Sarachnis NoviceKill Sarachnis 10 times.Kill CountKourendEasy (1 pt)
Newspaper EnthusiastKill Sarachnis with a crush weapon.RestrictionKourendMedium (2 pts)
Sarachnis ChampionKill Sarachnis 25 times.Kill CountKourendMedium (2 pts)
Ready to PounceKill Sarachnis without her using her range attack twice in a row.MechanicalKourendHard (3 pts)
Inspect RepellentKill Sarachnis without her dealing damage to anyone.PerfectionKourendHard (3 pts)

Slay the Spider!

Sarachnis is fairly easy compared to other bosses in the game but that doesn't mean that you should take her lightly. This guide will ensure that you're going to be killing her as fast and as efficiently as possible.

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