OSRS Scorpia Guide

12.02.2023 - 17:12:23
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OSRS Scorpia Guide

What is Scorpia?

Scorpia is a boss that resides in level 54 Wilderness.

Why Should You Kill Scorpia?

Scorpia is a very easy boss to kill, having little requirements. It’s easily farmable and has a lot of alchable drops. It also has 2 unique drops and a pet drop if you are looking to complete your collection log. Another reason is that there are 4 combat achievements that you can get from Scorpia, those are:

  • Guardians No More: Kill Scorpia without killing her guardians.
  • Scorpia Adept: Kill Scorpia 10 times.
  • I Can’t Reach That: Kill Scorpia without taking any damage from her.
  • Scorpia Veteran: Kill Scorpia 25 times.

Scorpia Guide

Scorpia is a fairly easy boss but it resides in a multi-combat area at level 50+ Wilderness. You shouldn’t bring any items you wish to lose there and you should only ever bring 3 - 4 expensive gear since you can protect those. Also make sure that you have “PK skull prevention” checked on your options menu to avoid getting skulled accidentally. Scorpia can also be killed on a slayer task.


  • 43+ Prayer
  • 78+ Magic


Upgrade or downgrade any of the items listed below according to your bank and desire. Prayer bonus and magic bonus is the key in this fight, defensive bonuses don't make any difference.

  • Slayer Helmet (i)/Mystic hat
  • Occult necklace
  • Imbued/Regular god cape
  • Monk’s robe top
  • Monk’s robe
  • Trident of the seas/swamp or Accursed sceptre
  • Book of darkness
  • Tormented bracelet/Barrows gloves
  • Mystic boots
  • Ring of wealth (i)


  • 1-2 Antidote++
  • 6+ Blighted super restore
  • 4+ Saradomin brews
  • Blighted ancient ice sacks (if you are using ancient magicks, bring the standard spellbook variant if you are using standard spellbook.)
  • 1-2 Stamina potions
  • Knife
  • Looting bag
  • Black d’hide body and chaps (to escape player killers but not necessary)

Killing Scorpia

  1. Either take the Edgeville lever and run east or if you have the wilderness hard diary completed use a wilderness obelisk to teleport to level 50 wilderness. Head to the cave, drink your antidote++ and pray protection from ranged and whichever magic boosting prayer you have then go in.
  2. Freeze Scorpia with your preferred freezing spell and start hitting it. Keep distance and freeze it again whenever your previous one expires.
  3. When Scorpia reaches around half its health, it will spawn two offspring which will start healing it. Kill the offspring then continue killing Scorpia like before and that's pretty much about it.

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