OSRS Scurrius Rat King Guide

28.01.2024 - 18:08:05
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OSRS Scurrius Rat King Guide

Jagex has a lot planned this 2024 with their Winter Roadmap. If you've been paying attention to the game recently, you should know that Scurrius, The Rat King has been added to the game. This particular boss introduces a ton of new rewards but of course, you'll have to get through him first.

OSRS Scurrius, The Rat King

Scurrius The Rat King is crafted to introduce you to core PvM mechanics and assist you, a newer player, in getting a handle on combat. This lively rodent and his pack will evaluate your understanding of overhead Prayers, your evasion abilities, and your capacity to handle multiple monsters during a fight - essential skills to master if you intend to face tougher bosses in your adventuring journey.


It's suggested that you have at least 43 Prayer to unlock Protect from Melee before entering Scurrius' lair, but no other requirements are necessary. This encounter is tailored for players with combat levels between 60-90 - although the focus is more on mastering mechanics than relying solely on robust stats.

You have the option to confront Scurrius solo or team up with friends to bring him down. If you have friends who are new to Old School, this is an ideal way to introduce them to the excitement of boss combat. Alternatively, if you're a newcomer yourself, this encounter provides an opportunity to learn alongside other players at a similar skill level.

It's incredibly easy for you to re-equip and dive back into the action. It's aimed to prevent newer players from feeling too frustrated while they're in the learning process!

To be crystal clear, if you already possess PvM experience, you're unlikely to find Scurrius to be much of a challenge - but that doesn't mean there's nothing here for you! Let's explore the magnificent treasures that Scurrius is hiding.

Scurrius Location

Scurrius, the Rat King is located in the Varrock Sewers, you have the option to engage in battle either in the public room or within an instance. To reach him, head east from the sewer entrance located just east of the Varrock Palace courtyard and climb through the broken bars. Right-click on the bars to choose between entering the public area or creating a free instance.


Notably, Scurrius exhibits two different sets of stats based on whether you're combating it in the public area or an instanced room; the public variant of Scurrius is marginally more formidable than its instanced counterpart.

Please note that the use of a Dwarf multicannon is not allowed in the arena. If you attempt to place a cannon, you'll receive the message: "It's far too damp for you to set up a cannon here."

In case you meet your demise while facing Scurrius, your grave will appear next to Historian Aldo, situated just outside Scurrius' lair.

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Scurrius Fight Preparation


While this is only a mid-level fight, you'll still need to properly prepare. The good news is that the recommended equipment isn't too steep to attain. There are three possible builds you can use against Scurrius. To give you more options, we're going to detail mid and high-level setups for melee, ranged, and magic combat.

Mid-Level Melee Equipment:

  • Head: Helm of neitiznot, Berserker helm, Rune full helm
  • Neck: Amulet of fury, Amulet of glory, Amulet of strength, Amulet of power, Amulet of accuracy
  • Back: Fire cape, Obsidian cape, Cape of legends, Saradomin cloak, Team-7 cape
  • Body: Fighter torso, Proselyte hauberk, Granite body, Rune platebody
  • Legs: Dragon platelegs, Proselyte cuisse, Granite legs, Rune platelegs
  • Weapon: Bone mace, Sarachnis cudgel, Dragon scimitar, Granite hammer, Rune scimitar
  • Shield: Dragon defender, Rune defender, Toktz-ket-xil, Granite shield, Rune kiteshield
  • Ammo/Spell: Rada's blessing 2/3, Peaceful blessing

High-Level Melee Equipment:

  • Head: Torva full helm, Neitiznot faceguard, Serpentine helm, Helm of neitiznot, Berserker helm
  • Neck: Amulet of torture, Amulet of fury, Amulet of glory, Amulet of strength, Amulet of power
  • Back: Infernal cape, Fire cape, Mythical cape, Obsidian cape, Saradomin cloak
  • Body: Torva platebody, Bandos chestplate, Fighter torso, Obsidian platebody, Granite body
  • Legs: Torva platelegs, Bandos tassets, Obsidian platelegs, Verac's plateskirt, Granite legs
  • Weapon: Bone mace, Blade of saeldor/Ghrazi rapier/Inquisitor's mace, Abyssal tentacle/Abyssal whip, Osmumten's fang
  • Shield: Avernic defender, Dragon defender, Rune defender, Toktz-ket-xil, Granite shield
  • Two-handed weapon: Scythe of vitur, Soulreaper axe
  • Ammo/Spell: Rada's blessing 4/Rada's blessing 3/Peaceful blessing, God blessing
  • Hands: Ferocious gloves, Barrows gloves, Dragon gloves, Regen bracelet, Combat bracelet
  • Boots: Primordial boots, Dragon boots, Guardian boots, Rune boots, Spiked manacles
  • Ring: Ultor ring, Bellator ring (with Scythe of vitur), Berserker ring (i), Lightbearer, Ring of shadows
  • Special attack: Dragon claws, Dragon dagger, Voidwaker, Crystal halberd

Mid-Level Ranged Equipment:

  • Head: Ancient coif/Blessed coif, Archer helm, Snakeskin bandana, Coif
  • Neck: Amulet of fury, Amulet of glory, Amulet of power, Amulet of accuracy
  • Back: Ava's accumulator, Ava's attractor, Fire cape, Obsidian cape, Cape of legends
  • Body: Ancient d'hide body/Blessed body, Black d'hide body, Red d'hide body, Blue d'hide body, Green d'hide body
  • Legs: Ancient chaps/Blessed chaps, Black d'hide chaps, Red d'hide chaps, Blue d'hide chaps, Green d'hide chaps
  • Weapon: Bone shortbow, Magic shortbow (i), Magic shortbow, Yew shortbow
  • Ammo/Spell: Amethyst arrow (with Bone/Magic shortbow), Rune arrow, Adamant arrow

High-Level Ranged Equipment:

  • Head: Masori mask (f), Void ranger helm, Crystal helm, Armadyl helmet, Karil's coif
  • Neck: Necklace of anguish, Amulet of fury, Amulet of glory, Amulet of the damned (with full Karil's), Amulet of power
  • Back: Avas assembler, Ava's accumulator, Max cape, Ranging cape(t), Ava's attractor
  • Body: Masori body (f), Elite void top, Crystal body, Armadyl chestplate, Karil's leathertop
  • Legs: Masori chaps (f), Elite void robe, Crystal legs, Armadyl chainskirt, Karil's leatherskirt
  • Weapon: Zaryte crossbow, Toxic blowpipe (with Amethyst or better darts), Bone shortbow, Twisted bow, Bow of faerdhinen (with Crystal armour)
  • Shield: Twisted buckler, Dragonfire ward, Odium ward, Zamorak d'hide shield (Blessed d'hide shields), Book of law
  • Two-handed weapon: Toxic blowpipe (with Amethyst or better darts), Bone shortbow, Twisted bow, Bow of faerdhinen (with Crystal armour)
  • Ammo/Spell: Amethyst arrow (with Bone shortbow), Dragon arrow (with Twisted bow), Ruby dragon bolts (e) (with Dragon or higher crossbows), Bolt racks (with Karil's crossbow), Ruby bolts (e)
  • Hands: Zaryte vambraces, Void knight gloves, Barrows gloves, Blessed d'hide vambraces, Black d'hide vambraces
  • Boots: Pegasian boots, Ranger boots, Blessed d'hide boots, Snakeskin boots
  • Ring: Venator ring, Archers ring (i), Lightbearer (if using special attacks), Ring of shadows, Brimstone ring
  • Special attack: Zaryte crossbow, Toxic blowpipe, Dragon thrownaxe, Dragon knife

Note: The Toxic blowpipe outperforms the Bone shortbow if you have rigour and 90+ range and anguish.

Fight Overview

Scurrius employs various attack techniques throughout the battle:

  • Melee Attack: Scurrius thrusts his tail, requiring the use of Protect from Melee.
  • Magic Attack: Scurrius emits blue lightning, necessitating the use of Protect from Magic. Damage occurs only upon impact.
  • Ranged Attack: Scurrius launches decaying cheese, demanding protection with Protect from Missiles. Damage is inflicted solely on impact.

Special Attacks:

  1. Summoning: Scurrius summons giant rats and utilizes a rubble attack.
  2. Healing: When his health reaches 80%, Scurrius moves to a Food Pile, restoring 5 or 10 health every few seconds. During this phase, he exclusively employs magic and ranged attacks along with the rubble attack until reaching 30% health.

Scurrius emits a screech, summoning six level 46 giant rats that persist even after his demise. While accurate, they deal 0-1 damage through Protect from Melee; however, players always achieve their maximum hit when attacking them.

The Rat King also leaps, causing rubble to descend. One targets the player's current tile, while others fall randomly. Getting hit deals 15-21 damage.

The fight will happen in three phases which will be dictated depending how much HP is left of Scurrius.

Phase One:

At the onset, Scurrius resides in the east chamber, utilizing melee attacks and occasionally the Rubble attack. At 80% health, he moves to a random Food Pile, breaking free from binds and alternating between walking and running.

Phase Two:

Scurrius deploys ranged and magic attacks, periodically healing at food piles. While eating ten times in animation, he heals only five times. After the tenth animation, he resumes attacking with melee, using Rubble attacks, magic, ranged attacks, and summoning rats.

Phase Three:

After consuming from all three food piles or reaching 30% health, Scurrius shifts to the arena center, exclusively using ranged and magic attacks. He may also employ the Rubble attack or summon minions. Healing above 30% resets him to phase two until defeated.

Scurrius Strategy Guide


Until Scurrius reaches 30% health, prioritize using Protect from Melee, as it is his quickest and most accurate attack, thanks to his formidable Attack level of 300 and a +150 melee attack bonus. Ranged and magic attacks, with Scurrius at level 50/100 in those stats, are generally less accurate and allow for late reactions. Be vigilant in avoiding falling rubble. If adopting mage or range attack styles without praying flicking, consider praying against what your equipment is weaker to when Scurrius is at the food piles, as he abstains from melee attacks during this phase.

When facing giant rats, strategically position them with Scurrius to minimize their appearance, as they are accurate and ignore prayer. Using a rat bone weapon against them ensures a guaranteed max hit and no attack delay, optimizing experience per hour.

Upon reaching 30% health (150 hitpoints), Scurrius moves to the arena center, continuously dropping rubble. Melee attacks cease, replaced by ranged and magic attacks until defeated. Scurrius summons waves of rat minions up to 12 times, after which no more waves emerge.

After Scurrius' demise, eliminate the remaining rats. A rat bone weapon allows attacking giant rats with no delay. Switching between attacking Scurrius and a minion incurs normal attack delay.

Outside combat, you can replenish health to full by eating from the Food Pile every 10 minutes.

Scurrius Fight Rewards


Upon vanquishing Scurrius, you may acquire the uncommon and untradeable Rat Spine. Delightfully, combine this spine with a Rune Mace, Yew Shortbow, or a Battlestaff, along with 1,000 Chaos Runes, to craft the Rat Bone Mace, Bow, or Staff. Mastery in 35 Smithing, Fletching, or Crafting, respectively, is essential for this process.

The Rat Bone Mace boasts enhanced speed compared to the Dragon Mace. The Rat Bone Bow mirrors the attributes of a Magic Shortbow, with Ranged strength determined by the tier of ammunition, extending up to Rune. Meanwhile, the Rat Bone Staff carries a Magic bonus akin to the Mystic Staff. Additionally, it features its own integrated spell, requiring only 1 Chaos Rune per cast, directly embeddable into the Staff.

These peculiar armaments are purposefully tailored for combating a colossal rat, offering the potential to augment your current max hit by up to 10 damage when employing Rat Bone weaponry against this critter. Imagine the demoralizing effect of being struck with an enlarged version of your own spine! This translates to significantly increased XP per hour. Waste no time - acquire a spine and commence wielding these unique weapons for maximum efficiency!

If you happen to accumulate spare Rat Spines, you can exchange them for an Experience Lamp. This lamp grants a specific amount of XP in the following skills: Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, and Strength. While the Rat Spine isn't exceptionally rare, it's not a guaranteed drop. If you don't acquire a Rat Spine immediately, rest assured that the other drops available will still provide you with a substantial amount of spending cash. This serves as a compelling incentive to explore alternative content before venturing back into the sewers.

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MVP Drops

These rewards are given to players who deal the most damage to Scurrius.


Big bones1Always238
Raw rat meat1Always91


Adamant platebody11/16.679,452
Rune med helm11/16.6710,936
Rune full helm11/16.6720,339
Rune sq shield11/16.6722,221
Rune chainbody11/16.6729,219
Rune battleaxe11/16.6724,196

Runes and ammunition

Adamant arrow20-501/16.67300-750
Rune arrow20-501/16.671,680-4,200
Chaos rune70-1251/16.677,210-12,875
Death rune40-901/33.337,480-16,830
Law rune10-301/33.331,190-3,570

Food and potions

Prayer potion(4)11/16.678,074
Ranging potion(1)11/33.33873
Super strength(1)11/33.331,166



Tertiary drops

Scurrius' spine11/33Not sold
Long bone11/400Not sold
Scurry1Very rareNot sold
Curved bone11/5,013Not sold

Non-MVP Drops

Players will only roll this table if they are in a non-private kill and did not deal the most damage to Scurrius.

The average non-MVP Scurrius kill is worth 2,054.17.


Big bones1Always238

Runes and ammunition

Adamant arrow20-351/11300-525
Rune arrow20-351/111,680-2,940
Chaos rune40-701/114,120-7,210
Death rune30-501/115,610-9,350
Law rune5-151/11595-1,785

Food and potions

Ranging potion(1)11/11873
Super strength(1)11/111,166


Scurrius' spine11/33Not sold

Take The Fight To Scurrius!

Scurrius is going to be a great introductory boss for players that aren't considered as veterans in the game. As the boss fight is relatively new, you can expect to see more guides and strategies against this boss in the future!

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