OSRS Shield of Arrav Guide

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OSRS Shield of Arrav Guide

On your quest to finish all of the quests in OSRS, you'll eventually come across Shield of Arrav. This is a fan favorite of many players as it tells a really great story. It might not be as complex as other quests in the game but if you want to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible, here's a guide to help you out.

Shield of Arrav Requirements And Recommendations


The Shield of Arrav quest doesn't have steep requirements and recommendations. Still, here's what you need to prepare:


  • A Trustworthy Friend or Partner:

To embark on the Shield of Arrav quest, it's crucial to have a reliable friend or partner. You can easily find potential partners by joining the official chat-channel "OSRS SOA."

  • 20 coins/2 phoenix cross bows

For the Phoenix Gang, make sure you have 20 coins in your possession. If you're aligning with the Black Arm Gang, acquire 2 Phoenix crossbows during the quest. Ensure these items are readily available before starting the quest.


While not mandatory, having a combat level of at least 10 can be beneficial during certain stages of the Shield of Arrav quest. It's advisable to be prepared for potential combat encounters by achieving this recommended combat level.

Before You Begin

At this juncture, making a decisive choice regarding which gang to join is of utmost importance, and here are four key reasons why:

  1. Cooperation Requirement:
    • You'll need a member from the opposite gang to collaborate with you to successfully complete the quest.
  1. Combat Consideration:
    • Opting for the Phoenix Gang is advisable if your combat levels are on the lower side, providing a smoother experience during certain quest stages.
  1. Combat Experience Avoidance:
    • Joining the Black Arm Gang is recommended if you prefer to avoid gaining combat experience during the quest.
  1. Ease of Partner Finding:
    • Locating partners from the Phoenix Gang is notably easier through the official chat-channel OSRS SOA.

Keep in mind, if your partner has already assembled the two half pieces or completed the quest, they won't be able to obtain the shield half piece from their gang hideout. In such cases, certificates cannot be obtained from them. If your partner is affiliated with the Phoenix Gang, they can assist you in obtaining the key to the weapon store only.

When seeking a quest partner, it is advisable to check the Old School RuneScape forums. The official chat-channel, OSRS SOA, is an excellent resource for finding partners for this quest, as well as for the Heroes' Quest. Delay committing to a gang until you secure a reliable partner.


While the majority of players in the OSRS SoA chat-channel offer their assistance for free, be cautious, as some players may charge in-game currency. Always be vigilant about the potential for scams when engaging in trust trades with other players.

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OSRS Shield of Arrav Walkthrough

On this part of the guide, we'll be sharing the complete walkthrough for this quest.

Shared Starting The Quest

Items Required: None.


If your preference is to join the Black Arm Gang, initiate the quest by engaging in a conversation with Charlie the Tramp and inquire about what lies down the alley.

Commence your quest by talking to Reldo, situated in Varrock's library within Varrock Palace. Express your interest in undertaking a quest, and Reldo will suggest that there might be a relevant book within the library. Your next step is to inspect the bookcase featuring a blue and white book on the top shelf, located on the east side of the short bookcases in the middle of the room. Once you've identified it, take the time to read or skim through its contents.

Following your reading session, engage in a conversation with Reldo again. This time, inquire about the Phoenix Gang's whereabouts. However, Reldo, being uncertain, directs you to Baraek, the fur trader located in Varrock Square.

Now, a crucial decision awaits you: to join either the Phoenix Gang or the Black Arm Gang. Opt for the Phoenix Gang by speaking to Baraek. Alternatively, if you lean towards the Black Arm Gang, turn your attention to Charlie the Tramp positioned next to Varrock's southern gate. Choose wisely, as this decision will significantly shape your questing experience.

Joining Black Arm Gang

Items Required: Food and a weapon (both optional but recommended).

Entering the Black Arm Gang:

To align yourself with the Black Arm Gang, locate Charlie the Tramp near the south entrance of Varrock. Inquire about what lies down the alley, and Charlie will reveal the Black Arm Gang's headquarters. Proceed down the alley and enter the building. Inside, seek out a woman named Katrine and engage her in conversation.

Convey your knowledge of her gang without revealing your source. Pose the question of how you can demonstrate your trustworthiness, prompting Katrine to assign you a task to join her gang.

Katrine's Task:

Katrine's request is for you to pilfer two crossbows from the Phoenix Gang. However, this undertaking necessitates a partner from the Phoenix Gang, who must provide you with the weapon store key obtained upon joining. Once armed with the key, head towards the Phoenix Gang's hideout in the south-east corner of Varrock, situated between the two pubs. Locate a small room directly south of the rune shop, identifiable by a locked door and a visible ladder inside. Utilize the key on the door and ascend the ladder.

On this upper floor, confront and defeat the Weaponsmaster. Be cautious, as attempting to pick up the crossbows before dealing with the Weaponsmaster will prove futile. Once the Weaponsmaster is vanquished, collect two Phoenix crossbows. Return to Katrine, who will then induct you into the Black Arm Gang.

Securing the Shield Half:

Proceed upstairs in the hideout and search for a cupboard containing the right half of the Shield of Arrav.


If the prospect of combat is concerning or if you wish to avoid gaining combat experience, consider enlisting the assistance of any player (excluding your Phoenix Gang partner) to defeat the Weaponsmaster and trade the Phoenix crossbows to you. Alternatively, some Phoenix Gang members might be capable of defeating the Weaponsmaster themselves. This can be achieved through drop-tricking the weapon store key to obtain a duplicate, allowing for a safe retrieval of the crossbows. Coordinate effectively with your partner for a seamless execution of this strategy.

Joining The Phoenix Gang

Items Required: 20 coins, and a weapon (optional but recommended).

Baraek's Information:

Baraek, located in the center of Varrock (for Black Arm Gang inquiries, consult Charlie the Tramp), deals in furs and can be identified by the bear fur icon marking his stall. Engage him in conversation and inquire about the Phoenix Gang. Initially hesitant, Baraek will eventually divulge the gang's location for a fee of 20 coins. Pay the sum, and he will disclose that the hideout is situated in the south-east corner of Varrock.

Locating the Phoenix Gang Hideout:

Navigate to the hideout near the south-east corner of Varrock, positioned between the two bars, slightly south of the rune shop. Identify the location by locating a red exclamation mark on your map. Once found, you'll notice a ladder nearby. Descend the ladder to access the Phoenix Gang's hideout.

Infiltrating the Hideout:

Inside the hideout, initiate a conversation with Straven. If you express interest in joining, he will allude to the Varrock Herald newspaper, a mere facade. Instead, choose the option to reveal your awareness of his Phoenix Gang affiliation.

Straven will task you with eliminating Jonny the Beard, a combat level 2 character located in Varrock's Blue Moon Inn near the south entrance. Enter the bar, locate Jonny the Beard, and eliminate him. Note that using a ring of recoil won't yield any drops from him.

Upon Jonny's demise, collect the dropped report and return it to Straven. Engage in conversation with Straven while having the report in your inventory, and he will induct you into the Phoenix Gang. Straven will also entrust you with the Weapon store key, a crucial item to safeguard for your partner. It's worth mentioning that the wandering thieves in the hideout are non-aggressive unless provoked.

Acquiring the Shield Half:

Search the south-west corner of the hideout for a chest to find one half of the Shield of Arrav. Note that you can only retrieve one shield half at a time, and once the quest is complete, obtaining it becomes impossible.

Finishing Up

Items Required: Broken shield.

Completing the Shield:

Once you possess your half of the shield, head to Curator Haig Halen, conveniently located in the Varrock Museum. Present him with your half of the shield, and in return, he will furnish you with two copies of half the certificate. Your partner, holding the other half of the Shield, will similarly receive the remaining portion of the certificate.

Certificate Exchange:

Engage in a trade with your partner to exchange one half of the certificate for the other. Now, equipped with both halves, use them on each other to seamlessly assemble a complete certificate. It's essential to note that if you're an Ironman, you must 'use' the key/certificate on each other to progress.

Claiming Your Reward:

With the completed certificate in hand, make your way to Varrock Palace and present it to King Roald. In return for your efforts, you'll receive your well-earned reward. Congratulations, adventurer - quest complete!

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Upon successful completion of the Shield of Arrav quest, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • Quest Points: 1 Quest point.
  • Coins: Receive 600 coins as a token of gratitude for your efforts.
  • Additional Rewards (for members):
  • Kudos: Earn 5 Kudos, showcasing your contributions to Varrock's historical endeavors.
  • Antique Lamp: Members can claim an antique lamp from Historian Minas in the Varrock Museum. This lamp awards 1,000 experience points in a skill of your choice, provided the chosen skill is at least level 20.

Your accomplishments in the quest not only contribute to the progression of your character but also add to the wealth of knowledge preserved in Varrock's esteemed museum.

Things To Note

  1. Certificate Exchange Challenges:

If a player struggles to find someone for certificate exchange, completing the quest becomes impossible. Cooperation and communication with other players are essential for successful quest completion.

  1. Phoenix Gang Exclusion:

If a player aligned with the Phoenix Gang attempts to join Katrine, she responds with disdain, denying them membership and spitting on them.

  1. Crossbow Collection Strategy:

Phoenix Gang members can obtain Phoenix crossbows either through telekinetic grabbing from the weapon store or by defeating the weaponsmaster. However, trust must be built by trading the crossbows to a Black Arm Gang member, usually Katrine.

  1. Crossbow Respawns:

Phoenix crossbows have the potential to respawn three times before the weaponsmaster returns, providing additional opportunities for collection.

  1. Strategic Certificate Handling:

When working with other players to exchange certificate halves, a wise approach is to store the halves in the bank. This allows for obtaining multiple shield halves and presenting them to the Curator in a single trip. Keep in mind, once the certificate halves are combined, no spare shields can be acquired.

  1. Post-Quest Certificate Storage:

After completing the quest, the player can indefinitely store certificate halves in their bank or trade them with other players. However, obtaining shield halves becomes impossible post-quest.

  1. New Player Trade Restrictions:

While new player trade restrictions apply to quest items, it's still possible to trade them by using the items on the other player, ensuring collaboration despite trade limitations.

  1. Left and Right Half Allocation:

The player aligned with the Phoenix Gang receives 2 left halves, whereas the player affiliated with the Black Arm Gang receives 2 right halves. Coordination with your partner is key to assembling complete certificates.

Another Quest Off Your List

The Shield of Arrav can be done quickly but the real challenge lies in finding players to do the quest with. It's a pretty unique setup out of all the quests in the game which is why it's beloved by many players.

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