OSRS Skotizo Guide

24.11.2023 - 15:16:30
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OSRS Skotizo Guide

There’s never a shortage of exciting battles and challenges in OSRS. If you want to put your character to the test, all you need to do is some exploring and you’ll likely come across a boss that will force you in many ways. If you’re in Kourend, one of the bosses that you can fight is Skotizo.

This bunkering demon is a great boss to fight because of his drops and combat achievements. While the fight itself is not as challenging as other battles in the game, Skotizo is still worth preparing for as you can easily die if you’re not prepared to face him. Let’s first talk about who Skotizo is.

Who Is Skotizo OSRS?

Skotizo, once a general of Zamorak during the God Wars, operated in the shadows of more prominent figures like Thammaron and K'ril Tsutsaroth. Interestingly, he is also the brother of Zalcano.


Following the Battle of Carrallanger, where Skotizo and his soldiers displayed cunning tactics, Zamorak entrusted them with a rare mission—to retrieve a specific artifact from the Karamjan Temple in the Kharazi Jungle. Eager to please his god, Skotizo embarked on the expedition promptly.

Upon reaching the temple after navigating a complex maze, Skotizo and his squad obtained the artifact. However, his true intentions emerged as he betrayed his comrades, absorbing the artifact's power for himself and annihilating the expedition team. Enraged by this betrayal, Zamorak placed the blame on Zalcano, cursing her to slowly turn into stone until she could bring Skotizo before the god for retribution.

During this period, Skotizo managed to evade Zamorak's wrath, discovering Great Kourend to the far west. Meanwhile, Zalcano believed he had fled to the lands of Tirannwn. Using the artifact's power, Skotizo called forth numerous creatures and established himself in Kourend's underground, forming the present-day Catacombs of Kourend. His presence did not go unnoticed by the Dragonkin Karuulm, who chose to avoid a confrontation and left Skotizo undisturbed, likely unknown to the demon.

Approximately 200 years after a civil war in Kourend, Skotizo encountered a human adventurer investigating mysterious disappearances in his chamber and promptly ended their quest.

With such a great backstory, you’re probably very excited to get your hands on Skotizo. If that’s the case, let’s talk about how you can get to him first.

How To Get To Skotizo

Skotizo is located beneath the Catacombs of Kourend. While the battle itself isn’t anything particularly hard, the journey to get to him is long and painstaking.


To swiftly reach the main entrance of the Catacombs, use Xeric's talisman with the "Xeric's Heart" function, accessible after completing the Architectural Alliance miniquest. Alternatively, you can utilize the Kourend Castle Teleport spell, obtained by reading the book "Transportation Incantations" from the Arceuus Library. Another option is setting your respawn point to Kourend Castle with a Ring of returning, achievable after completing "A Kingdom Divided."

Other transport methods include:

  • A player-owned house portal chamber or portal nexus attuned to Kourend Castle.
  • Using the Hosidius page in Kharedst's memoirs.
  • The fairy ring code "cis" after paying a one-time fee of 80,000 coins to Trossa.

The Catacombs house Slayer monsters assigned to players, stronger than their counterparts elsewhere. As a multicombat area (excluding brutal dragon region), using Prayer or high-healing methods is advisable due to aggressive high-level monsters. Note that dwarf multicannons are not deployable in the Catacombs.

A unique feature is that burying bones within the Catacombs restores a small amount of Prayer points:

  • Bones restore 1 Prayer point.
  • Big bones restore 2 Prayer points.
  • Dragon bones restore 4 Prayer points.

Agility shortcuts, with the highest requiring 34 Agility, offer convenient navigation:

  • Southern Crevice: Connects cyclops and ankous (requires 17 Agility).
  • Stepping stones: Links the steel dragon and brutal red dragon area (requires 28 Agility).
  • Northern Crevice: Connects warped jellies and greater nechryael (requires 34 Agility).

There is also a non-agility mine shortcut between skeletons and possessed pickaxes. The dark altar in the main entrance enables teleportation to the four sections of the Catacombs using ancient shards obtained from monsters within. After reaching the dark altar, you will need a dark totem to access the boss battle.

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Fighting Skotizo

Skotizo, like all demons, is susceptible to the powers of demonbane weapons. If you are currently on a black or greater demon task, Skotizo is also vulnerable to the benefits of the Black mask/Slayer helmet.


For most players, the optimal method to tackle Skotizo involves using Arclight and donning armor with high Magic Defence (e.g., black dragonhide armor). Employ Protect from Melee to minimize damage, relying on Skotizo's Magic attacks as the primary source of harm. If within budget, a Twisted bow stands as the most effective weapon, coupled with Protect from Magic to negate damage. A Dragon warhammer can be advantageous for its special attack, while those without one may utilize Arclight's special attack for comparable results.


During the fight, Skotizo will randomly activate one of the four Awakened Altars situated on each side of the room. Each activated altar reduces damage dealt to Skotizo - 15% less with Arclight and 25% less with other weapons (up to a maximum of 60% and 100% damage reduction, respectively). When traversing to disable the Awakened Altars, temporarily switch to Protect from Magic, as Skotizo refrains from using melee attacks.

Arclight can disable an altar in one hit regardless of the player's stats and gear, but this effect does not extend to the demonbane spells in the Arceuus spellbook. If you have an amulet of blood fury, its passive effect can occur while disabling the altars, healing you for 30 hitpoints if also using Arclight. It's advisable to carry Stamina potions to conserve energy while running to disable the altars. Note that having an Arclight equipped or in your inventory causes more altars to spawn during the fight. The toxic blowpipe is also effective against the altars if you choose not to use Arclight.

Once two-thirds of Skotizo's health is depleted, it will summon three reanimated demon spawns to aid it. Skotizo may also summon a Dark Ankou. If you're using Protect from Melee, these minions pose no threat. If they are slain, Skotizo may summon them again. Fighting the minions provides no benefit, so focus on Skotizo and the Altars.


Below is a list of recommended gear, listed from most to least.

  1. Slayer helmet / Black mask (if on task, imbue optional)
  2. Torva full helm
  3. Neitiznot faceguard
  4. Helm of neitiznot
  5. Berserker helm / Obsidian helmet / Void melee helm (if using void)
  1. Amulet of torture
  2. Amulet of fury
  3. Amulet of glory
  4. Amulet of power
  5. Amulet of strength
  1. Infernal cape
  2. Fire cape
  3. Ardougne cloak 4
  4. Max cape / Hitpoints cape
  5. Ardougne cloak 3
  1. Masori body (f) / Torva platebody
  2. Karil's leathertop / Bandos chestplate
  3. Fighter torso
  4. Obsidian platebody / Elite void top / Void knight top (if using void)
  5. Ancient d'hide body / Blessed body / Black d'hide body
  1. Torva platelegs
  2. Bandos tassets
  3. Obsidian platelegs
  4. Elite void robe / Void knight robe (if using void)
  5. Karil's leatherskirt / Ancient chaps / Blessed chaps / Black d'hide chaps
  1. Arclight
  2. Scythe of vitur
  3. Osmumten's fang
  4. Ghrazi rapier / Blade of saeldor / Inquisitor's mace
  5. Abyssal tentacle
  1. Avernic defender
  2. Dragon defender
  3. Rune defender
  4. Adamant defender / Dragonfire shield
  5. Mithril defender
  1. Rada's blessing 4
  2. Peaceful blessing / God blessing
  3. Rada's blessing 3 / Rada's blessing 2
  4. N/A
  1. Ferocious gloves
  2. Barrows gloves
  3. Void knight gloves (if using void)
  4. Dragon gloves / Regen bracelet
  5. Rune gloves / Combat bracelet
  1. Primordial boots
  2. Dragon boots / Spiked manacles
  3. Guardian boots / Granite boots
  4. Rune boots / Climbing boots
  5. Adamant boots
  1. Ultor ring
  2. Bellator ring
  3. Berserker ring (i)
  4. Brimstone ring
  5. Ring of suffering (i)
Special attack:
  1. Bandos godsword
  2. Voidwaker
  3. Dragon warhammer
  4. Dragon claws

Skotizo Drops And Rewards


Aside from the bragging rights, you’ll of course want your hand at a few amazing drops and rewards for fighting Skotizo. Here’s what you can get from him.


Infernal ashes1Always3,673
Clue scroll (hard)1AlwaysNot sold

Ancient shards

Skotizo has a guaranteed drop of at least one ancient shard, for up to 5 total. The average shards per kill is 1.41.

Ancient shard11/1.333Not sold
Ancient shard21/6.667Not sold
Ancient shard31/20Not sold
Ancient shard41/25Not sold
Ancient shard51/100Not sold


There is a 1 in 100 chance of rolling Skotizo's gemstone sub-table.

Uncut dragonstone10 (noted)1/111.1139,070
Uncut onyx11/1,0002,379,909


Rune platebody3 (noted)1/14.29114,261
Rune platelegs3 (noted)1/14.29111,891
Rune plateskirt3 (noted)1/14.29111,843


Death rune5001/14.2969,000
Soul rune4501/14.2994,950
Blood rune4501/14.2988,650


Adamantite ore75 (noted)1/14.2976,350
Grimy snapdragon20 (noted)1/14.29134,340
Grimy torstol20 (noted)1/14.2963,200
Raw anglerfish60 (noted)1/14.2968,880
Runite bar20 (noted)1/14.29249,820


Mahogany plank150 (noted)1/14.29302,700
Battlestaff25 (noted)1/14.29201,775
Onyx bolt tips401/14.29337,280
Shield left half11/10065,402


Clue scroll (elite)11/5Not sold
Ensouled demon head1~1/93,715
Dark claw11/25Not sold
Dark totem base11/42.67Not sold
Dark totem middle11/42.67Not sold
Dark totem top11/42.67Not sold
Brimstone key11/56Not sold
Skotos11/65Not sold
Dark totem11/128Not sold
Jar of darkness11/200408,007

Skotizo Combat Achievements

Aside from the rewards, there are a few achievements that you can get from Skotizo as well. There are 7 Combat Achievement tasks (totalling 22 points) available for Skotizo.

NameDescriptionTypeTrailblazer regionTier
Demonic WeakeningKill Skotizo with no altars active.MechanicalKourendMedium (2 pts)
Demonbane WeaponryKill Skotizo with a demonbane weapon equipped.RestrictionKourendMedium (2 pts)
Skotizo ChampionKill Skotizo once.Kill CountKourendMedium (2 pts)
Skotizo AdeptKill Skotizo 5 times.Kill CountKourendHard (3 pts)
Demon EvasionKill Skotizo without taking any damage.PerfectionKourendElite (4 pts)
Up for the ChallengeKill Skotizo without equipping a demonbane weapon.RestrictionKourendElite (4 pts)
Precise PositioningKill Skotizo with the final source of damage being a Chinchompa explosion.RestrictionKourendMaster (5 pts)

Slay The Demon Of Kourend

Fighting Skotizo is both rewarding and challenging. It’s a must for all players who are looking to get the most out of their OSRS journey. Thanks to this guide, you’ll be able to slay Skotizo as quick and as efficient as possible.

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