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OSRS Slayer Guide - Rpgstash

What is slayer? 

Slayer is a skill which can only be trained when getting a task from a Slayer Master and killing that specific monster type. Slayer is a slow skill to train, but will provide combat exp in addition to slayer Exp. It is suggested to train combat through slayer, as getting 99 Slayer will also provide close to max combat stats. Therefore, training both at once is advisable. Later levels of slayer give access to monsters which drop valuable loot and unique drops such as an Abyssal Whip. These items are high value and very useful for account progression. Slayer is one of the most important skills in RuneScape and often gives the ability for players to make money while also training combat. 

Slayer Points 

You get slayer points based on your Slayer Master and Slayer task streak. Slayer streak multiply any Slayer master’s base points.  


5x points every 10 tasks 

15x points every 50 tasks 

25x points every 100 tasks 

35x points every 250 tasks 

50x points every 1,000 tasks 



Slayer masters 

Turael: 0 Slayer points per task 

Level requirement: None 

Quest Requirements: None 

Location: Burthorpe 

Reason to use: Low combat level slayer, task skipping 


Spria: 0 Slayer points per task 

Level Requirement: None 

Quest Requirement: A Porcine of Interest 

Location: Draynor Village 

Reason to use: Low combat level slayer, more accessible, shares task list with Turael. 


Krystila: 25 Skayer points per task ( Task streak is independent)  

Level Requirement: None, suggested higher level combat as she disregards player combat level. 

Quest Requirement: None 

Location: Edgeville 

Reason to use: Wilderness slayer gives access to Larran Keys and Slayer enchantment parchments. These items have a chance to drop with every monster and have a high value associated with them. High amount of slayer points for lower levels. 


Mazchna: 2 Skayer points per task 

Level Requirement: 20 combat 

Quest Requirement: Priest in Peril 

Location: Canifis 

Reason to use: Lower combat level slayer, higher exp then Turael, convenient tasks close to slayer master. 


Vannaka: 4 Skayer points per task 

Level Requirements: 40 Combat 

Quest Requirements: None 

Location: Varrock Sewers 

Reason to use: Gives good tasks for most levels. Decent Exp. Normally the best slayer master for exp until combat level 85. 


Chaeldar:10 Skayer points per task 

Level Requirement: 70 Combat 

Quest Requirement: Lost City 

Location: Zanaris 

Reason to use: Not suggested to new players as she can give difficult tasks for the level such as Steel Dragons, as well as annoying tasks for lower levels such as Aviansies. 


Konar Quo Maten: 18 Skayer points per task (Kebos & Kourend elite diary increase it to 20) 

Level Requirement: 75 Combat 

Quest Requirement: None 

Location: Mount Karuulm 

Reason to use: Like wilderness slayer, Slayer monsters assigned by Konar will give keys which give a large amount of “free” gold. The tradeoff is you must do the slayer task in a specific location. This location may already be where you go normally, but other times can be annoying locations. For example, tasks could be 200 black demons in the Brimhaven dungeon. This location is very far from a bank, a very long task, and can require multiple bank trips. If you are looking for money and do not have 65+ slayer level, this can be a good way to make money while training early levels. 


Nieve/Steve: 12 Skayer points per task ((Western Provinces elite diary increase it to 20) 

Level Requirement: 85 Combat 

Quest Requirement: None 

Location: Gnome Stronghold 

Reason to use: Best exp master, less boss tasks, highly profitable tasks. Until you are higher combat/slayer level, it is suggested to use Nieve. 


Duradel: 15 Skayer points per task 

Level Requirement: 100 Combat 

Quest Requirement: Shilo Village 

Location: Upper floor of Shilo Village 

Reason to use: Often assigns boss tasks which will be very profitable. Non boss tasks normally give high amount of exp. Assigns a large amount of kills per slayer task. 


Which master to use? 

You should almost always use the Slayer Master that will fit your level. The exception to this rule is with Chaeldar as she can offer annoying and difficult tasks with extremely minor benefits. 


Skipping tasks 

If you find yourself in a task that is too difficult, you can skip the task. This will reset your Slayer task to an easier task, but will cost in resetting your streak. When hitting intervals of 10 tasks, 50 task, 100 task, 250 tasks, and 1000 tasks. These give a large multiplier to slayer point bonuses every time you complete 10 tasks. If you were to do a Duradel task, on your 100th task, you would get 15 base points x 25 (task bonus multiplier) ending with 375 points for a single slayer task. The extra bonus points are very valuable. For this reason, you should only do task resets if it is absolutely a necessity. It is less punishing the less your task streak is, or if you already have a large amount of slayer points.  


When does money come in? 

Normally in slayer, consistent drops are always coming, but you start making much more with tasks starting at 58 if you’ve unlocked access to Cave Horrors. Other great unlocks are Dust Devils, Kurask, Skeletal Wyverns, and Gargoyles. All of these monsters drop consistent alchs, seeds, herbs, cash, and supplies. At level 75, you will have access to a large majority of profitable slayer monsters which have high potential for being tasks.  


Tasks worth doing? 

I'd suggest focusing on two types of tasks; Ones that make money, and ones that give good combat exp. Both of these factors are important as you progress your account to higher levels. This is one of the reasons Slayer is one of the most important skills in the game.  


Black Mask / Slayer Helm 

Black mask / Slayer Helm upgrade is one of the strongest items for slayer. They give 15% accuracy as well as 15% damage bonus to melee during slayer tasks. This is a large bonus to training melee combats. You can also imbue your Black Mask / Slayer Helm to give bonuses to range and magic in addition to melee. Imbuing should be done through the use of Nightmare Zone. This should be a top priority to obtain and is the single strongest benefit for slayer. Black masks only cost roughly 1m gp. Slayer Helm needs to be unlocked using 400 slayer points. It will allow the use of the black masks with unique tasks such as Abby Spectors which normally require the use of nose pegs. Imbued Slayer Helm should always be used on every task. 


Slayer Monsters 


Crawling Hand: 

Monster Level: 7, 8, 12 

Location: Slayer Tower 

Tips: These are very low level and easy to kill monsters for any account. These are normally given as a very small task 


Cave Bug: 

Monster Level: 5, 93 

Location: Lumbridge Swamp Caves (5), Dorgesh-Kaan south dungeon (93) 

Tips: I would suggest just killing the level 5s as they are not profitable. Be careful of walk beasts in the swamp cave and don’t forget a light source. 


Cave Crawler: 

Monster Level: 22 

Location: Lumbridge Swamp Caves 

Tips: Cave Crawlers infect poison, so it’s suggested to use anti poison potions. Cave Crawlers also have a high amount of hit point recovery, making the potentially unkillable at lower levels. 


Banshee / Twisted Banshee: 

Monster Level: 23, 89 

Location: Slayer Tower (23), Catacombs of Kourend (89) 

Tips: if possible, kill Twisted Banshees as they have a highly lucrative drop table. Ranged is best used for them. You must use earmuffs or a slayer helm to kill them or your stats will be drained consistently. Salve amulet does work which is a 15% (or 20% if imbued) damage bonus. They use a magic based attack meaning ranged armor will be best against them. 


Cave Slime: 

Monster Level: 17 

Location: Lumbridge Swamp Caves 

Tips: As with all Lumbridge Swamp Caves monsters, you will need a light source and be aware of wall beasts. You also will need anti-poison potions. 


Rock Slug: 

Monster Level: 29 

Location: Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Dorgesh-Kaan south dungeon  

Tips: You must use a bag of salt to kill Rock slugs when they have low hp in order to kill them.  


Desert Lizard: 

Monster Level: 24 

Location: South east pf Shantay Pass 

Tips: They are in the desert, so you will need to have waterskins to not take consistent damage. Like Rock slugs, they require an ice cooler in order to kill.  



Monster Level: 37 

Location: Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 

Tips: You will need a mirror shield in order to fight Cocktrice. Cocktrice also have a good chance to drop medium clue scrolls.  



Monster Level: 43,48 

Location: Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Isle of Souls, God War dungeon 

Tips: Pyrefiends attack using a magic-based melee. You should use ranged armor in order to avoid taking more damage.  



Monster Level:  60 

Location: Mudskipper point 

Tips: Morges only will spawn if you use fishing explosives at Mudskipper point. 


Harpy Bug Swarm: 

Monster Level: 46 

Location: Karamja 

Tips: You will need to use a lit bug lantern while fighting them. They have a common drop of coins, and fire runes. Nature runes for alchs is suggested. 


Wall Beast: 

Monster Level: 49 

Location: Lumbridge Swamp Caves 

Tips: Wall beasts require a Spiney helmet or a Slayer helm to kill to avoid large damage. After the initial encounter, you can change your helmet back if you have a black mask, but don’t forget to put the spiney helmet when finished with the kill!  



Monster Level: 55 

Location: Killerwatt’s plane 

Tips: You will need Insulated boots to kill Killerwattts. Killerwatt’s Plane is located on the top floor of Draynor Manner. The Killerwatt’s  attack speed is very high, causing them to have a very high damage output. Killerwatt’s will attack every 1.2 seconds, twice as quickly as a scimatar. They attack in ranged and melee.  


Vyrewatch Sentinel: 

Monster Level: 151 

Location: Darkmeyer 

Tips: As with all Vyres,  You will need to use an Ivandis flail or Blisterwood flail to kill the Sentinels. Vyrewatchs are a great task due to high profit, good exp, and having a prayer alter where they can be killed next to. In addition to this, you can negate all damage with protection from melee.  



Monster Level: 51 

Location: Dorgesh-Kaan south dungeon  

Tips: Requires a slayer bell to kill. Monanisk are an easy task. They do little damage and are easier to kill then their level suggests.  



Monster Level:61  

Location: Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 

Tips: Requires a mirror shield. They have a lower accuracy, but have a high defense. It is suggested to use a crush weapon such as a Leaf-Bladed Battle-axe, or Dragon mace. They also have a common coins drop, as well as alchs, and nature runes.  


Terror dog: 

Monster Level: 100, 110 

Location: Tarn’s Lair 

Tips: You can teleport straight to Tarns Lair via slayer ring. It is highly suggested to skip this task if you do not have access to Slayer rings as navigating Tarns lair takes a long time, and can be difficult to navigate for players who do not memorize the puzzle to the area of the Terror dogs.  


Sea Snake: 

Monster Level: 62,90 

Location: Miscellania, Etceteria Dungeon.  

Tips: They are poisoness, so it is suggested to have poison protection. They are weak to magic for those who want to train their magic level.  


Fever Spider: 

Monster Level: 49 

Location: Braindeath Island 

Tips: You will need Slayer Gloves to kill fever spiders. They only drop Grimy Kwuarms at 1/12, but have a low defense making them a quick task. 


Sulphur Lizard: 

Monster Level: 50 

Location: Karuulm Slayer Dungeon 

Tips: You will need Boots of Stone to fight in Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. They drop noted smithing supplies making them a good way to farm ores and bars.  


Infernal Mage: 

Monster Level: 66 

Location: Slayer Tower 

Tips: Infernal mages attack with magic, so it is advised to wear ranged armor. Protection from magic will negate all damage.  


Brine Rat: 

Monster Level: 70 

Location: Brine Rate Cavern 

Tips: Brine rats have low defense but high attack and strength.  


Bloodveld / Mutated Bloodveld: 

Monster Level: 76,81 / 123 

Location: Slayer Tower, Stronghold Slayer Cave / Catacombs of Kourend 

Tips: Bloodvelds are one of the highest exp based tasks. Cannoning them can lead to 50k+ exp per hour at higher levels. They also drop a large amount of blood runes and alchs. They are also a good source of hard clue scrolls.  


Jelly / Warped Jelly: 

Monster Level: 78 / 112 

Location: Fremennik Slayer Dungeon / Catacombs of Kourend 

Tips: Jelly have a magic-based melee. They are often safe spotted and are moderate exp with some alchs.  



Monster Level: 80-90 

Location: Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 

Tips: You will need a leaf bladed weapon to kill Turoths. They have decent drops and have good exp rates. 


Mutated Zigomite / Ancient Zigomite: 

Monster Level: 74, 86 / 109 

Location: Zanaris / Fossil Island 

Tips: It is suggested to kill Ancient Zigomites on Fossil Island. You will need Fungicide spray to kill either type.  


Cave Horror: 

Monster Level: 80 

Location: Mos Le’Harmless Caves 

Tips: You will need a Witchwood Icon as well as a light source. Hard Clue Scrolls are very common. They have the Black Mask on their drop table Worth roughly one million gold at a 1/512 drop rate.  They use a Magic based Melee attack.  


Aberrant Spector / Deviant Spector: 

Monster Level: 96 / 169 

Location: Slayer Tower, Stronghold Slayer Cave / Catacombs of Kourend 

Tips: Deviant Spectors do not drop much better items then Aberrant Spectors, but do have over double the Hp. Don’t forget your Herb Sack if you have one as they can drop up to three herbs at a time.  


Basilisk Knight: 

Monster Level: 204 

Location: Jormungand’s Prison 

Tips: Required a Mirror shield or V’s shield. Basilisk drop Basilisk Jaws which currently cost roughly twenty million gold, but at a 1/1000 rate during a slayer task. If you get lucky, you can have a huge financial injection. They also drop good Alchs and runes. 



Monster Level:  

Location: Karuulm Slayer Dungeon 

Tips: Require boots of stone. They have a if using ranged, you can avoid all damage with the use of Protecting from Magic. If using melee, they will use both melee, and magic attacks. Wyrms are good exp and great Gold.  


Spiritual Ranger: 

Monster Level: 115-158 

Location: God Wars Dungeon 

Tips: Skip this task or consider blocking if you can. They are very slow EXP, takes a long time to get to, Limit gear usage due to being in God Wars, and have very poor drop tables.  


Dust Devil: 

Monster Level: 93, 110 

Location: Catacombs of Kourend, Smoke Dungeon 

Tips: You will need a facemask or Slayer helm to kill Dust Devils. They are often popular for area of effect attacks like Chins or Bursting. They do have a good drop table and due to having access to AOE attacks, they will be a very quick task. You can decide to use a large number of supplies to get higher exp rates, or do it slower but make money. 


Fossil Island Wyverns: 

Monster Level: 139, 147, 152 

Location: Wyvern Cave Fossil Island 

Tips: You will need a variation of an elemental shield. It is suggested to kill the level 139 Spitting Wyverns for the task as they do less consistent damage. This is a great profitable task, averaging over 10k per kill. Don’t forget alchs! 


Spiritual Warrior: 

Monster Level: 115-158 

Location: God Wars Dungeon 

Tips: Similar to Spiritual rangers, this task should be skipped if possible or blocked due to lower exp rates, being in God Wars, and a poor drop table. 



Monster Level: 106 

Location: Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 

Tips: Leaf-bladed weapons are needed to kill Kurask. Kurask are a great task as they have low damage, great drop table for herblore including herbs, seeds, and secondaries. Great task for both EXP and gold. Safe spots available with range as well.  


Skeletal Wyverns: 

Monster Level: 140 

Location: Asgarniain ice dungeon  

Tips: Tips: You will need a variation of an elemental shield. They are a very profitable task, but have lower exp. Drops include potential for dragon vissage at 1/10k. Skeletal wyverns have a high defense level making them a tough task. You can use range and safe spot them, but this will only be possible after aggro timers. Note, Salve amulet undead bonus damage does not work. 



Monster Level: 111 

Location: Slayer Tower 

Tips: Consistent gold, ability to kill a boss if you prefer, and chance for a pet. Afk-able task with the use of guthans. Gargoyles are one of slayer Iconic tasks as they often make players mills per task. Don’t forget your rock hammer as you will not be able to kill them without it. Highly suggested to get rock smasher purchace for slayer points for quality of life upgrade.  


Brutal Black Dragon: 

Monster Level: 318 

Location: Catacombs of Kourend 

Tips: Great money, sacrificed for slower exp. Normally tasks are short unless extended. They drop high amount of alchs. Like all dragons, you’ll need protection from dragon fire. Brutal Black dragons are Guaranteed to drop 10k in dragon bones and two black dragon hide.  


Nechryrael / Greater Nechryrael: 

Monster Level: 115 / 200 

Location: Slayer tower / Catacombs of Kourend, Wilderness Slayer Cave 

Tips: You have the ability to quickly do this task by ice barrage/bursting groups of Nechryrael. You will not lose money as their drops are lucritive. Like Dust Devils, this is a consistat task you should always do. They have lower defense levels making them a quick task.  


Ancient Wyvern: 

Monster Level: 210 

Location: Wyvern Cave Fossil Island 

Tips: Ancient Wyverns are upgraded version of Fossil Island Wyverns giving upgraded drop table loot, but similar exp rates. Elemental shield variation needed to kill them.  


Spiritual Mage: 

Monster Level: 120-182 

Location: God Wars Dungeon 

Tips: You can consider doing Spiritual creatures at this point, but its still lack luster task. Profit will be potential if D boots drops, but all other drops are relatively negligible. 



Monster Level: 192 

Location: Mount Karuulm 

Tips: Requires boots of stone or variation to protect from consistent damage in the dungeon. Drakes have a higher defense level with high hit points. They also cannot be afk’ed due to having a special attack that will do massive damage if not dodged. Considering skipping this task as is has poor exp rates. 


Abyssal Demon: 

Monster Level: 124 

Location: Slayer Tower, Catacombs of Kourend 

Tips: Abby Demons are a good task for EXP, and have a chance to drop the covenant abyssal whip. They can be bursted, but it is less common than Dust devils or Nechs.  


Cave Kraken / Kracken: 

Monster Level: 127 / 291 

Location: Kraken Cave 

Tips: Kraken is the Boss variant.  It is suggested to do the boss variant as it gives a high amount of income with a pet chance. Using magic is the best way to kill Kraken. Fishing explosives saves time with spawning. If you are focusing on EXP, it is suggested to block this task as it has high weight and take a long time to complete.  


Dark Beast: 

Monster Level: 180 

Location: Mourner tunnels, Iowerth Dungeon 

Tips: Dark Beasts tasks are very short unless extended. It is not suggested to block as you can complete the task quickly if you do not like them. Drop table is lack luster and exp is similar.  



Monster Level:  318 

Location: Cerberus’ Lair 

Tips: The second most profitable boss task. Cerberus best drop is Primordial Crystal which at the time is worth 27m at a 1/512 drop rate. It is suggested to learn this boss as it is very profitable and can be done on hellhound tasks.  Cerberus has multiple mechanics that are required to learn. This includes unavoidable damage, Ground Dot damage, as well as prayer swapping.  Note, Cerberus can only be killed on a hellhound task. 


Smoke Devil / Thermonuclear Smoke Devil: 

Monster Level: 160 / 301 

Location: Smoke Devil Dungeon  

Tips: Smoke Devils require a facemask or Slayer Helm to kill. It is suggested to kill the non-boss variants for exp, and the boss variant if you want a chance for a pet.  


Hydra / Alchemical Hydra: 

Monster Level:  194 / 426 

Location: Mount Karuulm 

Tips: It is suggested to always kill the Boss varient as it is one of the top 5 most profibable bosses in the game. Hydra is a difficult boss with many mechanics through four different phases. It uses ranged and magic and will swap attacks every three attacks during for the first three phases. You will also have to lure the Hydra onto the correct vent every phase.  


Block list: 

Creating a block list can help you avoid unwanted slayer tasks. I suggest doing tasks you like and avoiding ones you do not want instead of focusing on “ideal” block list. My suggestions for block list are some of my personal suggestions. Block lists can be focused on Exp based, or probability. You can also consider not blocking a task, but instead skipping them. 


Spiritual Creature 



Black Demons (Pre Monkey Madness 2 completion) 

Steel/Iron Dragons 



Abyssal Demon 


Quests for Slayer Exp: 

You can get a total of 186k Exp from quest rewards. This alone will put you at level 56. You would not be able to complete Monkey Madness 2 though, as you would need 69 Slayer to complete it. You would therefore be able to get to 55 Slayer without every doing a task. 


Recruitment Drive: 1k Exp 

The Depths of Dispair:  1.5k Exp 

The Fremennik Trials:  2.8k Exp 

Underground Pass: 3k Exp 

Icthlarin’s Little Helper:  3k Exp 

Cold War: 5k Exp 

Royal Touble: 5k Exp 

Grim Tales:  6k Exp 

Cabin Fever: 7k Exp 

Darkness of Hallowvale: 7k Exp 

The Grand Tree: 7.9k Exp 

Land of the Goblins: 8k Exp 

Troll Romance: 8k Exp 

Making Friends with My arm: 10k Exp 

Recipe for Disaster (Awowogei subquest): 10k Exp 

Regicide: 13,750 Exp 

Dragon Slayer 2: 15k Exp 

Beneath Cursed Sands:  20k Exp 

Mounings End Part 2: 20k Exp 

Monkey Madness 2: 20k Exp 

Song of the Elves: 20k Exp

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