OSRS Smithing Guide

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OSRS Smithing Guide

What is Smithing ? 

Smithing is a production skill which players can use to create various items and bars. There are various ways to train smithing from afk methods to money making ones or really efficient exp methods which yield up to 380k exp per hour, which is one of the fastest exp rates in the entire game.

Why Should You Train Smithing ?

To start off, smithing offers a lot of different ways for a player to make money. The higher your smithing level is the more methods you will have access to. 

Secondly a decent number of quests in old school runescape requires smithing to complete. Some of these quests are necessary to complete for one's account, should they want to participate in the end game content. The quests that require smithing are:

  • Zogre Flesh Eaters - Smithing Level 4
  • Elemental Workshop 1 - Smithing Level 20
  • The Tourist Trap - Smithing Level 20
  • Elemental Workshop 2 - Smithing Level 30
  • One Small Favour - Smithing Level 30
  • Family Crest - Smithing Level 40
  • Swan Song - Smithing Level 45
  • Between a Rock… - Smithing Level 50
  • Cabin Fever - Smithing Level 50
  • Legends’ Quest - Smithing Level 50
  • The Fremennik Exiles - Smithing Level 60
  • Devious Minds - Smithing Level 65
  • Dragon Slayer 2 - Smithing Level 70
  • Song of the Elves - Smithing Level 70

To get a quest cape you will need at least level 70 smithing.

Lastly if you want to complete all the achievement diaries in the game, you will need at least level 91 smithing.


Smithing Training

This smithing guide will have 5 sections:

  1. Useful Items and Unlocks
  2. Fastest Route to 99
  3. Afk Smithing Training
  4. Profitable Ways to Train Smithing
  5. Alternative Ways to 99

Useful Items and Unlocks

  1. Ice Gloves

Ice gloves are a necessary item to have for the fastest exp route and for some money making methods using smithing. It’s mainly used to collect your bars from the blast furnace. If you have the Heroes’ Quest completed you should have this item in your bank. If you haven't completed the quest, worry not it is not a requirement for getting the gloves. You only need 50 mining and a pickaxe to go below White Wolf Mountain and kill the Ice Queen to get her gloves.

  1. Goldsmith Gauntlets

Goldsmith Gauntlets unlocks the fastest exp method in the game for smithing, so it’s necessary to get if you are looking to do the efficient route. To get this pair of gauntlets you will need to complete the Family Crest quest. After the quest completion, bring your steel gauntlets alongside 25k coins to Avan, who can be found in the Al Kharid mine to exchange it for Goldsmith Gauntlets.

  1. Coal Bag

Coal bag is not a necessary item to get, however it’s highly recommended for you to have, if you are going to be making metal bars using the blast furnace. Having this item will greatly increase your metal production rates. You can obtain this item from the Prospector Percy’s Nugget Shop for 100 golden nuggets. ( which can be found in the motherload mine )

Fastest Route to 99

  1. Levels 1 - 29: To instantly get up to level 29 smithing, you will need to complete The Knight’s Sword quest. This will take 5 minutes to complete and will instantly put you at level 29 smithing. If you don’t feel like doing this quest, smith bronze items on an anvil until you reach level 15 and switch to making iron bars at the blast furnace.
  2. Levels 29 - 40: The fastest and the most profitable way to get to level 40 is to smelt iron bars using the blast furnace minigame. To have access to this minigame you will need to start the Giant Dwarf quest. After the first cutscene of the quest you will have full access to this minigame. To use the blast furnace efficiently head over to the most crowded blast furnace world. To use the blast furnace you will need to deposit coins to the coffer and until level 60 smithing you will need to pay the Blast Furnace Foreman 2.5k every 10 minutes.

To use the blast furnace, place a full inventory of iron ore onto the conveyor belt. After placing your ores, equip your ice gloves to take your bars from the bar dispensary. Bank at the nearby chest and repeat the process. ( If you don’t have Ice gloves you will need to use a bucket of water on the dispensary every time, which will slow down your progress. )

  1. Levels 40 - 99: Level 40 unlocks the fastest training method in the game which is smelting gold bars at the blast furnace. For this you will need the ice gloves and the goldsmith gauntlets. 

Equip your goldsmith gauntlets and have the ice gloves in your inventory. Fill the remaining 27 spots in your inventory with gold ores and place all of them on the conveyor belt. Wait until you see the exp drop to equip your Ice gloves if you equip them too early you will not get the bonus exp effect from your goldsmith gauntlets. With your ice gloves equipped, withdraw all your bars from the dispensary and repeat this process. This method yields up to 380k exp per hour but also costs around 1 mil per hour. In total doing this method will cost you around 52m gold.

Afk Smithing Training

  1. Levels 1 - 29: The method is the same, complete the Knight’s Sword quest to reach level 29. If you don’t want to do the quest smith bronze equipment until level 22.
  2. Level 29 - 34: Smith iron knives until you reach level 34 smithing. The best anvil to use is the anvil next to varrock west bank.
  3. Level 34 - 54: From level 34 to 54, you will be smithing steel dart tips. As of making this guide you will be making 114k gp per hour from this.
  4. Levels 54 - 74: From level 54 to 74, you will be making mithril dart tips. As of making this guide you will be making 88k per hour from this.
  5. Levels 74 - 89: From level 74 - 89, you will be making adamant dart tips. As of making this guide you will be making 41k per hour from this.
  6. Levels 89 - 99: To get the 99, you guessed it you will be making rune dart tips. This method is really afk however you will be losing 4 - 5m per hour doing this method. If you don’t want to lose money but also want to keep afking, continue making adamant darts until 99.
  7. Profitable Ways to Train Smithing

  1. Blast Furnace

If you are not looking to get the fastest exp rates out there, blast furnace is quite profitable. Any bar you create using the blast furnace is profitable ( except gold bars obviously ). The higher the tier of the bar the more profit you are going to make. For this method the coal bag is NECESSARY and ice gloves will speed up the process significantly. ( The money you make from this changes in accordance to the G.E prices, the prices that I will display can change. )

  • Iron Bars: Iron bars are pretty easy to make, place 28 of them on the belt and just collect them.

Profit/Hour: 330k

  • Steel Bars: Starting with steel bars you will need your coalbag. To make steel bars, fill your coal bag with coal then fill your inventory with iron ore. Place your iron ores on the belt and then withdraw and place your coals on the belt.

Profit/Hour: 648k

  • Mithril Bars: For mithril bars, fill your coal bag and inventory with coal, place all of them on the belt. After that run back to the bank, fill your coal bag with coal once again and fill your inventory with mithril ore. Place both on the conveyor belt and withdraw your bars.

Profit/Hour: 686k

  • Adamant Bars: For adamant bars, fill your coal bag and inventory with coal and place them on the belt. Run back to the bank, fill your coal bag with coal and your inventory with adamantite ore and place all of them, then repeat.

Profit/Hour: 837k

  • Runite Bars: For runite, bars fill your coal bag and inventory with coal and place them on the belt. Do this 3 times in a row and on your 4th and 5th run fill your coal bag with coal and your inventory with runite ore. Repeat.

Profit/Hour: 1.3m


  1. Smithing Cannonballs

This method is the slowest and the most afk method of all smithing training methods. To do this you will need to complete The Dwarf’s Cannon quest. After the quest, get yourself an ammo mould and fill the rest of your inventory with steel bars and head to Edgeville to start smithing them into cannonballs. You can double your exp and profit by getting a double ammo mould from the Giant’s Foundry. ( Prices are according to the current G.E prices )

  • Regular Ammo Mould

Exp/Hour: 13,824

Profit/Hour: 121k

  • Double Ammo Mould

Exp/Hour: 27,648

Profit/Hour: 242k


  1. Giant’s Foundry

Giant’s Foundry is a minigame that you can access after completing the quest Sleeping Giants. To summarise the minigame you will be taking smithing commissions and creating those said commissions to receive rewards. 

You can start training in the foundry, starting at level 15 however it’s not recommended to start so early. 

The recommended level to start using the foundry is level 81 smithing as you will have access to adamant and mithril. If you start doing foundry at level 81 you can expect about 160k - 190k exp per hour and 40k - 100k profit per hour.


  1. Smithing Rune Items

This is a very high end method that yields a lot of profit and it is recommended to people that are going for 200m smithing. To start this you will need at least level 95 smithing. 

  • Rune Platelegs:

Exp/Hour: 210k

Profit/Hour: 448k

  • Rune Plateskirt:

Exp/Hour: 210k

Profit/Hour: 510k


  • Rune 2h Sword:

Exp/Hour: 210k

Profit/Hour: 514k


Alternative Ways to 99

This part assumes you followed the efficient guide to level 40. This method is for people that don’t want to lose as much money but also want to do a fast and easy method.

  1. Levels 40 - 68: As explained in the “Fastest Route” smith gold bars until 68.
  2. Levels 68 - 88: Smith mithril platebodies until level 88.

Exp/Hour: 200k

Profit/Hour: -576k

  1. Level 88 - 99: Smith adamant platebodies until level 99.

Exp/Hour: 240k

Profit/Hour: -349k

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