OSRS Smithing Guide: From Basics To 99

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OSRS Smithing Guide: From Basics To 99

Old School Runescape is far from being just about combat and magic. Thanks to its expansive RPG mechanics and systems, you can play the game whichever way you want to. If you've always dreamed of becoming a renowned blacksmith, the OSRS definitely gives you the tools to do so.

As one of the core crafting skills in OSRS, Smithing is an integral part not just in the player experience, but in the entire land of Gielinor. As with all skills in the game, getting from level 1 to 99 is quite the journey but lucky for you, we've come up with the most comprehensive OSRS Smithing guide to help you out.

What Is OSRS Smithing?

Smithing is one of the production skills in OSRS. It's available to free and subscription members but those with a membership get access to more craftable items. It goes well with gathering skills like Mining which is used to generate the raw materials you need to craft items. Smithing also involves the process of smelting gold bars and other bars in the game.


Many of the Smithable items in OSRS are used in combat, quests, and even to train other skills. Because it's such a useful skill, you might want to make sure that you're putting in a few levels to this, even if you aren't planning on taking it to level 99.

OSRS Anvil Locations


The most important part of Smithing in OSRS is anvils. You'll need this when creating things in the game. The good news is that there are loads of them scattered all throughout the game. Here are their locations.

Anvil locationMembership RequiredNotes
Western VarrockNoOne of the best anvils as it's the one that's close to a bank.
Ruins of CamdozaalNoThere are two anvils to visit here. There's one near Ramarno close to a bank chest. The other is directly north of the entrance of the Ruins of Camdozaal.
Central VarrockNoThere are two anvils inside Horvik's shop.
Eastern VarrockNoThere are two anvils south of the bank. Both are on the west side.
Draynor VillageNoIt's in a dangerous place - inside the sewer dungeon. Prepare to face zombies and skeletons.
FaladorNoIt's near Doric's hut to the north but it's a few steps away. Before accessing this, you must've completed Doric's Quest first.
Dwarven MineNoThese are two furnaces that can be very helpful later on. One is a Superheat Item smelter. THe other one can be found near the South entrance to Falado. You'll also want to have a Disk of returning.
Giants' PlateauNoLocated east of Al Kharid, around the western area of Citharede Abbey.
Corsair Cove DungeonNoA great area for training because it contains coal, mithril, runite, and adamantite ore deposits.
WildernessNoLocated in the Western Ruins, around the level 23 Wilderness. You can start farming more ores from the Bandit Camp Mine. There's also a furnace in the Eastern Ruins, making it easy to go back and forth for Smithing training.
Mudskipper PointNoAt the southern area of Port Sarim, near Thurgo. It's close to a fairy ring too.
South-Eastern PrifddinasYesThis is the anvil that's closest to a bank. You can only use it after beating Song of the Elves. What's even better about this anvil is that it's in front of a furnace.
Port KhazardYesLocated west of the Fishing Trawler minigame.
Void Knights' OutpostYesWest of the bank.
YanilleYesLocated south of the bank, near the Wizards' Guild.
Blast FurnaceYesRequires 60 Smithing.
JatizsoYesThis requires the Fremennik Trials before you can use it. It's north of the platebody shop.
KeldagrimYesThere are a total of five anvils in this area. One by the bank, the other by the general store, and there are three located by the Blast Furnace.
Seers' VillageYesWest of the bank.
Kourend CastleYesSouth-west tower on the 1st floor.
Myths' GuildYesOn the 3rd floor. Must've completed Dragon Slayer II
WildernessYesWest of the Mage Arena.
NardahYesIn the platelegs shop.
LovakengjYesNorth-west of the prayer altar.
BurthorpeYesIn the north-east corner.
HemensterYesWest of the Ranging Guild.
Isle of SoulsYesIn the southern part of the island.
Wilderness Resource AreaYesAn anvil that's very close to ore deposits, and even a furnace. It's good for training but bear in mind that the nearest bank is in Edgeville. You can also trade in Ardougne or in the Mage Arena by using the Wilderness levers. There are also Piles in the area that can turn items into banknotes for a small fee. This can replace the need for a deposit service.
MiscellaniaYesIt's next to a coal mine but it's rather useless considering what you mine is given to the NPCs in Miscellania.
Dorgesh-KaanYesNot a great spot as no mine is nearby.
RellekkaYesHead to the southwest corner to find 3 furnaces. It's the second closest anvil to a furnace in the game.
The WarrensYesNorth-west room.
DarkmeyerYesLocated in the western part of the city. It's a bit far from the bank. If you want to use it safely, make sure that you have the Vyre noble clothing equipped.
LovakengjYesSouth-east of The Forsaken Tower path.
West ArdougneYesIn a building along the north wall.
SlepeYesNo nearby mine.
Underground PassYesIn the south-west corner in one of the houses near Niloof, Klank and Kamen
KaramjaYesNorth of Tai Bwo Wannai.
Ruins of UllekYesIn the middle of the Ruins of Ullek

Aside from these, there are also a few special anvils that can only be used for certain items. Here's what they are and where you can find them.

Rusted anvilLumbridgeNoOnly used when smithing bronze items. You'll need to reach Lumbridge Castle bank by using two sets of staircases.
Barronite CrusherRuins of CamdozaalNoOnly used to crush any Barronite deposits that you have.
Barbarian anvilBarbarian VillageYesOnly used to Smith spears and Hastae.
Barbarian anvilOtto's GrottoYesOnly used to Smith spears and Hastae.
An experimental anvilBedabin CampYesUsed to smith a Prototype dart tip during the quest called Tourist Trap.
Dragon forgeAncient CavernYesRequired to create Dragon equipment.
WorkbenchElemental WorkshopYesCan only be used to create Elemental Bars and Primed mind bars.

OSRS Smithing Tables

Of course, the most important part of Smithing is creating the items themselves. We've rounded up all of the items you can Smith and we've divided them per ore needed.



Smithing LevelItemXPBarsMembership Required
3Medium helm12.51No
3Unfinished bolts × 1012.51Yes
4Dart tips × 1012.51Yes
4Nails × 1512.51Yes
5Arrowtips × 1512.51Yes
6Crossbow limbs12.51Yes
6Javelin heads × 512.51Yes
7Full helm252No
7Throwing knives × 512.51Yes
8Sq shield252No
14Two-handed sword37.53No


Smithing LevelItemXPBarsMembership Required
18Medium helm251No
18Unfinished bolts × 10251Yes
19Dart tips × 10[s 1]251Yes
19Nails × 15251Yes
20Arrowtips × 15251Yes
21Javelin heads × 5251Yes
22Full helm502No
22Throwing knives × 5251Yes
23Sq shield502No
26Lantern frame251Yes
28Claws[s 3]502Yes
292h sword753No


Smithing LevelItemXPBarsMembership
33Medium helmet37.51No
33Unfinished bolts × 1037.51Yes
34Nails × 1537.51No
34Dart tips × 1037.51Yes
35Arrowtips × 1537.51Yes
35Cannonball × 425.61Yes
36Crossbow limbs37.51Yes
36Javelin heads × 537.51Yes
37Full helmet752No
37Throwing knives × 537.51Yes
38Square shield752No
44Two-handed sword112.53No
49Unfinished bullseye lantern37.51Yes


Smithing LevelItemXPBarsMembership Required


Smithing LevelItemXPBarsMembership Required
53Medium helmet501No
53Unfinished bolts × 10501Yes
54Nails × 15501Yes
54Dart tips × 10[s 1]501Yes
55Arrowtips × 15501Yes
56Crossbow limbs501Yes
56Javelin heads × 5501Yes
57Full helmet1002No
57Throwing knives × 5501Yes
58Square shield1002No
59Grapple tip501Yes
64Two-handed sword1503No


Smithing LevelItemXPBarsMembership Required
73Medium helmet62.51No
73Unfinished bolts × 1062.51Yes
74Nails × 1562.51Yes
74Dart tips × 10[s 1]62.51Yes
75Arrowtips × 1562.51Yes
76Crossbow limbs62.51Yes
76Javelin heads × 562.51Yes
77Full helmet1252No
77Throwing knives × 562.51No
78Square shield1252No
84Two-handed sword187.53No


88Medium helmet751No
88Unfinished bolts × 10751Yes
89Nails × 15751Yes
89Dart tips × 10[s 1]751Yes
90Spear[s 2]1501Yes
90Hasta[s 2]1501Yes
90Arrowtips × 15751Yes
91Crossbow limbs751Yes
91Javelin heads × 5751Yes
92Full helmet1502No
92Throwing knives × 5751Yes
93Square shield1502No
99Two-handed sword2253No

What Is OSRS Crystal Singing?


Outside of anvils and furnaces, you can also partake in crystal singing. This is the process in which you can make certain items using Crystal shards and a singing bowl within Prifddinas. For this, you'll need a high enough Smithing and Crafting level. Here's what you can make through Crystal singing.

ItemSkill RequirementXPMaterials
Celestial signetCrafting - 70
Smithing - 70
Crafting -5,000
Smithing - 5,000
100 × Crystal shard
1000 × Stardust
1 × Celestial ring
1 × Elven signet
Crystal helmCrafting - 70
Smithing - 70
Crafting - 2,500
Smithing - 2,500
50 × Crystal shard
1 × Crystal armor seed
Crystal legsCrafting - 72
Smithing - 72
Crafting - 5,000
Smithing - 5,000
100 × Crystal shard
2 × Crystal armor seed
Crystal bodyCrafting - 74
Smithing - 74
Crafting - 7,500
Smithing - 7,500
150 × Crystal shard
3 × Crystal armor seed
Crystal axeCrafting - 76
Smithing - 76
Crafting - 6,000
Smithing - 6,000
120 × Crystal shard
1 × Crystal tool seed
1 × Dragon axe
Crystal harpoonCrafting - 76
Smithing - 76
Crafting - 6,000
Smithing - 6,000
120 × Crystal shard
1 × Crystal tool seed
1 × Dragon harpoon
Crystal pickaxeCrafting - 76
Smithing - 76
Crafting - 6,000
Smithing - 6,000
120 × Crystal shard
1 × Crystal tool seed
1 × Dragon pickaxe
Crystal bowCrafting - 78
Smithing - 78
Crafting - 2,000
Smithing - 2,000
40 × Crystal shard
1 × Crystal weapon seed
Crystal halberdCrafting - 78
Smithing - 78
Crafting - 2,000
Smithing - 2,000
40 × Crystal shard
1 × Crystal weapon seed
Crystal shieldCrafting - 78
Smithing - 78
Crafting - 2,000
Smithing - 2,000
40 × Crystal shard
1 × Crystal weapon seed
Enhanced crystal keyCrafting - 80
Smithing - 80
Crafting - 500
Smithing - 500
10 × Crystal shard
1 × Crystal key
Eternal teleport crystalCrafting - 80
Smithing - 80
Crafting - 5,000
Smithing - 5,000
100 × Crystal shard
1 × Enhanced crystal teleport seed
Blade of saeldorCrafting - 82
Smithing - 82
Crafting - 5,000
Smithing - 5,000
100 × Crystal shard
1 × Enhanced crystal weapon seed
Bow of faerdhinenCrafting - 82
Smithing - 82
Crafting - 5,000
Smithing - 5,000
100 × Crystal shard
1 × Enhanced crystal weapon seed
Blade of saeldor (c)Crafting - 82
Smithing - 82
Crafting - 0
Smithing - 0
1,000 × Crystal shard
1 × Blade of saeldor (inactive)
Bow of faerdhinen (c)Crafting - 82
Smithing - 82
Crafting - 0
Smithing - 0
2,000 × Crystal shard
1 × Bow of faerdhinen (inactive)
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What Is Smelting?


In OSRS, smelting is the process of creating a metal bar out of a metal ore. An iron ore creates an iron bar, a gold ore creates a gold bar, and so on. In some cases, creating specific metals will require multiple ores, along with coal which is added to the furnace to help maintain or raise the heat used in smelting.


If you're a paying player, you can smelt bars at the Blast Furnace which results in quicker and more productive ways to get bars. The Blast Furnace is located in Keldagrim and it's the only one of its kind across the land. It's going to be a very popular spot if you're planning on mastering Smithing.

Additionally, you can also smelt bars if you use the Superheat Item spell which is accessible if you have level 43 magic. You get the same XP from smelting using the regular furnace or a Blast Furnace, but there are a few special benefits such as no longer having to walk between a bank and a furnace, gaining magic experience simultaneously. Perhaps the best benefit is that you have a 100% success rate in smelting iron ore when using this method.

There are multiple bars you can make in the game. Here's a quick chart to guide you.

Smithing LevelBarOre
XPMembership RequiredNotes
1BronzeTin Ore x1
Copper Ore x1
6.2NoThe lowest-tier metal in the game. Low-quality, but still essential for training.
13]BluriteBlurite Orex18YesBefore getting this ore, you'll need to finish The Knight's Sword quest first.
15IronIron Orex112.5NoA great material for training but the chances of smelting iron ore's failure is a whopping 50%.
20SilverSilver Orex113.7NoA valuable ore that's used to create various items made of silver.
20ElementalElemental Orex1
Coal x4
7.5YesNecessary for the quests, Elemental Workshop I and Elemental Workshop II.
30SteelIron Orex1
Coal x2
17.5NoA common metal that is used in most training methods in OSRS.
40GoldGold Orex122.5
NoAnother valuable metal that's used in crafting many items. Has many uses like silver but cannot be used to make coins.
45LovakiteLovakite Orex1
20YesAn important ore used in making Shayzien supply armor.
50MithrilMithril Orex1
30NThe lightest metal in the game.
70AdamantiteAdamantiteOre x1
37.5NoThe heaviest metal in the game so it's hard to carry more of this around.
85RuniteRunite Orex1
Coal x8
50NoThe strongest metal in all of OSRS.

Important Smithing Equipment in OSRS

What's a smith without the right tools? As a Smith, you'll need quite a few items to get the job done. Make sure to have these things with you when you can.

HammerRequired to smith bars into items while using an anvil.
Imcando hammerFunctions similarly to a hammer. The difference is that you can wield this as a weapon so you're getting an extra inventory space.
Goldsmith gauntletsIncreases the amount of experience you get whenever you smelt gold bars. It doubles the XP and then some!
Ice glovesRequired at the Blast Furnace and Giants' Foundry. You'll need this to pick up giant swords and bars without the need to wait for them to cool.
Smiths tunicEach of the pieces of this outfit will grant you a 20% chance to increase the speed of any actions you do at an anvil. Since the effects stack, you can guarantee double the speed at a full set.
Smiths trousers
Smiths gloves
Smiths boots
Smiths gloves (i)Has the effects of both smith gloves and ice gloves.
Ring of forgingPrevents failure when smelting an iron bar.
Smithing capeThe same as the goldsmith gauntlets but it also gives you more storage space for your coal.
Smithing cape(t)
Max cape
Varrock armor 1Gives you a 10% chance to smelt at least two bars at the same time on Edgeville. The four tiers represent the rank of the ore you can double-smelt. Tier 4 lets you double-smelt on all ores.
Varrock armor 2
Varrock armor 3
Varrock armor 4
Bucket of waterRequired to cooldown the items at the Blast Furnace. No longer necessary if you have the ice gloves.
Smithing catalystUsed at regular furnaces. It doubles the XP you get from bars that need coal to smelt. Even better, it halves the amount of coal needed for smelting. At regular furnaces, it provides double experience from bars that require coal to smelt, and halves the amount of coal needed.
Ammo moldRequired to smelt 4 cannonballs using a steel bar.
Double ammo moldRequired to smelt 8 cannonballs using 2 steel bars.
Coal bagStores 27 pieces of coal.

Useful Smithing Items In OSRS


If you have the time, money, and items, you should definitely consider equipping your character well with these things that will make the leveling process faster.

  1. Smithing Cape

This gives you a coal bag that can hold 36 coal instead of 27. Additionally, it can also give XP-boosting effects to make the leveling process easier.

  1. Dwarven Stout

This special item gives you numerous bonuses including +1 to Hitpoints, up to +2 to Attack, Strength, and Defence. It also gives you one bonus level to Smithing. What's great is that this item is available to everyone, including F2P players.

  1. Dwarven Stout (m)

Similar to Dwarven stout but it doubles the effects of its base version. Unfortunately, this isn't available to F2P players.

  1. Kovac's Grog

Gives a whopping plus 4 to your Smithing. On top of that, it also gives +2 to Attack, Ranged, and Magic.

  1. Spicy Stew

Can give up to +5 to Smithing. Additionally, it can give you up to 11 Hit Points as well.

  1. Goldsmith Gauntlets

Increase the amount of XP you gain while smelting gold bars. Very useful if you're going to smelt gold bars to get to level 99.


OSRS F2P Level 1-99 Guide

While possible, getting to level 99 Smithing on a free account will take a lot of work. The steps below are optimized to be the fastest route possible for a free player but it will still take a considerable amount of time.

Level 1-29: The Knight's Sword Quest

The journey to reaching level 99 is long. However, completing The Knight's Sword Quest can take a huge burden off of your shoulders. After finishing the quest, you'll get a whopping 12,725 XP to Smithing which will get you to level 29.

You can start this quest by speaking to the squire inside the courtyard at White Knight's Castle in Falador.


Level 29-33: Bronze Platebodies


After doing The Knight's Sword Quest, you can start smithing bronze platebodies. You'll need a total of 1,180 bronze bars for this, which is enough to get you to level 33 from level 29.

Level 33-48: Iron Platebodies


Once you hit level 33, you'll need to move towards creating iron platebodies. You'll need a total of 2,590 iron bars to get your characters to level 48 Smithing.

Level 48-68: Steel Platebodies


You'll then have to move towards crafting steel platebodies once you reach level 48. For this, you'll need a total of 13,920 steel bars. If you're smelting the bars yourself, you'll need only 9,491 bars.

Level 68-88: Mithril Platebodies


At level 68, you'll have to move towards creating mithril platebodies. You'll need 76,615 mithril bars for this but if you're smelting the bar yourself, that goes down to 47,260 bars.

Level 88-98: Adamant Platebodies


Almost at the final stretch. For this, you'll need a whopping 118,720 adamant bars but you'll only need 74,200 bars if you're smelting the bars yourself. Make sure to use energy potions to keep your character active and at maximum efficiency per hour.


Level 98-99: Rune Equipment

It will take you a lot longer if you're going to use the adamant platebodies route to get to 99. It's more practical to shift towards smithing rune platebodies instead. To get here, you'll need around 16,385 runite bars but only 9,835 if you're smelting the bars yourself.

To make this process easier, you can use dwarven stout to increase your Smithing by one level for one minute. If you're starting to struggle with energy, you can use energy potions as well.

If you don't have enough gold for this last step, you can smith rune platelegs or rune plateskits instead.

As you can see, the free to play process to getting to level 99 is very intensive and tiring. If you're going to get a membership, it will be a lot easier on your end. This OSRS smithing guide won't be complete if we don't reach out to free to play players so we're still including this as part of the guide.

OSRS P2P Level 1-99 Guide

If you're one of the guys who are taking OSRS seriously and you're getting a membership for it, then the road to level 99 will be much quicker.

Level 1-39: Quests

This journey will start very similarly to what you do in the F2P route. You'll need to complete a couple of quests first. We've detailed The Knight's Sword above, so we're now going to talk about the other quests that will get you to level 39 - as well as give you a few rewards, of course.

  1. Sleeping Giants

On this quest, you'll have to assist Kovac the Giant in investigating an ancient workshop located beneath the Giants' Plateau. To start, look and talk to Kovac located in the eastern region of Al Kharid.

  1. Elemental Workshop I and II

These two quests are interconnected and are about uncovering the secrets behind the elemental ore. You can start it by searching the bookcase inside a house on the southwest bank of Seers' Village.

  1. The Giant Dwarf

This is the first quest you'll need to do in the Rise of the Red Axe series. You'll explore the dwarven capital of Keldagrim and face the Red Axe consortium controlling the city. To start this quest, head to the Keldagim mines east of Rellekka. It's also north of the Mountain Camp.

  1. Heroes' Quest

Start this quest by talking to Achietties near the entrance of the Heroes Guild. This is a rigorous quest to join and guild and will require you to work with another player to get the job done.

  1. Freeing Pirate Pete

This quest is a subquest of Recipe for Disaster. All you need to do to start this quest is to interact with Pirate Pete when you're prompted to during Recipe for Disaster.


Completing these 6 quests will grant you enough experience to get to level 39. You'll only need to smith a few more iron plate bodies to get to level 40 too. What's great about doing quests instead of anvil smithing is that you gain access to a ton of rewards as well.

Of course, you get to explore the amazing sights and stories that OSRS has to offer. This is a lot better than making iron bars and exploring endlessly to collect bars for smithing.

Levels 40-99: Gold Bars

The journey to level 99 is very easy as you'll only need to smelt gold bars in the Blast Furnace. This is easily the fastest journey to level 99 in smithing. The problem with this method is that it costs a ton of money and is heavily dependent on Grand Exchange prices.

First, you'll need to complete Family Crest to get the goldsmith gauntlets. This will increase the XP you get per gold bar from 22.5 to 56.2, reducing the time and resources it takes by over half of what's initially required.

You should also get the ice gloves from the Ice Queen so that you can better manage the Blast Furnace. Although not necessary, you'll need stamina potions as well if you want a more optimized path toward getting to 99. Since this method won't necessarily feature combat, wear light clothing instead so that you can greatly reduce the energy drain when you run.

The Blast Furnace is in Keldagrim. If you've followed this guide, you can gain access to the area after starting The Giant Dwarf quest. Once unlocked, you can use Grouping teleport to get to the Blast Furnace. You can also use the minecart from the Grand Exchange to get to Keldagrim.

At maximum efficiency, you can get around 380,000 XP per hour. If you make mistakes or fail checks, you'll get around 330,000-360,000 XP which is still relatively high. We highly recommend doing this with the goldsmith gauntlets. Without it, you're better off doing other methods to get to 99. To increase your XP gain even more, you can also wear the Smithing Cape.

Below, you'll see the XP difference and the total cost required if you have the goldsmith gauntlets.

LevelsItemBars/hXP/hTotal BarsTotal Ore Cost (Grand Exchange)Total Ore Cost (Ordan)
40-99Gold bar6,000Up to 150,000577,654117,263,762129,972,150
40-99Gold bar
(with goldsmith gauntlets)
6,227Up to 380,000231,26846,947,40452,035,300

Levels 35-99: Smithing Cannonballs

This method is the slowest and the most afk method of all smithing training methods. To do this you will need to complete The Dwarf's Cannon quest. After the quest, get yourself an ammo mould and fill the rest of your inventory with steel bars and head to Edgeville to start smithing them into cannonballs. You can double your exp and profit by getting a double ammo mould from the Giant's Foundry. ( Prices are according to the current G.E prices )

  • Regular Ammo Mould

Exp/Hour: 13,824

Profit/Hour: 150k

  • Double Ammo Mould

Exp/Hour: 27,648

Profit/Hour: 290k

Levels 1-99: AFK Smithing

  1. Levels 1 - 29: The method is the same, complete the Knight's Sword quest to reach level 29. If you don't want to do the quest smith bronze equipment until level 22.
  2. Level 29 - 34: Smith iron knives until you reach level 34 smithing. The best anvil to use is the anvil next to varrock west bank.
  3. Level 34 - 54: From level 34 to 54, you will be smithing steel dart tips. As of making this guide you will be making 114k gp per hour from this.
  4. Levels 54 - 74: From level 54 to 74, you will be making mithril dart tips. As of making this guide you will be making 88k per hour from this.
  5. Levels 74 - 89: From level 74 - 89, you will be making adamant dart tips. As of making this guide you will be making 41k per hour from this.
  6. Levels 89 - 99: To get the 99, you guessed it you will be making rune dart tips. This method is really afk however you will be losing 4 - 5m per hour doing this method. If you don't want to lose money but also want to keep afking, continue making adamant darts until 99.

Levels 15/81-99: Giants Foundry

Giant's Foundry is a minigame that you can access after completing the quest Sleeping Giants. To summarize the minigame you will be taking smithing commissions and creating those said commissions to receive rewards.

You can start training in the foundry, starting at level 15 however it's not recommended to start so early.

The recommended level to start using the foundry is level 81 smithing as you will have access to adamant and mithril. If you start doing foundry at level 81 you can expect about 160k - 190k exp per hour and 40k - 100k profit per hour.

OSRS Quests With Smithing XP

Understandably, getting to 99 purely by anvil smithing or smelting can be very tiring. The game has so much to offer and it warrants more than just standing in front of an anvil or a furnace. Luckily, there are a few quests that reward you with Smithing XP among others. Unfortunately, some of these quests also require certain levels for other skills.

Level Required

Other requirements

The Forsaken Tower500-20% Lovakengj favor
Recipe for Disaster
(Pirate Pete subquest)
1,000-Cooking - 31
Heroes' Quest2,257-Quest Points - 55
Cooking - 53
Fishing - 53
Herblore - 25
Mining - 50
The Giant Dwarf2,500-Thieving -14
Crafting - 12
Firemaking - 16
Magic - 33
Between a Rock...5,000Smithing - 50Defense - 30
Mining - 40
Elemental Workshop I5,000Smithing - 20Crafting - 20 ,
Mining - 20
Sleeping Giants6,000Smithing - 15 
Devious Minds6,500Smithing - 65Runecraft - 50
Fletching - 50
Cabin Fever7,000Smithing - 50Agility - 42
Crafting - 45
Range - 40
Elemental Workshop II7,500Smithing - 30Magic - 20
Crafting - 20
The Knight's Sword12,725-Magic - 10
Song of the Elves40,000Smithing - 70Agility - 70
Construction - 70
Farming - 70
Herblore - 70
Hunting - 70
Mining - 70
Woodcutting - 70
Dragon Slayer II80,000Smithing - 70Quest Points - 200
Magic - 75
Mining - 68
Construction - 62
Agility - 60
Thieving - 60
Construction - 50
Healthpoints - 50

Let Your Hammer Do The Talking

Becoming a level 99 blacksmith in OSRS is quite the journey. At the end of it, you're rewarded with a very special skill that will make you rich and capable of making any equipment that you'll need in the game. Hopefully, this guide has been very helpful in making you the best blacksmith you can be in OSRS.

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