OSRS Solo Wintertodt Guide

11.01.2023 - 10:50:08
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OSRS Solo Wintertodt Guide

This guide will only cover soloing the boss Wintertodt. If you are looking for a complete guide that will provide you with every little detail you need, check our OSRS Wintertodt Guide first.

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Why Solo Wintertodt?

Soloing Wintertodt rather than massing has its advantages:

  1. By soloing you will be receiving 50% more rewards which makes this great for Iron man. This is due to the fact that your reward crates scales with the amount of points you have and in a solo game you can collect as many points as you want to.
  2. Soloing is also far more afk than massing since you will be taking a lot less damage.
  3. Soloing also provides more construction exp as you will be the only one repairing the braziers.

If you are looking for these advantages then soloing is for you, however keep in mind that you will be receiving less firemaking exp with this method so you are better off doing Wintertodt normally if you are looking to gain the most exp per hour.

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Soloing Wintertodt

Get your warm clothing, hammer, axe, good amount of food (around 10 brews), a stamina potion and a tinderbox and find an empty Wintertodt world.

  1. Begin by getting 3 rejuvenation potions from the crate and start the mini-game. 
  2. Light up all 4 braziers and while running from one to another pick 3 herbs from the wall to create your potions.
  3. After this head back into the safe zone and wait. During this time you will have to light up and fix the two braziers that are close to the safe zone, you don’t have to worry about the other two. As Wintertodts energy gets lower and lower the braziers will start going out more and more. You will do this until Wintertodt reaches 20% energy. 
  4. Now you are ready to earn points and exp, as you would normally do, start chopping logs and add them into the fire. Whenever you are out of rejuvenation potions go ahead and make more to revive your pyromancer. Keep doing this until you are satisfied or until you reach the maximum amount of points that gets you rewards. Which is 13,500 points.
  5. After you are done you can reset and do it all over again.

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