OSRS Splashing: What It Is And How To Do It

24.11.2023 - 15:18:19
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OSRS Splashing: What It Is And How To Do It

Majority of the time you'll spend in OSRS will be focused on training your Skills. Trust us, it's going to take a long time getting each Skill to 99, even if you're a paying member. For Magic, the best way to level up is to simply fight enemies using your spells and magical abilities.

If you've grown tired of it, then you might want to try a little trick called ‘splashing.' With splashing, you're getting an efficient way of leveling up. It's also something that you can do if you're sick of the routine of killing monsters with spells. The problem is, this trick isn't that easy to learn. Let's talk about what it is first.

What is Splashing In OSRS?

Splashing is the practice of training Magic by casting combat spells on an NPC. Before doing this however, you'll need to make sure that the magic accuracy is low so that it actually doesn't hit the NPC. Even if you don't deal any damage to the NPC, you can still gain a constant amount of Magic XP.


While doing this trick, it's essential to make sure that you're constantly interacting with the game. Your character will stop auto-retaliating after 20 minutes or so which is why you'll need to interact with the game to avoid getting logged out.

Splashing In The Old Days

Splashing emerged as a widely adopted method for training Magic following an update that rendered random events optional. This modification allowed players to leave their avatars unattended for up to six hours while engaging in splashing on an NPC or another player within a secure minigame environment, such as Clan Wars, before the game client enforced a logout. Despite not violating game rules, this approach generated significant controversy within the player community, with some individuals considering it akin to cheating.

The unintended consequences of making random events optional prompted Jagex to conduct the Old School Game Integrity Survey poll. This survey addressed various concerns about content or activities believed by players to compromise the integrity of the game, splashing being one of them. The official response to the survey results acknowledged the community's sentiments and concerns surrounding such controversial mechanics.

In a statement, the developers said:

“The key issues we had to consider when it came to splashing was that it has always been a part of Old School, however until the random events were removed it was something which wasn't appealing to players. Of course, there are those who think that splashing should remain as it is an easy way to level magic. However, we think that if everyone could get 99 magic easily any future update to the magic skill would be redundant.

What we have decided to do is to emulate the effect of random events if you are splashing. So, if you are splashing in an area where you can receive random events and not interacting with the game for a period of time, your account will stop auto-retaliating.”

While it's been significantly nerfed, splashing remains to be an excellent way to train Magic. Although it can't be done as a purely AFK training method, the effort needed to execute this is relatively low.

Preparing To Splash


Splashing can only be successfully done if your Magic Attack bonus is -64 or lower. If it's anything above that, you have a small chance of dealing damage to the NPC. As such, you'll need to prepare the following equipment. Here are some recommended equipment:

For F2P:

  • A complete plate armor set comprises any full helm, platebody, platelegs/plateskirt, and kiteshield. Platelegs and plateskirts offer identical bonuses.
    • Plate armor of any metal is interchangeable; for example, a Bronze platebody and a Rune platebody both provide a -30 Magic attack bonus.
  • Green d'hide vambraces or Gilded d'hide vambraces require Level 40 Ranged for equipment.
  • Fancy or fighting boots can be replaced with Decorative boots.
  • Any elemental staff is recommended to reduce rune consumption and enable autocast. Elemental staves come with a +10 Magic attack bonus.
  • The elemental staff can be swapped for a Cursed goblin staff (obtained from Diango in Draynor). While sacrificing the rune savings of an elemental staff, it achieves a -68 Magic attack without the need to equip Green d'hide vambraces.

For P2P:

  • The Robin hood hat can be substituted with any Crystal helm. Alternatively, the Granite helm (-9) or the Fighter hat (-7) are viable alternatives.
  • The Justiciar chestguard can be replaced with the Fighter torso.
  • Granite legs can be substituted with Justiciar legguards.
  • Any d'hide vambraces, blessed d'hide vambraces, or Ranger gloves can be used for a -10 Magic attack bonus.
  • Any blessed d'hide boots, Snakeskin boots, or Ranger boots are suitable choices for a -10 Magic attack bonus.
  • The Granite shield can be swapped for Toktz-ket-xil.

Where To Do Splashing

On this part of the guide, we're going to show exactly where you can splash for F2P and P2P accounts. There are specific NPCs in the world that will make splashing easier to do.

Splashing is a popular training method where players utilize monsters that cannot deal sufficient damage to reduce a player's health to zero, especially when wearing defensive splash equipment. Commonly used monsters include rats, seagulls, and spiders, although cats in member's worlds can eliminate rats.


Seagulls in Port Sarim and Port Piscarilius are frequently chosen for splashing.

The Bestiary/Levels 1 to 10 provides information for players to find suitable creatures and locations for splashing.

An exception is the region in and around Lumbridge, including the castle basement, where spells yield no experience if a player's magic accuracy is too low to deal damage. This exception was implemented to prevent the visual oddity of numerous players splashing on rats, potentially confusing new players.

Level 1 chickens just east of East Ardougne's bank, near Captain Barnaby, are a convenient choice for splashing. They are close to a bank, and player competition is usually minimal.

If reaching a -64 Magic attack proves challenging, attempting to splash on monks at the Edgeville Monastery can be a viable alternative. Monks have high health, relatively high defense for their level, and regular healing. Low-level strike spells are unlikely to kill them even when connecting, providing slightly higher Magic XP per cast and some Hitpoints XP when damage is dealt.

Here are some popular locations for splashing.

LocationLevelsMembership Required?Spawns
House west of the Grand Exchange1No3
South of Slepe1Yes9
Ruins (east)1No3
Ferox Enclave1No9
Port Piscarilius1Yes24
House west of McGrubor's Wood1Yes3
Port Sarim Jail1No5
Draynor Village1No2
South-east of Mount Quidamortem1Yes18
Farm south of Falador1No2
South-east of the Farming Guild1Yes2
North of the Chaos Temple (Wilderness)1No6
Gertrude's House1No1
Fire Altar1No1
Port Phasmatys1Yes2
South of Kourend Castle1Yes4
Mos Le'Harmless1Yes2
Lunar Isle Ship1Yes2
Burgh De Rott1Yes13
West Ruins1No16
Sinclair Mansion1Yes5
Lunar Island1Yes1
South of the Farming Guild1Yes5
Draynor Manor1No2
North-west of Hosidius Town Square1Yes4
Melzar's Maze1No5
South of Gu'Tanoth1Yes3
Fishing Guild1Yes1
Tree Gnome Village Maze1Yes9
West Ardougne1Yes74
Port Phasmatys Ship1Yes1
Port Piscarilius (1st Floor Buildings)1Yes5
Lunar Island Dock1Yes1
Melzar's Maze (1st Floor)1No2
Mos Le'Harmless Ship1Yes1
Port Piscarilius (2nd Floor Buildings)1Yes3
Melzar's Maze (2nd Floor)1No2
Ardougne Sewers1Yes23
Goblin Cave1Yes19
Clock Tower Basement1Yes26
Rat Pits1Yes3
Melzar's Maze Basement1No3
Dwarven Mines1No4
Crandor and Karamja Dungeon1No2
Draynor Sewers1No10
Varrock Sewers1No29
Draynor Manor Basement1No9
Edgeville Dungeon1No2
Sisterhood Sanctuary1Yes6
Stronghold of Security: Catacomb of Famine1No60
Stronghold of security: Vault of War1No56
Grand Tree Mine1Yes21
Taverley Dungeon1Yes4
The Warrens1Yes16
Abandoned Mine (Level 2)1Yes9
Abandoned Mine (Level 4)1Yes3
Keldagrim Rat Pits1Yes8
Kings Ransom Jail1Yes4
Meiyerditch Laboratories1Yes6
The Hollows1Yes17
Meiyerditch Hideout (Myreque Hideout)1Yes2
Observatory Dungeon1Yes4
Rashiliyia's Tomb1Yes3
Shadow Dungeon1Yes12
Skavid Caves1Yes18
Underground Pass (Level 2)1Yes27
Waterfall Dungeon1No9
Cabin Fever Boats1No6
Cabin Fever Boats, 2nd floor1No3
Waterfall Dungeon (Flooded during quest)1No1
Isle of Souls1No4
Corsair Cove2, 3No9
Port Sarim2, 3No10
Port Piscarilius2, 3No7
Icyene Graveyard3No1
Ruins of Unkah3No5
Arceuus, outside the Tower of Magic1No8
Port Piscarilius1No10
East of Yanille1No2
Ruins (west), in the Wilderness1No6
Wilderness spider nest holding a Sapphire spawn1No17
Gnome Maze1No9
Melzar's Maze, Basement Floor1No3
Varrock Sewers1No9
Draynor Manor, Basement1No4
Sisterhood Sanctuary1No11
Stronghold of Security, Pit of Pestilence (level 3)51, 24No35
Taverley Dungeon1No3
Ogre Enclave1No10
Underground Pass (dungeon)1No49
Underground Pass (dungeon) (During Song of the Elves)1No49
Rashiliyia's Tomb1No1
Isle of Souls - Crumbling Tower basement1No3

Best Splashing Experience

To gain the maximum experience from splashing you will need to have 87 Slayer. This unlocks the slayer task cave krakens. These monsters could only be harmed during a slayer task so you will need to first get a kraken slayer task. Equip your usual splashing gear and head to the kraken cove near phoenix lair. Head inside the cave and go to the boss room to open yourself an instance for 25K gold. Kraken boss has a mechanic where you have to wake him up but here is the catch you are not going to wake him up. You see you can still attack this boss while he is still sleeping. Doing this will give you the same experience of actually hitting the boss. So you will be getting more magic experience by splashing in addition to gaining hitpoints experience as well. This is a pretty high-end method given it requires 87 slayer but if you have this requirement and want to splash this is the absolute best way to do it.


Splashing XP Rates Per Spell

On this part of the guide, we'll need to talk about how much XP you'll earn per spell that you use. This is a good indicator as to what you'll need to splash with at your current level.

Standard Spellbook

LvlNameBase XP per CastXP/hrXP/hr
(Harmonized nightmare staff)
Raw cost/castCost/cast
(basic elemental staff)
(basic elemental staff)
(basic elemental staff)
(combination elemental staff)
(combination elemental staff)
(combination elemental staff)
1Wind Strike5.566008250622,4000.3622,4000.36
5Water Strike7.59000112501067,2000.8022,4000.27
9Earth Strike9.511400142501467,2000.6322,4000.21
13Fire Strike11.51380017250221012,0000.8722,4000.17
17Wind Bolt13.516200202509284100,8006.2284100,8006.22
23Water Bolt16.5198002475010092110,4005.5884100,8005.09
29Earth Bolt19.5234002925010492110,4004.7284100,8004.31
35Fire Bolt22.5270003375011296115,2004.2784100,8003.73
41Wind Blast25.53060038250153141169,2005.53141169,2005.53
47Water Blast28.53420042750165153183,6005.37141169,2004.95
53Earth Blast31.53780047250169153183,6004.86141169,2004.48
59Fire Blast34.54140051750177157188,4004.55141169,2004.09
62Wind Wave364320054000217197236,4005.47197236,4005.47
65Water Wave37.54500056250245217260,4005.79197236,4005.25
70Earth Wave404800060000245217260,4005.43197236,4004.93
75Fire Wave42.55100063750245217260,4005.11197236,4004.64
81Wind Surge44.55340066750253225270,0005.29225270,0005.29
85Water Surge46.55580069750293253303,6005.44225270,0004.84
90Earth Surge48.55820072750293253303,6005.22225270,0004.64
95Fire Surge50.56060075750293253303,6005.01225270,0004.46

Ancient Magicks

LvlNameBase XP/castRaw cost/castCost/castXP/hrCost/hrGp/XP
50Smoke Rush3046846836000561,60015.60
52Shadow Rush3167367337200807,60021.71
56Blood Rush3364764739600776,40019.61
58Ice Rush3445845040800540,00013.24
62Smoke Burst3665065043200780,00018.06
64Shadow Burst371,0501,050444001,260,00028.38
68Blood Burst391,0121,012468001,214,40025.95
70Ice Burst4063461848000741,60015.45
74Smoke Blitz4270870850400849,60016.86
76Shadow Blitz431,1181,118516001,341,60026.00
80Blood Blitz451,0701,070540001,284,00023.78
82Ice Blitz4668867655200811,20014.70
86Smoke Barrage481,0181,018576001,221,60021.21
88Shadow Barrage491,6291,629588001,954,80033.24
92Blood Barrage511,5611,561612001,873,20030.61
94Ice Barrage52982958624001,149,60018.42

Arceuus spellbook

The demonbane spells within the Arceuus spellbook offer a unique approach to splashing by focusing exclusively on demonic monsters. To maximize the effectiveness of splashing, it is essential to achieve a Magic attack bonus of -64 or lower. Note that equipping a tome of fire or a skull scepter can make reaching this threshold more challenging while still aiming to conserve runes.


Weaker demonic creatures such as icefiends and pyrefiends are particularly suitable for splashing due to their low stats. However, to optimize the strategy, armor should be selected to maximize Magical melee while simultaneously keeping Magic accuracy low enough to consistently splash.

Players seeking an alternative method to reduce damage while splashing can consider reanimating an Ensouled imp head at the Dark Altar. This approach allows for less damage compared to splashing at other locations. Notably, reanimated imps do not teleport away like their regular counterparts.

Utilizing these strategies with demonbane spells provides players with options to efficiently splash on demonic monsters, optimizing both accuracy and rune conservation in their training endeavors.


LvlNameBase exp/castXP/hrRaw cost/castCost/cast
(Tome of Fire
Raw Cost/hrCost/hr
(Tome of Fire)
(Tome of Fire)
35Ghostly Grasp22.527000100N/A120,000N/A4.44N/A
44Inferior Demonbane273240010084120,000100,8003.703.11
56Skeletal Grasp3339600173N/A207,600N/A4.76N/A
62Superior Demonbane3643200241209289,200250,8006.695.81
79Undead Grasp46.555800245197294,000236,4005.274.24
82Dark Demonbane43.552200466418559,200501,60010.719.61
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Train Magic via Splashing

Splashing might not be as great a training method as it was when it first launched. However, it's still a great alternative compared to having to fight monsters and risk yourself for some Magic XP. With a good plan, you can get to 99 using splashing easily.

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