OSRS Strength Training Weapons Guide

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OSRS Strength Training Weapons Guide

One of the key aspects of training your Strength in OSRS is knowing which weapons to pick. Ideally, you'd want a weapon that doesn't degrade easily or at all and is also powerful. If you're having trouble finding the perfect weapons for Strength training, you've come to the right place.

Best Strength Training Weapons In OSRS

In this first part of the guide, we'll be showing the top 5 best weapons you can use. These weapons are rated for their efficiency when it comes to giving your Strength XP.

  1. Ghazi Rapier

  • Requirements: 80 Attack
  • Strengths: Considered the best strength weapon in OSRS for its efficiency in training Slayer while also boosting strength.
  • Performance: Provides consistent damage and offers better performance compared to other weapons.
  • Experience Rate: Players can achieve around 100k/hr strength experience while training with the Ghazi Rapier.
  • Cost and Availability: Not easily obtainable for Ironman players and quite expensive for casual players, with a current price of approximately 56.2m.
  • Maximizing Experience: By maximizing strength bonus and using the Ghazi Rapier, players may increase their experience rates by up to 30%, achieving at least 130k strength experience per hour.

Overall, the Ghazi Rapier stands out as the top choice for maximizing strength training experience in OSRS, offering efficient Slayer training and consistent damage output. However, its high cost and rarity may pose challenges for some players.

  1. Osmunten's Fang

  • Similarity to Ghazi Rapier: Shares similarities with the Ghazi Rapier but includes two unique passive effects.
  • Strengths: Particularly effective against targets with high defense.
  • Speed: Despite its effectiveness, the Fang falls short of the Ghazi Rapier due to its speed.
  • Experience Rate: Tested by a YouTuber, the Fang averages around 97.5k strength experience per hour without a maximum strength setup.
  • Acquisition: Ironman players can obtain the Fang as a reward from the Tombs of Amascut (Raids 3). Casual players can purchase it for approximately 31M.
  • Maximizing Experience: Using a maximum strength setup can increase experience rates by 20-35%.

While Osmumten's Fang presents a viable option for strength training, especially for its effectiveness against high-defense targets, it falls slightly behind the Ghazi Rapier in terms of speed and overall efficiency. However, it remains a valuable choice for players looking to diversify their options for strength training weapons in OSRS.

  1. Abyssal Dagger

  • Strength Requirement: 75
  • Salve Amulet (e) Compatibility: Capable of hitting up to 49-49 against undead monsters when paired with a Salve Amulet (e).
  • Special Attack: Possesses a special attack that boosts damage accuracy by 25%.
  • Acquisition: Ironman players can obtain the Abyssal Dagger from Abyssal Sire kills, with a chance of 1/4.9 from Unsired drops.
  • Weapon Type: Categorized as a stab weapon.
  • Market Price: Relatively affordable at around 2.7m.
  • Experience Rate: Players equipped with decent gear can achieve up to 86k strength experience per hour. Utilizing a maximum strength setup can elevate experience rates to 105k exp/ph.

The Abyssal Dagger offers a cost-effective and efficient option for strength training, particularly for players with 70 Attack. Its compatibility with the Salve Amulet (e) against undead monsters and special attack add to its appeal, making it a popular choice among OSRS players seeking to maximize their strength training efficiency.

  1. Dragon Scimitar

  • Strength Training Weapon: Offers a shockingly high experience rate per hour for strength training.
  • Comparison with Leaf-bladed Battleaxe: While the leaf-bladed battleaxe is a close contender, the Dragon Scimitar is favored due to its superior performance.
  • Experience Rate: With a decent gear setup, players can expect to achieve between 82k/hr and 85k/hr in strength experience.
  • Affordability: One of the most cost-effective weapons available, with a price tag of only 60k.
  • Acquisition: Ironman players can obtain the Dragon Scimitar by completing the Monkey Madness I quest and purchasing it from the shop in Ape Atoll.
  • Requirements: Unlike the leaf-bladed battleaxe, the Dragon Scimitar has lower requirements, making it accessible to a broader range of players.

Overall, the Dragon Scimitar stands out as a budget-friendly yet highly effective option for strength training in OSRS. Its affordability, coupled with its impressive experience rate per hour, makes it a popular choice among players looking to efficiently train their strength levels.

  1. Saradomin Sword

  • Strength Training Weapon: Regarded as a popular training weapon for strength experience.
  • Two-Handed Weapon: Notable for being a two-handed weapon, providing a unique option for strength training.
  • Experience Rate: Players can achieve up to 90k strength experience per hour with decent gear, making it an efficient choice for training.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: One of its main advantages is its affordability, with a market price of only 200k in the Grand Exchange.
  • Acquisition: While readily available for purchase in the Grand Exchange, Ironman players can obtain the Saradomin Sword as a drop from Commander Zilyana in the God Wars Dungeon, requiring some time and effort to acquire.
  • Aggressive Effect: Wielding the Saradomin Sword in the Bandit Camp will cause the bandits there to become aggressive, making it an excellent weapon for AFK training.

The Saradomin Sword offers a compelling option for players looking to train their strength levels efficiently and affordably in OSRS. Its unique attributes, including its two-handed nature and aggressive effect in the Bandit Camp, contribute to its popularity among players seeking to maximize their strength training experience.

Alternative Training Gear

  1. Obsidian Equipment + Berserker Necklace:
    • Benefits: The combination of Obsidian armor pieces with the Berserker necklace provides a significant boost to damage and accuracy for melee Obsidian weapons. This synergy makes it particularly effective against enemies with low defense stats, such as those found in the Nightmare Zone.
    • Usage: While offering impressive offensive capabilities, this setup comes with trade-offs. Its below-average defensive stats make it less suitable for prolonged combat encounters where survivability is crucial. Additionally, wearing Obsidian equipment and the Berserker necklace means sacrificing the use of a Slayer helmet, which could be a downside for players focused on Slayer tasks.
  1. Void Knight Equipment:
    • Benefits: The full Void Knight set, when combined with the Void melee helm, grants a notable 10% melee damage and accuracy bonus. This makes it a viable option against certain high-defense monsters, such as the Corporeal Beast, where accuracy plays a crucial role in landing hits.
    • Usage: Void Knight equipment is a popular choice for players with lower combat stats or those lacking access to high-strength gear. However, its lower strength bonus and reduced defensive stats compared to other melee equipment make it less optimal for general training purposes, especially in situations where survivability is a concern.
  1. Dharok the Wretched's Equipment:
    • Benefits: Dharok's set effect increases the player's damage as their remaining hitpoints decrease, reaching its maximum potential when the player's health is at 1 HP. This makes it exceptionally potent for dealing high amounts of damage, particularly when combined with Protection prayers to mitigate incoming damage.
    • Usage: Players utilizing Dharok's set typically maintain their health at 1 HP using items like the Dwarven rock cake or Locator orb, allowing them to maximize the set's damage potential. While highly effective for fast experience gains, especially in instances like the Nightmare Zone, the set's degradation after 15 hours of use necessitates repairs to maintain its effectiveness.
  1. Guthan the Infested's Equipment:
    • Benefits: Guthan's set effect provides a 25% chance to heal the player by the damage dealt, allowing for sustained combat without the need for frequent breaks to replenish health. This makes it ideal for extended training sessions, particularly against monsters like Gargoyles, Nechryaels, and Bandits.
    • Usage: Players typically carry the Guthan's set in their inventory, switching to it when their health becomes low during combat. While it offers less offensive capability compared to other sets like Dharok's, its healing effect allows for longer and more efficient training sessions. Similar to Dharok's, Guthan's equipment degrades after 15 hours of use and requires repairs to maintain its effectiveness.
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Extra Gear For Strength Training

Below is a list of other gear that you should wear to help make Strength training more proficient. Keep in mind that the items listed will be in order of their effectiveness. They're also not necessary but highly recommended.

Head-slot items:

  1. Torva full helm
  2. Neitiznot faceguard
  3. Serpentine helm
  4. Inquisitor's great helm

Note: All four provide the same strength bonus, so choose based on other stats like defense or availability. For general training, strength-boosting helmets are superior to accuracy-focused ones.

Cape-slot items:

  1. Infernal Cape
  2. Fire Cape
  3. Mythical Cape
  4. Obsidian Cape (if unavailable)

Note: Obsidian Cape can be used if others are inaccessible, but it won't boost damage significantly.

Neck-slot items:

  1. Amulet of Torture
  2. Amulet of Fury
  3. Amulet of Glory
  4. Amulet of Strength
  5. Amulet of Power
  6. Amulet of Accuracy

Note: For fighting undead without a Slayer helmet, Salve Amulet or its upgraded version is best.

Torso-slot items:

  1. Torva platebody
  2. Bandos Chestplate/Fighter Torso/Inquisitor's hauberk
  3. Obsidian Platebody

Note: Bandos Chestplate offers better defense.

Shield-slot items:

  1. Avernic Defender
  2. Dragon Defender
  3. Rune Defender
  4. Dragonfire Shield (for dragon fights)
  5. Adamant Defender
  6. Toktz-ket-xil (until access to defenders)

Legs-slot items:

  1. Torva Platelegs
  2. Bandos Tassets/Inquisitor's plateskirt
  3. Obsidian Platelegs

Hands-slot items:

  1. Ferocious Gloves
  2. Barrows Gloves
  3. Dragon Gloves
  4. Rune Gloves
  5. Regen Bracelet
  6. Adamant Gloves
  7. Granite Gloves
  8. Combat Bracelet
  9. Mithril Gloves
  10. All other Culinaromancer's Gloves

Feet-slot items:

  1. Primordial Boots
  2. Dragon Boots/Spiked menacles
  3. Guardian Boots/Granite Boots
  4. Rune Boots/Climbing Boots
  5. Adamant Boots

Ring-slot items:

  1. Ultor Ring
  2. Berserker Ring (i)
  3. Bellator Ring
  4. Berserker Ring/Brimstone Ring
  5. Warrior Ring/Tyrannical Ring/Treasonous Ring

Note: Rings should be imbued for maximum effectiveness. If unavailable, Ring of Wealth is a decent alternative for improved drop table rolls and coin pickups, but it doesn't enhance damage.

All Strength Training Weapons

Keep in mind that there are lots of other training weapons you can use for Strength training. Below is a list of the best weapons you can use, alongside a few details, including why they're a great option.

Weapon NameRequirementsPrimary Attack StylePrimarily Used to TrainAttack & Strength Bonus (with dragon defender, if applicable)Notes
Ghrazi rapier80 AttackStabAll Stats+119 StabThis is the most effective melee training weapon for all individual skills. It doesn't degrade, unlike the Abyssal tentacle. However, due to its extreme rarity and slight improvement over other weapons, it's infeasible for most players to use.
Abyssal tentacle5 AttackSlashAttack, Defence+114 SlashWhile it is the second-strongest weapon in the game, the tentacle's high cost per attack makes it infeasible for training.
Abyssal whip70 AttackSlashAttack, Defence, All stats on Controlled+106 SlashThis is the most common training weapon, especially considering its affordability. The whip is the second-strongest non-degradable attack and defence training weapon in the game. Using this weapon on Controlled is a very efficient way to reach 99 Attack, Strength, and Defence.
Saradomin's blessed sword75 AttackSlashStrength+100 SlashSimilar to the Abyssal tentacle, the high cost of attacking with the Blessed variant of the Saradomin sword makes it infeasible for training. However, it is the second-best strength training weapon in the game.
Abyssal bludgeon70 AttackCrushStrength+102 CrushThis is the second-best non-degradable strength training weapon. It is very useful when fighting a monster with a vulnerability to Crush weapons. However, its fairly high cost and only slight upgrade over more affordable weapons make it less popular than them.
Zamorakian hasta70 Attack Barbarian trainingStabDefence, All stats on Controlled+110 StabThis weapon is not generally chosen for everyday training due to only being able to train on controlled or defence. It is primarily used against monsters with a weakness to Stab.
Abyssal dagger70 AttackStabStrength+100 StabThe second-best one-handed Strength training weapon, making it the fourth-best overall strength weapon behind much more expensive alternatives.
Staff of the dead75 Attack 75 MagicSlashStrength+94 SlashThe third-best one-handed Strength training weapon, and the best one that uses slash. It is more accurate with a defender than the next-best strength training weapon, the Saradomin sword, but has lower strength.
Saradomin sword70 AttackSlashStrength+82 SlashThe Saradomin sword is a much more affordable Strength training weapon than anything above it on this list.
Dragon scimitar60 Attack Monkey Madness ISlashAll Stats+91 SlashThis is the best training weapon for all attack styles at level 60. In addition, it is much cheaper than alternatives, making it very popular.
Dragon sword60 AttackStabAll Stats+90 StabComparable to the Dragon scimitar in stats, but without the quest requirement of Monkey Madness I.
Dragon longsword60 Attack Lost CitySlashAll Stats+93 SlashA viable alternate training weapon before being able to use the Dragon scimitar. It attacks 1 game tick slower than the Dragon scimitar.
Leaf-bladed sword50 Attack 55 SlayerStabAll Stats+67 StabThe best melee training weapon at 50 attack, but it has a high 55 slayer requirement.
Granite hammer50 Attack 50 StrengthCrushAll Stats+57 Crush +56 StrengthThe best melee training weapon at 50 Attack and Strength without a slayer requirement.
Granite longsword50 Attack 50 StrengthSlashAll Stats+65 Slash +62 StrengthA good option at level 50 attack and strength, but attacks slower than the Granite hammer.
Brine sabre40 AttackSlashAll Stats+47 Slash +46 StrengthA more expensive alternative to the Rune scimitar, boasting 2 additional slash and strength bonus, with a special attack.
Rune scimitar40 AttackLungeAll Stats+45 Slash +44 StrengthThe prototypical RuneScape weapon, offering a cheap and effective training option at this level.
Other Scimitars< 40 AttackLungeAll StatsVariesBefore reaching 40 attack, it is recommended to train with the highest level scimitar available at your attack level.
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Suggested Strength Training Method

Once you have your weapons, the next step is to train to level 99 of course. While there are many ways to reach that journey, here's an optimized route to consider. Keep in mind that this method is only best if you want to focus solely on Strength.

Levels 1 to 10

Monster Name: Chicken
Location(s): North-east of Lumbridge just east of River Lum, south of River Lum in Farmer Fred's chicken coop
Combat Level: 1
Hitpoints: 3
Requirements: None
Recommendations: No specific requirements.


  • No food required.
  • Feathers are dropped in groups of 5-15 and are stackable, providing a source of profit.
  • Frequent bone drops allow for training prayer.
  • Non-aggressive.


  • Low experience per kill (3 HP or 12 XP).
  • Non-aggressive nature may require manual interaction for each kill.

Levels 10 to 60

Monster Name: Ammonite Crab
Location(s): Fossil Island
Combat Level: 25
Hitpoints: 100
Requirements: Bone Voyage
Recommendations: Armour and food for low levels. Digsite pendant. Build the bank chest on Fossil island to get access to a nearby bank.


  • Ideal for low and medium combat levels.
  • High health targets with low Defence and Attack, reducing the need for food.
  • Large numbers and ease of grouping for efficient kills.
  • Automatic aggression allows for AFK training.
  • Availability of many AFK spots.


  • Can become crowded, limiting access to training spots.
  • Aggression ceases after approximately 10 minutes, requiring a reset by moving away.1

Monster Name: Sand Crab
Location(s): Beach south of the Hosidius house in Great Kourend, Crabclaw Isle, Crabclaw caves
Combat Level: 15
Hitpoints: 60
Requirements: 10,000 coins to enter Crabclaw Isle or The Depths of Despair quest
Recommendations: Armour and food for low levels. Access to a nearby bank is available if farming south of the Hosidius House.


  • High health targets with low Defence and Attack, suitable for low-level training.
  • Easy grouping and killing.
  • Automatic aggression facilitates AFK training.
  • Multiple AFK spots available.


  • Potential overcrowding.
  • Aggression cessation after about 10 minutes necessitates a reset by moving away.

Monster Name: Rock Crab
Location(s): North of Rellekka, Waterbirth Island
Combat Level: 13
Hitpoints: 50
Requirements: The Fremennik Trials quest or 1,000 coins for access to Waterbirth Island
Recommendations: Armour and food for low levels. Camelot teleport tabs or runes are useful for reaching the location.


  • High health targets with low Defence and Attack, suitable for low-level training.
  • Easy grouping and killing.
  • Availability of multiple training spots.
  • Automatic aggression allows for AFK training.


  • Potential overcrowding.
  • Aggression cessation after 10-15 minutes necessitates a reset.

Levels 60 to 99

Monster Name: N/A (Various monsters in the Nightmare Zone)
Location(s): North of Yanille, northwest of the bank
Combat Level: Varies
Hitpoints: Varies
Requirements: At least 5 quests supported by Nightmare Zone
Recommendations: Refer to the Nightmare Zone wiki page for detailed information.


  • Monsters are weak to melee, offering fast experience for high-level players.
  • Overloads and absorption potions reduce the need for other potions.
  • Points earned can be used for imbues and herb boxes for profit.
  • Safe deaths; items are not lost upon death or leaving the zone.


  • Initial coin fee required to start.
  • Super combat and prayer potions may be needed initially.
  • No drops other than spending points.

Monster Name: N/A (Slayer tasks)
Location(s): Varies
Combat Level: Varies
Hitpoints: Varies
Requirements: None
Recommendations: 85 combat to use Nieve, Slayer helm, various teleports, and completion of quests.


  • Slayer helm bonuses enhance melee experience for certain tasks.
  • Simultaneous training of the Slayer skill.
  • Many Slayer monsters offer valuable drops.
  • Accumulation of Slayer points for unlocking items and blocking tasks.


  • Some tasks offer slow experience rates.
  • Efficient Slayer training requires completing numerous quests and unlocking teleports.
  • Some tasks cannot be efficiently completed with melee.
  • Competition for Slayer spots may occur in crowded areas.

Alternative Method: Levels 60 to 99

Monster: Yak

Location(s): Neitiznot

Combat level: 22

Hitpoints: 50

Requirements: Started The Fremennik Isles, requires completing The Fremennik Trials

Recommendations: Best strength gear


  • High XP/hr
  • Not crowded
  • Bank is very close
  • No food required


  • No good drops
  • Not automatically aggressive

Monster: Monkey Guards

Location(s): Marim

Combat level: 167

Hitpoints: 130

Requirements: Started Monkey Madness I

Recommendations: Dharok's set


  • Seldomly used, so not many players visit apart from the occasional player completing Monkey Madness I.
  • Guards are continually aggressive as long as a monkey greegree is not worn.
  • Nearby altar allows for infinite prayer points.


  • No drops
  • Antipoison is required as there are poisonous level 1 spiders, which share the same aggression mechanic as the monkeys and gorillas of Ape Atoll.
  • Teleport is needed if you need to quickly leave the area if not near a staircase/ladder.

Monster: Pest Control

Location(s): Void Knights' Outpost

Combat level: Varies

Hitpoints: Varies

Requirements: Combat level depending on the boat, at least 5 players to start the game

Recommendations: 25 players to start game quickly, best strength gear/Dharok's set, special attack weapon


  • Prayer, health, and run energy fully restores at the end of each game
  • Portals have very high health and can regenerate health providing high amounts of XP
  • Points gained can be used to purchase Void Knight equipment or XP in certain combat skills and other rewards
  • Successfully completing each gains yields a small amount of gp (10 times the amount of the player's combat level)


  • Waiting for a game to start can be long if not many players are playing (usually depends on the time of day)
  • Sometimes games can fail if players allow the Void Knight to die yielding no points and gp
  • Not AFK because players have to constantly focus on the screen to attack other monsters and portals after the one they are currently fighting has died, also games end very quickly (from 2 minutes to 10 depending on party size and skill) requiring the player to re-enter the boat and wait for the game to start again

Bash Your Way To 99

The journey to level 99 is long but getting there is important. While you can play OSRS in any way that you want, the amount of combat sequences in the game will force you to rely on your Strength skill most of the time. With this guide, you'll be able to get there in no time.

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