OSRS Sunfire Splinters Farming Guide

28.03.2024 - 16:37:02
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OSRS Sunfire Splinters Farming Guide

With the exciting release of Old School Runescape's latest continent, came a lot of new items and content that players can engage with. One of those contents is the sunfire splinters which have various uses and since the supply is low for now, there is a lot of money to be made from these precious splinters.



What are Sunfire Splinters Used for?

Sunfire splinters are a resource type item, meaning they are used for creating items and charging items. Here are the awesome things you can do with this item and the reason why they are so highly in demand at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

Dizana's Quiver



Dizana's quiver is the new best in slot ranged cape that is added in the game. You can obtain this item by overcoming the trials and challenges in the new Colosseum. This cape requires sunfire splinters to be charged for players to use its bonuses to the fullest. To permanently charge this quiver a player has to pay 150,000 sunfire splinters. That's quite a lot!

Tonalztics of Ralos

This weird named item is OSRS's new ranged weapon. Sitting at a fairly high 75 Ranged level requirement to equip. The ranged weapon has infinite ammo but it does require to be charged with sunfire splinters to be effective. When charged the weapon will hit twice instead of once.


Creating Sunfire Runes & Searing Pages

Sunfire runes are a newly added rune that players can craft with 33 runecrafting. They are the superior version of the fire rune, increasing the minimum damage of all fire spells by 10%. To craft these runes you will need pure essence and the sunfire splinters in a 1:1 ratio. Additionally you can craft searing pages by combining 100 sunfire splinters with a burnt page. This provides the same 10% damage boost effect.

Crafting Jugs of Sunfire Wine



This item is crafted by adding 2 sunfire splinters on a jug of wine, this process requires a pestle and mortar. This item can be blessed by using it on the exposed altar. The blessed version can be used to increase the Prayer experience you can gain from blessed bone shards.

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Farming Sunfire Splinters

There are two ways to farm sunfire splinters:

  • Fortis Colosseum reward chest
  • Hunting Sunlight antelope

You can just hunt and farm sunlight antelopes which is not a bad method to make some money while training Hunter but the most efficient way to farm these if you want to make money is by heading into the Colosseum. Doing this method efficiently will yield 3-4M per hour.



You might be wondering if you are up to the task of taking on the Colosseum as it is almost as hard as beating the Inferno. I am here to tell you to not worry because you are guaranteed to get some sunfire splinters by just completing the wave 1, here is how you do it.

Colosseum Stats and Armour

For this method you don't actually need that good of stats, here is the minimum stats that is recommended for this method:

  • Combat level: 70+
  • Attack: 60+
  • Defence: 45+
  • Strength: 70+
  • Ranged: 75+
  • Magic: 70+
  • Prayer: 43+

You don't actually need all these stats, you can pick a combat style and use that style for the first wave as it is extremely easy to complete (If you are bringing magic it is highly recommended that you bring ranged alongside it as well).If you are going to use magic make sure that you are on ancient magicks. For armour setups just bring the best armour you have after you have picked your style. If you are not an Ironman, I recommend that you choose the ranged style as it makes it easier. You can also bring a magic switch to kill the entire wave much faster.

  • For melee, bring rune armour or better, if you have armour that gives a strength bonus it is better.
  • For ranged, bring black d'hide or better.
  • For magic, bring mystic armour or better.
  • For melee, bring dragon scimitar or better.
  • For ranged, bring a magic shortbow (i) or better. (It is recommended that you actually bring a toxic blowpipe.)
  • For magic, bring ancient staff or better.

Beating the First Wave

Before you begin the first wave you will need to select an invocation, this all up to you but the easiest one would be picking "Blasphemy" or "Frailty". Blasphemy drains your prayer by 20% of damage dealt to you and frailty reduces your HP by 10%. After selecting your invocation click continue to start wave 1.



In the first wave, 3 Fremennik warriors and a mage will spawn immediately. Each warrior will use a different attack style so you will have to deal with them carefully. If you take too long killing all these units there will be an additional jaguar warrior that will spawn and claw spec you, which deals massive damage. To avoid this simply turn on protection from melee no matter what when you spot this warrior. Magic and the melee NPC here are the ones that deal the most damage, so worry about them first, you don't need to worry about the Ranger as he hits like a wet noodle.



Depending on your combat style and gear there are a few things you can do here. Before the wave starts, put on your protection from magic.


If you are using magic, or brought a magic switch, you would want to run behind the southwest pillar and as you are running cast an ice burst/barrage on the Fremennik warrior that uses melee until he dies. If you are lucky all of the warriors will die at the same time. After this switch on your ranged gear and finish the rest of the wave.

If you don't have access to ancient magicks you can simply kill the melee warrior with a trident and kill the rest with ranged. To avoid taking unnecessary damage you can walk back and forth behind the pillar, this will make it so that no Fremennik can attack you.



While walking back and forth from these two tiles, you can attack the Fremennik mage as you are reaching a tile and if you do it right, you won't take any damage.


For this you can use the same method as shown above or you can simply walk back and forth in the middle of the arena with a blowpipe and attack every other tick to kill the mage first. After that you can kill the Fremennik mage, melee and finally the ranger.


The safest way to kill all the creatures with melee is to hide behind the pillar and do the method explained above. Killing Frem mage first, then melee then ranger after that you can focus on killing the remaining mage.

Additional Tips

If your combat level is low you can go behind the pillar and just wait (walking back and forth obviously) for the jaguar warrior to spawn, to guarantee that it doesn't spawn randomly during your wave. After he spawns you can kill the Frem warriors one by one again starting from the mage to melee to ranger. After they are dealt with you can simply kill the jaguar warrior and the mage to finish the wave.

After the waves are completed you can simply claim your reward and congratulations you have just made 100K gold.

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