OSRS Temple Trekking Guide

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OSRS Temple Trekking Guide

If you really want to get the most out of OSRS, you'll have to do some of the game's excellent minigames as well. One of the best in our opinion is Temple Trekking. This minigame is equally rewarding and challenging. You'll need all the help you can get to get it done and that's what this guide is for.

What Is OSRS Temple Trekking?

In Temple Trekking, a members-only adventure awaits where you take on the role of escorting victims of vampyre rule from Burgh de Rott through Morytania to the Paterdomus, the temple on River Salve. Along the way, you'll navigate treacherous bogs and rivers, all while fending off packs of dangerous monsters, some of which are unique to this thrilling journey. If you prefer a change of pace, you can opt for the Burgh de Rott Ramble, guiding mercenaries from the Paterdomus back to Burgh de Rott.



Your chosen follower determines the difficulty of the trek. Succeeding in your mission earns you a valuable reward token, which you can trade for a variety of enticing rewards.

How To Start Temple Trekking

Luckily, Temple Trekking only has steep requirements. In fact, you only need to be a member, do a few quests, and you only need to know where to go to start the mini-game. There are a few ways to do it and you only need to find a way to Burgh de Rott.

  • Utilizing the teleport from Morytania legs 3 to Burgh de Rott
  • Employing a Mort'ton teleport scroll
  • Opting for the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport and then heading south
  • Accessing the Fairy ring with code bip (requires 50 Agility) to reach the southern swamp
  • Using a Barrows teleport (tablet) and proceeding southwest, a more cost-effective alternative to the Mort'ton teleport
  • Activating the Kharyrll Teleport (requires completion of Desert Treasure I and 66 Magic)
  • Leveraging a player-owned house with a Kharyrll Teleport
  • Teleporting to the Slayer Tower just north of Canifis via a slayer ring
  • Utilizing the Fairy ring with code cks (Canifis)
  • Employing the Ectophial and heading west to Canifis
  • Embarking on a journey from Varrock on foot

As for the quests, you first have to finish In Aid of the Myreque for access to the minigame. You also need to finish Darkness of Hallowvale so that you have access to the reverse route, Burgh de Rott Ramble.



How To Play OSRS Temple Trekking?

Navigating through this activity requires careful consideration of your choices. The difficulty of each minigame depends on who you choose to escort and the paths you take through Morytania. Opting for weaker followers attracts more monsters during attacks, while tougher paths mean facing higher-level foes.



Success in a trek is marked by safely escorting both you and your follower to the destination, earning you a reward. Failure occurs if either of you is slain, while aborting a trek happens if you choose the escape path or teleport out. Signs at both ends of the trail track the NPCs you've escorted.

Various events unfold during treks, such as friendly encounters for healing and defense boosts, combat skirmishes where monsters assail you and your follower, and puzzles involving terrain obstacles. Combat and select puzzles pose significant threats.

These activities serve as a holistic training ground for diverse skills. Combat events yield experience, while drops and rewards aid Crafting, Cooking, Farming, Fletching, Herblore, Runecraft, and Smithing. Experience tomes also bolster Agility, Firemaking, Fishing, Mining, Slayer, Thieving, and Woodcutting. Exclusive Lumberjack clothing and materials are also obtainable.

Shielding your follower from harm is paramount since their demise spells failure. You'll typically act as a barrier against melee foes, employing two main strategies:

  1. Don sturdy melee armor for defense, favoring melee combat due to armor interference with Ranged or Magic.
  2. Utilize protective Prayers, such as Protect from Melee against most threats or Protect from Missiles against ranged assailants like Giant Snails. While any combat style can be employed with Prayer, melee is generally most effective. For Magic, Ancient Magicks are recommended for their area-of-effect spells.

Remember, pets are prohibited from accompanying you in this minigame.

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Embarking on the task of escorting the denizens of Burgh de Rott and the hired hands of Misthalin presents adventurers with three distinct paths, each presenting its own challenges and opportunities. Careful consideration of your combat capabilities and available equipment is paramount in selecting the most suitable route.



Route 1: The Swamp Traverse

  • Description: A meandering path through the treacherous Mort Myre Swamp, offering a relatively easier journey.
  • Events: This route typically encompasses around 3 events, though the number may vary between 0 and 9, depending on various factors.
  • Monsters: Expect adversaries of approximately level 80, presenting manageable opposition.
  • Gear Recommendation: Rune armor is recommended for combat encounters, providing adequate protection against the swamp's dangers.
  • Strategy: While navigating this route, travelers have the option to evade combat events, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a less hazardous journey. For residents of Burgh de Rott seeking expedited passage to Paterdomus, strategic event avoidance and timing departures to coincide with the proximity of Paterdomus can expedite progress.

Route 2: The River Salve Passage

  • Description: Following the winding course of the River Salve, this medium-level route poses moderate challenges to travelers.
  • Events: Expect encounters ranging from 0 to 4 events along this path, each presenting its own set of challenges.
  • Monsters: Adversaries on this route boast a combat level of around 110, requiring a more measured approach to combat.
  • Gear Recommendation: Consideration should be given to utilizing Prayer or defensive armor, tailored to your individual combat proficiency.
  • Strategy: Evading combat events on this route necessitates completion of at least 50% of the event, adding a tactical element to your journey. Prayer may prove invaluable in certain encounters, allowing for greater flexibility in gear selection.

Route 3: The Canifis Shortcut

  • Description: The most challenging of the three routes, this path utilizes the Canifis shortcut, navigating narrow pathways through the Hollows, and ferrying across to Mort'ton.
  • Events: Prepare for encounters ranging from 0 to 5 events, with the average being around 3, offering a demanding test of endurance.
  • Monsters: Adversaries of approximately level 140 populate this perilous route, requiring seasoned adventurers to navigate its dangers.
  • Gear Recommendation: Prioritize Prayer-boosting gear to bolster your chances of survival amidst the route's formidable challenges.
  • Strategy: Evading events is not a viable option on this grueling path. High-level Prayer is indispensable for enduring the trials ahead. While escorting weak followers is not advisable, daring adventurers may attempt it with meticulous planning and resourcefulness.

Follower Inventory

Before embarking on a trek, ensure your follower is well-prepared by stocking their backpack, also known as the Follower Inventory, with essential sustenance. Each follower can carry up to 15 food items in their pack, which persists from one trip to the next, regardless of difficulty or location.



To equip your follower, simply use a food item on them during conversation, prompting them to open their backpack, revealing available slots for food items. While you won't see their current inventory, you'll be able to gauge how many more items they can accept. Note that only specific food items listed below can be stored in the Follower Inventory before the trip.

Once your follower's pack is filled, consider returning to the bank to gather additional provisions for yourself. Once fully prepared, initiate dialogue with your follower again and agree to escort them on the journey.

Remember, once food is provided to the follower, you cannot retrieve it during the trek. Plan accordingly to ensure both you and your follower have ample sustenance for the journey ahead.

Your follower can bring the following items:

ItemHealsGE PriceGP per heal
Thin snail meat5-71,128161.14 - 225.60
Lean snail meat6-82,133355.50 - 266.63
Fat snail meat7-91,896270.86 - 210.67
Cooked slimy eel6-1011511.50 - 19.17
Cooked meat310133.67
Cooked fishcake11Not tradeableN/A
Redberry pie10424.20
Apple pie14654.64
Garden pie1230425.33
Fish pie1212710.58
Chocolate cake151369.07
Cooked sweetcorn1011411.40
Potato with butter1435625.43

During the events encountered along the trek, your follower can be resupplied with food, each item providing a consistent healing amount of 10 hit points. This uniform healing applies regardless of the type of food supplied during the event, unlike the food initially provided before embarking on the journey, which retains its original healing properties.

It's important to note that if you log out during the trek, your follower will lose all the food they were carrying. However, exiting the event using the escape option, teleporting out of the minigame, successfully completing the event, or using the evade option to bypass an event will not result in the loss of your follower's food supply.

Don't forget to strategize accordingly during the trek, considering the need to resupply your follower with food during events while minimizing the risk of logging out to avoid food loss.

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Followers To Escort

In Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott Ramble, the individuals you escort are categorized into three groups based on their difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. To differentiate them, followers on Temple Trekking don colors representing their difficulty level, whereas those on Burgh de Rott Ramble dress akin to typical player characters, reflecting their likely abilities.

During combat encounters and campsite events, the number of adversaries faced or people aided is determined by the follower you're escorting. Easy/strong followers bring about encounters with three adversaries, medium ones with four, while hard/weak ones confront five or six. The number of adversaries vanquished during a trek or ramble significantly influences the rewards received.

Below is a breakdown of the followers:

Fyiona Fray/Dalcian Fang/Mage/Adventurer

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Notes: These followers boasts the highest Attack and Defence levels, along with substantial Hitpoints. With only three monsters appearing in each event, defending them and handling combat encounters is relatively straightforward. However, due to the fewer monsters, the rewards per trek are generally lower.

Jayene Kliyn/Valantay Eppel/Ranger/Apprentice

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Notes: These followers possess slightly lower Attack, Defence, and Hitpoints. Combat events feature four monsters, making defense manageable, yet each journey is likely to yield more rewarding outcomes compared to easier treks.

Rolayne Twickit/Smiddi Ryak/Woman-at-arms/Forester

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Notes: These followers exhibit notably low Attack, Defence, and Hitpoints. Combat events are challenged by the appearance of five adversaries. Safeguarding these followers can prove to be tricky, and allowing more than one monster to attack them could swiftly conclude the trek.

Temple Trekking Events

As you move forward with Temple Trekking, you'll encounter three different types of events, each with varying chances of occurrence. These events aren't evenly distributed. When an event happens, both you and your follower will be pulled into the event area. You'll start in front of a section of path with blue stones. Right-clicking gives you the option to "Escape", abandoning the trip and leaving you in the middle of the swamp. At the other end of the area, you'll find the path to "Continue-trek" once the event is finished. In combat events on routes 1 and 2, there are paths that allow you to evade the event, skipping it and continuing trekking without any reward, but increasing the chance for another event. On route 2, you must defeat 50% of the monsters before being able to use the Evade-event option.



Friendly Event

Abidor Crank will occasionally appear as an event. This is a good thing though as he isn't a hostile character. Instead, he'll heal you and your followers. He'll also boost your Defence by 10 levels and your Hitpoints by 15 levels. If you have any rotten foods, all of them will be turned into stews.

Combat Event

This is when things start to turn sour. Certain enemies will appear during Temple Trekking and attack you and your followers. The good thing is that the monsters will not move for a few seconds after appearing. Make sure to use this as an opportunity to reposition yourself and your followers before the fight begins. All of the combat events are multi-way combat instances. They'll also give most of the end rewards once done.

Monster NameNotes
Vampyre JuvinatesMust be killed with silver weapons, listed above. Rod of ivandis and Guthix balance potion are strongly recommended. They can take a very long time to kill on the harder routes, but are not particularly strong, not hitting any harder than 10 damage. If they get to your follower, they must be killed before they will stop. Juvinates that are cured will give a variety of items (steel-adamant, medium clues, etc.), roughly equivalent to those found in black chests in Shades of Mort'ton minigame.
GhastsYou need Druid pouches to fight them, otherwise they just rot your food. They hit at half the speed of a whip or dagger, but can still do a lot of damage (up to 12 on route 3), so Protect from Melee Prayer is recommended when fighting more than one. Because they attack so slowly, Prayer can be conserved by turning it off between attacks. Only hidden ghasts will attack your follower, use a Druid pouch on the hidden ghast to reveal it, drawing its attention to you. They drop the same items as normal ghasts from the swamp. If you have no druid pouches left, then cast bloom (near some rotting logs etc.) with the sickle (b) or similar item to get more, as you would in the swamps normally. However, if you have no Prayer left either, your only options are to evade the event (if possible) or escape.
ShadesRiyl, Asyn, or Fiyr varieties depending on the route. This event only occurs at Mort'ton, and drop the remains used for the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. They can end your trip quickly if they start piling on your follower. They begin attacking quickly, giving little time for positioning your follower. They are often lined up, however they are also notorious for passing through players. Once they are lined up, you may wish to attack each one to ensure they do not pass through you. Use Salve amulet to increase damage. Having a quick means of killing, such as a Dragon dagger for its special, will be useful for taking care of shades that attack your follower.
Swamp snakesGiant snakes with fast, hard-hitting melee attacks that attack in packs. Their attacks hit up to 18 damage on route 3, so death could come quickly without Protect from Melee up. They are also extremely large in terms of game dimensions, so may sometimes get stuck easily behind obstacles. Because of this, a Halberd or range weapon is extremely useful to use to conserve Prayer and/or food. They can also easily stack on the same tiles that one swamp snake is already on. When starting a snake event, just get between the follower and the snakes the simplest way possible and stay still, letting them come to you. Moving too much on this event is the worst thing to do. Any snake that gets to your follower must be killed first. They do not directly drop anything, but instead leave behind a corpse; a knife can be used on it to get 2-5 (Swamp) Snake hides. If a snake manages to attack your follower and is subsequently killed by you, it will drop bones instead of a corpse. This will never happen if all the snakes are attacking you. There is a glitch where a snake will be on top of another snake, will have a yellow dot on the minimap, but sometimes won't appear on the game screen and won't have a right click option until you move. This can potentially kill the follower, as when you move to make it appear, it will then attack your follower. Another glitch occurs randomly when a swamp snake spawns outside the map, making it harder to kill if not using Ranged or Magic. These glitches are yet to be fixed by Jagex.
Giant snailsUses a Magical Ranged attack that easily penetrates melee defence and hits up to 17 on route 3 when not wearing a Snelm. Use Protect from Missiles on hard routes when taking multiple attacks. A snail needs only be hit once to distract it from your follower. They heal rapidly. It is highly recommended that you use the 'Protect from Missiles' Prayer, even if you are wearing a Snelm, as the snails' attacks rarely miss even against high magic defence armour, and you can still take damage very quickly. They drop Snail shells redeemable for 600 coins in Dorgesh-Kaan, and can potentially drop Perfect snail shells instead, which give 1000 coins and 500 Crafting experience.
Nail beastsShrieking beasts that attack with a flurry of claws and bites, landing three separate hits in a single attack. Their max damage per individual hit is low (4 on route 3) and the time between flurries is quite long (half the speed of an abyssal whip), but the individual strikes have very high accuracy, so Protect from Melee is a must. They have low defence and hitpoints and don't usually threaten your follower, but they will need to be killed if they do because of their accuracy. They drop Nail Beast Nails and Big bones. This event does not occur often. Nail beasts are weak to Sanfew serums if they are "used" on them, which deals 20–40 damage per dose and grants Attack experience. This requires the player to have no weapons equipped; if they do, it will automatically be unequipped if there is space in their inventory.
Head and tentaclesAppears only during boat trip of route 3. It is actually five parts, a level 140 Head and four level 99 Tentacles. The Tentacles can hit anywhere on the boat, but will usually only attack the follower if they are directly in front of one. If the player poisons or envenoms one part of the monster, all of them become afflicted. If the head is near death and a tentacle is still alive, it will return to full health. The Head can hit very hard, but doesn't hit often and its attacks can be avoided by hitting it and moving to the opposite side of the boat. Kill the part attacking the follower first.

Puzzle Events

These aren't as hectic as combat events but they will require a bit of thinking. There are a few types of combat events.



NameWhat to do


Event with Zombie and trees:

  • Kill the Zombie for a Bronze axe, if needed.
  • Chop down the trees and use the Logs to fill the gaps in the bridge.
  • You must either have a hammer in your inventory or be wielding an axe to repair the bridge.
  • It is possible, yet rare, for Undead Lumberjacks to spawn while there are trees. In which case, you can mix and match logs and planks. The Undead lumberjacks here do not drop the Lumberjack clothing pieces.

Event with Zombie and NO trees:

  • Kill a Zombie for a Bronze axe, if needed.
  • Wait around, and Undead Lumberjacks will appear from the river. Kill them for planks to repair the bridge with. You must either have a hammer in your inventory or be wielding an axe to do this.
  • Killing the Undead Lumberjacks will sometimes yield a piece of Lumberjack clothing. Just wait around for more lumberjacks if the first wave doesn't drop a piece. You will not receive duplicate pieces of the Lumberjack Outfit. You normally can only receive one piece of clothing or food per encounter. If multiple Undead Lumberjacks are killed at the same time, each one killed at that time will have a chance to drop a piece allowing you to obtain several pieces during one encounter. This can be accomplished by using chinchompas, the dragon 2h sword, or burst/barrage spells from the Ancient Magicks. Once a piece drops, the player will no longer be able to receive another piece during that encounter.
  • It is possible to experience both variants of the bridge event on the same trek/ramble, or even multiple of the same one.
  • It is possible to bring logs or planks of any type to repair the bridge.
  • Use any item that has a slash attack option (e.g. a longsword, dagger, axe, Abyssal whip) or a knife on a spiny bush to get some branches.
  • Use these to feel the firmness of the bog. Continue over the marsh walking on firm ground. If you walk on soft ground, you will sink into it and be taken back to shore.
  • Note: It is advised to bring more than one branch because they get stuck in the bog at times. You can go back and get more branches if necessary by either retracing your steps or intentionally stepping onto soft ground to get back to shore. It is possible, though rare, to encounter an impossible bog which will force you to abandon the trek. The bog event is often confused with the river.
  • If you find a river without a bridge, use a knife to cut 3 vines from the smaller trees, then wind the vines together to make a Long vine.
  • Throw the Long vine to the larger tree's branch and swing over the river. - If you do not have a knife, search the nearby backpack to find one.

Note: Due to a bug, it is currently impossible to encounter the campsite event.

  • 3 to 5 starving adventurers (Marv, Hank, Wilf, Sarah and/or Rachel) will be seated around a dead campfire. To continue, they must be fed or they turn into Ghasts, which must be killed to continue.
  • Following a bug fix in 2015, purple sweets will now work to cure the adventurers. Previously it would consume the entire stack. Most foods work, but in the event there are 5 snails, a bronze axe, a tinderbox, and 2 dead trees which will provide everything needed to cook and feed them.
  • Priority for feeding them is: ghastly, very sick and sick. When rewards are calculated, this event counts as a combat event.
  • Having a basket or a sack filled with food makes the campsite event considerably easier and also allows you or your companion to have snail meat.
  • Interestingly enough, if you manage to provide one of the campers with food just as they are about to become a Ghast, they heal anyway.
  • This event can be annoying if a camper turns into a ghast, and you are not currently equipped for killing a ghast. If this is the case, you must give up the entire event without a reward, as there is no "evade event" path available.

Recommended Setup



Aside from having a sound strategy, you also need to have a fairly decent setup for doing Temple Trekking. Having the right gear and weapons will make it a lot easier for you to clear out the enemies that are on the trail.

Equipment and Attire:

  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • Fire cape
  • Amulet of Torture
  • Unholy blessing
  • Abyssal tentacle
  • Torag's platebody
  • Dragon defender
  • Torag's platelegs
  • Barrows gloves
  • Primordial boots
  • Berserker ring (i)

For weaponry, a versatile setup is advised, especially on Route 3 where swift combat is crucial:

  • Dragon dagger for its potent special attack.
  • Consider the Ancient mace for Prayer point restoration mid-trek.
  • Have either Efaritay's aid or a silver weapon for combating vampyres.

Additionally, arm yourself with a Salve amulet (e) for enhanced accuracy and strength against undead, particularly useful given the prevalence of undead adversaries in combat encounters.

To handle melee monsters safely, a Dragon or crystal halberd can prove invaluable, particularly if obstacles obstruct close combat. Aim for high melee defense and Prayer bonuses; Guthans or Proselyte gear is recommended for conserving both Prayer and food. Equip a Snelm when confronting Giant snails.

Inventory Essentials:

  • Guthix balance potion for slaying vampyres.
  • Druid pouch to fend off ghasts; ensure an ample supply.
  • Knife or dagger for skinning snakes and acquiring branches during the Bog puzzle.
  • Bring Prayer potions for added security, especially for novice trekkers on Route 3.
  • Have an axe and tinderbox handy; though often provided during events, it's wise to be prepared.
  • Stock up on food for personal sustenance and for healing your follower; a basket or sack of food is highly recommended to save inventory space.

Ensure ample space in your inventory for swift item collection during events. If employing Prayer, consider carrying a holy wrench from Rum Deal for additional Prayer potency when consuming Prayer potions. Keep a hammer for repairing bridges during specific events (though equipping a woodcutting axe can circumvent this need).

Prayer Points:

Maintain full Prayer points during treks, particularly for encounters with formidable monsters where Protection Prayers offer vital defense. Adequate Prayer points are also necessary for gathering items for druid pouches, if needed. Utilize nearby locations like the Paterdomus temple or the Nature Spirit altar for Prayer restoration. While higher-level players with proper equipment may find less reliance on Prayer, it remains a prudent safety measure, particularly for those less experienced.

Silver Weapons:

When facing Vampyre Juvinates, effective weaponry is crucial. Unless equipped with an Efaritay's aid, only relatively weak silver weapons can harm them. Consider the following options:

  • Rod of Ivandis, especially potent when combined with Guthix balance potion.
  • Ivandis flail (requires completion of A Taste of Hope), offering superior performance to a rune scimitar.
  • Blisterwood flail (requires completion of Sins of the Father).
  • Wolfbane, fast with a Prayer bonus, though less effective.
  • Demonbane weapons (Arclight recommended).
  • Blessed axe.
  • Silver bolts used with a crossbow (iron or better).
  • Silver sickle (b), effective against Ghasts.
  • Rune throwing axes, while ineffective against Juvinates, can prevent attacks, particularly on harder routes, when used at the start of an encounter.
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Temple Trekking Tips

  • Carry essential items like the Sunspear/blisterwood for vyres and vampyres. For extra precaution, bring the enhanced excalibur and possibly an elven ritual shard for situations requiring protect/deflect magic, such as encounters with snakes. Remember to disable auto-retaliate and empty hand slots to prevent accidentally dealing damage that your companion should handle.
  • Expedite campfire/sick adventurers events by ignoring the snails and dispatching the resulting ghasts swiftly. Companions won't attack sick adventurer ghasts.
  • Expedite the Nature Grotto/Nature Spirit event by using the "water-power" option to bypass lengthy dialogue and quickly extinguish fires.
  • Fix the broken bridge using logs as an alternative to collecting planks from undead lumberjacks.
  • Guide your companions to engage and defeat enemies. Maintain aggro by provoking or tagging enemies to ensure your companions remain safe. Monitor their health, especially at lower levels, as they may momentarily cease combat when injured.
  • Handle puzzle sections swiftly to progress efficiently.
  • Instead of focusing solely on Temple Trekking, unlock both runs so you can proceed continuously without interruptions.
  • Maneuver through the river event by interacting with the tree, vines, and rope swiftly, ensuring smooth progress.
  • Navigate the bog efficiently by carrying multiple branches and testing firmness as soon as the "soft/firm" message appears.
  • Optimize tomb activations in the graveyard by luring all skeletons within range and activating the tomb strategically.
  • Prioritize efficiency when deciding whether to let companions handle monster encounters or finish the run yourself.
  • Recharge your prayer strategically. Wait until the shades/Mort'ton event to kill shadows before they harm citizens. By rescuing them, they bless you, replenishing your prayer.
  • Remember that rewards obtained from companions can only be collected at the starting point, as each run has different companions. Check noticeboards at both ends to unlock all rewards.
  • Skip providing food to companions and instead absorb damage for them. Equip yourself with the Sunspear (reforged) and high-quality power/tank armor, as it's crucial for combating vyres and vampyres.
  • Tailor your companion's paths based on their difficulty level. Assign easy and medium companions to challenging paths, while skipping medium companions altogether.
  • Utilize Smiddi Ryak's companionship sparingly, as she's ineffective initially. Level her gradually through multiple runs. Similarly, Rolayne Twickit becomes proficient in combat around level 70, making him useful for tackling shadows and ghasts.

Fast Way to Get Lumberjack Outfit

To easily get the Lumberjack Outfit without breaking a sweat, only pick easy treks and always pick the easiest route (route 1). Skip every event you encounter except the bridge event, kill the zombies in the bridge event and repeat. Having Moytania legs 3 or above will help speed up this process.

Temple Trekking Rewards

Upon completing a trek successfully, the follower awards the player with a reward token, available in blue, yellow, or red variants corresponding to the chosen route. The reward's value is determined by the number and level of monsters battled, as well as the completion of puzzle events. These tokens are universally exchangeable for rewards.

The table illustrates the maximum potential rewards for various items across different trek paths:

ItemPath 1Path 2Path 3Max Value (with max rewards)
Pure essence50-150100-300120-380660
Bow string100-2008,000-16,000150-25024,000
Silver bar5-50590-5,90050-10017,700
Coal-Iron ore21-723,220-11,04066-16533,287
Watermelon seeds10-2040-8015-30160
Raw lobsters2-35198-3,46530-657,920
XP tome1,100-1,6502,035-3,0254,015-5,005N/A

For herbs, the reward consists of lesser amounts of Toadflax and greater amounts of either Harralander or Tarromin. The maximum herb reward is 10 Toadflax and 20 Harralander or Tarromin.

The total values indicate combinations of Coal and Iron ore. For instance, a reward of 21 translates to 14 Coal and 7 Iron.

Players can opt for a tome of experience as a reward, which grants random experience in one of seven possible skills: Agility, Firemaking, Fishing, Mining, Slayer, Thieving, or Woodcutting. Each tome's color corresponds to the reward token used.

Here are the XP values for each tome:

  • Blue tome (Level 1): Random XP amount (1,100-1,650) in a defined skill.
  • Yellow tome (Level 2): Random XP amount (2,035-3,025) in a defined skill.
  • Red tome (Level 3): Random XP amount (4,015-5,005) in a defined skill.

Assuming 35 successful easy treks per hour, players can expect roughly 40,000 experience across the seven potential skills, averaging about 5,700 experience per skill per hour, in addition to combat experience gained during treks.

Trek Points

The allocation of rewards, excluding experience tomes, in Temple Trekking is contingent upon the accumulation of "points" by the player during their trek. Points are acquired through puzzle event completion and NPC eliminations.

Here's how points are earned:

  • Most puzzle events grant 500 points, regardless of the chosen route.
  • The bridge event, where zombies are dispatched for planks, yields 0 points.
  • The Abidor Crank event also awards 0 points.
  • Killing an NPC grants either 325, 625, or 1,125 points based on the route chosen.
  • Route 3's head and tentacles event awards the player 4,000 points.

The maximum points attainable in a trek is 8,000, while the minimum is 325. If a player earns no points, their reward is still treated as if they had acquired 325 points. It's important to note that the player's follower's difficulty doesn't directly influence their points but enables them to garner more points as the number of NPCs increases from 3 to 5 in a combat event as follower difficulty escalates.

Ready For The Trek?

The premise of Temple Trekking is simple enough but the event itself is tough and requires a lot of enduring. With enough patience and this guide, you';ll get it done in no time.

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