OSRS Tempoross Guide

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OSRS Tempoross Guide

What is Tempoross ?

Tempoross is a fishing mini-game boss where players catch fish to kill a boss.

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Why Should You Kill Tempoross ?

Tempoross is a great alternative to regular fishing training. Alongside providing decent fishing exp, it also provides rewards as well. Some of which are untradable and can greatly benefit one's account.

Also if you are looking to complete all the coöat achievement diaries you will need to kill Tempoross. There are combat tasks related to Tempoross in easy, medium and hard diary categories.

Tempoross Guide

If you are only looking for an example, scroll down to the "Tempoross Fight" section.

First and foremost a player is required to have at least 35 fishing to participate in the Tempoross boss fight.

To kill tempoross you will be needing some items, the base items you need are:

  • Any harpoon ( regular version can be obtained from the minigame )
  • Hammer ( can be obtained from the minigame )
  • Rope ( can be obtained from the minigame )
  • Bucket x3 ( can be obtained from the minigame )
  • Fishing net
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These are the base items you will be needing for each kill. You can bring better harpoons to increase your point and exp rates. The items that are obtainable during the mini-game are all on top of the ship in some crates near the cannons.

Best Harpoon For Reward Points

Infernal harpoon is the best harpoon for getting more reward points since it cooks ⅓ of the fish the player catches.

Best Harpoon For Experience

Crystal harpoon is the best harpoon for getting more experience since it has a ⅓ chance of turning the fish you catch into crystallised harpoonfish. This fish cannot be cooked but yields %20 more fishing exp when used as ammunition.


If you can't use a crystal or an infernal harpoon your best option would be a dragon harpoon. However if you don't have access to that as well you can use a barb tailed harpoon or you can use your bare hands to catch the fish via barbarian fishing. The reason these two are better than regular harpoon is very simple, you are saving an inventory spot.

Angler's Outfit

Angler outfit increases your fishing exp so it's perfect for this minigame.

  • Angler hat - 0,4% Exp bonus
  • Angler top - 0,8% Exp bonus
  • Angler waders - 0,6% Exp bonus
  • Angler boots - 0,2% Exp bonus

Wearing the full set gives you a bonus 0.5% exp boost, so the full outfit provides a total of 2.5% exp boost.

Fishing Boosts

You can also bring fishing potions or admiral pies to boost your fishing level. They will slightly increase your catch rate thus giving you more exp and points. You don't need to bring these especially if you can equip a dragon/infernal/crystal harpoon since its special attack increases your fishing level temporarily.

Weight Reducing Armour

You can also bring graceful gloves and cape to reduce your character's weight. The reason why it's only a cape and glove is because there is no angler's cape or gloves. If you don't have the outfit you can bring full graceful.

Getting There

Starting from the Al-Kharid bank, run south until you see a ferry. You can take the ferry straight to Unkah. In Unkah there is a huge ship parked near the dock, climb up the ship to enter the Tempoross boss fight.


Tempoross has 3 attacks, these attacks do not damage the player but they can hinder the player's progress. They can stun the player or destroy their items in their inventory. Only hammer, rope, bucket, bucket of water, raw harpoonfsih and harpoonfish can be destroyed by these attacks any other item is safe. The three attacks tempoross use are:

  • Wave Attack: Tempoross sends a huge wave that covers the entire cove, pushing players a few tiles away. This is indicated by the screen turning blue. When you see this happen click on the nearest mast or totem pole to tie yourself to it using your rope. This will allow you to avoid the attack. This attack can also break masts and totem poles which can be repaired with the usage of a hammer. Wave also extinguishes any fire that is created by the storm clouds.
  • Lightning Attack:: Large grey clouds will move over the minigame area and strike the ground with lightning creating fire on tile that it strikes. Fires should be immediately extinguished since they spread to other tiles the longer they stay, this can be done by using a bucket of water on them. Lightning attacks will stop when Tempoross have %10 or lower energy.
  • Torrent Attack:: Tempoross shoots a pillar of water to the cannons on the ship electrifying them. Any player who is loading that cannon will get stunned. To avoid this simply switch the cannon you are using. Torrent attacks will stop when Tempoross have %10 or lower energy.

Activities & Points

  • Fishing Harpoonfish (5 points/fish): You can catch harpoonfish from the designated fishing spots via the use of harpoons or barbarian fishing. Always fish on the spot that has harpoonfish jumping out of it to get double harpoonfish.
  • Cooking Harpoonfish (10 points/fish): You can cook the fish you catch to increase its damage against the boss.
  • Depositing Harpoonfish Raw/Cooked/Crystallised (20/65/20 points/fish): You will be depositing your fish into the crates next to the cannons to damage the boss. Cooked fish yields way more experience than regular fish.
  • Repairing Totems/Mats (40 points/repair): Over time, Tempoross will damage the totems and mats which you can repair by using a hammer. Doing so awards you with construction exp equal to 4 times your construction level.
  • Dousing Fires (40 points/fire): Lightning attacks leave behind a fire on the tile they strike. You can extinguish them by using a bucket of water.
  • Surviving the Wave (10 points/wave): When your screen turns blue, bind yourself to a totem or mast.
  • Harpooning Spirit Pool (55 points/scatter): After damaging the Tempoross enough a whirlpool will appear for you to fish on this will drain Tempoross' essence.

Experience Rates

If you are looking to solely gain fishing experience you should not cook your harpoonfish however this will result in significantly lower points each game.

  • Not Cooking

Exp rates shown below are representative of each harpoon, starting from the left: Regular harpoon, dragon harpoon, infernal harpoon, crystal harpoon.

Level 35 - 30k Exp/h - N/A - N/A - N/A

Level 70 - 72k Exp/h - 66K Exp/h - N/A - 72K Exp/h

Level 80 - 65K Exp/h - 69K Exp/h - 71K Exp/H - 77K Exp/h

Level 90 - 68K Exp/h - 72K Exp/h - 74K Exp/h - 80K Exp/h

Level 99 - 70K Exp/h - 74K Exp/h - 76K Exp/h - 92K Exp/h

  • Cooking

Level 35 - 22K Exp/h - N/A - N/A - N/A

Level 70 - 52K Exp/h - 54K Exp/h - N/A - 58K Exp/h

Level 80 - 56K Exp/h - 58K Exp/h - 60K Exp/H - 62K Exp/h

Level 90 - 60K Exp/h - 62K Exp/h - 64K Exp/h - 66K Exp/h

Level 99 - 64K Exp/h - 66K Exp/h - 68K Exp/h - 70K Exp/h


Unlike Wintertodt you will be gaining exp only during the fight, no experience will be rewarded when you defeat Tempoross. During the fight you mainly gain fishing experience but you can also gain cooking, construction and strength experience. Each fight you will gain a reward permit depending on your points to get your first permit you will need at least 2000 points and after that your permit count will increase every 700 points you gain.

  • 2,000 points - 1 Reward Permit
  • 2,700 points - 2 Reward permits
  • 3,400 points - 3 Reward permits
  • 4,100 points - 4 Reward permits
  • 4,800 points - 5 Reward permits
  • 5,500 points - 6 Reward permits
  • 6,200 points - 7 Reward permits
  • 6,900 points - 8 Reward permits
  • 7,600 points - 9 Reward permits
  • 8,300 points - 10 Reward permits
  • 9,000 points - 11 Reward permits
  • 9,700 points - 12 Reward permits
  • 10,400 points - 13 Reward permits
  • 11,100 points - 14 Reward permits
  • 11,800 points - 15 Reward permits
  • 12,500 points - 16 Reward permits
  • 13,200 points - 17 Reward permits
  • 13,900 points - 18 Reward permits

You can store up to 8000 reward permits at your reward pool. When you want to collect your rewards, use a fishing net or a big fishing net on the reward pool. The notable rewards are as follows:

  • Spirit flakes: Provides a 50% chance of catching an extra fish.
  • Fish barrel: Stores up to 28 raw fish.
  • Tackle box: Stores all your fishing equipment.
  • Dragon harpoon
  • Tiny Tempor
  • Tome of water
Tempoross Fight
  1. Once the fight starts pick your missing items if you have any from the crates and fill your 3 buckets with water using the water pump.
  2. Head down to the beach and start catching harpoonfish, fish from the spot where harpoonfish is jumping out from the spot if you see one.
  3. Avoid any attack that comes your way, for lightning storms simply move out of the way and extinguish the fire using your bucket of water. For the wave attack, attach yourself to any totem pole or mat. For torrent attack stop using the cannon that is being attacked
  4. Cook the fish you caught if you want more points, if not simply load them to the cannons.
  5. After Tempoross goes underwater run to the dock in the middle of the ships to damage Tempoross' essence.
  6. Repeat this until Tempoross dies.
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