OSRS Thieving Guide

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OSRS Thieving Guide

Thieving is stealing from NPCs to gain gold or other resources to help you along your journey. Thieving does not have any negative outcomes other than potentially taking damage when failing. It is a requirement for many diaries, quests, and especially benefits Ironman as a direct way to make early game gold.

Benefits of thieving?

Thieving is a consistently profitable skill. Players at higher level thieving can expect to make well over 1m per hour or more depending on the method. In addition to this, pickpocket ardy knights is a great way to make money for Ironmen prior to gaining the ability to high alch. You also can get a high amount of herb seeds if you decide to thieve from master farmers, get healing during combat if stealing blood shards from vyrewatches, or get unlimited teleports to the elven lands by thieving from elves.

Turning off attack options

When thieving, you may encounter NPCs which are not attackable such as master farmers. These are easy to pickpocket as you simply click them. Alternatively, there are NPCs who have an attack option. This means you will need to right click, then pickpocket. This can be annoying. I would suggest turning off attack options in the options menu, changing it to hidden. This will allow you to instead be able to left click any NPC easily making thieving them much more relaxed.

Positioning npcs to a single square if possible.

You can put certain NPCs into a single position which will make them unable to move, thus trapping them. This is helpful as you will save time by not running around or potentially missing your clicks. When an NPC is unable to move, they will despawn and respawn immediately, making them unstuck. It is important to make sure the NPC moves one tile every five minutes to ensure they do not despawn. To help move the NPC into position, you can decide to use a dragon spear to push them into a spot. Note this will only work with NPCs that have an attack option. Common NPCs you can make stuck are ardy knights as well as master farmers.

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Thieving bonus gear:

Ardougne diary bonus

The Ardy diary has bonuses at medium and hard completions. Medium completion gives a 10% bonus for successful pickpockets in Ardy. The hard bonus extends the 10% of all locations. This is a highly suggested bonus to do prior to committing to thieving as it is a 10% Exp increase and will save you time with banking, as well as less food used.

Rogues outfit

The Rogues outfit is a MUST. It will double your loot on all pickpockets. For example if you were thieving from vyrewatches and get a blood share, you would get two blood shards. Considering blood shards are 7m each, you’ve gained 14m in a single pickpocket. Rogues outfit takes one to three hours to get and requires level 50 thieving. It is done by going to the rogues den under the pub in Burthorpe. You will need to navigate through a puzzle to get to the end. The puzzle takes roughly five minutes to complete. You get a chance at getting one of five pieces of the set. You need the complete set to gain the bonus.

Gloves of silence

They require 54 hunter to wear. They improve thieving chances by 5%. This does not stack with the Ardougne medium diary while in Ardougne, and becomes obsolete when the Ardougne hard diary. You must make the gloves using two dark kebbit furs and 600 coins in the Fancy Dress shop in south Varrock. You will have to repair the gloves which will need 64 crafting.

Dodgy necklace

They are made by enchanting an opal necklace. They have a 25% chance to prevent you from being stunned and damaged when failing a pickpocket. Each necklace has 10 charges and one charge will be consumed if it procs. These can not be used while blackjacking.


It is suggested to get levels 1-24 by questing, but if you are not interested in questing:

Level 1-5: Men / Women

This will take very little time to get. You will make little profit and fail a high amount. Men and Women are easily located almost anywhere in the world at any major city.

Level 5-15: Cake stall

Head to Ardy and start stealing cakes. These are not failed as long as you are not seen by a guard. These cakes are a good food source for lower level players and can be used for later on thieving levels.

Level 20-25: Silk stall

Continue in Ardy market, find the silk stall. Again, you can steal these without being caught as long as guards to not see you. Silk can be sold back to the silk trader for a small amount of profit after thirty minutes of not stealing it.

Level 25-30/38/45: Fruit stalls

Fruit stalls are located in Hosidius or Kourend Castle. You can decide to do this method to 38 when master farmers are available, or consider doing the quest “The Feud” to boost to 37 and then return for the last level. If you would rather, you can also do fruit stalls straight to level 45 when you have access to Blackjacking.

Level 38-45/55/99: Master farmer

Master farmers provide seeds in addition to similar exp to fruit stalls. Though you will need food to pickpocket them. Depending on your farming level, you can potential get profitable seeds such as ranrar and snapdragon seeds. In addition, you can get a decent amount of herb and hop seeds from Master Farmers. These seeds can be doubled by using the rogue’s outfit. At higher levels, especially at level 90+, you can easily make 1m+ per hour with the double ranrar seeds. This is a slower, but consistently profitable method.

Level 45-91/99 Black jacking

Black jacking is the fastest exp for thieving until level 91, but does offer high exp rates even at that level. You will need to complete the quest “The feud” in order to access this method. It is also a very click intensive method as you will have to consistently left click (pickpocket) and then left click (knock out) quickly in order to get high experience rates. This can be difficult to do for long periods of time. Rogues outfit does work with this method. At level 45-55, you will need to use level 41 Bearded Pollnivnian bandits. At level 55-65 you use the level 56 Pollnivnian bandits. After level 65, you should use the Menaphite Thugs in the southern portion of Pollnivneach. 

Level 55-99: Ardougne knights

Ardougne knights are a relaxed, non-intensive method to training thieving. They provide high amounts of exp, but lower then other high intensive methods. Completing the Ardougne medium diary is important as they will increase success rate by 10%. You will stop failing pickpockets with level 95 thieving with the diary. You can estimate roughly 15m gold with the use of the rogues outfit to get to 99 making it a decent method which is low effort for profit. You can lure the knights into certain places to get them stuck. This is the reason they are low effort. 

Level 45-55/99: Pyramid plunder

This is a minigame which offers the fastest exp for level 91+. The quest Icthlarin’s Little helper will need to be started in order to access the area, Sophanem. It is also suggested to complete the quest “Contact!” In order to get a nearby bank in Sophanem. 

Level 85+: Elves/Vyres

These are the most profitable thieving activities which can gain the player roughly 2.5m per hour on average. Both have a single item which is worth a large amount that can be doubled by the Rogues outfit. Vyres require the quest Sins of the Father. Elves require Song of the Elves.

Quests for Thieving Exp:

Tower of life: 500 Exp

Creature of Fenkenstrain: 1k Exp

The Golem: 1k Exp

The hand in the sand: 1k Exp

Spirits of the Elid: 1k Exp

Biohazard: 1250 Exp

The Giant Dwarf: 1.5k Exp

Hazeel Cult: 1.5k Exp

Tribal Totem: 1775 Exp

Death to the Dorgeshuun: 2k Exp

The Queen of Thieves: 2k Exp

Fight Arena: 2175 Exp

Fairytale 2: 2.5k Exp

The Fremennik trials: 2812 Exp

The Slug Menace: 3.5k Exp

Icthlarin’s little helper: 4.5k Exp

Ratcatchers: 4.5k Exp

Darkness of Hallowvale: 6k Exp

Grim Tales: 6k Exp

Contact!: 7k Exp

Land of the Goblins: 8k Exp

Dragon Slayer 2: 15k Exp

The Feud: 15k Exp

Monkey Madness 2: 15k Exp

Mourning’s End Part 1: 25k Exp

Total: 123,512 Thieving Exp


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