OSRS Thieving Guide: Fastest 1-99

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OSRS Thieving Guide: Fastest 1-99

OSRS Thieving Guide: Fastest Way to Reach Level 99


Are you looking for a great Thieving guide for Old School Runescape (OSRS)? If so, you've come to the right place! This is the definitive OSRS Thieving guide on how to level up your character's Thieving skill from 1 to 99. You will learn where to go to gain the best XP rate per hour possible. There are viable alternative methods as well so you won't get bored. You'll also learn what items you need to equip in order to maximize your time and exp rates. Without further ado, let's get started!

Why Thieving?

Thieving is one of the most profitable skills to master in the game as it enables you to steal Gold Coins (GC) and valuable items from NPCs. Besides that, there are conventional methods of stealing/pickpocketing in OSRS that have stood the test of time, and there are those that have just been discovered recently. All of these will be covered in this guide!

Aside from that, the said skill has practical uses. You can pick locks so that you can go to previously inaccessible areas and obtain loot. It even allows you to disarm traps, letting you venture into places without getting damaged.

Another important reason why you want to level up your Thieving skill is that there are some quests that require you to have it at a certain level. For instance, the "Dragon Slayer II" quest, which rewards you with the ability to craft a Mythical Cape when successfully completed, needs you to have level 60 Thieving.

It may seem so simple on the surface, but Thieving in OSRS is methodical in that it requires certain steps for an attempt to be successful. The process can be frustrating, especially if you don't know what to do. But, I promise you that the skill is one of the most important ones that you need to learn in the game if you want maximum profits.

Available Methods

There are three thieving training methods to get the best possible XP rate per hour. These are by completing certain quests, pickpocketing specific NPCs, and stealing items from stalls and houses.

For example, The Feud quest grants 15,000 Thieving XP upon completion. Not only that but this quest is also a prerequisite to Blackjacking - an alternative method to gain experience points, which will be further discussed later in the guide.

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Best Items

There are some items that can help make your thieving training a lot smoother. They are:

  • Dodgy Necklace: This accessory gives you a 25% chance to not get stunned/damaged while pickpocketing an NPC. Although it only has a limited number of charges, meaning it gets destroyed after it has prevented you from getting stunned about 10 times, it is pretty inexpensive to craft again. To get yours, simply cast level 1 enchant (requires 1 Cosmic Rune and 1 Water Rune) on an Opal Necklace. What's great about the Dodgy Necklace is that it works in conjunction with the Shadow Veil spell, further reducing your chance of getting stunned if you fail a pickpocketing attempt by 36.25%. This is also called the Featherfingered Necklace.
  • Gloves of Silence: This members-only item reduces your chance of failing a pickpocket attempt by 5%. You need to level your Hunter skill to 54 to wear this, though, this isn't a problem considering that you need Hunter level 57 to get its crafting mats anyway. The Gloves of Silence can be crafted at the Fancy Clothes Shop in Varrock and requires two unnoted Dark Kebbit Furs. The crafting material can be dropped by Dark Kebbits - creatures that are found natively in the Piscatoris Falconry Area.
  • Ardougne Diary (Medium): If you are new to Old School Runescape, there are things called "Achievement Diaries," or just Diariesfor short, that reward you with bonuses if you complete all of the tasks in the quest chain. That said, the Medium Ardougne Diary provides plenty of notable rewards - one of which is Ardougne Cloak 2. This grants a 10% increased chance to successfully pickpocket NPCs in Ardougne. The cool thing about this is that you don't even need to have the cloak equipped to get the bonus!
  • Ardougne Diary (Hard): Completing the Ardougne Hard Diary rewards you with the Ardougne Cloak 3. While the previous one works well in Ardougne, the cloak that you get from the Ardougne Diary (Hard) only grants its Thieving bonus in areas around Gielinor. This includes Misthalin, Kandarin, Asgarnia, etc. Just like its predecessor, the 10% increased pickpocketing chance is granted even when you don't have the cloak on. Furthermore, if you want to collect a lot of coins, accomplishing the hard diary enables you to steal from master farmers without fail.
  • Rogue Outfit: This is a five-piece thieving equipment that gives a 15% chance of getting double loot when pickpocketing an NPC in OSRS. These can be acquired by opening the Rogue's Equipment Cache from the secured safes in the Rogues' Den minigame. Although individual Rogue Outfits only grant a 15% bonus, equipping the entire set guarantees double loot. The Rogue Equipment is non-tradable, so you will have to get them yourself.
  • Blackjack: When you finish The Feud quest, you will gain access to blackjacks, which are member-only weapons you can use to stun the bandits in Pollnivneach. There's a reason why you'd want to stun enemies before you steal from them. This will be discussed in greater detail later in the guide.
  • Dragon Spear: Another weapon you can use to stun enemies is the Dragon Spear. The Dragon Spear's special attack called Shove allows you to stun enemies for three seconds. This weapon has a chance to drop from the Brutal Black Dragon. 
  • Shock Absorber: When you have an unsuccessful pickpocketing attempt, the NPCs you're trying to steal from may retaliate and attack you. Shock Absorbers are handy as they stop you from getting knocked out. You can purchase them from Dodge Derek at the Thieves Guild for 10 Pilfer Points.
  • Soul-in-a-Box: This item is great if you don't want to stress yourself when pickpocketing. That's because it summons a soul that distracts your victim while you steal from them. Soul-in-a-Box doesn't improve your success rate, per se, but it will remove the hassle of having to stun the NPC first.
  • Stamina Potions: Some thieving training methods are very click intensive. Thus, it's imperative that you have a wealthy stack of Stamina Potions with you at all times.
  • Food: Although Dodgy Necklaces can help you deal with stuns, the protection it brings does not work 100% of the time. Therefore, you are going to get hit so many times during the entire process. That's why aside from stocking up on Stamina Potions, also bring a good supply of food with you. Some of the foods that are great to use include cake, apple pie, and meat pizza.

Training Your Thieving Skill: Journey from Level 1 to 99

Leveling up your Thieving skill is a straightforward process and the good news is that there are other methods if you get bored along the way. So, what should you do to begin training? Here are the fastest leveling methods for gaining huge amounts of thieving EXP per hour:

Level 1 to 5: Citizens of Gielinor

To get a good feel of the skill itself, you can start by pickpocketing the citizens across Gielinor. You'll need to pickpocket the men and women of Gielinor in order to reach level 5.

Alternative Level 1 to 14: Battle in the Arena

If you want to get a huge boost to Thieving early on, one of the best alternative methods is accomplishing the Fight Arena quest. Talk to Lady Servil located in the southwest region of the Monastery to begin.

In this quest, you will vanquish General Khazard's guards to save Lady Servil's family. The two members that you need to rescue are Sammy Servil (Lady Servil's son) and Justin Servil (Lady Servil's husband).

You must head to the jail first to save Sammy. He is imprisoned in the east wing at the topmost cell. In order to free him, you must talk to the Head Guard as he has the keys to Sammy's cell.

The Head Guard will tell you that he needs a Khali Brew. To get the drink, go to the bar located on the left side of the jail's western entrance. Here, find the Khazard Barman. The bartender will offer you the drink for five coins. If you did not talk to the Head Guard before going to the bar, the bartender will not have the Khali Brew as one of the options. So, don't forget this step!

Once you have the drink in hand, go back to the Head Guard and offer him some good cold Khali Brew. The alcoholic beverage will knock the guard out, giving you time to take the keys without a hitch.

Next, you'll have to fight three enemies before you reach Sammy's prison door. After the battle, go to Sammy's cell to free him.

After saving Sammy, he tells you to go to the main arena to find his father, Justin. Here, you'll fight in a series of battles involving a Khazard Ogre, Khazard Scorpion, and the Bouncer.

Defeating the Bouncer will anger General Khazard. Fortunately, you can complete the quest whether you kill the enraged general or not, though items that you have not picked up in the arena will stay there and can never be looted again.


General Khazard

Finishing the Fight Arena quest rewards you with 2,175 Thieving XP, which will instantly catapult you from level 1 to 14!

Level 5 to 20: Taking from Food Stalls in Ardougne and Varrock

Going back to actual stealing, the next thing that you can do to level up your skill is by taking stuff from the food stalls in Ardougne and Varrock. There are two areas that you need to keep in mind: Ye Olde Tea Shoppe and the Cake Stalls.

osrs_thieving_guide_fastest_1_99_7 osrs_thieving_guide_fastest_1_99_8

Ye Olde Tea Shoppe is located in the southeastern portion of Varrock. You can never miss it as it hugs the city's wall. Anyway, the main thing to do here is to steal the "Cup of Tea" from the stall numerous times. Each attempt gives you 16 XP. It takes four seconds for the stall to replenish its stock and just a single second to take it. Barring delays from lag, you should be able to repeat the process every five seconds for maximum efficiency.

You can get anywhere between 10,000 to 11,000 XP per hour. When your inventory is full, head to the bank, empty your bags and return to the stall to do the entire process again.

If you're not careful, the vendor may catch you stealing their tea, resulting in an unsuccessful pickpocketing attempt. Not only that but the tea vendor will also call the guards. Fortunately, the guards cannot respond to the owner's plea for help if they're too far away.

Even though there's no real harm when you get caught, it can still be annoying. So, to avoid this issue, there's a covered tea stall situated across from the shop owner. For some reason, the owner will not catch you stealing their stuff if you do it from this position.

Another great way to raise your skill level at this point is by stealing bread from Cake Stalls in the Ardougne Market. These stalls are placed in the far eastern region of the marketplace. Just look for the square on the map so that you won't get lost.

Like in the tea stall earlier, there is a safe spot where you can steal pastries unimpeded at the East Ardougne marketplace. The trick here is to position yourself just underneath the baker. Don't be afraid of the nearby guards because they won't catch you stealing if you're here.

Now, if you're asking which spot is better, that depends. The Ye Olde Tea Shoppe lets you steal cups of tea without a problem, but the cakes that you take from the Cake Stalls will come in handy later.

Alternative: Biohazard and Hazeel Cult

There are a couple of quests that you can do at this stage to get skill experience points: Biohazard and Hazeel Cult.

Biohazard is the second part of the Plague City quest that involves an NPC named Elena. The main objective is to help Elena smuggle Plague Samples across Ardougne to Elena's old friend and mentor, Guidor. There's an interesting piece of lore that you can uncover here, so I suggest you do this quest as soon as you can.

Hazeel Cult is another fun quest because you can choose to side with the good guys (Ceril) or the bad guys (aka the titular Hazeel Cult). If you decide to go with Cerril, your mission is to disrupt the cultists' plan to resurrect the Zamorakian Mahjarrat, Hazeel. On the other hand, if you're with the bad guys, you simply help the cultists resurrect Hazeel. It doesn't matter which group you chose to side with as the quest still rewards you with 1,500 XP upon completion.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of manually stealing stuff from NPCs or stalls when you start your leveling journey, you can complete the Fight Arena, Biohazard, and Hazeel Cult quests in succession. These are viable alternatives that offer good exp rates, which you may take early on if the other methods are not enjoyable for you.

Level 20 to 25: Precious Silk

When you reach level 20 Thieving, you can try and steal silk from the aptly named Silk Stall for a change of scenery. Although there are numerous silk stalls in Runescape, the one you should go to is located in the southwest portion of East Ardougne. The reason is that this spot has fewer guards nearby, so it's a bit safer to steal silk from the owner than the one located on the northeast side of the city.

Unlike the Cake Stall and Ye Olde Tea Shoppe, the silk owner is much more vigilant. Only steal silk from the stall if the owner is not looking. Otherwise, the merchant will always catch you!


Silk Stall Locations in East Ardougne

As mentioned earlier, the northeast silk stall has more guards than the one in the southwest. However, there are a couple of tricks that you can do if you're so inclined to steal from this particular stall.

You can kill the guard who constantly patrols the area between the silk stall and the silver stall. After eliminating the threat, you can go and take the silk from the stall unhindered. Bear in mind that the guard will be replaced by another one after several seconds, so repeat the process of eliminating and stealing until you're satisfied.

Alternatively, you can trap the knight and the guard that is patrolling the stall in question. To do this, attack them so that they will pursue you. Then, lure them to the house at the north/northeast side of the silk stall, just beside the silver trader. Wait until both of them are inside with you and then quickly head out, making sure to close the door behind you.

After trapping the guard and the knight, just go to the unmanned silk stall to continue stealing unimpeded. Do this until you reach level 25.

The reason why it's a good idea to steal Silk at this point in your leveling journey is that you can actually sell it to the merchant for 60 coins each. Just remember to wait 20 to 30 minutes before you engage in trading, otherwise, the merchant will know what's up.

You can get up to 30,000 Thieving experience points per hour here.

Level 25 to 45: A Fruitful Endeavor

For the next 20 levels, you will be stealing fruits from the Fruit Stalls in Hosidius. In order for you to start thieving, though, you need to have at least 15% favour by doing certain activities in the city.

To begin, head to the south of the town square to find fields that you can plough. Simply plough the fields back and forth until you gain favour. You have to be patient because you're only awarded that randomly.

When you've managed to reach 5% favour, you can start making Sulphurous Fertiliser by combining regular compost and saltpetre. The resulting fertilizer must be given to the Clerk found near the bank deposit box. Doing so grants you 0.1% favour for each bucket.

The good thing about gaining favour this way is it is a profitable method to train thieving. That's because you can sell the Sulphurous Fertiliser to other players for some gold coins.

When you have enough favour, go to the farmer's market in Hosidius. Ideally, you want to be in the house on the eastern portion of the city because there are two stalls that you can steal from that are not too far apart. Additionally, this spot doesn't contain any guards or guard dogs, so you can level up without anyone bugging you.


Best Fruit Stall Spot in Hosidius

It's important to note that this is a very click intensive method of gaining experience. But I promise you, it's worth it! You should also make your Runescape character lighter by wearing weight-reducing gear, such as the Exoskeleton Set or Graceful Outfit. It should go without saying that you need to have a healthy supply of Stamina Potions since you'll be running back and forth between the fruit stalls.

While you can just drop the fruits that you've stolen to the ground or use them for stamina, you can purchase baskets to store them for maximum efficiency. Placing fruits in the basket enables you to sell them for profit as well. The Baskets can be bought from Vannah's Farming Stall located at the center portion of the farmer's market.


Vannah's Farming Stall

Alternative: Level 30 to 37 The Feud 

The Feud is a very important quest if you want to level your Thieving skill. That's because it not only gives you 15,000 XP but also unlocks the ability for you to wield and purchase blackjacks from Ali Morrisane.

To begin, talk to Ali Morrisane in northern Al Kharid. The self-proclaimed "greatest merchant" in the game is situated east of the city's Gem Trader.

The main objective here is to find Ali Morrisane's nephew, also named "Ali," in a place called Pollnivneach! This town is located in the middle of the Kharidian Desert. Even though you can reach the area just by walking, you can take a Magic Carpet ride in the Shantay Pass for 200 Gold Points (GP) to save some time.

Upon reaching Pollnivneach, you will complete a series of quests, including buying beers for an NPC for information, using a disguise to enter the mayor's villa, acquiring a snake from the hag, and fighting some gang leaders to restore the balance.

This might be a confusing quest for beginners because a lot of NPCs that you'll talk to in this place are named Ali. But, the quest is straightforward. Just make sure to read the dialogue so that you will know what to do next.

In addition to the rewards previously mentioned, completing this quest gives you access to the Rogue Trader - a series of mini-quests where you'll run some errands for Ali Morrisane. After completing the errands, Ali will then sell you some useful items for thieving, such as clothes, runes, and blackjacks.


The Feud Quest Rewards

Alternative: Level 38 to 45 Steal from Master Farmers


If your Thieving skill is already at level 38 and you'd like to take a different approach from the click intensive nature of stealing from Fruit Stalls in Hosidius, you can turn your attention to Master Farmers instead.

The Master Farmer is an NPC that you can pickpocket for 43 Thieving experience points each.. If you fail to pickpocket the said NPC, you will not only get stunned for a few seconds but you will take a bit of damage as well. That's why carrying high healing food with you at all times is a good rule of thumb when you train thieving.

Pickpocketing Master Farmers will net you around 50,000 to 100,000 GP and 20,000 to 25,000 XP per hour depending on how fast you are.

Level 45 to 91: Return to Pollnivneach


Once your skill reaches level 45, you'll return to Pollnivneach to pickpocket NPCs.You'll need a blackjack to stun the NPCs in Pollnivneach for successful pickpockets.

When you have a blackjack in hand and some food to fill your inventory, you can start pickpocketing Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits. They are abundant in the northern part of the town.

Now, there are a few neat tricks that can help you with the leveling process. Right-click on a Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit and select "lure." Then, have them follow you to one of the empty houses nearby and trap them there.

Once inside, whack them with a blackjack to stun them. It doesn't matter what type you're using so long as you're able to knock them out. You will get 10 XP for the stun and another 45 Thieving experience points with every successful pickpocket attempt.

The second trick involves filling up your inventory with pies and stews. You see, when your inventory is full, the game prevents you from doing the pickpocketing action because you do not have space for new coin pouches. This is done to avoid accidentally pickpocketing a bandit when they're not stunned.

You're probably wondering why the second trick requires you to have pies and stews with you instead of other high healing foods. When you use them to replenish your HP, they leave behind empty items that take up space. So, rather than filling up your bag with useless junk, you can stock up on these foods to keep your inventory full.

For the third trick, you need to have another weapon in your inventory. When you do not stun the bandit with the blackjack, they will get aggressive and start attacking you. To force them to stop striking you, equip the other weapon, right-click on the enraged bandit, and select the "knock-out" option. I don't know why but this trick just works! Once they go back their merry way, attempt to knock them out again with a blackjack. Hopefully, with a more desirable outcome this time.

When the NPC is successfully stunned, you can actually pickpocket them twice for double loot before they regain consciousness. You'll obtain 100,000 XP per hour based on how efficient you are. Repeat the process until you reach level 55.

At level 55, you can pickpocket the Non-bearded Pollnivnian bandits for more experience points. They can be found in the northern part of Pollnivneach as well. They give 84 Thieving experience points per pickpocket attempt, which roughly translates to around 140,000 per hour.

How can you tell the bandits apart? Well, the Non-bearded Pollnivnian Bandits wield steel scimitars instead of blackjacks. Despite their differences in appearance, the process of leveling is the same: knock them out with a blackjack, pickpocket them twice, rinse and repeat.

After a couple of hours or so, you should be at level 65. From now on, you can go to the opposite end of town to pickpocket Menaphite Thugs.

Menaphite Thugs are common in the southwest portion of town. The process of gaining is the same. Once again, it's best that you lure them to an empty house so that you can pickpocket them in peace.

You can get anywhere from 200,000 to 250,000 XP per hour by pickpocketing Menaphite Thugs. If you've streamlined the process and you got lucky by knocking them out in just a couple of tries each time you do so, you can even acquire up to 280,000 XP per hour! This is the reason why some people level their Thieving skill to 91 here because it's a painless process, at least, for the most part. Additionally, each time you knock them out, you can pickpocket them twice for double loot!

Alternative: Level 65 to 91 Pyramid Plunder

While you can certainly level up to 91 in Pollnivneach by pickpocketing bandits and Menaphite Thugs, there is an alternative, more fun way, to reach the same level. That is by doing the Pyramid Plunder mini-game.

Before you can access Pyramid Plunder, you must complete the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest up to the point where you enter the city.

Gertrude's Cat is a short but mandatory quest for Pyramid Plunder because it enables you to adopt a cat companion when finished. The cat plays a huge role in the next quest, Icthlarin's Little Helper.

For Icthlarin's Little Helper, talk to the Wanderer in the camp west of the Agility Pyramid in the Kharidian Desert. When you have a cat with you, the Wanderer will have a strange reaction to it. The NPC will share with you some information about how to get into the secret entrance of Sophanem - the City of the Dead. But, before that happens, the Wanderer prompts you to take your cat a bit far away. So, pick up your cat and do what the NPC says.

Next, the Wanderer tells you to obtain a couple of items, namely a full waterskin and a tinderbox. After acquiring these, talk to the NPC and select the fourth option, which says "Yes, I have them all here."

Once you give the items to the Wanderer, you'll be hypnotized and taken to a small cave located northeast of their tent. You can use this as the entry point to Sophanem from now on.

Next, head to Jalsavrah, which is the northern pyramid in Sophanem. You will find that the pyramid has four entrances. Go to each one until you discover the Guardian Mummy. Talk to the mummy by right-clicking on it and selecting the "Start Activity" option for Pyramid Plunder to commence.

The Pyramid Plunder mini-game has eight thieving rooms in total. Each room has a minimum Thieving level requirement to access. Here's a brief rundown:

Room NumberThieving Level Required

Each thieving room contains a spear trap that you have to disarm right away. You will also find multiple urns that contain treasure and some occasional snakes if you're unlucky. The snake can damage and poison you, so always have Antipoison/Anti-Venom Potions with you when attempting this mini-game.

At the center of each room, you'll come across a Grand Gold Chest, which contains a number of items. One of these items is the Pharaoh's Sceptre. When used, it instantly teleports you to Jalsavrah, which is quite handy if you want to play Pyramid Plunder in the future.

Take note that the Sceptre only holds three charges by default. As a rule of thumb, when you only have one charge left, talk to the Guardian Mummy so that it can recharge the Pharaoh's Sceptre for a price.

Now, to gain Thieving experience points with Pyramid Plunder, all you have to do is search the urns inside each room. To get the most XP per hour, only search the urns in the final two rooms relative to your level.

For example, if you have level 71 Thieving, only search the urns in the fifth and sixth rooms. This means that you breeze through the first four rooms so that you don't waste time for a meager exp rate.


Pyramid Plunder

You will get more and more experience points from Pyramid Plunder when you reach high enough levels. At Level 91 to 99 Thieving, you can gain as much as 260,000 XP per hour!

Level 59 to 99: Time to Steal from Knights


Pyramid Plunder is fun and relatively easy to do, but it still takes some attention to do. If you want to just sit back, relax and spam click, this method is the one for you.

The beauty of this leveling method is that it's a hassle-free way of gaining XP. Make sure you have a full set of rogues outfit on to gain double money.

Second, you need to join a Friends Chat (FC) that handles Ardougne Knights for thieving. The most popular are Thieving Host and Splashworlds. They typically have an Ardougne Knight trapped inside the bank so that you can train thieving without a hitch.

When pickpocketing Ardougne Knights, make sure to have a healthy supply of Dodgy Necklaces in your inventory so that you don't get stunned often. The Shadow Veil spell helps a bunch as well.

If you are new to OSRS, you can join a Friends Chat (formerly known as Clan Chat) by opening the FC interface via the chat window. On the UI, click on the minus (-) sign on the right side and choose "Join Chat." From there, type the name of the chat you want to join. In this case, input "Thieving Host" or "Splashworlds."


There are certain quests that you can complete that will reward Thieving experience points. You can find the complete list below:

Thieving LevelQuest NameQuest Prerequisites
1-20-Tower of Life (500 XP)
-The Hand in the Sand (1,000 XP)
-Biohazard (1,250 XP)
-The Giant Dwarf (1,500 XP)
-Hazeel Cult (1,500 XP)
-The Queen of Thieves (2,000 XP)
-Fight Arena (2,175 XP)
-The Fremennik Trials (2,812 XP)
-Icthlarin's Little Helper (4,500 XP)
-Ratcatchers (4,500 XP)
Complete Plague City quest
-Client of Kourend
-X Marks the Spot
Complete Gertrude's Cat
-Gertrude's Cat
-Icthlarin's Little Helper
21-40-The Golem (1,000 XP)
-Creature of Fenkenstrain (1,000 XP)
-Spirits of the Elid (1,000 XP)
-Tribal Totem (1,775 XP)
-Death to the Dorgeshuun (2,000 XP)
-Fairytale II: Cure a Queen (2,500 XP)
-The Slug Menace (3,500 XP)
-Darkness of Hallowvale (6,000 XP)
-The Feud (15,000 XP)
Complete Priest in Peril quest
Obtain Ghostspeak Amulet from The Restless Ghost quest

-The Lost Tribe
-Goblin Diplomacy
-Rune Mysteries
-Fairy Tale I: Growing Pains
-Lost City
-Nature Spirit
-The Restless Ghost
-Priest in Peril
-Recruitment Drive
-Black Knight's Fortress
-Druidic Ritual
-The Lost Tribe
-Rune Mysteries
-Goblin Diplomacy
-Enter the Abyss
-Priest in Peril
-Sea Slug
-Must have Commorb in inventory to initiate the quest
-In Aid of the Myreque
-In Search of the Myreque
-Nature Spirit
-Priest in Peril
-The Restless Ghost
41-60-Contact! (7,000 XP)
-Land of the Goblins (8,000 XP)

-Grim Tales (25,000 XP)
-Mourning's End Part I (40,000 XP)

-Monkey Madness II: The Renegade Returns (50,000 XP)
-Dragon Slayer II: The Legacy of Elvarg (50,000 XP)
Complete Icthlarin's Little Helper
-Another Slice of H.A.M.
-Death to the Dorgeshuun
-The Lost Tribe
-Goblin Diplomacy
-Rune Mysteries
-The Giant Dwarf
-The Dig Site
-Fishing Contest
-Witch's House
-Roving Elves
-Underground Pass
-Plague City
-Waterfall Quest
-Big Chompy Bird Hunting
-Sheep Herder
-Enlightened Journey
-The Eyes of Glouphrie
-Recipe for Disaster
-Monkey Madness I
-The Grand Tree
-Tree Gnome Village
-Troll Stronghold
-Death Plateau
-Legends' Quest
-Family Quest
-Heroes' Quest
-Shield of Arrav
-Lost City
-Merlin's Crystal
-Dragon Slayer I
-Underground Pass
-Plague City
-Waterfall Quest
-Dream Mentor
-Lunar Diplomacy
-The Fremennik Trials
-Rune Mysteries
-Shilo Village
-Jungle Potion
-Eadgar's Ruse
-Druidic Ritual
-Troll Stronghold
-Death Plateau
-A Tail of Two Cats
-Gertrude's Cat
-Icthlarin's Little Helper
-Animal Magnetism
-Ernest the Chicken
-Priest in Peril
-The Restless Ghost
-Ghosts Ahoy
-Bone Voyage
-The Dig Site
-Client of Kourend
-X Marks the Spot
-Gain 100 Kudos
-Barbarian Training (Firemaking part to gain access to the Ancient Cavern)
61-80-Secrets of the North (50,000 XP)-Making Friends with My Arm
-My Arm's Big Adventure
-Eadgar's Ruse
-Druidic Ritual
-Troll Stronghold
-Death Plateau
-The Feud
-Jungle Potion
-Swan Song
-One Small Favour
-Rune Mysteries
-Shilo Village
-Garden of Tranquility
-Creature of Fenkenstrain
-Priest in Peril
-The Restless Ghost
-Cold War
-Romeo & Juliet
-The General's Shadow
-Curse of the Empty Lord (for Ghostly Robes)
-Desert Treasure I (for Ring of Visibility)
-Fight Arena
-Devious Minds
-Recruitment Drive
-Black Knight's Fortress
-The Lost Tribe
-Goblin Diplomacy
-Rune Mysteries
-Death Plateau
-Doric's Quest
-Enter the Abyss
-Hazeel Cult

Great Alternative Methods

Pickpocketing Ardougne Knights and doing the Pyramid Plunder minigame can get you through to level 99 Thieving. Although their exp rates per hour get better the higher your level is, they can get boring and monotonous, especially when done for hours on end.

The good news is that you have other thieving training methods to choose from. If you've reached level 49 Thieving, you can steal artefacts from the houses in Port Piscarilius. Before you can do this, you must have 75% Piscarilius Favour. You can gain favour by repairing fishing cranes, hunting grubs, and delivering fish to the market.

Once your Piscarilius Favour is at 75%, talk to Captain Khaled at the Food Hall located southeast of the bank. He will give you a quest to steal artefacts from the houses in the area. Be sure to bring a lockpick with you because you'll be opening drawers where the artefacts are usually kept.


Captain Khaled Location

You get 750 Thieving experience points for each artefact you retrieve successfully. In addition, you acquire experience points equal to 40 times your current level. So, if you're at level 50, you get 2,000 XP on top of 750.

Once you've successfully stolen an artefact, it's imperative that you manually walk to Captain Khaled to turn them in. Do not use teleport or the artefact will disappear.

Stealing artefacts from Piscarilius Houses may not be as efficient as blackjacking Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits in Pollnivneach, but it is something worth trying nevertheless.

At level 82-99 Thieving, you can pickpocket the Vyres at Darkmeyer - the capital city of Morytania. The Vyrewatch Sentinels, in particular, have a chance of dropping a Blood Shard, which you can trade with other players at the Grand Exchange for profit. Blood Shards currently sell for 4.5 to 5 million GP each.

To steal from Vyres, you must have already completed the Sins of the Father quest. Another vital piece of information you need to know is that you only have a 42% chance of succeeding in pickpocketing Vyres. For this reason, you should complete the Ardougne Hard Diary and wear the Thieving Cape to bump the success rate up to 60.7%. Be sure to have the Gloves of Silence equipped as well.

Every time you pickpocket a Vyre, you get 306.9 Thieving experience. If you're fast enough, the exp rate per hour is anywhere between 120,000 to 180,000.

At level 85, you can start stealing from Elves in Prifddinas. Before you can enter the city, though, you must finish the Song of the Elves quest. You might think that this alternative method of leveling is not worth doing because of the very steep quest requirement. However, the reason why you want to steal from Elves is that there's a small chance of acquiring an Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seed, which has a market value of 1.78 million GP at the time of writing.

The drop chance of Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seed is at 1/1024 tries, so it is not significantly worse than Blood Shards at 1/1500. Even though the item is very rare, this is ok considering that your main objective here is to gain Thieving XP anyway. Speaking of which, the exp rate for pickpocketing Elves is 140,000 to 160,000 per hour. The higher your level, the better your chances of stealing from them.

One of the best places to raise your Thieving level in Prifddinas is at Salgent's House located close to the Agility Course. This is a great spot because it is near the bank, so you don't have to stray far away to store your valuables and gold coins if you have to.


Prifddinas Agility Course

Useful Tips

Now that you know the best ways to gain maximum exp rates per hour for OSRS Thieving, what are the other methods that will help you in your leveling journey? Well, there are certain things that will help you streamline the process. Below, you'll find some conventional methods, as well as other neat tricks that Old School Runescape players use to reach level 99 Thieving as quickly as possible:

1. Change Your NPC Attack Options

Normally, you'd have to right-click an NPC in Runescape and then select the appropriate option if you want to steal from them. This requires two clicks, which can be quite tedious if done repeatedly. Well, you can simplify the process by changing your NPC attack options.

To do this, head over to the settings menu. Under "NPC Attack Options," select "Hidden" and you should be good to go. What this does is that every time you left-click on a victim, you'll immediately start pickpocketing them. This trick increases the amount of experience points you gain per hour!

2. Invest in a Foot Pedal Clicker

Some conventional methods that grant OSRS Thieving experience are very click intensive. If you don't want to wear down your mouse, I suggest that you purchase a Foot Pedal Clicker.

The Foot Pedal Clicker is a physical tool that you can plug into your computer via USB. It can be configured to simulate mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts, and even hotkeys. After the initial setup, all you have to do is press the pedal with your foot and it will do the action you've configured every time!

Now, if you're concerned about getting banned, the Foot Pedal Clicker is actually one of the safest tools you can use to level OSRS Thieving. Unlike bots or auto-clicking software, the Foot Pedal Clicker just mimics whatever command you input into it. So, if you just set it to simulate a left click each time you step on the pedal, it is not bannable.


Foot Pedal Clicker

3. RuneLite

If you've been playing Runescape for quite some time, you've probably heard of RuneLite. Maybe you're even using it right now!

But for those who don't know, RuneLite is a free open-source, third-party client for Old School Runescape. What's great about this program is that you can utilize dozens of plugins that will make things in Runescape so much easier for you.

For example, you can enable the "Inventory Viewer" plugin so that you don't have to open up your inventory every so often when thieving.


Among all of the skills in the game, Thieving is one of the most profitable methods of gaining gold coins or GP in Old School Runescape. Not only will you obtain gold pouches for each successful pickpocketing attempt, you will also gain items that you can sell at the Grand Exchange.

Although some thieving training methods are very click intensive, there are viable alternatives you can do to reach level 99 Thieving. When you've accomplished the Ardougne Hard Diary, you will acquire the Ardougne Cloak 3. From then on, you can start getting rich by pickpocketing Master Farmers because doing so guarantees a 100% success rate each and every time.

Pyramid Plunder is another great training method for OSRS Thieving. Once you've unlocked thieving rooms seven and eight, reaching level 99 Thieving is a breeze!

Aside from Pyramid Plunder, you can finish quests that grant thieving experience, including Biohazard, Hazeel's Cult, and Secrets of the North, among many others.

There are a wide variety of items that can improve your leveling journey immensely. The Gloves of Silence is a great way to boost your pickpocketing success rate early on. Once you've completed the Plague's End quest, you can then transition to the Trahaearn Exoskeleton set to gain additional bonuses.

Dodgy Necklaces are an inexpensive way to prevent you from getting stunned. In addition, you can increase your exp rates gained per hour by taking advantage of Torstol Incense Sticks, as well as the Wise Perk and Wisdom Aura.

All in all, I hope that this OSRS Thieving guide has helped you reach level 99 Thieving with ease!

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