OSRS Tithe Farming Guide

14.03.2023 - 16:01:59
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OSRS Tithe Farming Guide

Tithe Farm is a Farming based minigame located in Hosidius that can be accessed from level 34 onwards with 100% Hosidius favour. Players must have the appropriate seeds, a spade, a seed dibber, and watering cans to play the minigame. In this guide, we will discuss how to get to Tithe Farm, what rewards are available, and the gameplay mechanics.

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Getting to Tithe Farm-

The quickest way to get to Tithe Farm is by using the Grouping teleport to Tithe Farm. This requires having entered Tithe Farm once before. Alternatively, players can exit a player-owned house in Hosidius and go east, use a Xeric’s talisman to teleport to Xeric’s Glade and go south-east, or reminisce using the Kharedst’s memoirs or book of the dead to Hosidius and go south-east.


Gameplay Mechanics-

Once players have chosen 100 seeds appropriate to their Farming level, they may enter the farm. Seeds can be planted in any empty patches. The plants grow very quickly and must be watered before every stage of growth (3 waterings total) to keep them alive. The plants take 3 minutes to grow fully, and must be harvested before minute 4, otherwise they will wilt and die. Players can double the growth rate by using Gricoller’s fertiliser, which is provided when players enter the minigame area.

After the plants have fully grown, the fruit can be harvested and deposited into any of several sacks around the farm for a reward of Farming experience and possibly also points. Significant bonus experience and 1 point is earned for every fruit deposited starting at the 75th fruit, meaning a maximum of 26 points may be earned in a game assuming every seed is grown successfully.

Players may plant and harvest a total of 100 seeds. Harvesting a fruit provides 6, 14, or 23 experience (for Golovanova, Bologano, and Logavano fruits respectively). The first 74 fruit deposited will each give 0 points as well as 60, 140, or 230 experience per fruit (10 times the harvest amount). The next 26 fruit (75-100) deposited will give 1 point and double experience per fruit (120, 280, or 460 experience). In addition, reaching 75 fruit will result in one bonus of 1,500, 3,500, or 5,750 experience (250 times the harvest amount) for the respective fruit.

The maximum total experience earned per batch of seeds (100 fruit) is 9,660 for Golovanova, 22,540 for Bologano, and 37,030 for Logavano. To calculate this, let P be the harvest experience for the tier of seeds used (6, 14, or 23). 100 x P experience is received from harvesting, 74 x 10 x P from the first 74 fruit deposited, 26 x 20 x P from the last 26 fruit deposited, and 250 x P from the bonus. The sum gives 1610 x P. Wearing the full farmer’s outfit will boost experience from harvesting and depositing fruit by 2.5%, bringing total experience per 100 fruit deposited to 9,864 for Golovanova, 23,016 for Bologano, and 37,812 for Logavano.


General Strategy

When you start a run, it is important to remember to bring a spade, seed dibber, and enough filled watering cans. The optimal strategy is to plant and water the seeds in all 20 patches. This will require five runs and with some practice will be quite straightforward. To maximize efficiency, it is best to use the same pattern of patches for each run. This pattern should not include the center three columns to accommodate a second person. Additionally, Gricoller’s fertiliser is not recommended as it speeds up the growth of the plants and makes it difficult to handle a large number of plants.

If growing 20 plants at a time is difficult, then it is possible to do fewer runs. For example, five runs of 17 plants followed by one run of 15 plants or five runs of 14 plants followed by two runs of 15 plants. Regardless of how many plants you grow at once, using the given layout in the map leads to the least amount of running and thus the easiest way to manage more crops. It is not recommended to grow more than 20 plants at once as it can become too difficult to manage.

When planting and watering seeds, you do not need to wait for the animation to finish. By doing this, you can cut the time spent planting and watering the seeds almost in half. This can take some practice to master, but as a starting point, watering plants “finishes” as soon as the patches of water appear, allowing you to water the next spot.



Full Graceful is invaluable for this minigame. While you should not use all of your energy if you start each run at 100%, you will be able to do consecutive runs more quickly if you have full Graceful. Alternatively, Stamina potions may help. Also, drop Gricoller’s fertiliser to save 4 kg of weight before you start planting.

The Humidify spell from the Lunar spellbook allows for much faster refilling of watering cans. This requires completion of the Dream Mentor quest. You can end the spell’s animation early by using a watering can on a plant.

It is a good idea to have your camera rotated to be as far above you as possible, as this makes it easier to plant seeds and water plants in adjacent spots.

If using the Farmer’s outfit, you only need to equip it when harvesting the plants or depositing the fruit. At all other times, the graceful outfit or other weight-reducing items should be worn. The extra experience from harvesting the fruit is very minimal (under 200 experience per hour) so don’t worry if you forget to change outfits. However, the extra experience from depositing the fruit in the sack is well-worth changing outfits for.

If you purchase Gricoller’s can which only needs refilling every 333 plants, you can omit the 8 watering cans and reduce your weight by several units. With level ~90+ agility, this is enough to wear the Farmer’s outfit for the duration of the minigame without the need for stamina potions. You can reach 0 kilograms by only bringing the essential weight-bearing items along with at least graceful cape and gloves and also by dropping Gricoller’s fertiliser upon entry as it weighs 4 kilograms.


Tick Perfect Method

The main difference between this strategy and the general farming strategy is that it combines replanting and harvesting routes into one route. This means that while harvesting one plant, the player will replant and water that plant before harvesting the next plant, thus saving time. This is known as a combo route and it requires a bit of practice and a stable internet connection.

To save as many game ticks as possible, the player must be able to click to move one square diagonally before they action the next plant without losing any ticks. This will save time on walking north (or south) to the next plant on that row as it becomes only two squares away from the player instead of three. Additionally, the player should cast the spell Humidify while running to the first plant just before they start on their combo route, as this will save time.

On the final row (plants 17-20), it can save two extra game ticks per route if the player runs four squares at least two times while running to the next plant. This consumes the same amount of time as running three squares. Players should also keep in mind that there is an even amount of tiles between the middle tile of the 20th plant and the closest tile of the 1st plant, so there is no need to walk the extra tile to the corner of the 20th plant.

Overall, this strategy has a round-trip of 19 minutes and 30 seconds and grants 80 points per hour. It requires the use of the spell Humidify (or Gricoller's can) and possibly stamina potions. Additionally, wearing a Farmer's Outfit (on deposit only or on deposit and harvest) can increase the experience rate per hour.

To practice this strategy, it is more than possible to use the general farming strategy by doing separate harvest and replant routes. By applying the techniques used in this strategy to the normal strategy, players will find they can eventually catch up to the plants they have previously watered. This can be an indication of how fast they are making their routes.



Players can earn Farming experience and points for depositing fruits in the sacks. There is a reward shop which can be accessed by speaking to Farmer Gricoller. Items available to purchase include compost, supercompost, grape seed, 10 Bologa’s blessings, farmer’s straw-hat/shirt, farmer’s boro trousers, farmer’s boots, Gricoller’s can, seed box, herb sack, auto-weed, and more.

Players can only have a maximum of 1,000 points at one time, so they should spend their points wisely. It is important to note that players must leave only after having planted all 100 seeds and depositing all harvested fruit in order to get the maximum rewards.

Overall, Tithe Farm is a great way to gain Farming experience quickly and efficiently. Players should make sure to pick up the appropriate seeds and have all the necessary items ready before entering the minigame. It is also important to remember to leave only after having planted all 100 seeds and depositing all harvested fruit in order to get the maximum rewards.

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