OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded Relic and Zone Guide

24.11.2023 - 15:10:32
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OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded Relic and Zone Guide

So you want to start playing the new OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded League, but you're getting overwhelmed by what you should be doing? Don't worry we got you covered. This guide is a simple step by step guide to unlock your first new zone and relic under 1 hour of play time. It is super simple and everyone can do it so without further ado let's begin this Leagues 4 starting strategy guide!


Leagues 4 Trailblazer Reloaded Starting Strategy

So in Leagues 4 there are tasks that you have to complete in order to progress in the game. You start the game by having two regions unlocked which are Karamja and Misthalin and only 1 relic unlock. Relics are unique to the Leagues and they severely boost your accounts power and change the way you play the game. So to progress and become more and more powerful and have access to different parts of the game you need to complete as many tasks as you can. Tasks also have tiers and reward more or less points depending on the tier. Points are used to unlock relics while the number of tasks you have completed overall is used for unlocking more regions.

Unlocking new regions as fast as possible is essential to progressing your account as each region has their own set of new tasks which you can farm for more points and task completions. It can be overwhelming to theory craft your own route so follow ours optimised version to reach your destination: (everything told below is a task and must be followed exactly for peak efficiency.)

  1. When you first log in to the game, complete the tutorial and open up leagues menu, these two are both tasks.
  2. After that, immediately run to the Lumbridge graveyard and dance.
  3. After dancing, enter the death domain.
  4. Exit the domain and talk to the vampire count npc, in the graveyard. Make him teleport you to the stronghold of security. (Note if you are unsure you can survive the stronghold of security, you can run to the Lumbridge fishing spot to get some extra shrimps first. Also remember to set up your accounts 2 factor security beforehand to be able to traverse through the stronghold of security.)
  5. After being teleported near the Stronghold head down and traverse through the Stronghold, looting every reward. Get 10K gold and a pair of boots. If you are scared of dying on the 4th floor you can skip getting the boots but it is recommended to get them as they are a task.
  6. Open your leagues menu and click on areas then teleport to Karamja. Go to the charter ship npc and buy a knife.
  7. Take the cart near the charter ships to Shilo village.
  8. In Shilo village buy a torch from the store near the cart and light the torch using your tinderbox on it.
  9. Run to the fishing shop near the furnace and buy a regular fishing rod and some bait.
  10. Then go upstairs and get a task for Duradel after that, trade him and buy a spiky helmet and an enchanted gem. Click on the check option on your enchanted gem.
  11. Use your home teleport and start the quest Cooks Assistant.
  12. Go upstairs and talk to the duke to start rune mysteries.
  13. Go back down to the castle grounds again and pickpocket a man for 28 coin pouches. DO NOT open the pouches until you get 28 of them. After that, open them for a task.
  14. Go to the Bob's axes store to buy a steel axe.
  15. Equip your dramen staff and put it on defensive to get defence experience. Kill goblins until you reach level 5 defence, bury all the bones you gather. After reaching level 5 defence, equip your spiky helmet.
  16. Go to the cow pen nearby and milk the dairy cow.
  17. Go to the chicken farm next to it and get an egg.
  18. Run north to the windmill and go inside the wheat field and use your cry emote. After that, pick a wheat.
  19. Go inside the mill and grind your wheat to get a pot of flour.
  20. Run straight to the Draynor manor and do 10 laps of the Draynor agility course. If you do not get a mark of grace by doing 10, keep doing it until you get one.
  21. Talk to Aggie the witch in Draynor and insult her.
  22. Catch shrimp near the willow trees in Draynor until level 5 Fishing and bank all of your raw shrimp.
  23. Use your fishing rod and bait to catch sardine and hit level 10 Fishing in the same spot. Bank all your fish again.
  24. Catch herring to level 15 Fishing in the same spot.
  25. After reaching level 15 go back to net fishing to catch an anchovy, after getting one, bank all your fish.
  26. Chop 20 normal logs and burn 13 logs, then chop a tree using your steel axe. After reaching level 15 chop an oak tree and burn its logs. With your remaining logs fletch some arrow shafts.
  27. Go to the Diangos store in Draynor manor and buy a chronicle and some teleport cards.
  28. Run to the wizards tower from there and talk to the Archwizard Sedridor in the basement to continue on with your rune mysteries quest.
  29. Go back to the Draynor and from there run to the Draynor Manor, enter it and get a chair to follow you.
  30. Exit it from the backdoor and go near the farming patch, inside the Draynor manor garden. Pick a cabbage and eat it.
  31. Use your chronicle teleport, go up to the farmer near the champions guild and talk to him to buy a rake.
  32. Rake the nearby patch.
  33. Go to the Varrock rune shop and talk to Aubury for rune mysteries.
  34. Pet a stray dog and steal tea from the tea stall.
  35. Go north to the real estate agent near the museum and buy yourself a house.
  36. Go to the Varrock church nearby and go upstairs there you will see an old lady, give her the tea you stole and hear a story from her.
  37. Run to the lumberyard near Varrock and turn a regular log into a plank.
  38. From there run to the digsite and take a boat to Fossil island.
  39. Go inside the tent with the bank chest and pet the museum dog.
  40. Teleport to Lumbrdige either via home teleport or Leagues teleport to finish Cooks Assistant.
  41. With this quest done you have access to the range in the castle's kitchen. Go to your bank, withdraw all your raw fish and cook them in the kitchen's range. Burning a food is a task so if you do not burn any, use a cooked food on a range or fire to burn them. Cooking 5 pieces of food successfully is also a task.
  42. Use a cooked herring on a tree.
  43. Run to the Lumbridge swamp with your dramen staff and enter Zanaris.
  44. Go to the fairy ring and teleport to C.K.R.
  45. There you will see a lake, fish some karambwanji using your net.
  46. Go back to the fairy ring and teleport to D.I.S.
  47. Go back to the wizard in the basement and complete Rune Mysteries. Then use the teleport option the wizard and teleport to the essence mine, mine a few essence and bank.
  48. Teleport once again to Karamja using your Leagues teleport, run to the house portal and enter your POH. Build a room.
  49. Exit your house and go to the Brimhaven dungeon, if you see a pineapple along the way pick it if not it is fine. Pay 750 gold to enter the dungeon.
  50. Exit the dungeon and run to the banana plantation. Pick 10 bananas and fill the crate near the charter ships.

Congratulations, you have completed a lot of tasks in under one hour and unlocked not only your first new region, you also unlocked your first relic!


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