OSRS Varlamore AFK Thieving Guide

03.04.2024 - 17:42:12
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OSRS Varlamore AFK Thieving Guide

Are you tired of Thieving the traditional way, where you have to constantly click the same NPC until either your finger or mouse breaks? Well if you are I have good news for you, in the newly added lands of Varlamore, there exists a method that allows you to AFK train Thieving and it is absolutely amazing!


For this method we are going to be Pickpocketing wealthy citizens which can be found in the Bazaar section of Varlamore. To get there simply take the ride east of Varrock and head south-west and you are there!


Wealthy Citizens & What to Bring

To pickpocket from a wealthy citizen you need at least level 50 Thieving. Each pickpocket yields 96 Thieving experience and 85 coins. Occasionally you will be able to pickpocket house keys which are the second part of this Thieving method. These keys allow you to enter the house of a citizen and absolutely ransack it for 3 minutes at a time. The more keys you have the more free Thieving experience you have. The keys stack in the inventory so you can stack them up until satisfied and move on to ransacking homes later.

To pickpocket these citizens you need to wait approximately 84-99 seconds, after that two street urchins will start distracting one of these citizens, you can simply clik on the distracted citizen and your character will automatically pickpocket that citizen until the distraction is over. (Which is around 20 seconds.) Occasionally, you will auto-pickpocket at a much slower rate, receiving the message "Your hands are sweaty and keep dropping the items in the Citizen's pockets." To simply get rid of this side effect, go loot the citizens houses or do another thieving activity.

To maximise your coin and key gains from this, you will need to bring rogue equipment. Wearing the full rogue's outfit will double the keys that you receive from this activity.

Breaking into Houses

This process is fairly simple, after getting your keys from the Bazaar simply head west. There you will see 4 houses that you can break-in using your keys and loot.


Not every house is available for you to break-in. You're strictly looking for the locked house, this house has no NPC in it so you can safely get in. Once you are in, click on one of the chests or any other lootable object to start AFK looting. You can simply leave your character to AFK for 3 minutes straight or you can pay a little attention to gain more experience. Every 20-30 seconds your character will notice valuables in another place in the house. When this happens you will get a chat message saying "you notice something shine somewhere else in the house." There will also be an arrow pointing at the location.


If you go and start looting from that location you will be immediately rewarded with a huge chunk of Thieving experience and some valuables. After 3 minutes you will hear the home owner returning to their house and that is your queue to get out of the house. You will be doing that through a window and not the main door. Once you are out you can simply repeat this process by locating the next house. These houses are in a rotation so once one NPC returns to their house another one leaves the house. Once you have identified the NPC leaving the house you can enter using your key and repeat the process.

Just like pickpocketing the wealthy citizens, if you do this activity for too long or if you try to world hop whilst inside a house you will get the following message: "You feel tired and can't quite grab as many valuables as you'd like." Which will reduce your chance of successful thieving. To get rid of this debuff simply pickpocket another house key from wealthy citizens.

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The valuables you earn during your mischieves can be sold to an NPC named Oriana, who can be found standing just outside the Fortis west bank. Each valuable costs 55 coins but if you have earned the Gladiator rank at the Fortis Colosseum, which requires 8,000 glory, you can sell them for 65 gold each.

It is good to note that you can also find tradable jewellery while doing this activity and you also have a rare chance to obtain a blessed bone statuette which can be broken down into blessed bone shards that can be used to train Prayer.

You can expect to get about 90K-125K gp per hour or 105K-150K if you are a Gladiator.

Goodluck and enjoy AFK Thieving!

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