OSRS Venenatis Guide

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OSRS Venenatis Guide

In your OSRS journey, you'll come across lots of menacing foes and creatures alike. You have dragons, zombies, demons, and more. Another scary creature you'll face in the game is Venenatis - a giant spider. If you want to best her in battle, you'll have to come prepared for a challenging fight.

Who Is Venenatis in OSRS?



Venenatis is a giant spider. According to Phabelle Bile, she is the last of her kind. The rest of her race was hunted to extinction by the Dwarves. Now, she resides in the Silk Chasm, waiting for brave warriors to take her on. With a combat level of 464, Venenatis is a tough challenge for many players.

Where To Find Venenatis?



You can find Venenatis within the Silk Chasm. This is situated in the Wilderness just southeast of Callisto's Den, presents a multi-combat dungeon experience. Access to the boss lairs within requires a payment of 50,000 coins. This fee can be conveniently deducted from your bank balance, eliminating the need to carry it in your inventory. In the event of a player's demise at the hands of another player, the fee becomes loot for the victorious adversary. However, players have the opportunity to mitigate this fee by defeating the trio of bosses. Each successful boss takedown, where the player deals the most damage, chips away at the fee by 10,000 coins.

Similar to the dynamics of Callisto's Den and Vet'ion's Rest, players exiting the Silk Chasm will find themselves randomly deposited at one of three points within the Escape Caves. If a player exits within 10 seconds of another, they'll share the same emergence point. This feature facilitates the pursuit of player targets by those with hostile intent through the labyrinthine boss lair.

Upon initial entry into the lair, players encounter a brief 3-tick teleportation delay. However, upon completion of the hard Wilderness diary, this delay is nullified.

To gain a glimpse inside the lair, players must have notched up at least 20 kills in their name.

Here are quick ways to get to it:

  • Utilize a Wilderness crabs teleport for the quickest route to reach Venenatis. This teleportation method instantly transports you to the dark crab fishing spot just southeast of the lair.
  • With 90 Magic and access to the Ancient spellbook, use the Annakarl Teleport to arrive directly in the Demonic Ruins. From there, head southeast, but be cautious of potential PK'ers.
  • Consider using an Annakarl teleport tablet or a portal attuned to Annakarl as an alternative. Exercise vigilance upon arrival, especially if using the house portal, and consider checking the area with a scrying pool beforehand.
  • If you have 57 Woodcutting skill, craft a Waka canoe to navigate to the Wilderness. Proceed eastward past Vet'ion's Rest and the poisonous spiders.
  • Employ a games necklace to teleport to the Corporeal Beast's lair, then exit the cave and head northeast for another access route.
  • Complete the Hard Wilderness Diary to unlock access to Wilderness obelisks, allowing teleports to level 19, 35, or 55, which can bring you closer to the Silk Chasm.
  • If you have completed either the Hard or Elite Wilderness Diary, utilize the Wilderness Sword to teleport to the Fountain of Rune and then run southwest towards Venenatis.
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The key to easily beating Venenatis is to prepare as much as you can for the fight. Here's what you need in order to defeat her!

Skill Recommendations

  • Combat level 90 (105+ Recommended)
  • Hitpoints 70 (85+ Recommended)
  • Ranged 75 (85+ Recommended)
  • Strength 80 (90+ Recommended)
  • Attack 75 (85+ Recommended)
  • Defence 70 (75+ Recommended)
  • Magic 94+

Recommended Melee Setup

  • Head:

    • Slayer helmet (i) (only on task)
    • Helm of neitiznot
    • Dwarven helmet
  • Neck:

    • Amulet of strength
    • Amulet of glory
    • Unholy symbol
  • Back:

    • Infernal cape / Fire cape
    • Mythical cape
    • Ardougne cloak 4
  • Body:

    • Inquisitor's hauberk
    • Fighter torso
    • Black d'hide body
  • Legs:

    • Black d'hide chaps
    • Proselyte cuisse
  • Weapon:

    • Ursine chainmace / Viggora's chainmace
    • Inquisitor's mace
    • Sarachnis cudgel
  • Shield:

    • Avernic defender
    • Dragon defender
    • Dragonfire shield
  • Ammo/Spell:

    • Rada's blessing 4
    • God blessing / Rada's blessing 3/2
  • Hands:

    • Barrows gloves
    • Rune gloves
    • Adamant gloves
  • Boots:

    • Dragon boots
    • Rune boots
    • Climbing boots
  • Ring:

    • Ultor ring
    • Berserker ring (i)
    • Tyrannical ring (i)
  • Special Attack:

    • Dinh's bulwark (to kill spiderling spawns quicker in a 3-4 man team)
    • Dragon warhammer


  • 1 Stamina potion
  • 1 (divine) super combat potion
  • 1 Sanfew serum
  • Some (blighted) super restores
  • Sharks or better, along with karambwans
  • A looting bag
  • Darts or throwing knives to kill spiderlings
  • Royal seed pod for a level 30 Wilderness teleport
  • Annakarl teleport (tablet) to reach the Silk Chasm faster (optional)
  • Blighted vengeance sacks, Vengeance runes, or runes for thralls and/or death charge (optional)

Note: Do not bring a rune pouch or divine rune pouch unless it is one of your protected items.

Recommended Range Setup

  • Head:

    • Slayer helmet (i) (only on task)
    • Ancient coif / Blessed coif
    • Archer helm
  • Neck:

    • Necklace of anguish
    • Amulet of fury
    • Amulet of glory
  • Back:

    • Ava's assembler
    • Ava's accumulator
    • Ranging cape
  • Body:

    • Ancient d'hide body / Blessed body
    • Black d'hide body
  • Legs:

    • Ancient chaps / Blessed chaps
    • Black d'hide chaps
  • Weapon:

    • Webweaver bow
    • Craw's bow
    • Armadyl crossbow
  • Shield:

    • Book of law
    • Unholy book
    • Black d'hide shield
  • Ammo/Spell:

    • Rada's blessing 4 (if using Craw's bow)
    • God blessing / Rada's blessing 3/2 (if using Craw's bow)
    • Diamond dragon bolts (e) (if using Armadyl crossbow)
  • Hands:

    • Barrows gloves
    • Ancient bracers / Blessed vambraces
    • Black d'hide vambraces
  • Boots:

    • Pegasian boots
    • Ancient d'hide boots / Blessed boots
    • Shayzien boots (5)
  • Ring:

    • Ring of suffering (i)
    • Ring of shadows
    • Ring of wealth (i)


  • Divine bastion potion
  • Anti-venom+ / Super combat potion
  • Stamina potion
  • Blighted anglerfish / Anglerfish
  • Blighted super restore / Super restore
  • Saradomin brew
  • Teleport to house (tablet)
  • Royal seed pod
  • Looting bag
  • Sanfew serum

Note: Dinh's bulwark should be set to block in Combat options and equipped if attacked by player killers. Ensure you consider your items lost on death interface and turn on Protect item if necessary. Aim to keep 4 valuable items if killed by another player, usually Craw's bow, Necklace of anguish, Pegasian boots, and Dinh's bulwark provide the best balance of damage against Venenatis and survivability against other players. Royal seed pod acts as a one-click emergency teleport from up to Level 30 Wilderness. Super restore potions can be used in place of Blighted super restores, and anglerfish can be used instead of Blighted anglerfish.

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Venenatis Guide OSRS

When facing Venenatis, be prepared for combat in all three styles, although she'll stick to one at a time. If you're up close, she'll focus on melee attacks, so remember that she's particularly weak against crush damage, just like Vet'ion. Her attacks are:

  • Melee Attack: She lunges straightforwardly at the player, aiming for direct physical damage.
  • Ranged Attack: Venenatis launches green spit projectiles towards players from a distance, inflicting ranged damage.
  • Magic Attack: Using her magical prowess, Venenatis hurls webs at players, causing magical damage upon impact.
  • Sticky Web: Periodically, Venenatis deploys a sticky web targeted at a player. The web expands into a 7x5 area of effect, inflicting rapid hits of 3 damage, draining 3 prayer points, and depleting 10% of run energy for any player caught within it.
  • Spiderlings: Venenatis summons spiderlings to aid her in battle. Although individually weak, they pose a threat by draining prayer points with each hit, regardless of prayer usage by players. Furthermore, they boost Venenatis' damage output and enable her attacks to penetrate prayer defenses if left unchecked. Additionally, the presence of spiderlings diminishes the effectiveness of thrall damage.

At the start of the battle, Venenatis unleashes a barrage of 8 ranged attacks followed by 8 magic attacks, shifting her position every 4 attacks. Expect her to summon spiderlings during the ranged attacks and deploy her web attack during the magic barrage. This cycle repeats until she's defeated.

Upon entering the arena, you'll find yourself positioned to the north. To avoid unwanted attention from player killers, it's best to position yourself towards the south, especially since Venenatis isn't in the level 30 Wilderness anymore after the January 25, 2023 update.

Steer clear of Venenati's webs as they sap your run energy, making it harder to escape if player killers show up. You can position the web safely by standing on the outskirts of the arena during the magic barrage. Dispatch the spiderlings quickly as they spawn to prevent them from boosting Venenatis. Luckily, they only have 5 health and can be taken down with a single hit using any combat style. If you have 94+ Magic, you can use Blighted Ice sacks for one-hit kills on the spiderlings.

Escaping Pkers

The Fastest Escape

The absolute best way to avoid a fight is to teleport out the moment you see a PKer enter the cave. There's a short delay before they can attack you, giving you a window to escape. To make spotting them easier, activate player indicators in RuneLite and turn on "highlight others". This will make PKers stand out even when you're focused on something else.

Escape After Teleblock

If teleporting wasn't an option and you're stuck, here's plan B! Head outside the cave, freeze the PKer, and then sprint behind a rock or tree. For this strategy, you'll need to have a 3-way mage switch to land the freeze quickly. Remember, the freeze breaks if you get too far away, so keep it close! Another option is to stand on the same tile as the PKer after freezing them, but some PKers carry "mithril seeds" to counter this.; Luckily, the cave entrance is surrounded by trees and other objects, offering plenty of cover.

Frozen First? No Sweat!

If you get frozen first, don't panic! Just wait it out and focus on surviving. Once the freeze ends, the tables turn! Quickly freeze the PKer and use the brief window of "freeze immunity" to dash behind an obstacle. This immunity period gives you precious seconds to reposition yourself and hopefully escape.

Tank Test

If you don't want to bring a mage switch you can bring a Dinh';s bulwark (as mentioned above) and try to tank the pkers. If you choose to do this you have two options, running in and out of the caves to trick the pker and logging out or tank testing until you can teleport or get out of the Wilderness.

Venenatis Reward Table

Is fighting this giant spider really worth it? Whether you're raising your combat XP or are wanting to amass wealth, fighting Venenatis is worth the trouble. Here's her drop table:

Antidote++(4)20 (noted)1/42112,980
Battlestaff12 (noted)1/6395,976
Blighted anglerfish100 (noted)1/126118,000
Blighted karambwan5-61/183,670-4,404
Blighted super restore(3)3-41/18Not sold
Blighted super restore(4)3-41/1815,345-20,460
Blood rune9001/18231,300
Brimstone key11/50Not sold
Chaos rune5001/1849,000
Clue scroll (elite)11/100; 1/50Not sold
Curved bone11/5,013Not sold
Dark crab50 (noted)1/25.254,700
Death rune7001/18140,700
Diamond bolts (e)3001/25.219,500
Dragon 2h sword11/256131,533
Dragon dagger6 (noted)1/63103,398
Dragon pickaxe11/256947,066
Fangs of venenatis11/196151,279
Grimy ranarr weed45 (noted)1/126272,250
Grimy snapdragon150 (noted)1/1261,036,950
Grimy toadflax45 (noted)1/126142,965
Gold ore675 (noted)1/21116,775
Larran's key11/50142,918
Limpwurt root100 (noted)1/25.234,300
Long bone11/400Not sold
Looting bag11/3Not sold
Magic logs225 (noted)1/25.2220,275
Mystic air staff4 (noted)1/63100,196
Onyx bolt tips1501/25.21,255,500
Red spider's eggs500 (noted)1/42494,500
Rune dart1501/4238,700
Rune knife1501/25.220,850
Rune pickaxe5 (noted)1/15.7592,350
Rune platelegs4 (noted)1/63150,888
Rune sq shield4 (noted)1/6389,656
Ranging potion(2)2-31/182,852-4,278
Slayer's enchantment11/301,206
Strange fruit11/5531
Super combat potion(2)2-31/1816,148-24,222
Super restore(4)10 (noted)1/25.2102,780
Supercompost225 (noted)1/31.511,025
Treasonous ring11/512103,306
Uncut diamond35 (noted)1/15.7571,575
Uncut dragonstone5 (noted)1/6373,905
Uncut ruby75 (noted)1/12666,150
Unicorn horn225 (noted)1/12615,075
Venenatis spiderling11/1,500Not sold
Voidwaker gem11/36042,475,875
Wilderness crabs teleport41/42155,556

One of the best rewards is the Venenatis Spiderling. This is a miniature version of the Venenatis spider, obtainable as a pet drop from Venenatis and Spindel. You have the option to switch between its regular and retro forms by right-clicking on the Metamorphosis option. The retro form reflects the pet's appearance before January 25, 2023.

Upon obtaining the pet, it automatically attempts to follow you. A message in the chatbox will notify you with: "You have a funny feeling like you're being followed". However, if you already have a follower, such as a cat, the pet will be placed in your inventory, accompanied by the message: "You feel something weird sneaking into your backpack".



If your inventory is full and you already have a follower, you will not receive the pet drop. Instead, you can claim it from Probita in East Ardougne for a reclaim token, priced at 1,000,000 coins.

In the event of your death resulting in the loss of the pet (whether it was following or in your inventory), the pet will wander the area for 30 seconds before disappearing. Even if you return within that time frame, the pet cannot be retrieved directly and must be reclaimed from Probita using a reclaim token.

Exterminate Venenatis

Venenatis doesn't seem so scary once you figure out what makes her tick. This quick guide should be more than enough to help you take out this giant spider with minimal effort.

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