OSRS Vorkath Guide: How to Beat the Dragon

27.10.2023 - 14:16:10
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OSRS Vorkath Guide: How to Beat the Dragon

There are a ton of fearsome enemies in OSRS. Whether you're an adventurer looking for fun or a player who wants to test himself against every strong enemy in the game, there's never a shortage of scary enemies in Gielinor that will push your valor and wits to their very limits.

Dragons are pretty much some of the most terrifying creatures in video games and the same goes for OSRS. There are a lot of Dragons in the game but none strike fear into the hearts of players as much as the terrifying Vorkath. If you're having trouble finding this monster or beating it, we're going to teach you how to get through the challenge in the easiest way possible.

Who is OSRS Vorkath?

In Dragonkin's language, Vorkath roughly translates to pathetic failure/weakling, or runt. Despite the meaning of the name, Vorkath is far from being a pushover and is in fact one of the toughest enemies in the game. The time you'll spend in training and beating Vorkath is going to be worth it though as the rewards are worth it.


Lore-wise, Vorkath is a dragon created by Zorgoth during the Fourth Age's Dragonkin Conflicts. Vorkath is one of the few experiments of Zorgoth that survived the laboratory beneath the dragonkin fortress on Ungael. Vorkath was abandoned by Zorgoth due to its lack of aggression. Now, Vorkath serves as a “distraction” for any human that would set foot on the island

There are two versions of Vorkath that you can face in the game. The first is the quest variant which is tough and poses quite the challenge. There's also a post-quest variant of Vorkath that ups the ante even further and this is the one that you should really prepare for.

The challenge itself is hard but what's even tougher is getting to Vorkath. He isn't just a boss that you'll find somewhere on the map. For the first part of the guide, we're going to detail how you can get to Vorkath. It's going to be a long and arduous journey so keep up!

Where to Find Vorkath in OSRS

You can find Vorkath as the last boss in Dragon Slayer 2. If you're unfamiliar with it, the Dragon Slayer 2 quest is one of the longest quests in the game. There are a few requirements that you need to accomplish before getting a chance at fighting Vorkath at the end of it.


Dragon Slayer II Requirements

Quest Points200
Skill Levels
  • 75 Magic (not boostable)

  • 70 Smithing (not boostable)

  • 68 Mining (not boostable)

  • 62 Crafting (not boostable)

  • 60 Agility (not boostable) (higher recommended)

  • Thieving (not boostable)

  • 50 Construction (not boostable)

  • 50 Hitpoints (not boostable)

  • Legends' Quest

    • Family Crest

    • Heroes' Quest

      • Shield of Arrav

      • Lost City

      • Merlin's Crystal

      • Dragon Slayer I

    • Underground Pass

      • Biohazard

        • Plague City

    • Waterfall Quest

  • Dream Mentor

    • Lunar Diplomacy

      • The Fremennik Trials

      • Rune Mysteries

      • Shilo Village

        • Jungle Potion

    • Eadgar's Ruse

      • Druidic Ritual

      • Troll Stronghold

        • Death Plateau

  • A Tail of Two Cats

    • Icthlarin's Little Helper

      • Gertrude's Cat

  • Animal Magnetism

    • Ernest the Chicken

    • Priest in Peril

    • The Restless Ghost

  • Ghosts Ahoy

  • Bone Voyage

    • The Dig Site

    • 100 Kudos

  • Client of Kourend

    • X Marks the Spot

OthersYou also need to at least start the Firemaking part of Barbarian Training so that you have access to the Ancient Cavern.

Items Needed or Dragon Slayer II

To help keep you prepared for this very long quest, we're also going to list down some items that you should bring with you. These are non-negotiable and are required to get through Dragon Slayer from beginning to end.

  • A pickaxe
  • An axe
  • 8 oak planks
  • 10 swamp paste
  • At least 12 nails of any kind (Note: Bringing more is recommended; nails may bend!)
  • A hammer
  • A machete
  • A saw
  • Catspeak amulet
  • Ghostspeak amulet (Morytania Legs 2+ work)
  • Goutweed
  • Cut dragonstone
  • 2 molten glass
  • Glassblowing pipe
  • Chisel
  • Spade
  • Astral rune
  • Seal of passage (or elite Fremennik Diary completion)
  • Tinderbox
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Runes for 3 Fire Wave spells or 3 Fire Surge spells

OSRS Dragon Slayer II Walkthrough

Now comes the long and hard part. Completing the Dragon Slayer II quest is going to be tough and will most likely take you a few hours. We're going to give it as quick a walkthrough as we can to guide you.

Starting the Dragon Slayer II Quest

To initiate this quest, your first step is to have a conversation with Alec Kincade, who can be found outside the Myths' Guild. You can reach the Myths' Guild swiftly by utilizing the Spirit tree to Feldip Hills. Alec will permit you to join the guild on the condition that you uncover an ancient secret. He then instructs you to meet Dallas Jones at Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers located on Musa Point.


There are several speedy ways to reach Dallas Jones:

  1. Use the Karamja teleport on an Amulet of Glory and make your way south.
  2. Employ the TzHaar Fight Pit minigame teleport.
  3. Utilize the fairy ring with the code "dkp," travel south, cross over the log, head north, and use the shortcut (note that you'll need a mithril grapple for this method).

Engage in a conversation with Dallas Jones, who will identify you as the Hero of Crandor upon learning of your victory over Elvarg. He instructs you to meet him in Elvarg's old lair. To return to Crandor, navigate through the caves within the volcano on Karamja, moving in the opposite direction as if you were heading to TzHaar. After entering the caves, you'll need to climb over the wall. Reconnect with Dallas Jones, and then use a pickaxe on a covered wall located at the northeastern corner (there is a rock with a bronze pickaxe embedded just outside Elvarg's lair). When the wall crumbles, enter the tunnel, and you'll discover an ancient laboratory.

Proceed to inspect the machinery positioned to the east, which will yield some old notes. Subsequently, attempt to inspect the ancient mural. A Level 100 opponent will burst out from a nearby strange egg and attack you; defeat it in combat. After vanquishing the creature, inspect the mural once more, revealing a depiction of dragons and fungi with the word "Lithkren." Dallas recalls discovering a location on Fossil Island known as the House on the Hill with architecture similar to the laboratory. He will request that you make your way to the House on the Hill to meet him there.

Please take note that Goutweed will be required at a later stage in the quest. If you don't already possess Goutweed, you can either steal it from the Troll Stronghold kitchen, which is an inexpensive and faster method, or grow it in a herb patch using Gout Tuber. However, the latter method necessitates 29 Farming and takes 80 minutes, and it is not recommended due to the extremely high market value of Gout Tuber.


Going to the House on the Hill

The most efficient way to reach the House on the Hill is by using an enchanted digsite pendant. To employ this method, you must have previously visited the House at least once. If you haven't done so, the alternative route involves climbing the hill to the south-west of the House using the bridge.


Once you're inside the House, proceed to climb down the trapdoor and engage in a conversation with Dallas. He informs you that upon reviewing the ancient books, he has ascertained that the grid on the floor is a map of the island. Dallas will request that you locate 24 map pieces, all of which can be found in the vicinity of the House. It's crucial not to venture beyond the bridges, as there are no map pieces to be found there. As you discover the map pieces, you can return them to Dallas, allowing him to hold them for you, which eliminates the need for ample inventory space to accommodate them all at once.

Here is the distribution of map pieces:

  • Five scraps are located in the open chest on the same floor as you.
  • An additional three scraps can be found in the open chest on the top floor.
  • Seven scraps are hidden in a hook briar positioned to the south of the house.
  • Five more map pieces are within a mushtree just east of the house, close to the strange stone.
  • The remaining four pieces are concealed in the fungi next to the west staircase, outside.

After providing all 24 map parts to Dallas, the next task is to complete the map. The map is composed of 24 tiles, with five of them affixed to the board, indicating their final position. You must rotate and rearrange the free pieces within the interface to make progress. If the puzzle appears to be correctly arranged but doesn't close automatically, double-check the rotation of the pieces, particularly the top-left piece.


Once all map tiles have been accurately positioned, the puzzle will automatically close and be displayed on the floor. Dallas identifies the north-westernmost island on the map as Lithkren. He will then request that you locate Jardric to secure a boat since he is reluctant to approach the Museum expedition, which would entail significant paperwork and time. You can find Jardric near the General Store within the Museum Camp.

Onwards to Lithkren

To proceed, speak with Jardric, who you'll approach on behalf of Dallas Jones to request a boat. However, Jardric informs you that all the boats around the island are owned by the Varrock Museum. He suggests that you build one yourself. He provides you with the list of materials required, which includes eight oak planks, 10 swamp paste, 12 nails (it's recommended to bring extras in case some bend), a saw, and a hammer.

Once you've gathered these materials, head northwest to the coast just west of the Wyvern Cave entrance in the Mushroom Forest (task-only location) and construct the rowboat. It's advisable to unlock the Magic Mushtree, which provides quick access to the boat for future use. The Magic Mushtree is situated just northeast of the rowboat at the Transportation icon. With the enchanted digsite pendant, this is the fastest route to Lithkren.


After completing the rowboat, you'll have the freedom to travel back and forth between the island and other locations.

Take the boat to Lithkren. Once there, head north and climb the stairs on the eastern side of the southwestern building. Head down the trapdoor to the south, go down stairs to the north. Follow the path until you see Dallas. He should talk to you about a set of doors that he can't seem to open.

Search the nearby burnt skeleton along the east wall to find Aivas' diary. Reading it will reveal that a significant battle took place on Lithkren, led by none other than Robert the Strong, a renowned hero from the Fourth Age known for defending humanity against the dragonkin. Speak with Dallas once again, informing him that Robert the Strong was reincarnated as Bob the cat. While he finds this notion absurd, he asks you to track down Bob while he processes this new information.

Finding Bob the Cat


To locate Bob, you'll need to use your catspeak amulet (e), which you obtained during the "A Tail of Two Cats" quest. To operate the catspeak amulet (e), press the whiskers to rotate the dial and follow the general direction indicated by the eyes lighting up. Bob can be found in different locations. Just to help you out, here are some places he could appear in:

  1. Varrock west bank anvils
  2. Wise Old Man's House in Draynor
  3. Spria's House in Draynor
  4. Burthorpe in front of the games room
  5. Catherby docks or inside the Fletching shop
  6. Falador east bank/Party room
  7. South-western part of White Wolf Mountain, directly north of the Catherby fishing shop
  8. Draynor Manor graveyard
  9. Mudskipper Point near Thurgo
  10. Farming shop south of Falador near the herb patch
  11. Seth Groats' chicken pen north of Lumbridge
  12. Seers' Village anvil
  13. Murder Mystery House's front garden

There are actually more locations to find Bob at, but we've found that these are the easiest once to look into first. Ensure that you have your amulet of catspeak equipped to understand Bob. One quick method to locate Bob is to visit Varrock west bank anvils and hop worlds until you find him.

Once you've found Bob, speak to him while wearing the amulet of catspeak. Explain to Bob that you need his memories as Robert the Strong, which he cannot remember. Suggest to him that you speak to the Sphinx again, and he agrees.

Travel to Sophanem and speak with the Sphinx. Before seeking her assistance, she will grant you the ability to communicate with cats without the amulet of catspeak, as you've proven yourself to be a friend of felines. Inform the Sphinx of your predicament. Unfortunately, she cannot help you retrieve specific memories from Bob's mind. However, you remember the Oneiromancer, who may possess the ability to assist you and Bob. Head to Lunar Isle and ensure you bring your seal of passage if you haven't completed the Fremennik Elite Diaries yet. Please note that you can still use the bank booth operated by 'Bird's-Eye' Jack even without a seal of passage.

Enter Bob's Dream

Head to the Oneiromancer, located near the Astral Altar, and inquire about unlocking Bob's memories. The Oneiromancer will instruct you to create another dream potion and provide you with a dream vial.

Follow these steps to create the dream potion:

  1. Fill the dream vial with water.
  2. Use your goutweed on the vial.
  3. Use a hammer on an astral rune to obtain astral rune shards.
  4. Grind the astral rune shards using a pestle and mortar.
  5. Add the ground astral rune to the dream vial to complete the dream potion.
  6. Once you've made the potion, light the ceremonial brazier on the building's far west side and use the dream potion on it.

You'll enter Bob's dream, and Not Bob will inform you that you need to defeat the guardian, Robert the Strong, to restore Bob's memories. Robert the Strong is level 224 and attacks with Ranged. While prayer can be used during this battle, he can hit through prayer, so bringing food is highly recommended. Robert's normal attacks can hit in the 20s, so maximize your Ranged Defense and crush attack. You can use equipment such as Verac the Defiled's set for its crush bonuses and the 25% chance to ignore Robert's defenses.

If your levels are lower (less than 70 Defense and Attack), consider using granite equipment with a leaf-bladed battleax or Sarachnis cudgel. For budget options, the dragon mace special attack can deal significant damage, potentially maxing in the 40-60s, depending on your stats and gear.

Robert's special attack occurs after he says "Let's see if you can hide from this!" He fires a purple arrow that deals 50+ damage and deactivates any active prayer(s) if it hits. To dodge the attack, hide behind any of the four pillars, making sure you're completely behind them. While running to a pillar, consider healing and restoring your Prayer if necessary. Waiting for him to teleport you back to attack will save time during the fight.

If you leave the dream, you do NOT need to remake the dream potion. You can re-enter the dream by talking to Bob.


Once you've defeated Robert the Strong, Bob will remember everything. A cutscene follows, featuring Aivas, Tristan, Odysseus, Robert the Strong, and Camorra confronting a dragonkin in the dungeon beneath Lithkren.

If you and Robert kill each other at the same time, speaking to Bob and saying "I'm ready" will take you to the cutscene where Bob remembers everything.

Finding the Keys

Bob discloses that he hid several key pieces around the world following the incident. To retrieve these key pieces, follow the directions provided below. You can use fairy rings and teleport tablets to expedite your travels.

Karamja Key Piece:

Location: South coast of Karamja, in the Kharazi Jungle.

You can quickly reach the Kharazi Jungle by using a Brimhaven teleport and taking the cart to Shilo Village. Players with 79 Agility can access a vine shortcut into the Kharazi Jungle without needing an ax or machete.

Head towards the south-eastern shore, where you'll find a large mossy staircase leading into a cave. This cave leads to the Karamjan Temple, a maze with the key piece in the center.

The maze contains spike and man traps, which can be disabled through Thieving or leaped over with Agility. You can increase your chance of success by toggling off running while leaping over traps. Keep an eye out for wall traps that can deal more damage than the stone guardians. Multiple level 124 stone guardians roam the area, and each uses one combat style (indicated by their color). Be prepared to pray accordingly.


Morytania Key Piece:

Bob informs you that Tristan was holding onto one of the dragon key pieces. To retrieve it, you'll need to find out more about Tristan's descendants. Follow these steps:

  1. Speak to Reldo in Varrock:

Ask Reldo about Tristan's descendants. He will mention a red-covered book containing census records but doesn't recall its location.

  1. Find the Red Book:

Search the bookcases in Varrock for the red book. It contains census records.

  1. Examine the Records:

Bring the red book back to Reldo. The census records suggest that Tristan's descendants may have settled in Port Phasmatys, a common destination for Morytania migrants.

  1. Visit Port Phasmatys:


Head to Port Phasmatys, ensuring that you have your ghostspeak amulet equipped. Speak to the ghost villagers or go straight to Sarah, who resides in the house just west of the bank.

  1. Speak to Sarah:

Inquire about the dragon key piece. Sarah confesses that she buried it in the swamp to protect it from the vampires and is hesitant to reveal its location.

  1. Consult Ava in Draynor Manor:

Travel to Draynor Manor and speak to Ava. She can create a locator device if you provide her with a locator orb. Make an inert locator orb from two pieces of molten glass and a cut dragonstone using a glassblowing pipe. Then, give it to Ava.

  1. Obtain the Locator Orb:

After some adjustments, Ava will give you a locator orb. This orb can locate the key piece but damages you when used.

  1. Locate the Key Piece:

Head to Mort Myre Swamp and use the locator orb. The key piece can be in one of 24 locations within the swamp. Bring food (12-20 lobsters are recommended) to sustain yourself during the search, as the orb's damage can't directly kill you, but you need to be wary of ghasts in the swamp, as they may rot your food.

Use the locator orb to narrow down the search, referring to the map to pinpoint the location. For instance, if the orb indicates "northeast," look for the lone purple spot that requires crossing a bridge.

If the orb indicates "southwest," "south," or "southeast," move to the center of the subdivided area and scan again. If you get "west" after that, you've narrowed it down to a single dig spot.

Once you find the exact location, use your spade to dig up the key piece. Be cautious of potential attacks by ghasts.


Locations that are in the same area have the same color. While searching for the key use the sections above.

Ungael Key Piece:

Once you have the two key pieces, Bob tells you that he hid another key inside an abandoned dragonkin fortress, northwest of Relleka. Talk to Brundt the Chieftain about this and he'll tell you of a beast that has slain numerous warriors who went there.

That beast is none other than Vorkath, the star of this guide.

Preparing for Vorkath

Vorkath is undoubtedly tough. For that, we're going to give you a few pointers on recommended gear and skills levels when facing this blue dragon.


Recommended Skills

  • Ranged - 85
  • Melee - 90
  • Strength - 90
  • Defense - 75
  • Prayer - 74
  • Construction - 82 to get Ornate rejuvenation pool. Not exactly necessary but very recommended.

Recommended Gear Setup

Here's a gear and inventory setup for a trip to Vorkath:

Melee Setup

  • Helmet: Torva full helm or Neitiznot faceguard or Slayer helmet (i) (Only use on task)
  • Amulet: Salve amulet (e) (Do not use if using a slayer helmet) or Amulet of Torture
  • Body: Torva platebody or Bandos chestplate
  • Legs: Torva platelegs or Bandos tassets
  • Boots: Primordial boots or Dragon boots
  • Gloves: Ferocious gloves or Barrows gloves
  • Ring: Ultor ring or Berserker ring (i)
  • Weapon: Dragon hunter lance or Osmuten's fang
  • Special attack: Voidvaker or Dragon claws
  • Shield: Avernic defender or Dragonfire shield
  • Cape: Infernal or Fire cape

Ranged Setup:

  • Helmet: Masori mask (f) or Void Knight range helm or Slayer helmet (i) (Only use on task)
  • Amulet: Salve amulet (e) (Do not use if using a slayer helmet) or Necklace of anguish
  • Body: Void Knight top or Masori body (f)
  • Legs: Void Knight robe or Masori chaps (f)
  • Boots: Pegasian boots
  • Gloves: Void Knight gloves or Zaryte vambraces or Barrows gloves
  • Ring: Venator ring or Lightbearer or Archers' ring (i)
  • Weapon: Dragon hunter crossbow
  • Special attack: Zaryte crossbow or Bandos godsword
  • Shield: Dragonfire Ward
  • Cape: Ava's Assembler


  • Ammo switch, Ruby and Diamond bolts (e)
  • 1 anti-venom+
  • 3-4 super restores or prayer potions
  • Rune pouch with dust runes, law runes, and chaos runes for Crumble Undead spells and Teleport to House
  • Super set or divine super combat potion (if using Melee or blowpipe with Bandos godsword/dragon warhammer)
  • Divine ranging potion or bastion potion (if using Ranged)
  • Extended super antifire
  • Emergency teleport (optional)
  • Teleport to Rellekka (for quick access to Vorkath)
  • Food (sharks or better; manta rays are ideal for longer trips)
  • Guthix rest or cooked karambwan for combo eating and venom management

The Slayer's staff with Crumble Undead on auto-cast is an efficient and safe way to handle Vorkath's spawns. Make sure to gear up based on your combat style and switch between melee and ranged setups as needed. Always prioritize prayer and anti-venom to protect against his venomous attacks.

Vorkath Mechanics

To slay the beast, you must understand how the Vorkath works. Vorkath has a few deadly and devastating skills that you need to watch out for. Knowing when to dodge and when to take a hit just to make a hit in return is important too.

  • Melee Attack: Vorkath's melee attack has a max hit of 32. While melee protection is not usually needed, you should avoid getting too close to Vorkath to prevent him from using this attack.
  • Ranged Attack: This attack can hit up to 28. It's the least deadly of his attacks but it can still be devastating as it can reach you when you're trying to recover from afar.
  • Magic Attack: Vorkath's magic attack is a blue projectile that can hit up to 30. Magic protection is not necessary for this attack, but it's vital to know when it's coming.
  • Orange Dragonfire: This attack requires two layers of dragonfire protection. Use a super antifire potion and an anti-dragon shield or equivalent gear to reduce the damage from this dragonfire attack. Ensure you always have this protection active.
  • Green Dragonfire: This dragonfire attack can inflict venom. To avoid being poisoned, make sure you have a form of anti-venom or anti-venom+ active, in addition to the two layers of dragonfire protection.
  • Pink Dragonfire: This attack can deactivate your prayers. However, you can turn your prayers back on immediately using quick prayers. Keep a close watch on your prayer points and ensure you re-enable your desired prayers when this happens.
  • Orange Fireball: When you see Vorkath spitting an orange fireball into the air, move immediately to a position two tiles away from your current location. If you're only one tile away when it lands, you'll take half damage, which can still be significant (over 60). Dragonfire protection has no effect on this attack.
  • Acid Attack: After Vorkath spits acid, it will fall randomly in the arena, dealing damage to you and healing Vorkath. Turn off the "Run" option to make precise movements and navigate through the poison spots. To minimize damage and healing to Vorkath, ensure you stay off the tiles where the acid lands.
  • Dragonfire Barrage: Following the acid attack, Vorkath will rapidly barrage you with fire attacks. The key to surviving this is to walk (not run) during the entire barrage. Avoid standing in the poison areas left by the acid attack, as it will damage you while you walk. Keep moving back and forth in a clear path to avoid the fire attacks. This continuous movement is critical to reduce damage from the barrage. During this phase, you can use the time spent walking to heal, drink potions, and restore your stats. Optionally, you can turn off prayer to conserve prayer points.
  • Zombified Spawn: Vorkath will shoot a freezing projectile at you, immobilizing you. Then, he'll shoot another projectile somewhere else in the arena, and a Zombified Spawn will appear. Quickly use the Crumble Undead spell (or a Slayer's staff with Crumble Undead set as your autocast spell) to kill the spawn. If you don't kill it in time, it will explode and deal significant damage (30+). Stay alert for this attack and respond promptly to eliminate the Zombified Spawn.

Fighting Vorkath

As with most dragons, Vorkath is weak to stab melee and ranged. Since getting up close and personal is dangerous because of the damage he can deal, it's a lot better to fight him with ranged attacks.

Upon awakening, Vorkath follows a specific attack pattern, which consists of six random standard attacks, one special attack, six more random attacks, and then the other special attack, repeating until defeated. During the fight, it's advisable to maintain the following:

  1. Use at least a super antifire potion in combination with Protect from Magic or a regular antifire potion with a dragonfire protection shield.
  2. Whether to have the "Run" option on during the fight is a matter of personal preference. Having it on, except for the acid special attack, gives a greater margin for error when dodging the fireball attack. However, it requires manually toggling run off when the acid attack occurs. Leaving "Runoff eliminates the need for toggling and allows players to rely on quick reactions to dodge the fireball while walking. The "Ctrl-click" option can be used to override the run setting if needed.
  3. The choice of protection prayer depends on your gear:
  4. Use Protect from Magic when using melee or a toxic blowpipe/book of law along with a super antifire potion.
  5. Opt for Protect from Missiles when using a crossbow with a dragonfire ward, dragonfire shield, or anti-dragon shield.
  6. Vorkath's attacks can deal a maximum of 30 damage with magic and 32 damage with melee and ranged attacks. His melee attacks are highly accurate but less frequent and are only used at close range. Ensure your quick-prayers are set according to your combat style and weapon type to reactivate prayers when they're deactivated by the pink dragonfire. Be prepared to click at least two spaces away if Vorkath uses his insta-kill vertical dragonfire lob.
  7. Vorkath can inflict venom using his venom dragonfire, so carry suitable venom protection.
  8. The pink dragonfire disables all active prayers, including Preserve. For this reason, consider using divine potions instead of regular potions.
  9. Note that recoil damage, such as from Vengeance and rings of recoil, is ineffective against Vorkath.
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What Are The Rewards For Beating Vorkath?

For starters, beating Vorkath is the toughest step in completing Dragon Slayer 2. That questline alone nets you tons of rewards and it's also needed for the Quest Point Cape if that's what you're after.

Other than that, here are the items that Vorkath drops.


Superior dragon bones2Always20,390
Blue dragonhide2Always3,496

Weapons and armor

Rune longsword2–32 × 1/3037,550–56,325
Rune kiteshield2–32 × 1/3064,192–96,288
Battlestaff5–15 (noted)2 × 1/37.540,820–122,460
Dragon battleax12 × 1/75119,302
Dragon longsword12 × 1/7559,204
Dragon platelegs12 × 1/75161,161
Dragon plateskirt12 × 1/75161,136


Chaos rune650–1,0002 × 1/2559,800–92,000
Death rune300–5002 × 1/2542,900–71,500
Wrath rune30–602 × 1/506,240–12,480


Blue dragonhide25–30 (noted)2 × 1/18.7543,700–52,440
Green dragonhide25–30 (noted)2 × 1/21.4334,225–41,070
Red dragonhide20–25 (noted)2 × 1/21.4348,740–60,925
Black dragonhide15–25 (noted)2 × 1/21.4354,240–90,400

Fletching materials

Dragon bolts (unf)50–1002 × 1/18.7549,550–99,100
Dragon dart tip10–502 × 1/2515,280–76,400
Dragonstone bolt tips11–252 × 1/305,874–13,350
Onyx bolt tips5–102 × 1/37.542,320–84,640
Rune dart tip75–1002 × 1/5056,850–75,800
Dragon arrowtips25–502 × 1/5029,575–59,150
Diamond bolt tips25–302 × 1/1114,400–5,280
Emerald bolt tips25–302 × 1/138.81,175–1,410
Ruby bolt tips25–302 × 1/138.82,100–2,520
Dragonstone bolt tips25–302 × 1/18513,350–16,020
Onyx bolt tips25–302 × 1/370211,600–253,920
Sapphire bolt tips25–302 × 1/555675–810


Snapdragon seed12 × 1/112.333,853
Torstol seed12 × 1/118.75,100
Ranarr seed12 × 1/416.720,123
Watermelon seed152 × 1/62515
Willow seed12 × 1/62555
Mahogany seed12 × 1/694.41,371
Maple seed12 × 1/694.47,221
Teak seed12 × 1/694.430
Yew seed12 × 1/694.424,154
Papaya tree seed12 × 1/892.9369
Magic seed12 × 1/1,04263,039
Palm tree seed12 × 1/1,25019,006
Spirit seed12 × 1/1,562Not sold
Dragon Fruit tree seed12 × 1/2,083168,940
Celastrus seed12 × 1/3,12575,190
Redwood tree seed12 × 1/3,12529,144


Adamantite ore10–30 (noted)2 × 1/21.439,610–28,830
Coins20,000–81,0002 × 1/3020,000–81,000
Grapes250–300 (noted)2 × 1/302,000–2,400
Magic logs50 (noted)2 × 1/3051,450
Manta ray35–55 (noted)2 × 1/37.533,600–52,800
Dragon bones15–20 (noted)2 × 1/37.534,830–46,440
Diamond10–20 (noted)2 × 1/37.517,840–35,680
Dragonstone2–3 (noted)2 × 1/5022,938–34,407
Wrath talisman12 × 1/50296

More OSRS Vorkath Tips

  1. Facing Vorkath requires a good understanding of his attack patterns and effective use of protection. Here are some additional tips to help you in your fight against Vorkath:
  2. Stay Behind Vorkath: Position yourself behind Vorkath to avoid his acid attack. This minimizes the risk of standing on poison spots and getting hit by the fire barrage.
  3. Avoiding Fireball Attack: When you see Vorkath spitting a fireball into the air, move at least two tiles away from your current position. Standing only one tile away will result in reduced damage but can still deal heavy damage, so always be cautious.
  4. Zombified Spawn: When Vorkath uses his special attack to freeze you in place and summon a Zombified Spawn, quickly switch to your spellbook and use Crumble Undead on the spawn to prevent it from dealing damage to you.
  5. Vengeance: If you have a Magic level of 94 or higher, you can use the Vengeance spell to deal extra damage to Vorkath. Activate Vengeance right before he starts using his special attack. When he damages you with the acid attack or freezing projectile, Vengeance will reflect damage back to him.
  6. Optimize Your Inventory: Bring sufficient supplies to ensure you can last through the fight. Depending on your gear and stats, you may not need an excessive amount of food, but it's always better to be safe. Guthix rest and cooked karambwan are useful for healing without losing ticks. Consider longer-lasting potions to minimize the need for frequent potion sips.
  7. Anticipate Special Attacks: Pay close attention to Vorkath's attack pattern. Knowing when his special attacks are coming allows you to prepare for them in advance.
  8. Extended Antifire and Anti-Venom+: If possible, use extended super antifire potions and anti-venom+ to reduce the time spent on maintaining protection. These longer-lasting potions allow you to focus more on attacking and less on potion management.
  9. Remember that Vorkath is a formidable foe, and it may take some time to master the fight. Stay patient and persistent, and you'll improve your efficiency and success rate over time. Good luck!

Slay The Dragon!

Vorkath is easily one of the toughest challenges in OSRS and hopefully, this guide can make that journey a lot easier on your end. Once Vorkath is slain, you can start bragging about the feat to your friends!

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