OSRS Woodcutting Guide

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OSRS Woodcutting Guide

What is Woodcutting ?

Woodcutting is a gathering skill where the player chops down trees to gather logs. Through levelling up players can chop better trees and they can chop them faster. There are a lot of ways to train your Woodcutting to get 99. This guide will cover AFK, fast and profitable woodcutting methods.

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Why Should You Train Woodcutting ?

There are few reasons why you might want to train your woodcutting skill. Firstly it can be an extremely AFK skill which allows you to do side activities while training it. Secondly it can be a great way of earning money without paying much attention. Since the skill is so AFK you can leave your character chopping high level trees to make some money. Thirdly there are some quests in the game that require players to have a specific woodcutting level to complete the quest. A lot of these quests are really important for upgrading one's account. Those quests are:

  • My Arm’s Big Adventure - Woodcutting Level 10
  • Animal Magnetism - Woodcutting Level 35
  • Lost City - Woodcutting Level 36 (Boostable)
  • Legends’ Quest - Woodcutting Level 50 (Boostable)
  • Olaf’s Quest - Woodcutting Level 50 (Boostable)
  • A Kingdom Divided - Woodcutting Level 52
  • Lunar Diplomacy - Woodcutting Level 55
  • Sins of the Father - Woodcutting Level 62
  • Song of the Elves - Woodcutting Level 70
  • Grim Tales  - Woodcutting Level 71 (Boostable)

If you want to get a quest cape you will need at least level 70 Woodcutting. 

Also there are a lot of achievements in the game that require Woodcutting, if you are looking to complete every achievement in the game you will need level 90 Woodcutting.


1 - 99 Woodcutting Guide

There aren't that many items needed for this skill.

  1. Axes

You should always use the best axe that is available to you at any given time. Higher tier axes chop down trees at a much higher rate. If you have 60 or above attack you can get a dragon axe and wield it to use its special attack which increases players woodcutting level by 3.

If you have access to a crystal axe and have charges to spare you should be using that as it’s much better than a dragon axe. If you don’t have that or if you are looking to gain some firemaking experience as well, you should be using a infernal axe. This axe has ⅓ chance to burn the logs that you cut.

  1. Lumberjack Outfit

Lumberjack outfit is an outfit that boosts players' Woodcutting experience. It can be obtained from the temple trekking minigame. It takes around 20 - 40 minutes to get and you should get it if you are going for 99 Woodcutting. The outfit provides an exp boost per piece worn:

  • Lumberjack hat - 0.4% Experience boost
  • Lumberjack top - 0.8% Experience boost
  • Lumberjack legs - 0.6% Experience boost
  • Lumberjack boots - 0.2% Experience boost
  • Set Bonus - 0.5% Experience boost

Wearing the full set provides a 2.5% exp boost.


Fast Woodcutting Training

To gain faster woodcutting experience you should always drop the logs you obtain. The fastest way to drop the logs is to turn on shift-drop option from your options menu.

Levels 1 - 26 Questing: As with any gathering skill, early level experiences are really slow, so it’s best to avoid them all together by completing some quests. To get straight to level 26 you will need to complete the following quests:

  • Monk’s Friend
  • Enlightened Journey
  • Ichtlarin’s Little Helper
  • Recipe for Disaster - Skrach Uglogwee subquest

Levels 1 - 15 Regular Trees: If you don’t want to do any quests and want to get straight into training the skill, you will need to chop 97 logs in order to get 15 woodcutting. This is not recommended as regular trees deplete after chopping a single log so you would have to run around between trees to train.

Levels 15 - 35 Oak Trees: Unlike regular trees, oak trees do not deplete after a single log so you can AFK these. Even though you can start chopping willow trees at level 30 Woodcutting, oaks provide better exp rates. You will need to chop 534 logs in order to reach level 35.

Levels 35 - 99 Teak Trees: Teak trees yield the fastest exp in the game if you are using tick manipulation. If you are not using tick manipulation it has the fastest exp until level 65. There are 3 ways to chop teak trees:

  1. 1.5 Tick Woodcutting: This method is extremely click intensive and can only be done on Fossil Island. Before you can begin this method you must plant teak trees on Fossil islands. After your trees have grown you can start doing this method. To do it you will need to have a pestle and mortar, swamp tars, clean herb and a stamina potion. You must use your tar on your herb then click on the tree, after that immediately click 3 tiles away and use your tar on your herb again and click on the tree. Repeat this cycle. Exp per hour scales with your level but you can expect to have 200K - 220K Woodcutting exp at level 99.
  2. 2 Tick Woodcutting: This method is slightly slower than the previous one but is much less click intensive. This method can be done on Ape Atoll, Isle of Souls (aggroing birds) or in Prifddinas (aggroing two rabbits). You must aggro one of the birds flying about near the tree and run near the tree. Have your auto-retaliate on and click on the tree after each time your character gets attacked. To do this method perfectly you will need to be wielding an ammo-less shortbow or hunter’s crossbow and set your attack option to rapid. If you are one shotting the birds or the rabbits you can use a non damaging spell to aggro them. You will be getting around 170K - 180K experience per hour at level 99 Woodcutting.
  3. Without Tick Manipulation: If you want to AFK chop teaks you must do it until level 65. At level 35 you will be getting around 34K exp per hour, at level 50 this increases to 47K and at level 65 it is 62K.

Levels 62 - 90 Blisterwood Tree: If you don’t want to chop teak trees and you still want to be relatively AFK, blisterwood tree is what you are looking for. To chop this tree you need to complete the quest “Sins of the Father”. This tree never depletes but occasionally your character will stop chopping the tree, making you click on it again. Depending on your level this will yield 50K- 65K experience per hour.

Level 65 - 99 Sulliuscep: This is a special mushroom tree that is only found in the Tar Swamp on Fossil Island. This is the fastest woodcutting exp you can get if you are not using any tick manipulation. The location of the tree constantly changes and is different for everyone. However the location always changes in the same sequence, so you can take note and always know where your tree is. It is recommended to bring antidote++ alongside a hitpoints cape and regen bracelet with a tank ring. Some players also choose to wield Dinh’s Bulwark instead of their dragon axe for more protection against the monsters in the swamp. At level 75 you can gain up to 80K experience per hour, at level 90 you can get around 97K experience per hour and at level 99 you can gain up to 100K - 110K experience per hour. 

You can also make a decent bit of profit from this since the tree drops sulliuscep caps and numulites. You can also get unidentified fossils from the tree which can then be used to get exp lamps and kudos.


AFK Woodcutting Training

For the early levels nothing really changes. You should complete the quests shown above or do regular trees until level 15 and oak trees until level 35.

Level 35 - 65 Teak Trees: As mentioned above this provide the best experience rate until level 65 Woodcutting if you are not using any tick manipulation.

Levels 35 - 60 Willow Logs: If you don’t want to do teak trees you can easily AFK willow trees. If you do this on Draynor, you can bank all your logs to make a little bit of profit on the side.

Levels 45/60 - 90 Maple Trees: Maple tree is another great tree that you can AFK. Although you can start chopping them at level 45, it is recommended that you get level 60 first and chop them inside the woodcutting guild, since the guild provides an invisible +7 woodcutting boost.

Levels 60 - 75/99 Yew Trees: If you don’t care about slower experience rates and want to make some money while training woodcutting, you can start chopping yew trees after 60. This again should be done in the Woodcutting guild due to the invisible +7 boost and a bank chest near the yew trees.

Levels 75 - 90/99: Magic Trees: Just like the yew tree, the experience rates you will be getting will be much slower if you decide to chop magic trees. However you will be making a lot more money compared to other trees. This again should be done in the Woodcutting guild due to the invisible +7 boost and a bank chest near the yew trees.

Levels 90 - 99 Redwood Trees: This is the ultimate tree to AFK on, you can only chop them in the Woodcutting guild or if you have grown them yourself. Redwood logs provide a decent amount of profit as well.


Profit and Experience Rates At 99 Woodcutting

Normal Trees - 10K - 15k XP/H - 29K GP/H

Achey Trees - 17K XP/H - 214K GP/H

Oak Trees - 40K XP/H - 62K GP/H

Willow Trees - 40K XP/H - 27K GP/H

Teak Trees - 90K - 220K XP/H - 163K GP/H

Maple Trees - 36K - 60K XP/H - 3K GP/H

Hollow Trees - 70K XP/H - 48K GP/H

Mahogany Trees - 45K - 48K XP/H - 147K GP/H

Arctic Pines - 14K - 20K XP/H - 287K GP/H

Yew Trees - 23K - 45K XP/H - 93K GP/H

Magic Trees - 25K -35K XP/H - 96K GP/H

Redwood Trees - 60K - 70K XP/H - 66K GP/H

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