OSRS Wyrm Strategy Guide

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OSRS Wyrm Strategy Guide

There is more than one dragon-type creature in OSRS. Some are relatively easy to beat, while others try to put up more fight in them. One of the dragon types that can give you trouble are the wyrms. These majestic creatures are rewarding and challenging to fight at the same time.

What Are Wyrms In OSRS?

Wyrms are dragon-like creatures in OSRS. You can find them at the lower level of the Kauulm Slayer Dungeon. They are an ancient race of dragons that were said to be powerful enough to destroy cities and entire armies on their own. According to the game's lore, wyrms started to slowly disappear because of their involvement in the God Wars.



The wyrms that you'll be facing in OSRS right now are basically failed experiments of a Dragonkin named Karuulm. Despite being inferior to the original wyrms, they're still deadly in their own right.

If you want to kill them, you must be at level 62 Slayer first. Aside from being a means to level your combat skills and earn money in the game, killing wyrms is also required for the Hard Kourend and Kebos Diary. There are also Easy Combat Achievements tied to it.

Where To Find OSRS Wyrms?



Wyrms are located in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon - at the lower level. The easiest way to get here is by using the fairy ring code, cir which will teleport you directly to the south of the mountain. Getting to the area is easy but the hard part is moving around the dungeon.

Since this is a volcano, you need to wear any of the following: boots of stone, boots of brimstone, or granite boots. This can help negate the damage you can take from the heat of the dungeon floor. On the other hand, if you've completed the Elite Kourend and Kebos Diary, wearing any of the footwear is no longer needed.

OSRS Wyrm Guide

What sets aside wyrms from other dragons is that you don't need any dragonfire protection when going against them. You can instead focus on increasing your defenses rather than equipping against dragonfire.

Once engaged, wyrms will slither on the ground. If you attack them, they'll start to attack you with Melee and Magic attacks. You can shut down their Melee attacks by attacking them from a distance because when you're far, they'll be forced to use Magic only. That said, a Ranged approach is highly recommended against them.

To further decrease their damage, cast spells like Protect from Magic or where armor with high magic defense. Wyrms are immune to venom and poison so don't bother using these against them. The dwarf multicannon is also not useable in the area.

If have dragonbane weapons, use them against the wyrms as they are pretty vulnerable to it. Below are two equipment setup options worth trying.

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Ranged Setup

  • Head:

    • Slayer helmet (i)
    • Masori mask (f)
    • Armadyl helmet
    • Crystal helm
  • Neck:

    • Necklace of anguish
    • Amulet of fury
    • Amulet of glory
  • Back:

    • Ava's assembler
    • Ranging cape(t)
    • Ava's accumulator
  • Body:

    • Masori body (f)
    • Ancient d'hide body / Blessed body
    • Karil's leathertop
    • Crystal body
  • Legs:

    • Masori chaps (f)
    • Ancient chaps / Blessed chaps
    • Karil's leatherskirt
    • Crystal legs
  • Weapon:

    • Toxic blowpipe
    • Dragon hunter crossbow
    • Bow of faerdhinen
  • Shield:

    • Twisted buckler
    • Dragonfire ward
    • Odium ward
    • Book of law
  • Ammo/Spell:

    • Diamond dragon bolts (e)
    • Amethyst broad bolts
    • Rada's blessing 4
    • Rada's blessing 3 / Rada's blessing 2 / Holy blessing
  • Hands:

    • Zaryte vambraces

    • Barrows gloves
    • Dragon gloves
  • Boots:

    • Pegasian boots
    • Ancient d'hide boots / Blessed boots
    • Boots of brimstone
    • Boots of stone
  • Ring:

    • Venator ring
    • Archers ring (i)

Melee Setup

  • Head:

    • Slayer helmet (i)
    • Torva full helm
    • Neitiznot faceguard
    • Helm of neitiznot
  • Neck:

    • Amulet of torture
    • Amulet of fury
    • Amulet of glory
  • Back:

    • Infernal cape
    • Fire cape
    • Ardougne cloak 4
  • Body:

    • Torva platebody
    • Bandos chestplate
    • Fighter torso
  • Legs:

    • Torva platelegs
    • Bandos tassets
    • Obsidian platelegs
  • Weapon:

    • Scythe of vitur
    • Dragon hunter lance
    • Ghrazi rapier
    • Blade of saeldor (c)
    • Inquisitor's mace
  • Shield:

    • Avernic defender
    • Dragon defender
    • Rune defender
  • Ammo/Spell:

    • Rada's blessing 4
    • Holy blessing / Rada's blessing 3 / Rada's blessing 2
  • Hands:

    • Ferocious gloves
    • Barrows gloves
    • Dragon gloves
  • Boots:

    • Primordial boots
    • Dragon boots
    • Boots of brimstone
    • Boots of stone
  • Ring:

    • Ultor ring
    • Berserker ring (i)
  • Special attack:

    • Voidwaker
    • Saradomin godsword
    • Dragon claws

How To Safespot Wyrms

If you're doing a Slayer Task, you can find idle wyrms located on the eastern alcove in the second island. You can attack this and then lure them into a corner to trap them. This method is only applicable if you're taking a Ranged approach against wyrms. With this method, you can safely attack them as long as you stay out of their magic attack range of 6 squares.

If they're unable to attack back, wyrms will eventually return to their idle state at which point, they'll walk out of the safespot area. Trying to run after the wyrm might eventually lead to it hitting you back.

To make this method more effective, find a Ranged weapon with 5 speed like the Magic Longbow or Rune Crossbow with Rapid setting. With practice, you'll be able to attack the wyrm once it begins to walk away.

Wyrm Rewards OSRS

Fighting wyrms can be very rewarding. If you're looking to earn money, it's worth noting that a single wyrm kill can be worth 5,216 gold. On a Slayer task, it notches up to 6,271 gold and 7,426 if on a Konar task. Aside from the huge sum of money, wyrms are the only monsters to drop dragon sword and dragoon harpoon.

The dragon sword is currently the best shortsword in the game. It has a higher stab and slash bonus from the leaf-bladed sword but it has a lower strength bonus as well. To use this, you'll need level 60 Attack.

The dragon harpoon is also a pretty powerful weapon with stats comparable to the dragon dagger. Aside from combat, you can also use it for this for fishing. When used for fishing, it has 20% increased catch rate compared to a regular harpoon.

Below is a table for wyrm drops.

Adamant 2h sword11/383,397
Adamant axe11/38392
Adamant arrowtips8-121/38800-1,200
Adamant battleaxe11/382,249
Adamant sq shield11/381,960
Avantoe seed11/271.83,842
Belladonna seed11/192.989
Blood rune25-301/15.26,175-7,410
Brimstone key11/80Not sold
Cadantine seed11/854.17,140
Cactus seed11/284.751
Clue scroll (hard)11/256Not sold
Dragon dagger11/7617,211
Dragon harpoon11/10,0001,845,659
Dragon knife75-1501/10,000445,425-890,850
Dragon spear11/415,06141,288
Dragon sword11/10,00075,821
Dragon thrownaxe75-1501/10,00031,500-63,000
Dwarf weed seed11/1,993802
Earth battlestaff1>1/768,946
Earth rune75-1501/7.6300-600
Fire rune2001/7.61,000
Grimy avantoe1-21/405.33,546-7,092
Grimy cadantine1-21/6083,907-7,814
Grimy dwarf weed1-21/810.72,216-4,432
Grimy guam leaf1-21/76268-536
Grimy harralander1-21/173.7671-1,342
Grimy irit leaf1-21/3041,339-2,678
Grimy kwuarm1-21/486.43,536-7,072
Grimy lantadyme1-21/810.71,565-3,130
Grimy marrentill1-21/101.373-146
Grimy ranarr weed1-21/221.16,176-12,352
Grimy tarromin1-21/135.1163-326
Irit seed11/186.872
Kwuarm seed11/398.63,967
Lantadyme seed11/1,196351
Loop half of key11/9,72810,035
Nature talisman11/3,243181
Poison ivy seed11/271.811
Potato cactus seed11/398.62
Pure essence200-3001/25.33400-600
Red d'hide chaps11/25.332,683
Rune arrowtips8-121/382,296-3,444
Rune javelin51/9,728860
Rune med helm11/3811,019
Rune spear11/155,64811,828
Rune thrownaxe51/9,728860
Rune battleaxe11/7624,391
Shield left half11/311,29665,262
Snape grass seed31/1,49517,595
Snapdragon seed11/597.932,844
Soul rune15-201/15.23,945-5,260
Tooth half of key11/9,72810,059
Torstol seed11/2,9896,183
Toadflax seed11/127.21,195
Uncut diamond11/4,8642,068
Uncut emerald<11/608438
Uncut ruby11/1,216899
Uncut sapphire11/304238
Wyrm bones1Always2,265

Hunt The Wyrms

Wyrms might not be the biggest challenge you'll face in OSRS but they're still worth preparing for. Getting the dragon shortsword and dragon harpoons are going to make all of the trouble worth it as well.

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