Path of Exile 3.21: Why is Magic Find Cullers not welcomed by players?

03.10.2022 - 10:13:18
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Path of Exile 3.21: Why is Magic Find Cullers not welcomed by players?

In some game communities, we can see that many players are complaining about the problem of Loot Goblins dropping a lot of currency. The discussion was full of dissatisfaction with the path of exile Archnemesis mods. Players entering the endgame of PoE patch 3.21 will find it frustrating to work hard for hours with a little reward!

Players' continued dissatisfaction with the Path of Exile Archnemesis mod suggests that the Magic Find system in the cutlery game may be faulty. For beginners, you may not know much about Magic Find. Magic Find can help you find rare items and opportunities for poe currency. Therefore, Magic Find is very important for players.

What is Magic Find?

Simply put, Magic Find is a phrase used by Path of Exile players to refer to equipment stats "increased rarity of items found" and "increased quantity of items found". Essentially it boils down to your chances of finding rare items and currency. The higher your magic discovery, the more goodies you get, and the better it may be.

Magic Find has always been very popular because it helps players find more good loot drops. For building Magic Find, you need to weigh the pros and cons, as it will take up space in your device stats, and the more magic you find, the weaker your other builds will be. Combined with the Archnemesis mod, we have to mention Gold Touched.

What is Gold Touched?

Gold Touched is a special Archnemesis modifier in POE that turns monsters into more dangerous versions of their usual form, but their drops are converted into valuable currency and other rare end-game items like maps and divination cards. These mobs drop a lot of PoE's premium currency when defeated.

Path of Exile 3.19 MF Culling

Without an MF culler, you'd probably get a divine at best, and in fact, you'd need a well-equipped culler and a full party to get those crazy numbers. So, the end of Path of Exile, right now, is about finding the right mob at random, quitting, hiring an MF culler, and then bringing him onto the map to kill the mob you've already hurt enough to make it easy.

This is only exacerbated by defeating them with characters with high Magic Find stats. That means POE players spend hours trying to get these valuable mobs to spawn, clearing dozens and in some cases hundreds of endgame maps. When you add Culling Strike to a build like this, it's easy to set up a particularly strong mob to cull its items. You can simply reduce its health enough to be eliminated, then let your MF culler kill it for a nice bonus.

Why Players Hate MF Culler?

Some players running in multiplayer groups include one in the MF Culler builds; others will hire one from game chat or Discords when needed, usually handing over a percentage of the bounty in exchange for the service provided. It's an incredibly unsatisfactory way to play for a big but very rare payday. Perhaps, you can remove regular mobs from the map entirely, since you won't find anything from them.

Sadly, the system that players have believed for years to get generic loot from mobs is now gone, and now there are a handful of mobs that drop X-expensive stuff or something. So disappointing to finally come across their first god-touched rarity after hours of farming and couldn't kill it.


When you consider that MF gear is usually weaker than buildings that try to be as powerful as possible, it's usually pretty expensive. Many legacy items that are no longer obtainable greatly increase item rarity/quantity in the standard. It's also a less popular style of play. Besides, it's expensive, and it's also much less efficient than a specialized culler, so you're effectively leaving loot on the ground. All in all, the MF meta isn't great.

If MF characters were easier to build or MF gear was easier to obtain, then MetaData might feel less penalized. If item modifiers were more common, it might be realistic to install these modifiers on your main gear, but unfortunately, that's not the case. Maybe GGG will see players' dissatisfaction with this. Regardless, Path of Exile remains a classic MMORPG that we both love and hate.

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