Path of Exile: Best Leveling Uniques Every Player Should Know

27.04.2024 - 19:44:05
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Path of Exile: Best Leveling Uniques Every Player Should Know

Path of Exile is one of the most popular ARPGs out there. Although this game is quite complex compared to its counterparts, it encourages you to try different builds out by using different ascendancy classes, items, and gem combinations, among many others.

That said, you probably want to breeze through PoE’s main campaign so that you can have access to the game’s pinnacle content and experience the great things this game has to offer.

If that is the case, we invite you to read further. We will help you finish the game’s 10-Act campaign as quickly as possible by providing you with information about the amazing items for leveling.

So, without further ado, this is our ultimate guide for the best leveling uniques in Path of Exile!

What Are Unique Items?

Before anything, what are unique items? Well, unique items (aka “uniques”) are a class of items in Path of Exile that already come with preset modifiers. They are denoted by the orange text and background when you hover over them.

While they still carry the same implicit modifiers as their base versions, what separates them from the other items in the game are their unique effects.

A good example of this is the Mageblood. This particular item is a Heavy Belt by nature, so you can see that its implicit modifier is STR just like any other Heavy Belts you can find in the game.

However, what makes it special is that it has a unique effect, where you permanently gain the effects of up to several magic utility flasks so long as you are wearing it.

Of course, the Mageblood is a chase item that is usually only used in the endgame. But, this is just to showcase what “uniques” are in Path of Exile.


What Are ‘Leveling Uniques’ Then?

Now that you know what unique items are in PoE, what are these so-called “leveling uniques” then? The answer to that is actually quite simple: they are also unique items that you can equip to make your leveling journey a whole lot smoother.

Having said that, the ones that we are going to mention in this guide can drop from anywhere in the game (though they are subject to RNG, of course). For this reason, you want to look at the Path of Exile trade website often, especially in the first few days of a new expansion. This is so that you can get your hands on them as soon as possible.

Leveling uniques that you will discover on the said platform require PoE currency to obtain; usually in the form of Chaos Orbs. Not to worry, their prices are relatively affordable, albeit they are subject to supply and demand, as well as what builds are hot in the new league.

Now that the most important stuff has been established, it is now time to reveal what we think are the best leveling uniques in the game. Let’s begin, shall we?

Best Leveling Uniques

Tabula Rasa

When it comes to the best leveling unique items in Path of Exile, the Tabula Rasa is definitely on the list. This body armor does not provide you with any stats or attributes. But, what it does offer is the ability for you to put your main skill gem and include up to five support gems very early on in the game.

You see, being able to put multiple support gems enhances your main attack or spell in more ways than one. And, in case you do not know, having six sockets that are all linked together is nearly impossible to achieve without enough PoE currency; unless you are wearing the Tabula Rasa.

The Tabula Rasa can be worn at level 1.


Elemental resistances are a huge part of your character’s defenses. You must aim to reach the resistance cap of 75% to ensure that you get the most amount of mitigation from elemental attacks.

The Goldrim is an incredible helmet that you can wear on level 1. With this helmet equipped, you can gain up to 40% elemental resistances, which is quite huge early on in your journey.


Just like the Tabula Rasa, the Wanderlust is a unique item that you can wear at level 1 as well. Wearing these wool shoes makes you immune to being frozen, which is quite helpful in terms of survivability. More importantly, the Wanderlust gives you an ample boost to your movement speed, allowing you to reach your destination much quicker than those who do not have the item equipped.

Seven-League Step

When you are still going through the different acts in the campaign, having a good amount of movement speed can go a long way. This is the reason why the Seven-League Step is a highly coveted item, mainly because these boots grant you a whopping 50% increase in movement speed!

Due to its unique effect, you can expect the Seven-League Step to cost a lot more than the Wanderlust. Be that as it may, perhaps lady luck will smile upon you and grant you a huge chance to have the boots drop from a monster you have just killed.

Lochtonial Caress

Efficiency is one of the things that you should think about while leveling in Path of Exile. You want to be able to hit enemies fast and hard in order to eliminate them in a timely manner. Fortunately, there are some items that can help you with that and the Lochtonial Caress is one of them.

These Iron Gauntlets grant you a sizable increase in your attack speed and cast speed. What’s more, they give you the ability to gain a Power Charge, Frenzy Charge, or Endurance Charge when slaying monsters.

For the uninitiated, the “Charges” provide you with different bonuses that last for a short duration. The Power Charge raises your critical strike chance by 50%. On the other hand, the Frenzy Charge satisfies your need for speed as it increases your attack speed, cast speed, and damage by 4%. Lastly, the Endurance Charge grants an additional 4% physical damage reduction, as well as +4% to your elemental resistances.

As you can see, the Lochtonial Caress is pretty amazing for what the gloves can give you as early as level 1.

Thousand Ribbons

While the Tabula Rasa is the most popular leveling unique item that is sought after by many players who want to breeze through the campaign, not many people know that the Thousand Ribbons exist, which is absurd.

You see, this Simple Robe has got it all: added elemental damage, evasion, energy shield, life, mana, and elemental resistances. If that is not enough, the Thousand Ribbons also grants the effects of a level 5 Elemental Proliferation support gem. So, if you are playing EK Ignite, this body armor is a more appealing choice over the Tabula Rasa.

Perandus Signet

The Perandus Signet is a unique ring that is perfect to use at the beginning. This thing is amazing as it gives you a slight boost to your XP gain. The ring provides you with up to 30 flat mana as well, which should be enough in the early game.

As you complete the different Acts, the Perandus Signet must be a common fixture on one of your ring slots. Only replace this if you can get a hold of another unique ring with much better stats.


Path of Exile contains a bevy of amazing spells, which is why builds that utilize spell skill gems are always popular. Some of the builds that fit the bill include the Ice Nova of Frostbolts Hierophant, Spark Inquisitor, and Detonate Dead Elementalist, just to name a few.

You can actually enjoy any spell that you want simply by equipping the Lifesprig. This is a wand that gives more oomph to your spells as early as level 1. It’s got all of the goods, such as increased spell damage, cast speed, life, mana, and life regeneration.

Additionally, spell skill gems work so much better at higher gem levels. For this reason, insert your main spell into the said wand to get the most out of it. The only time that you do not do this is when you are wearing the Tabula Rasa mentioned earlier.


The Redbeak is an incredible one-handed sword that you can use at level 1. This grants a huge damage boost whenever you are at low life. In PoE, you are considered “on low life” if your HP drops below 50% of your maximum.

Take note that developer Grinding Gear Games is very particular when it comes to mods on items. If a modifier says “Added Physical Damage,” it means that the bonus only applies to attack skill gems like Perforate or Glacial Hammer.

Search for the Redbeak on the trade website when you are playing builds that utilize attack skill gems that deal physical damage.

Karui Ward

Ask any PoE veteran out there what the best leveling uniques are in the game and nine times out of ten, they will definitely mention the Karui Ward.  This thing has got all of the goods, especially if you are playing projectile-based builds like the Cobra Lash Assassin or the Lightning Arrow Deadeye.

So, what does the Karui Ward bring to the table? Well, it’s got DEX, STR, and accuracy; the latter of which is important so that your attacks have a much better chance of successfully hitting the intended target.

However, its main draw and the reason why it is great for builds that use projectile-based attack skill gems is that the amulet increases both projectile speed and projectile damage by 30%. The 10% increase in movement speed is a nice bonus to have as well.

Because of what it can give you, expect the Karui Ward to be on the more expensive side of the spectrum when it comes to unique item prices.

Quill Rain

On the topic of projectile-based builds in Path of Exile, the Quill Rain is the perfect accompaniment to the Karui Ward. While the “30% Less Damage” modifier may have caught your attention, you should look at the bow’s other mods to see why it had to be included.

That “100% Increased Attack Speed” alone pretty much makes up for the bow’s downside. If you are playing, say, the Toxic Rain Champion or the Barrage Rain of Arrows Raider, you will greatly benefit from using this bow for sure!

Of course, the Quill Rain contains other useful mods, such as DEX, physical damage, accuracy, and mana per hit.

Meginord’s Girdle

The game can be unforgiving at times. That is why having a considerable amount of HP gives you enough time to react and use a Life Flask to survive. Hence, we recommend that you obtain a Meginord’s Girdle as soon as you can.

This heavy belt raises your maximum HP by 10%. And, with the STR attributes on the implicit and explicit modifiers, that bonus is further amplified. For those who do not know, you gain one point of HP for every two STR on your character.

In addition, the Meginord’s Girdle is good at providing more power to builds that deal physical damage, so you might want to wear it starting at level 8.

Storm Cloud

Bow builds have been popular in PoE for several leagues now and there are no signs of stopping anytime soon. That being said, the Quill Rain is already good and can take you well into the middle of the main campaign. However, that 30% reduced damage will become noticeable at that point, so you might want to switch to the Storm Cloud, which you can use beginning level 9.

This unique bow ensures that the monsters you face will have no time to react. That is thanks to its insane 50% increased attack speed (assuming that you get one that is perfectly rolled). The added lightning damage is a welcome addition, particularly if you play the Lightning Arrow Deadeye mentioned earlier in the guide.

Axiom Perpetuum

What are the mods that are important for spell-based builds in the game? Well, you want increased cast speed to allow you to unleash spells at a rapid pace. Furthermore, some elemental damage is nice. And oh, don’t forget to add some critical strike chance for good measure.

The good news is that all of those are present in a level 10 weapon called the Axiom Perpetuum. In fact, you can wield two of these at the same time, so if PoE currency is not an issue, we highly encourage you to purchase a couple of these, pronto! 


No matter what attack or spell you use while leveling, the Honourhome provides a ton of value at level 12. This helps improve your survivability immensely by giving you up to 150% increased armor and energy shield.

What’s more, the 20% mana cost reduction of skills is an incredible mod, especially after the mana changes GGG has implemented in the recent league.

Although this helmet is a bit expensive to obtain early on in a new league, the Honourhome is definitely something worth buying if you want to finish the game’s main campaign with ease.

Doedre’s Tenure

Did you know that there is an amazing leveling unique that you can wear at level 12 that is perfect for spell-based builds in Path of Exile? That is none other than Doedre’s Tenure.

These gloves are unbeatable at level 12 because of the INT and spell damage it grants you. That 100% increased damage is no slouch, especially since these gloves make your spells even more devastating in the early stages of the campaign.

Now, you might be deterred by that cast speed reduction of up to 25%. Don’t be! That can easily be rectified by using weapons that have cast speed on them. Alternatively, you can “corrupt” Doedre’s Tenure by using a Vaal Orb for a chance to get the increased cast speed implicit modifier.

Victario’s Flight

Did you miss the chance to buy either the Wanderlust or Seven-League Step? We don’t blame you; those unique boots are quite expensive for the value that they give. But, all is not lost! When you reach level 12, you can wear Victario’s Flight.

What makes these boots awesome is that they give you a significant boost to your movement speed. Besides that, when the going gets tough, you gain even more movement speed when your HP drops below 50%!


Melee builds in the game are not as popular as those that utilize ranged attacks and spells. But even if that is the case, they are still quite fun to play.

The Shiversting gives you a comfortable time playing such builds because of the insane amount of physical damage it can give you. This two-handed sword’s inherent mana leech alleviates the need for a dedicated mana flask early on.

So, if you are slashing your way to Act 10, perhaps you could stop by the trade website and purchase it from there at some point during your journey.

Hyrri’s Bite

Having a blast playing the Ice Shot Deadeye? This build really packs a punch, even more so if you use Hyrri’s Bite.

This is a unique quiver that not only provides you with a decent amount of STR, DEX, and INT, but it also grants added cold damage, attack speed, and increased area of effect.

Despite the popularity of bow builds in PoE, Hyrri’s Bite is surprisingly cheap. Spare some Chaos Orbs that you have collected during your time leveling your character and spend it on getting this quiver.

Atziri’s Foible

Grinding Gear Games has made substantial changes in the recent league – one of which concerns mana. You see, mana in Path of Exile is a resource that is utilized to activate auras and unleash devastating attacks.

Mana cost reduction mods, for example, can no longer roll on both flasks and jewels, which means that you have to address them by utilizing certain items. That is where Atziri’s Foible comes in.

This unique amulet provides you with a substantial increase in your mana. Not only that but it amplifies your mana regeneration rate by up to 100% as well.

Another reason why Atziri’s Foible is one of the best leveling uniques in the game is that the items and gems that you use on your character will have reduced attribute requirements. If you are struggling to wear STR-based gear while playing an INT-based build, then you might want to consider wearing this awesome unique amulet starting at level 16.


Need a shield that you can use for a very long time? The Kaltenhalt will not disappoint! This unique Painted Buckler is actually incredible both in terms of offense and defense.

It is great for offense because of the extra cold damage based on 10% to 15% of your physical damage. If you are playing the Frost Blades Trickster, for example, the Kaltenhalt can take you well into the endgame and is only beaten by a rare, self-crafted shield.

For defense, this thing boosts your cold resistance by 50%, as well as raises your maximum cold resistance by 5%. If you do not understand the second line, let us explain.

In Path of Exile, your elemental resistances can naturally only go as high as 75%. You can increase that in a number of ways – one of which is by using an item that raises the cap by a specified amount, and that is what the Kaltenhalt does.

With a shield equipped, you can use Shield Charge as your primary movement skill, allowing you to quickly charge to the next Act of the campaign.

Hrimnor’s Hymn 

Are you interested in playing the Boneshatter Juggernaut anytime soon? If so, put the Hrimnor’s Hymn as one of the items on your shopping list. This unique two-handed mace provides you with a ton of physical damage. Moreover, the weapon’s inherent life leech lets you survive on the battlefield longer and encourages you to have a more active playstyle just to keep your HP up at all times.

The Hrimnor’s Hymn is tough to beat at level 17, especially for the modifiers it gives.

Cloak of Flame

Remember what we said earlier about Path of Exile being the most complex ARPG out there? Well, one of the reasons why is that this game utilizes damage conversion to a much greater extent compared to its counterparts. The Cloak of Flame is just one of the many things that illustrate this.

This Scholar’s Robe has a unique effect where 40% of the physical damage you receive from the enemy is taken as fire damage. Whenever you are hit with an attack that deals 100 physical damage, for example, 40 of that will be taken as fire damage, which is then mitigated by your fire resistance.

Due to the Cloak of Flame’s unique effect, it is not only one of the best leveling uniques in the game, but it’s also one of the most popular, especially among builds that try and mitigate fire damage as much as possible, including the Righteous Fire Inquisitor and the Firestorm Chieftain.

Roth’s Reach

Any bow skill gem in the game is considered an attack skill. This is true for Ice Shot, Lightning Arrow, and Explosive Arrow, among others.

Once you have reached level 18, you can use Roth’s Reach and see enemies die quickly from your attacks.

This is a unique bow that grants a significant 80% boost to your elemental damage. If you utilize any of the bow skill gems just mentioned, you will find Roth’s Reach to be an enticing weapon to use for leveling.

Aside from that, this bow allows your projectiles to chain twice, thereby alleviating the need to use Chain Support or allocate passive nodes that provide a similar effect.


Every item, skill gem, and support gem in the game has attribute requirements. If you are not able to satisfy them, sadly, you cannot use them. Fortunately, STR, DEX, and INT are easy to address, especially if you are wearing the Astramentis.

A well-rolled Astramentis can provide you with a 116-point increase in your major stats. So, if you use the Astramentis while leveling, you do not have to worry about attribute requirements at all! 

In fact, if you play the STR-stacking Cyclone Berserker or other similar builds, the Astramentis is a cost-effective option until you have enough PoE currency to craft an endgame amulet.

Carnage Heart

Do your elemental resistances and attributes still need sorting out? If so, the Carnage Heart may help you with that. GGG has outdone itself by creating an amulet that gives a hefty amount of STR, DEX, INT, and elemental resistances.

The Carnage Heart is famous, particularly because of its life leech mechanic. Every time you leech life off of your enemies with every attack, you gain a 30% to 40% damage boost.

This amulet can be a bit expensive during league start, but if you can save up some PoE currency to obtain one, we highly encourage you to do so!

Belt of the Deceiver

Any attack-based build can make great use of this next leveling unique. The Belt of the Deceiver is a unique Heavy Belt that causes enemies to be intimidated by your presence. Intimidate is a debuff in Path of Exile that makes affected monsters take increased physical damage.

That is not the only thing that the Belt of Deceiver can do. This thing also gives you an increase in physical damage, life, and elemental resistances. In terms of improving your chances of survival, this belt makes you take 30% reduced extra damage from critical strikes.

Because the game treats belts as “accessories,” you can use Fertile (Life) or Prismatic (Resistance) Catalysts to enhance some of the Belt of the Deceiver’s mods.


Using a one-handed weapon allows you to equip a shield for a more well-rounded character. That said, the Brightbeak is an exceptional mace for its ability to boost your attack speed by up to 45%! Having a considerably high attack speed makes some skills like Shield Charge feel less clunky to use.

Other things that the Brighbeak offers are increased crit chance, physical damage, and up to 30% fire and lightning resistance. What more could you ask for at level 20?


Every skill in PoE costs mana to use. At the beginning of your journey, you do not have enough mana to work with, so you need to wear items that boost this particular resource by a considerable degree. Once you reach level 22, Praxis is a unique ring that we can wholeheartedly recommend.

Praxis can reduce the total mana cost of your active skills by up to eight. That is flat mana as opposed to a percentage, by the way. Not to mention that this ring grants you up to 60 mana upfront.

On top of that, each time you receive damage from the enemy, about 8% of that will be recouped as mana. This does not mean that you should take hits often. Rather, this is just to say that you could get some mana back to get out of harm’s way if ever you receive damage.

Le Heup of All

Playing Path of Exile involves satisfying attribute requirements, sorting out elemental resistances to improve survivability, and increasing damage wherever possible to make your leveling journey a whole lot easier.

Le Heup of All is one such ring that satisfies all of those, and then some. You would think that GGG would nerf a piece of accessory that gives you a lot in just a single slot, but that is not the case. In fact, it has been buffed a bit to provide you with even more!

Although the price of this ring can be quite high in the first couple of days of a new league, be sure to diligently look at the trade website for better deals a few days after. You might be able to snag one up for cheap!


Lightning Strike, Tornado Shot, Lightning Arrow, Wild Strike of Extremes – if you use any of these gems or those that have an “Attack” tag when you are pressing the Alt Key while hovering over them, then you will definitely get great benefits from using the Prismweave.

This unique Rustic Sash provides some added elemental damage to attack skills. Furthermore, every time you use any flask, you gain a 30% increase in your elemental damage, making you kill monsters without a hitch!

Although this belt is not billed as a defensive item, this thing still provides you with up to 15% elemental resistances, which is a sizable amount in the earlier Acts of the game.

Reaper’s Pursuit

In your quest to finish the main campaign, you might come across hurdles that may put a damper on your speed and efficiency. To help you address that, you have the Reaper’s Pursuit, which you can equip beginning level 33.

This two-handed weapon that is perfect for Boneshatter or builds that utilize an axe to a great extent. The Reaper’s Pursuit is true to its moniker as it gives you a movement speed boost when you are at full life. 

As if that is not good enough, this weapon has a unique effect where you kill enemies that are below 10% of their maximum HP instantly thanks to Culling Strike.

Accuracy is important for the vast majority of builds in the game. If you do not have a 100% hit chance, you will struggle to destroy the monsters that you encounter. The Reaper’s Pursuit makes it so that your attacks cannot be evaded, ensuring that each enemy will feel your wrath.

Rigwald’s Charge

Since we are talking about the best unique items that help you level up in Path of Exile, the next one on the list is something that is awesome to use for Flicker Strike and other fast-attacking builds.

Rigwald’s Charge is a two-handed sword that gives you a 10% increase in movement speed just by equipping it. However, you gain 15% more movement speed whenever you kill enemies. This sword basically incentivizes you to continuously slay monsters so that you can move at a very quick pace due to its unique effect.

Speed is what this two-handed sword is good at. Aside from being able to traverse the map swiftly, Rigwald’s Charge increases your attack speed by 20%. Furthermore, the accuracy rating bonus from its implicit and explicit mods ensures that your enemies have little to no chance of escape.

Tanu Ahi

The Tanu Ahi is a very popular pair of gloves in PoE, mainly because of its unique effect. What do these gloves do, you ask? Well, they have an inherent life leech that lets you recover HP whenever you attack enemies. But more importantly, every time the life leech mechanic nurses you back to full health, the effect is removed. In exchange, you will have a 10% chance to gain Adrenaline and Onslaught.

Adrenaline is a temporary buff that increases your damage by 100%, attack speed/cast speed/movement speed by 25%, and physical damage reduction by 10%. On the other hand, Onslaught raises your attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed for a short duration.

Even though you cannot equip the Tanu Ahi until you have reached level 49, things will be smooth sailing from there.

Immortal Flesh

If your character is at level 50 and you are still struggling to survive in the later Acts, then the Immortal Flesh is definitely something that you can consider.

What makes this unique belt stand out is that it gives you heaps of life regeneration, mana regeneration, and armor. 

Sure, Immortal Flesh does not boost your attack or spell damage, but what it offers you is something that can aid you in reaching the final boss of the campaign, Kitava.

Kaom’s Primacy

Do you love playing melee builds in PoE, particularly those that deal physical damage? If so, Kaom’s Primacy is a prime choice as far as killing enemies effectively is concerned.

This two-handed axe provides you with the usual stuff like physical damage and accuracy. However, it does have a couple of things up its sleeves that make it worthwhile.

First, Kaom’s Primacy allows you to generate Rage when you land a critical strike with your attacks. Rage is a finite and temporary resource in the game that increases your attack speed, attack damage, and movement speed. When you have enough Rage, you can activate Berserk for even better results!

Second, this weapon grants you 1% physical damage as extra fire damage for every point of Rage that you have.

The only downside of Kaom’s Primacy is that it has a slower attack speed relative to its counterparts. Still, it is a great choice for physical damage-based melee builds for sure!


Obliteration is an amazing wand in terms of improving your clear speed on a budget. Aside from the extra chaos damage based on 30% to 40% of your physical damage, this wand gives you a 20% chance to make enemies explode, dealing a quarter of their maximum life as chaos damage.

Builds like the EK Ignite Elementalist or the Bane Occultist can utilize Obliteration to its fullest extent. This unique wand is a bit expensive in the first 24 hours of a new league, but its price drops exponentially in the next couple of days.


The Cobra Lash Assassin and other poison-based builds in Path of Exile can get off the ground by wearing the Dendrobate starting at level 59. This body armor is known for its unique effect, where you gain up to 100% increased damage with poison if you have at least 300 DEX. The attribute requirement is not an issue, especially since the Assassin is a hybrid ascendancy class that has an innately high DEX to begin with.

The Dendrobate provides your attacks with a high chance to inflict poisons on hit thanks, in large part, to its level 10 Chance to Poison Support. To take advantage of this, your main attack skill gem should be socketed into the body armor.


If you love the Inquisitor ascendancy class and prefer using lightning-based spells like Arc or Spark, then the Singularity is incredibly tough to beat. Not only does this sceptre give you added lightning damage, but it also allows your spells to become even more devastating, particularly to those that are close by.

That is due to its unique effect, where hindered enemies take 100% increased damage from your spells and damaging ailments.

Additionally, this sceptre gives you mana cost reduction of skills, increased cast speed, and increased damage via the weapon’s implicit modifier.

Since the Singularity is a one-handed weapon, you can actually dual-wield this thing for even more bonuses!


Now that you have knowledge about the best leveling uniques in Path of Exile, it is time for us to impart certain tips to help you get the most out of these items. 

Never Underestimate the Power of ‘Chance’

There are a number of different orbs in the game. Some are useful later on, but there are definitely those that you can utilize in the early stages of the campaign. One of these orbs is called the Orb of Chance.

If you are new to the game, the Orb of Chance is a PoE currency that upgrades a normal item into another item with a random rarity. The rarity of items is as follows:

Normal -> Magic -> Rare -> Unique

Now, why are we telling you this? That is because using the Orb of Chance gives you the hope of turning a normal (white) item into a unique item (orange).

Although the chances of that happening are a bit small, there is no harm in using the Orb of Chance on whatever normal item you can find during your leveling journey.

Who knows, you might be lucky and get something that is highly coveted like the Tabula Rasa!

Don’t Be Afraid to ‘Corrupt’ Them

If you have scoured the internet for information about Path of Exile, you may have come across some people saying that you have to “corrupt” certain items to get the most out of them.

Corrupting, in this context, refers to using a Vaal Orb or the Locus of Corruption (via the Temple of Atzoatl) to get amazing implicit modifiers.

For example, the Doedre’s Tenure is undoubtedly a great pair of gloves to use for spell-based builds. However, the gloves come with an annoying downside that reduces your cast speed by up to 25%.

By corrupting the said pair of unique gloves, you might be lucky and acquire the “% Increased Cast Speed” implicit modifier to mitigate that negative modifier.

Although there is a chance that the unique item will turn into a rare one when corrupting with the Vaal Orb or the Locus of Corruption, the pay-off is definitely worth it, especially if the resulting implicit mod is something that benefits your character.

Visit the Trade Website Often

Every three to four months, Grinding Gear Games will release a new expansion that allows you to play Path of Exile with a clean slate. That means that you basically start from scratch.

If you intend to start a league every time a new expansion drops, always visit the trade website. Some leveling uniques might be expensive in the first 24 hours, but prices of such items drop rapidly, so you might find a good deal just by paying the platform a visit.

Plan Ahead

While we have listed all of the best leveling uniques that you can use in the game, not all of them can benefit each and every build imaginable. If you want to complete the campaign in the fastest possible time, make sure to plan which unique items you should get to maximize leveling efficiency.

Take note that GGG is very particular when it comes to mods. If a mod says “Adds # Fire Damage,” that means that the damage bonus only applies to attack skills. Conversely, “Adds # Fire Damage to Spells” only applies to skill gems that have the “Spell” tag on them (press and hold the Alt key and hover over the gem to reveal this information).

Pick Up the Orbs

As soon as you begin your journey in Wraeclast, you will come across orbs that provide you with different effects. Although the list is extensive, you only need to concern yourself with Chaos Orbs as they are the main currency people use to trade for early-game items.

If you want to learn every orb in the game, you can refer to our ultimate orbs guide.

Use Catalysts on Accessories

Catalysts are a type of currency in Path of Exile that allows you to enhance certain modifiers on amulets, rings, and belts.

For instance, using the Fertile Catalyst on the Praxis unique ring will enhance its mana modifiers slightly. The Intrinsic Catalyst boosts any attribute modifiers on an item, so using it on the Astramentis makes perfect sense.

When is the Best Time to Change?

Some unique items, like the Carnage Heart and Tanu Ahi, can be used to great effect even after completing the game’s main campaign. So, this begs the question: when is the best time to change these items? Well, the answer is until you can get your hands on self-crafted gear with better modifiers.

The Roth’s Reach coupled with Hyrri’s Bite can definitely go a long way. However, once you start running red maps, you will feel that these items will struggle a bit in terms of offense. Once that happens, you will have to dabble into crafting or save up enough PoE currency and purchase some well-crafted items from other players.

If you want to craft items yourself, we have a comprehensive crafting guide that you can peruse at any time.

What if You Can’t Afford Them?

The leveling uniques highlighted in this guide are great to have, but this does not mean that they are mandatory. If you are not able to get those that can benefit your build on your first playthrough, that is okay. You can save them up for your next character, which is something that you will do anyway since Path of Exile is all about experimenting with different builds, skills, and item combinations.

So, there you have it! We at RPGStash hope that you will find this guide very useful. Venture forth and get these best leveling uniques so that you are going to have a fun and smooth experience playing this awesome ARPG!

With all of that said, good luck on your adventures in Wraeclast, Exile!

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