Path of Exile Necropolis League: Release Date, Infos

16.03.2024 - 17:09:11
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Path of Exile Necropolis League: Release Date, Infos

The developers of Path of Exile have been very busy with the game. While details about it are scarce, the upcoming PoE Necropolis League is already set to go. If you're excited for this upcoming content update to the game, we're going to list down everything that we know about it so far.


PoE Necropolis League Release Date

As per the developers, the PoE Necropolis League release date is on March 29 6PM PDT. There's no update as to when the current Affliction League will end. Based on past trends, it's likely that the Affliction League will end at least 3-4 days before the release of the new one.

If you want to hear more about the upgrade, don't forget to tune into the PoE Twitch channel on March 21. The livestream will contain new announcements on the upcoming League, as well as update on Path of Exile 2.

Everything New In PoE Necropolis League

As expected, the new league will bring in a ton of new content and challenges for players to partake in. Not much has been said about the upcoming season but there's everything revealed so far.


Quality of Life Improvements

So far, content updates on the upcoming league have been mostly focused on quality-of-life improvements. While simple, these improvements have been received well by fans so far as they've been long-requested features in the game. The three improvements are as follows:

  1. With the new League, you can now hold CTRL + Left click (or console equivalent) to start reapplying any socket and quality currencies. This improves character management greatly as there are fewer things to do.
  2. Another thing worth noting is that you can also hold CTRL + Shift + click a stackable item in the League. This will let you move all copies of that item in your inventory and straight into a trade window.
  3. When you upgrade a Pantheon Power with a Divine Vessel, you'll be able to get that upgrade on all of your characters in the current league. This is by far one of the most impactful upgrades in the game as it revolutionizes character building completely. You'll also spend less time working on your characters now. It's worth noting that you still need to beat the Gods to unlock their base powers first.

The developers are teasing more quality-of-life improvements in the game. We might get to see the rest of it once the new league arrives.

More Transfigured Gems

One of the major additions to the Affliction League was the Transfigured Gems. These gems are essentially alternate versions of the current skill gems which was indeed an overhaul to the game. Each of the Transfigured Gems added new effects and tweaks to current skills, essentially revolutionizing the current skillset in the game.


As of this writing, there are currently 174 Transfigured Gems in the game. The developers have revealed that there will be more added once the Necropolis League arrives.

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Just like previous leagues in the game, the Necropolis League will let you enable a few optional game modes as you progress through it. If you're new to the game and this is your first league, we'll be explaining how each mode works.

  • Hardcore (HC) - You can think of HC as a permadeath mode in other games. The main difference is that you don't lose all progress when your character dies. Here, when your character dies, it will be transferred to a standard league character instead. The only way to change from HC to a standard game mode is by dying.
  • Solo Self-Found (SSF) - As the name suggests, this game mode will force you to be self-sufficient. You can't join other parties or even trade with other players. You can change your character from an SSF account to a regular account any time.
  • Ruthless (R) - This is PoE's "hard mode," essentially being more difficult than HC mode. There are various changes here but the most important is the permadeath feature. Once you die in R, your character will be transferred to the void league and cannot be accessed by any means. Items are also more scarce in R.

In the leagues, you can activate the game modes or a combination of them to join ladders or rankings for PoE. In total, there are going to be eight distinct ladders this season.

  • Necropolis league
  • HC Necropolis league
  • SSF Necropolis league
  • HC SSF Necropolis league
  • R Necropolis league
  • HC R Necropolis league
  • SSF R Necropolis league
  • HC SSF R Necropolis league

New Content And Challenges

As with past Leagues of PoE, there will be a slew of new content and challenges in the new league. Unfortunately, we've yet to know what these are. What we do know is that there'll be a set of 40 challenges for the standard Necropolis League. Beating them will let you unlock league-exclusive cosmetic items. The R versions of the league will have 8 separate challenges to complete.

For now, we'll have to wait for the March 21 live stream for a complete look at what's to come.

PoE Necropolis Rumors

While details on the league haven't arrived yet, players are already making a few speculations about the upcoming content drop with help from the current teasers. Here's what they've been saying so far.

New Boss Tiers

One of the more exciting theories surrounding the new league is that GGG will be adding a new tier of difficulty for the bosses. In Diablo 4, the highest tier of bosses were the Uber bosses. PoE could be having the same soon.

In the trailer, bosses from other leagues made an appearance, namely, Katarina, Lissia, Ulul-Netol, and Amanamu. With their Uber versions, players can expect new modifiers to make the fights harder. Of course, more rewards are coming as well.

"Return To Greatness"

The teaser for the Necropolis League involves a cryptic message that says "Return To Greatness." PoE fans are speculating that this could point to the return of the old Gods within the game's lore. With Necropolis being the title of the league, we could be seeing undead Gods come to life with the content drop.

Ready For The New League?

It's very exciting to see what's up ahead in Path of Exile. Considering that PoE 2's beta is also in the works, we might get to see teasers of what's to come via the new League as well. For now, you should start preparing for the next content drop and luckily, there's still a few days left.

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